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Hello everyone i am back with this os next will be jab we met that is tomorrow pakka and here is the link for my previous yeh jawaani hai deewani os and i have answered all comments and i hope youll will like this too so lets start


The story starts with in a village a marraige was going on. The bride was the daughter of the head of village mr. Shekhar gadodia he has two daughters ragini and swara and today was raginis marraige and shekhar has two brothers more durga prasad gadodia and ram prasad gadodia this family is the head so they can do anything they have killed some people dp was ex police officer and after that he joined his brothers bussiness and rp is the right hand of shekhar and they have made the rule no inter caste marraige and if it happens they will kill the couple on the spot because of this rule many havve been killed so it was the marraige day all were happy beside one and that was ragini she doesnt want to get married because she loves laksh his college friend so she decides to run away all were waiting for her on mandap but she didnt came all started to search for her in the whole village but she has ran away they got to know the boy with whom she has ran they all goes to his house but his family were unaware of him and they searched whole house and find a photo with his friends they got hinted that his friends might know about him they immediately rush to mumbai to kidnapp his friends one of them was sahil sen gupta a famous bussinessman he was giving his presentation when they entered and took him forcefully but no one can do anything as they know the police too and now second friend was karthik malhotra a daily soap actor he was partying when they kidnapped him and brought both of them to their village and they tied them and were beating them badly
Dp : bol where is ragini and laksh
Rp : tell neither you both are gone
Sahil : sir we really dont know
Karthik : sir plz sir we dont know really
Sahil : i think sanskaar know about him
Shekhar hears it
Shekhar : who
Karthik : sanskaar
Shekhar : who is this
Dp : bhaisa he is also his friend but we cannot kidnap as we couldnt find exact location where he is but will surely get him
Rp : common everyobe we need to go
Sahil : take 10 to 20
Rp : what
Sahil take 10 to 20
Rp : acha is he that powerful
Sahil : no sir he is one man army
And he got a punch on his face
They all goes to sanskaar place and they got him
Dp : hey are you sanskaar
Sanskaar : i think you cant read this is my house so naturally i am only sanskaar
Rp : do you know laksh ran with our daughter
Sanskaar : what seriously he is such a chuparustam its a party time yr
Dp : oh hello this is the last time i am asking do you know where is ragini and laksh or else i will shoot you
Sanskaar : are i dont know really ok if i will get to know i will msg you ok
Rp : he will not listen like this common everyone
And they started attacking him but he foght them back he was fighting good when one of them hitted his head from back and he fall unconsiuess later he was taken to village wjere his friends are caged and he regained consiuess
Sanskaar : so my dear friends who took my name
Sahil : he
Karthik : no no he
Sanskaar : wow if friends are like this we dont need of enemies right
Sahil : sorry sanskaar but we need you we were helpless and you only can take me out
Karthik : see yr what have they have done see to our faces
Sanskaar : you are like this that anybody wants to beat you
Karthik : abe tu ruk
And he chases him and all do masti
Sahil : yr sanskaar you will never leave your heropanti
Sanskaar : yar ab kya karu sab ko aati nahi
Sakar (sahil and karthik) : aur teri jaati nahi pata hai
Sanskaar : but youll know that your hero has got a heroine
And he reminds of a flasback where he was standing near his bike and opposite hima girl was eating pani puri with her friend sanskaar was just staring her anfmd bg plays
Ek khoya khoya chaand tha jo tha khafa khafa
Ek toota toota khwaab tha jo tujhse tha juda
Ek aadi aadi saans thi jo puri hogayi
Tum mil gaye toh jaane kyu yeh doori hogayi
Jiya lage na piya laage na tere bina tere bina
Then she left on her scooty but by mistakenly her earings fall down sanskaar ran and pick earings and was about to give but she was left
Fb ends now present
Sahil : who is she
Karthik : whats her name
Sahil ; where does she stays
Sanskaar : only these three things i dont know baki sab set hai
Sahil : are yr sanky not again plz
Karthik : acha leave all that first plan how to escape from this are
Sanskaar : i have a plan and will execute tomorrow
Next day at 6 clock they were running towards station when sanskaar stops in middle in a small temple a girl was doing puja and the girl was non other than that girl whom sanky saw first time and she left her earings
Bg music
Uss pyaasi pyaasi boond me jo man mera jala
Har lamha lamha teri hi yaado me tha bhala
Ek aadi aadi saans thi jo poori hogayi
Tum mil gaye toh jaane kyu yeh puri hogayi
Jeeya laage na piyaa lage na tere bin tere bina
He was continuosly staring until she went and sahil and karthik was shouting ro come but he was not moving and finally gadodias came nd took thethree
Shekhar slap rp
Shekhar : they were under your guaidance how they escaped i want tight security for them did youll hear
And then enters rajat rajat is shekhars friend son and is only eyeing swara
Rajat : so these are hi friends
And he slapped karthik and sankar pushes him
