SwaSan OS – Forever Yours (By ZuZu) Part-1


Hey its me #ZuZu writing One shot again on my Jaan my love SwaSan :* Hehe well I know am not good at this but kya karu Mann kia lik dia :p let’s begin..

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Mumbai.. The place where lakhs no crores of dreams get true.. Well this don’t have anything related to os :p
There lived two families one was Rich Famous.. Family #Maheshwari and other was #Gadodia

Durgaprasad Maheshwari was a rich business man with a good fame to his company.. He had Three childrens two Sons and one daughter..
Laksh.. Sanskaar and Uttra..

Where as Shekhar gadodia was a middle class man.. His wife died.. He have 2 childrens .. And was proud of them..
Ragini and Swara..

They lived with thier dadi.. Who was really very strict..

Swara had a great talent of cycling.. She was a champion in her collage..and topper too..she was loved by teachers..and had many friends.. Where as Ragini completed her collage.. As she was elder to Swara.. And her age was Now to be get married..

To see Ragini.. Durgaprasad Ap all family comes.. They likes Ragini in first sight seeing the values she have and her beauty…. Yet they were rich they needed a simple girl as thier dil.  

Swara was in collage that time.. When they came to see ragini..

Swara and all were very happy for ragini..

Swara -“D am so happy yeyy ”

She hugged ragini.. They shared a very good bond..

Ragini -“Even me too Swara.. ”

Days passed.. RagLak engagement day.. Swara was looking dam beautiful.. In a simple lengha..

The Maheshwaris arrived.. All welcomed them..

Sanskaar was not talking with anyone.. Infact he was wearing childish dress..

Swara talked with his jiju and teased RagLak.. With Dp and Ap too .. Uttra also became her friend.. She saw Sanskaar..

Swara to Sanskaar -“Hello.. ”

Sanskaar scratched his head and looks other side.. Swara becomes confused by his behaviour.. Uttra explains her that Sanskaar is not stable mentally… Swara understands..

Swara -“Sanskaar see I have chocolates do u wanna eat?? ”

Sanskaar looks at her and grabs them..

Swara -“So friends?? ”

Sanskaar says -“Ek Aur chocolate milega.. ” (scared)

Swara pulls his cheeks -“Haa but usse Phle friends ..”  Swara forward her hand… Sanskaar looks at uttra and scratched his head then shaked hand..

SwaSan became friends…
They talked.. Swara liked his innocence..

From RagLak engagement to Marriage they became very good friends Sanskaar Began to enjoy swara’s company.. Cz no one was his friend except her.. All used to laugh at him..

On RagLak marriage..

Sanskaar broked a glass..

One lady says  . . -“see thier elder son how successful he Is and getting married.. And this second one.. Pagal h pura.. ”

Swara listens this and says.. -“Aunty all are not perfect in the world.. The god made him so.. Its not his mistake.. And u know what is the spcl in him he never say lies like we do…he is pure at heart.. ”

Ap and laksh listens this and feels proud.. Ap had tears in eyes… Swara wipes them.. -“Aunty roieye mat please.. In logo ko kya pata Sanskaar Hera h.. No one is perfect.. ”

Sanskaar comes to Swara and drags him

Swara -“Kya hua Sanskaar ”

Sanskaar -“Shona Shona.. Me me na tumhare lie chocolates laya hu..”

Swara -“Sachi mere lie..”

Sanskaar -“Haa Shona..Tumhe b pasand h na meri tarah.. ”

Swara -“Haa bht.. Aur Kya pasand h Sanskaar ko ”

Sanskaar -“Sanskaar ko Shona bht pasand h.. Itna saara (he sides his hands) ”

Swara -” Acha Aur … Shona ko Sanskaar bht psnd h.. ??”

Sanskaar -“..Tum Oh pata h koi.. Koi b mujsy baat nai krta.. Sab bolte h me pagal hu.. Mera koi dost nai banega.. Sab Cale jayege..”

Swara feels hurt seeing him and world towards such ppls who are like Sanskaar.. She hugged him -“ESA nahi h Sanskaar tum pagal nahi.. Tum bhole ho Sache dil k ho.. Koi tumhe kahin b chor kr nahi jayga… ”

Sanskaar -“Pakka.. Sho..Shona.. ”

Swara -“Pakka.. ”

She breaks the hug.”. Chalo khana khaye.. Fir tumhe ghr b Jana h na..”

Sanskaar -“Muje nai Jana.. Papa Dante h.. Vo gande h ”

Swara -“ESE nai bolte Sanskaar.. Sanskaar Acha bacha h na.. Shona usey apne hath se khilaygi.. Khaoge na ”

Sanskaar nods yes like child

Swara feeds Sanskaar food.. They talks and later.. RagLak and all leave.. After bidai.. Sanskaar was tierd..

