“HAPPY FRINDSHIP DAY “ belated guyzz sry for late due to my busy schedule network I cant post it tom but at last finally I post now tell me hows it … Actually last week I saw one dream and really guyzz this one is really so bad and I was literally cried my mom ask me later why u cried in dream but how I told her I saw sanky death dream .. yeah guyzz but I m happy also when in dream swara said I m superb writer I knw I m not but when I saw that I have again courage to write as u all knw I stop writing frm last month but when I saw it I again start . This time I start it for all of u and swasan as I don’t wanna true this dream.

Dream starts
In California I was sleeping on my room where sanky posters paste on wall which increase their beauty . My room felt so special to have those pics (wat say guys)
At a tym my mob ringed I saw my mom callin
I -Hlo mom
Mom- hlo beta …
I – mom anything serious itni subah phone kyu kia ..
Mom-beta someone came there and ask about u .. she cried and don’t tell anything … wok eh tum se hi btayegi ..
I – wat but whose that ??
Mom- her nm is Swara
I – wat mom u r kidding na .. hows it is possible .. I think I m dreaming .. then I pinch myself then I realize I m not dreaming
Mom- beta tum jaldi se aajao india
I – ohk mom I comin
And as soon as possible I m packed my bag and came bag India my country my world my life where my family lives
I entered my Home and in hall I saw Swara standing there. I widened my eyes with a gr8 shocked then my sis comes there and touch me.
My sis- di u came .. come Swara is waiting for u…
I – forward my legs to swara and about to forward hands to shake hands but she hugged me and cried a lot . I don’t understood why hse cried . I console her and ask “her wats happening why u cried like that and how u know about me”
Swara- Now Swara stop crying and explained me ”Sanky told me about u “
I – “ wat “ my face is now “o “ shape
Swara- hmm sanky told me about u .. he told me u write our story .. and u write very well even he reads ur story also ( hey guyzz I knw I m bad writer but its dream like that ab wo sapne tariff kr rhi thi to mne socha krne do koi to tariff kare meri writing ki aap sab to itni chhoti comment krte h jo shuru hone se pehle khatam ho jati h )
I – kya really
Swara- ha and I want u write our story again
I – wat ( I m shocked state )
Swara- I knw u have so much other work also but .. plzz for sanky u write this plzz
I – hmm yeah yeah I write but where he is ?? and why r u cry ??
Swara- wow o .. ( sobbing ) .. sanskar is no more
I -Wat no that’s not possible .. r u kidding .. bolo swara tum majak kr rhi ho na ..
Swara- no that’s true he left and when I sea4rch him I knw about his dead ..
I – wat that’s ur prank .. tum chali jao yha se . .. I don’t listen ur bakwas …
I entered my room hurriedly and saw my mob and open my fb id then saw sanky face and cried literally to hold that … then I thought may be she is kidding I ask about others may be they knw about all these then I call suku ashu and monu( trio my bestie) they said sm now my heart skipped literally .. but I couldn’t believe ryt now then I call vibhs and anni they also said sm .. then I remember our fairshtey member team( our page members zaru niki siyu shree and all) I asked all but all said sm thing … I don’t knw wat to do now at last three nm strike on my mind Goldie , Zuzu, Neha . Then I open my fb again ask them but they also said sm.

Then I called swara and thinks to write Swasan story again this time for sanky only
Swara come and start telling their story and I open my lappie and start writing but this time I write with tears . All I remembered about sanskar.
Story starts
Swara Pov
Friendship wat u knw about it “always being with ur frnd , always support them , always make happy her /his “ . I think that’s ur answrs but here it different case. My sanky is totally different, our relationship is special case.
My Sanskar MAheshwari hamesa ukhada rehta mujse hamesa meri khamiyan ginwata h (always count my weakness). Don’t knw why he did like that irritate me with his non-sense stupidity but I love that stupid aww my stupid handsome dashing.
I remember that day when I m only 12 yrs and he was 15 yrs. At that tym also he was so cute just like a cup cake my cup cake . [I wanna said him u r my cup cake. Want to spent some time with him .But always when I went towards him he always start count my weaknesses and gave me big lecture and then we start fighting and at last I was crying.] Swara povs end
he said me “I hear u wanna start singing lessons so kya sikha tumne “
In mind “ how khadus he is me kuch tym spent krne k liye or ye h hamesa kuch na kuch lecture “
Sanskar rudely ask again “ ha to kya sikha tumne kuch sikha ya aise hi uncle k money waste kr rhi ho “
Swara- nooo .. I learnt .. woo I learnt sa re ga ma pa wait I shown u then I start sung but in btw he scold me
Sanskar – hey stop that u called sur … Sa re ga ma pa hota h … its s not sh
Swara- ha I said s only (she said s but his sur was not perfect she needs work on that so sanky wants that only )
Sanskar- no u sh ok called sh
Swara- sh
Sanskar-now s
Swara- sh
Sanskar – look u said sh not s tumse nhi hoga ye sab chhod to .. uncle ki insult hi kraogi … and left
Swara- no idiot I shown u how I win this year u just watch and she went to Ap and shomi and complaint him and cried then went to her room and start practice and then she notice sanky is ryt .. idiot pyaar se bhi to bta skta than a rudely bolne ki kya jarurat thi always do like that I hate him … hate .. hate so much … hat .. and cried