Sanskaar : dont dare to touch them
Dp : hey take them
They again take them
Sahil : what wrong with you sanskaar
Karthik : why didnt you came
Sanskaar : yr that girl she loves here only i will somehow find her and will dont go till we find her
Sahil : what
Karthik : shit
And then introduces swara gadodia the youngest daughter she is cute bubly and only want her indepemdece tahts it and yes she was the same girl who sanky saw she was frustrated because her family has stopped her from going to college because ragini ran away and she should now be cage she was so frustrated because she wanted to study become something in 2 years and after that she will marry the guy whom he dad says and in frustratuon she goes to that boys
Swara : hey listen actually i dont talk with boys so silently say where is my sister
The boys cant see her face as they were hided under ground they can only see her waist
Sanskaar : i dont talk with slim waist show your face
Swara : shut up ok tell me where are they
Sanskaar : are we dont know yr and if i will tell you just imagine what will happen to them
Swara : they have done mistake punishment should be given
Sanskaar : ok i will help you you also have to help me
Swara : say na i will
Sahil :are he has fallen for a girl who stays in your village
Sanskaar : i dont but who knows maybe i fall
Swara : what how dare you how can you love anyother gurl of this village and she too suffers
Sanskaar : hey radio jaa na
She was blabberung when she found some love letters of laksh and ragini she told her friend to throw them as his uncle will watch her friend was going when dp stops her to show whats in her hand she throws the papers underground and shows her it was having dust then swara realise that what she has done she rushes down and sanky started blackmailing her she sadly agrees and it has been two days with no progress then sanky decides to go to their house and talk with her dorectly he goes and switches off the main switch and then he drinks some beer which dp and rp were drinking they cannot see him as light was not there he wasnow fully drunk and he sees a girl was sleeping and was about to wake her up when suddenly someone took him from there
Swara : what are you doing here
Sanskaar : are slim waist you here thn who was she
Swara ; doesnt matter and what are you doing here and wait a second you have drink
Sanskar : dont know
Then suddenly someone calls swara she goes there and comes after sometime she was shocked as sanky was taking bath he was only wearing his pants and was singing song swara turned around and shouted at him
Swara : idiot stop singing and have you came here for bathing
Sanskaar stop bathing and took his tshirt
Sanskaar : sorry yr i was closed from so many days and if that girl see me and would like to hug me
And saying this he back hugs swara by touching her bare waist swara was feeling butterflies in her stomach and he was nudging his head in to her neck
Sanskaar : and you didnt find her yet slimwaist
And swara hits him
Swara : plz go neither anybody will see you
Sanakaar ; see this is hers i found longback and try to find her neither i will tell your dad that you are in talks with ragini ok
Swara : dont blackmail me go
And he goes directly and swara prays
Swara : god i havent done anything and this boy is blackmailing me plz let her find his girl and make me free
And suddenly lights goes onand she sees what he has given and she was shocked to see her earing and she understood she is his love
Next day she went silently underground yo take the love letters when she heard their talks
Sahil : sanskaar swear me that you dont know where are laksh and ragini say
Sanskaar : i know where are they
Karthik : what and why didnt you tell us
Sanskaar shouts at them : and why should i say just beacause of some punches you said my name and if you have got more you would have tell them their address this is the friendship listen i am promising that i will free you both and what i have done for laksh i will do for you both too
Sahil : sanskaar first listen to us we didnt mean that
And they heard some sounds they found the door open and they searched for letters it was also not there they understood someone has heard them
There swara was discussing this with her friend when do hears it and grabs her hair and took her down where they were standing sanskaar head was down he was not seeing swara dp forst rakes her to karthik all three were standing in a row
Dp : is this the boy who knows
Swara nods he took her to sahil
Dp : this is the boy
Swara : i really dont know chachaji
Dp : you know just say it
Swara nods now its time for sanskaar he took her to him sanskaar sees her face he was shocked cum happy to see her
Dp : tell swara
Swara nods in yes
They takes sanskaar and beats him badly but he doesnt open his mouth atlast when they pint the gun on sahil and karthik he told that they are in delhi
All were preparing for delhi now sanskaar completely loves her next day when they all were going to delhi sanskaar was sad but he gots a idea anad he tells to shekhar that if swara also loves someone she will too ran so its better to take her shekhar gets nervous and take her too tbey reached delhi and sanky discloses to sahil and karthik they are not in delhi all trio laughs about the fun they first goes to mandir as sanky told them to do so all were searcging when swara was alone sanky goes to her
Sanskaar : hii swara i am sanskaar
Swara : plz leave my way