After marriage Sanskaar Began to miss Swara.. As there going to each others house was low now..

He cries..to meet Swara.. Ragini calls Swara.. They both play together..

Swara and Sanskaar do pillow fights.. They makes paper boats and make them float in tub…. And hide seek Swara felt happy with him..

Sanskaar -“Shona..mm Shona meri boat chl rahi h.. ”

Swara -“Ha sanskaar.. So nice.. ”

Sanskaar claps.. And smiles wide…
Swara feels happy seeing him happy.. Thier was quite changes in Sanskaar after Swara coming to his life.. He never been stubborn in not eating food .. He used to listen to him.. Shona care towards him made him habituated to her..

One day some ppl were going to come to see Swara.. But before one day she had her cycling competition.. She took part

Dadi -“He sab na kr chori kl thareko ladke wale dekne aavenge ”

Swara -“Offo dadi kl aayenge aaj h competition.. ”

Dadi -“Manti nahi h je chori maari koi b baat.. ”

..next day .. Laksh Ragini.. And Sanskaar went too see the competition…

Swara’s competitor was cheeter.. She made breaks fail of her cycle.. By which Swara falled down.. She was going in a speed.. So she falled and it hurted a lot..

RagLak took her to hospital.. Sanskaar cried seeing Swara it was paining a to her..

Doc did scanning and said -“She falled with all her weight on her stomach.. So .. ”

Ragini -“So what doc ”

Doc -“Her baby producing organ has collapsed.. She can’t be a mother now.. ”

Ragini was all in tears.. All family members came both MF and GF

Swara was also crying..

Dadi -“Key jaroorat thi chori ye sab krne ki saari jindagi him PR boj bn k rahegi.. ”

Shekhar -“Maa ”

Dadi -“Tu kuch na bolega.. Tune hi bigad rakha h ya ko .. ”

Swara cries more …

Sanskaar can’t see her tears.. -“Aap q dant rahi h Shona ko.. Aap buri ho bht buri.. ”

Dadi -“Tu na bol chora tanne key pata Kya hoga abb Swara ka sari jindagi kawari bethegi hum PR.. Kon shadi karega ya se ”

Sanskaar being mentally unstable says -“Me karunga.. ”

Ap -” Chup ho jao Sanskaar .. Tumhe insab ka matlab b nai pata h ..”

Sanskaar gets scared.. And becomes quite Tum Oh

They all goes home.. Dadi continue Swara with taunts..

Here in MM .. Ap Says To DP..

Annu -“Sanskaar Swara ko bht yaad krta h Usk bina khana tak nai khta .. ”

Dp -“Bht bura hua h Usk bechari k sath.. Sanskaar ko samado baad me le jayege usko.. ”

Ap -“Ji me Kya kehrahi thi Kya hum Swara Aur Sanskaar ki shadi k baat.. ”

Dp -“Ye Kya bol rahi ho tum Anu..ESA ho b kaise sakta h.. Swara me koi kami nai k usko Sanskaar se shadi krni pade.. Sanskaar kuch samaj nahi sakta..khud kuch kr nai sakta uski shadi tum Kya keh rahi ho ”

Anu -“Swara Aur Sanskaar ek dusre k sath bht khus rhte h.. Aur vo smbhal legi.. Sanskaar ko.. ”

Dp -“ESE nai ho sakta,.”

Ap -“Ek baar kaki sa se baat krk dekte h..”

With lot of difficulty Dp agrees.. They all goes to GF..

Swara was all pale.. She dint smile once after incidence ..

All elders were talking while Sanskaar goes to swara’s room.. She was pale.. Sanskaar..-“Shona.. ”

Swara smiles to him..

Sanskaar -“Tum udas mt ho me tumhe apne saare toys dunga..”

Swara smiles at his innocence.. Swara again smiles like first with him..

Shekhar tells no but dadi forces shekhar that she will ask if she agrees..

All goes..

Dadi comes to swara -“Sunn chori.. Thare lie rista aaya h Sanskaar ka.. Na mat krna.. Koi tujsy shadi nai karega Haa krde.. Hum PR boj na ban.. ”

Swara cries more thinking about her mom.. She agrees to dadi..

Dadi calls ap -“Hume je rista manjoor h .. ”

Ap becomes happy.. She tells Sanskaar that Swara will live with him for ever.. Sanskaar happiness limit has no borders.. -“Yeeyy Shona hamare sath rahegi.. ”

Swara takes it as fate accepts…

They gets married.. None ofher friends came only MF and GF

Swara was happy at least with Sanskaar as he was one who always made him smile..