Ap went to sanky room
Ap- sanskar aaj fir se tumne swara ko dukhi kia .. wo ro rhi thi beta hamesa aisa kyu krte ho choti h wo tumse
Sanskar- but ma I only help her ..
Ap- help usko rula kr kaise tum uski help kr rhe the
Sanskar- mom actually went to his singing class to saw her but she was not there and a girl is there who said to other girl this year she wins bcoz swara don’t knw how to sing sa re ga ma pa and when swara sing infront them they praise her…. And swara thought she sing … so I do this mom to realize swara she needs practice
Ap- but beta tum usko us ladki bta skte the na
Sanskar- no mom .. she is her friend or usko bura lagta ye sunkr
Then she practice day and nyt and finlly she win that competition .. sanky become happy but not shown her..

After 7 yrs
Now Swara 19 yrs old and sanky 22 yrs Now all things changed . Swara complete his masters in music and start his institute. And sanky was big business man of india.
All things changed but some things like that only that is swasan relationship now also they like that only. Sanky always realize his weakness and swara take him wrong and both fight.
But today swara don’t wanna think about sanky. Today is the special day of his life. Shekhar select Lakshya for her . Today lakshya came home to meet her .She happy to listened that but some where she not.
She wear a traditional which is select by Shomi and do lite makeup and came downwards and saw lakshya there . Lakshya come infront of her and knee down and ask to marry him. Unknowingly she said yes.
That Night Swara was not sleeping don’t knw why she felt restless like that days passes.
Then at last their shaadi day come its mrng
Swara- hello Mr yadav
Mr Yadav is a contractor who produce his song and always gave him lyrics to sing song “ hlo Swara “
Swara- sir itni subah aapne call kia kuch imp
Mr YAdav- swara u always ask na who gave that lyrics
Swara- ha uncle I asked but u always make excuse
Mr Yadav- ha but today I wanna tell u but …
Swara- but kya uncle … koi prob h kya
Mr YAdav- ha beta prob hi to h aisi prob h jo kabhi thik nhi ho skti ..
Swara- kya uncle mere samaj nhi aaya btaye na
MR Yadav- beta that person is Sanskar Maheshwari .. and
Swara- wat hows it possible
Mr yadav- yes its true beta he loves u a lot .. even he spent all of his money on ur song album and now
Swara- (tear of hapiines fall frm his eyes as he knw sanky also love him )now wat uncle
Mr yadav- now he no more
Swara- wat no that’s not possible ..
Mr yadav- no beta thast true .. he went ur home that day when laksh prop u .. he wanna tell u about his feeling but destiny play game with him … and then today he left this country and his aeroplane crashed ..
Swara- the mob fell frm his hand to hear this and crying vigorously
And then I stop that marriage and live with sanky memories …
Swara pov end
Swara explain me all that his pain felt by his eyes and guyzz I was also cry with her but at last I consoled her and said to tk rest …. Then I start investigate about that day in which flight sanky book and where he wanna go and so many things but all in veins.

After one week my boss called me to ask project which I need to submit in next one week …So unknownkingly I went to California again and start my project and at last I complete that. And at that nyt when I came back at my room I saw sanky there I cant believe in my eyes.
I hugged him and ask him why he do all this .I explained him about swara first .He said “ I only wants swara happiness she happy with lakshya . me swara ko kisi or k sath nhi dekh skta to maine india chodne ki sochi but mera plane crash ho gya or us din kuch logon ne muje bacha lia … or fir maine California me aakr apni alag zindagi shuru kr di … muje nhi pta tha swara mera intezar kr rhi h .. plzz soni .. I wanna meet my swara.. plzz”
I nodes yes …. At last we went back to india and Swasan met eo and both expressed their feeling and married and lived their life happily …
Today its been 5 years swasan marriage.. yup today is Swasan Marriage they invite me in party …
I went their and saw all my frnds also present there suku monu ashu vibhu shree aanya siyu zaru niki Goldie Neha Zuzu all r there I m feeling really happy I said sry to all my best buddies as I m not in contact with all from last days …
And then we wished eo “ HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY “ and take selfie with swasan…..

So guyzz tell me hows it

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  1. Nice dear

    1. Thnku dear

  2. its lovely firstly u scared by saying sanky is no more but in the end u unite swasan and
    coming to os its relly nice as sanky always help swara in one way or other but by indirect method everybody don’t get friends like sanky so who got friends like him don’t let them go away and the things happen that is written in destiny as destiny wrote swasan will unite they unite and the moral is really nice that true friends are those who tell us about our khamiya, galtia, weakness not those who always praise us or flatter us just loved it ??

    sry for keeping u bore by my bak-bak
    and happy belated friendship day??

    1. Thnku so much dear .. all of ur comments r really means a lot … and yeah its moral is this only … I also want this type of sanky in my life ..

    1. Thnku dear

  3. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome ….. wow soooo good dream

    1. Thnku dear that’s dream is really special one for me

  4. Nice one yar… It’s just awesome dear ???????loved it

    1. Thnkku dear

  5. Mica

    awesome , happy friendship day,
    too much hindi,huhuhuhu

    1. Thnku dear .. actually I express my feelings Hindi better so I used it I hope u don’t mind …

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