Sanskaar : see i love you
Swara : but why are you behind me you can get numerous girls
Sanskaar : really
Swara : yes you have arr cute handsome tall a perfect dream boy any girl will love you
Sanskaar : then why cant you i love you swara but i will let you also to fall in love with me
Swara was lost in his words but she jerked her thoughts and move from there rajat was noticing this but he was kept quite by all as nobody beleives him
Next day they were searching on railway station and swara was sitting alone on seat and sone goons were seeing her with lustfull eyes when sanskaar comes and sat beside her
Swara : sanskaar go neither you will be beaten
Sanskaar : i am not scared of anything ok i have something for you see this is marraige cretificate i have signed it you also sign then we are partners for life
Swara : i think you dont know one thing that my dad has fixed my marraige with rajat
Sanskaar : but you dont love him
Swara : how can you say that
Sansakar ; because you doesnt give him damn and sitting alone and talking to me this all are symptoms you dont love him so thats why i am telling run away with me
Swara smiled
Swara : stop your heropanti ok
When suddenly rp shouts raginis name all were shocked and ran towards there but finds noone all starts to move when shekhar and sanskaar reminds of swara they look to eachother and then runs to station again but didnt finds swara all started to search for her sanskaar was hell worried and was running here and there to see wjere is he and finally he gots her earings nearby construction building he ran there and what he saw was really shocking some goons were forcing her and she was crying like hell to save her and one thing also was shocking she was shouting two names sanskaar and his papa sanskaar eyes were filled to see his swara like this he goes to them beats them black and blue like blood was flowing out
Sanskaar : how dare you touch a girl how dare you touch my swara ha
He then looks to swara who was shivering
Sanskaar : are you akid how many times should i say be with me
Swara was crying sanskaar couldnt take this and hugged her swara too hugs him back first time as he is everything to her she felt so proctective in his arms
Swara : thanks sanskaar for coming i was so scared if you wouldnt have come they
And she was crying so much
Sanakaar : sshh i will never let anything happen to you i am there for you always dont cry its over i am here plz
They hug eachother for somethime after this swara realised what she was doing she release herself sanskaar understood her postion and make her wear his jacket and then took to shekhar and swara hugged him tight and cried and told everything to shekhar
Shekhar : thanks sanskaar for saving her
Dp : bhaisa lets take swara i inside she is scared
In hotel At night when all slept swara goes to sanky room with first aid box
Swara : woh actually your hand was bleeding in day after that so i thought may i
Sanskaar : sure come
Swara took his hand and started aiding him sanskaar just stare her with so much love
Swara : i ams sorry for today
Sanskaar : why are you sorry you shouldnt be sorry for this but you should be sorry for what are you doing i know you are a girl and girls are not meant to be in house you cant go out and you are marrying a guy forcefully why cant you say anything dont you wanna live
Swara : i wanna live sanskaar but how
Sanskaar : if you wanna live so come with me i will show you how is life do you trust me
Swara nods in yes and sanskaar took her to the night club and made her enjoy he makes her drink makes her dance and makes her free she was so free with him as she has fallen for him as he is the one whom she was searching but reality hits her mind that she cant be hers so she backoffs
Next day shekhar gets to know that ragini was there in some hotel one week ago and she sold her chain there sanskaar was shocked as he comes to know that they are here only at night shekhar was drunken and was walking on the streets when sanskaar holds him
Sanskaar : uncle plz what are you doing
Shekhar : are i am in my senses you know my ragini whom i have made her grown and she was my princess left me this is called love to leave your parents i was also young i also wanted to enjoy my life but when swara and ragini came to my life i understood responsiblity and give my life to them today she has sold her chain and if she has nothing in some more days that guy will divorce her is this is the love
Sanskaar was numb at his questions he took him to his room
Shekhar : if i found her i will kill both of them
Next day they all were sitting at chai stall and was still searching when sanskaar was alone swara goes to him
Swara : sanskaar i wanna say something to you i dont know this is the right time to say or not i dont know what will be my future but i wanna spend it with you yes sanskaar i love you and i want to live my life but with you take me with you
Sanskaar was so much happy but when he saw shekhar was running for abus and shouting ragini all ran to him sanky too ran but this time holding swaras hand as he was scared after that incident swara too intertwined her fingers with his
And they stopped the bus and they found ragini and laksh dp rp and all goons started beating laksh sanskaar couldnt take this he was doing defense of laksh
Sanakaar : uncle plz spare them
Dp : aye sanskaar you stay away neither you will also be killed