She thought to change him.. She makes him wear suits according to her.. Makes him learn things.. Speak properly..

Sanskaar obeys her.. Ap was happy..

They goes to beach.. They make mud house and enjoy.. Sanskaar enjoys playing with Swara.. BG plays .. -“Itti si hasi.. ”

Swara too feels happy..

Thier life was going like … Swara throught she made compromise with life ..she was happy.. But some movements happened so where ppl commented as Sanskaar her husband.. She cried for that some time felt like it’s disgusting.. But seeing his cute face she melted every time..

It was now a habbit of Sanskaar to eat with her hands only.. She feeds him daily.. Otherwise he won’t eat food..

.one fine day swara’s friend was getting engaged.. They say her she married by hiding from all .. Who is that prince.. They want to know so please come to engagement taking Ur prince with u.. Swara tried a lot to say no but they dint listen..

SwaSan goes there .. Swara teaches him to behave .. 

In party..

Swaras friends -“Hi what Is ur good name.. Took our Swara away from us.. ”

Sanskaar seeing new ppl got bit scared.. He dint answer anything.. Swara was becoming pale now that all her friends will come to know..

Sanskaar -“Shona.. Ye kya puch bol rahe h ”

All feels strange and confuse..

Swara said nothing..

Other friend -“Swara what happened dear Ur husband.. ”

Other one -“Is he okay with mind.. I mean the way he is behaving.. ”

One of her rival grp girl said -“Did our collage champion Swara got married to a mentally challenged person.. ”

All laughed..

Swara had tears in eyes..

Other.. -“Haha Swara where is ur that attitude ha ?? ”

Other frnd -“That’s the reason u married without calling anyone.. But y the hell did u married this mad .. U are a deserving gal.. ”

Rival GRP -“Pyaar andha hota h.. Haha ”

Swara’s best friend saw her in tears and said -“Stop it guys.. Y are u teasing her..”

Seeing Swara in tears Sanky to had tears.. -“Shona please ro mat.. (Seeing all ) tum sab bure ho meri Shona ko rula dia.. ”

A friend -“Hum ne nahi tumhari wajah se.. Tum pagal ho Swara ko deserve tak nahi krte.. Tumhari wajah se she is feeling ashamed..”

Swara wipes tears and drags Sanskaar out from party and leaves she cries whole way driving..

They reached home..

Sanskaar keeps saying ” ro mat Shona.. Deka unlogo ne b muje pagal kaha.. ”

Swara feels its enough.. She shouts on Sanky all gathers.. -“Ha tum pagal ho.. Aur tum se meri jindagi Jud gai h .. Na chate hue b tumhe jhlna pad raha h.. Mere friends me meri izzath nai rahi sirf tumhari wajah se.. Q ki tum se meri shadi hui h .. Aur tumhe uska matlab tak pata nahi.. Thak chuki hu iss compromise se.. I want to break this marriage now.. I want divorce.. ”

All were shocked.. Ap was in tears…being a mother how ever the child be .. Is always a diamond to her.. Isn’t it ?

Ragini said nothing on it cz she knew her sister very well that she is one of Famous in CLG all praised her.. But one incident in her life changed her life to drastic.. Being a topper she had to marry Sanskaar..

Sanskaar cried and fears seeing swara’s in such anger… Every time his tears melted her but this time they had no effect on stone hearted Swara…

Swara went to room and packed her bags.. And left to badi..

Sanskaar holded her hands but she dint even saw her once and left him..

As Swara reached badi dadi taunted her like anything.. But she kept quite..

Where as Sanskaar for everyone he was not a normal person he was considered as mad.. But this mad developed feelings for her not Even knowing what are they.. Weather she too loved him..?? May be she had feelings which she has not only understanded

This cruel world dint understand his heart at all… He was all pale now.. No noises.. No talking playing.. Only one thing he did every time missing her Shona..he was not even eating popularly.. Ap being a mother tried a lot to call back Swara for her son but she did not… Swara after some days Began to Miss Sanskaar his cute smile.. Naughty tricks.. She still dint understand why she was missing a mad..

Sanskaar to ap after few days -“ma apne kaha tha na Shona hamesa hamare sath rahegi vo q chli gayi ”

Ap cries at his innocent question -“Beta vo bs gussa h aajaygi.. ”

She can’t take more and goes to her own room -“Akhir glti kya h mere bête ki use ESA q banaya bhagwan.. Sab ki tarah q nai jee sakta vo… ”

Ap began to explain Sanskaar about love marriage.. Promises.. He began to learn but still was not happy without Swara.. He was learning..


