swasan os.. I get my love


sanskar’s pov

it have been 3 months after our marriage. . still we are friends. . just friends. . our marriage was arranged. . but we were friends from the age of 9.. best friends. . we shared everything with each other.. in my college days I dated some girls.. she know everything about it.. and she used to tease me when that relationships broke.. I don’t find my true love.. she used to tell me that I don’t know what is love.. may be.. I’m not sure. . after college I joined my father’s company. . and our parents decide our marriage. . it was a shock to us.. how could I marry her? she is my best friend. . and I never thought her as my bride.. I forgot to tell one thing. . she was neird .. a girl who care zero attention to herself. . she used to wore boring behenji type suits. . and I never saw any sort of make up in her face until our marriage. . but may be she was beautiful in her zero make up neird behenji look.. so that some boys of my class were crazy for her.. but she didn’t give a damn to them.. she was a bookworm. . when my maa told me that they choose swara as my bride I couldn’t believe my ears.. swara also never thought of me as her groom.. we protest but of no use.. our parents also was very stubborn. .

in family pressure we married to each other.. when I saw her as a bride my heart skip a beat.. she was damn gorgeous without her glasses and in a mild make up.. she looks like an angel .. I felt that I’m the luckiest person in the world. . I know that her heart is pure gold.. but never thought that she will be beautiful than gold.. in our first night. . I wanted to kiss her. love her and wanted to make her mine.. but we were friends. . not lovers.. so I decide to give some time for ourselves. . and now I’m in madly love with her.. I used to came home early to saw her.. I used to make all day special for her. . when I’m sleeping I’m dreaming about her.. when she became upset I felt like someone stab me.. I used to do anything for making her happy.. I love to fight with her.. I love to talk with her.. I love to pamper her.. I love to tease her.. she became my life.. but my wife still think me as her friend and nothing else. . today we were watching tv.. a belly wood song was played on screen. . I decide to provoke her..

” swara look at her ( I pointed out the heroine on tv) she is very hot and s*xy na..”

my wife give me a burning look..she really annoyed and frustrated by my comment. .

” what the hell sanskar.. how can you say like this ? that too in front of me?”

“what is wrong in it? I just say the truth”

I smirked at her.. she leave the place angrily. . I too feel bad and try to speak her.. but my wife was not interested in my words.. she didn’t utter any word to me till now.. I’m waiting for her.. she is bathing. . I’m waiting her in our room..

I saw washroom door opens. . I was astonished by the sight. . my dear wife.. my swara in red a s*xy nighty. . it was sleeveless and hardly cover her thighs. . it had a deep neck.. I gulped by seeing her.. she sat on the chair in front of dressing table.. I was staring her.. she took moisturising lotion and began to apply in her soft milky hands.. I watched her fingers movement. . her long gorgeous fingers.. it is rubbing through her hands in an attractive way.. I wish I could apply it on her hands.. next she took some more lotion and apply on her hands.. her well shaped milky legs.. my throat became dry.. then she came towards me.. her eyes was sparkling. . I didn’t see her like this attitude. . she sat near me and look deeply into my eyes.. she was looking like a seductress. . omg.. what she is up to.. she caught my shirt and pulled me towards her..

” sanskar am I looking hot? ” she asked in a seductive way..

” hot.. you are looking damn s*xy”

I couldn’t control myself. I caught her waist and squeeze it .. then I placed my rough lips to her soft pink s*xy lips.. current passed through my body.. I pressed my lips more harder on hers.. then I started to bite her lower lips.. she moaned in pleasure. . I suked her lips gently.. at first it was smooth and gentle. . then I started to suck it hardly.. I enjoyed her delicious tasty lips .. it was like heaven. . she too enjoyed it.. when we broke the kiss I looked in to her eyes.. she was blushing. .

“I love you sanskar.. I can’t hear any girl’s name from you”

” I too love you swara.. ”

I kissed her passionately. . she moaned again.. she unbutton my shirt and kissed my bare body.. I enjoyed this sweet torture. . I removed her dress. . her beautiful body was making me crazy.. I took a blanket and cover ourselves in it.. her soft milky body is pressing to my hard masculine body.. we can hear each others heart beat .. I kissed her whole body.. I made her mine by all sense.. we had a blissful night..

next day..

when I wake up, I saw her sleeping peacefully in my embrace. . I kissed her forehead .


she called me..

” ha swara”

” is that heroine look hot”

” no swara.. for me you are the hottest girl on earth. . no one is m more beautiful or hotter than you.. and I told that only to tease you. . I didn’t repeat this.. sorry swara”

” love you my hot and handsome husband”

” I love you s*xy lady”

we hugged each other more tightly. . and I got my love.. my soulmate..

pov ends..

Credit to: Jwala

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