Ragini : stop all this why are you all after us what have we done love we have to run just because of youll you all are behind us like dogs
Shekhar : well said beta i am a dog i am searching for my daughter i am a dog thanks beta to teach me reality
Rp : bas bhaisa and ragini agree for it that this boy forcefully made you run your life will be spared
Ragini : i dont want anything i will not eave him and we ran together and we did nothing wrong swara you only tell have i done anything wrong doing this
Swara was looking at sanskaar and they have an eyelock
Laksh : if we tell youll about this previously so what have you done you would have killed us thats why we didnt tell youll and now i am not afraid if death
Ragini : and pap listen your daughter is pregnant and now also you want to kill me then kill
Shekhar froze for a second he spares them but he told them never to show them their faces as he has only one daughter swara ragini is dead for him and all moves from there
Now all are going to delhi and leaving the trio sanskaar karthik and sahil
Dp : chalo bhai whatever happened forget all this
Shekhar : i will get marry swara in next 15 days youll come and sanakaar thanks for helping you too come
Sanskaar and swara were having a painfull eyelock sanskaar was helpless whereas swara
Swara left sanskaar was standing there helplessly his friends took him
Days passed sanskaar has forgot to live he was staying with ragini and laksh both try hard but he wasnt actuve there swara was crying remembering sanskaar his antics his marraige form how he saved her
Marraige day came
Laksh : sanskaar think first
Ragini : you cant live without swara and she too loves you say me would you be able to live without her
Sanskaar nods in no
Sahil : then chal we will get her come
Sanskaar : chal
Sanskaar goes with sahil and karthik to the wedding
At swaras house she was talking with her friend
Swara : you know i love him i love sanskaar and i know he will come i cant live without him and this thing papa will not understand because he does not trust me if he would have trust he couldnt took me to delhi girls are killed when they are born but papa os killing is now
And this was all heard by shekhar he was shocked then he saw sanskaar and his friends coming he goes to them
All welcomes them
Dp : arecome you have seen our dangerous sides now let us show youll our mehmaannawazi come
Shekhar : how are you sanskaar
Sanskaar : fine
Swara watches this from terrace but she hudes and was so happy to see his sanskaar and she was not at all scared now shekhar was worried that swara will too run with sanskaar he goes to search for sanskaar and founds him
Shekhar : what are you searching beta
Sanskaar : nothing
Shekhar : come then sit you know groom family us good they will keep swara happy
Sanskaar was noticing his nervousness
Shekhar ; you know i was allalone and now you have come just be with me
He holds his hand sanskaar was shocked at his nervousness some people cane and draghed shekhar that barat jas come he leaves sanky somehow and he goes to see swara he sees her he couldnt take his eyes offshe was looking like princess
Swara : i know you will come
Sanskaar : how cant i but you should go we cant run
Swara : but why
Sanskaar : your dad has come to know about us you should go neither it will be a problem
Swara : i am going sanskaar but you too listen i will prefer to die than being to be anybody
Saying this she ran to her room cryingly and her relatives goes to her to make hwr ready there shekhar drags sanskaar out
Shekhar : i know what have bought you here
Sanakaar : i also know that you know everything and i can understand your situation but you cant understand mine i love her but you are engaged in your ego that you cant see your daughters happiness i will not do anything because i respect you but you know because of this wedding nobody will be happy your happiness lies in this wedding and my happiness is with swaras happiness we both are on same boat i am going but remember you will loose your swara too
Sanskaar left from there shocking shekhar there sanskaar and his friends were leaving but rajat and his man comes and beats sanskaar and friends because he got to know that he loves swara
Rajat : toay i will end your chapter and i will do opening ceromony of swara
This was it for him he was not fighting but when swara name comes he coudnt stop and beats him badly he was lying on floor when shekhar dp and rp came
Shekhar : sanskaar
Sanskaar : see this the man you have chosen for swara he was doing so bad talks about her if anybody talks about her like this i will kill him
Shekhar : and if something happens to swara i will kill you
Sanky couldnt understood
Shekhar : dont be confused look behind
Sanky looked behind he saw swara there sanky was hitted badly and swara cant see this she ran and hugged him tighty sanky too hugged her tight and kissed her forhead
Dp : bhaisa are you sure
Shekhar : yes dp if my daughter is happy i am also happy and i should remove the rule which is making us kill many
Sanskaar and swara goes to them
Sanskaar : uncle plz now spare ragini and laksh too
Shekhar : i have spared them already and you do heropanti alot
Sanskaar : ab kya karu sab koaati nahi aur meri jaati nahi
And all laughed
The end
So guyz finished with next will be jab we met and happy ramzan to all and kindly comment guyz neither i will bad that nobody is intrested in it till then bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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