One fine day a alliance came for Swara .. They knew about Swara’s problem .. That she can’t become a mother at all they agreed.. Dadi was happy..  The Roka was done.. But Swara was unhappy.. Piyush who was ready to Marry Swara was a intelligent guy with a good personality.. Yet she was not happy.. When ever piyush touched her she dint liked it but she never flt when Sanskaar did.. She slowly began to compare Sanskaar with piyush.. Infact she knew that there was nothing to compare .. One was normal and other was not.. She married him cz of reason.. And now she should be happy cz all was smooth… But she was not able to.. On other side sanskaar waited daily for her.. He used to cry seeing her PIC.. He dint even knew he was In s feeling called love and his love was going to be others in just few days..

Piyush and Swara went to beech.. Piyush tried to hold her hands but Swara dint allowed… Infact she was remembering all moments with sanskaar.. Seeing a couple making mud house on sea shore.. She remembered both of them..

Finally day came of her engagement.. She was all dressed.. RagLak came but sanskaar and ap dint.. She searched but dint find him..

Piyush was making her wear ring but she was not mentally present there..

She to herself…-“y M thinking about Sanskaar.. While now am getting married to a good person.. Really do but y am comparing both.. I know they are not eaqal to be compared.. Why I am missing him.. Y piyush touch is uncomfortable and his was not is that I am in love with him ..  Yes Swara yes u are in love with him u are in love with Sanskaar.. He is mine only mine.. And am only his.. ”

She smiled wide jerked her thoughts.. She withdrawn her hand and stood up making all shock..

Dadi -“Kya hua chori ”

Swara dint answer.. She just asked ragini car keys ..

Ragini asked y she said -“I need to go to my love my Sanskaar I love him.. ”

Ragini smiled and gave her Keys.. She is rushed MM

Where Sanskaar was lying in ap lap and crying..

She saw him in such state and remembered her last words to him.. She cries…

Swara -“Sanskaar ” (choked voice)

Sanskaar stands and looks her.. He first get scared but next movement Swara runs and hugs her tight.. He feels so happy seeing his life his smile his only friend back to him.. He hugged her back.

Swara -“AM Sorry Sanskaar am really sorry sorry to hurt u .. Sorry to leave u sorry for not standing with u against all.. Sorry for breaking promises I did when we married.. I’ve recognised my mistake.. I want u in my life cz I love you.. I love.. ”

She was crying hugging him tight.. Ap was happy.. Both became stunned at Sanskaar’s reply.. -“I love u too.. ”

Swara broke hug and asked him to repeat what he just said.. He repeated -“I love u too Shona.. ”

Swara happiness has no limit she hugged him again.. And kissed his face..

Swara -“who thought u this.. ”

Sanskaar -“Maa maa thought me.. About love.. Marriage and all ”

Swara “when..”

Sanskaar “when u left me ….”

Swara felt pain and said -“Don’t Even say that thing.. It was biggest mistake of my life.. ”

She hugged him she cries remembered her words to him that he is mad.

Sanskaar -“Now u will not go again na.. ”

Swara -“No never I will never leave my Sanskaar now.. ”

Both smiled.. Swara took him to badi where all were hell shocked..

Dadi -“Kya h je sab Swara .. ”

Swara -“Am sorry I can’t do this engagement.. ”

Piyush -“Why “.

Swara -” Cz I love Sanskaar and am his wife ..”

All her friends and everyone was shocked..

Piyush -“What u are choosing this mental over me ”

Swara -“Mind Ur language piyush ”

Piyush -“Mene galat nahi kaha vo pagal h .. Vo kabi tumhe khushi nai de payga ”

Swara -“He always gives happiness to all and u ppl always hurts him.. ”

One friend -“but Swara ”

Swara -“STP right there bht bol lia USS din mere Sanskaar k bare me aaj bola toh acha nai hoga.. He is pure soul.. Kabi chl kapat nai krta use ye ata b nai Hai.. Vo Hum sab j sa nahi yahi uski khasiyat h.. aur love and caring can cure anything.”

All opposed her but she made everyone quite by answering this

Swara -“No one in this world is perfect all have some flaws.. Love is not about to love a person who is perfect its all About two imperfect ppl becomes each others life and makes it perfect… ”

She said this all were vquite.. Guests left… Mf left to mm with Swara..

They were happy being with each other.. Sanskaar was Still mentally challenged.. But trying for her to get some normal .. Swara loved him with all his flaws…

One nightSanskaar watches RagLak romancing… Ragini trying to escape and laksh says -“Shh tum meri patni ho and they kissed.. ”
They dint knew Sanskaar saw it ..

He went to his room.. He was staring her… Swara felt difference in his gaze.. She asked her.. -“Kya hua Sanskaar ”
He noded nothing..

She said nothing and Began to arrange bed.. He back hugged her.. Swara was shocked but felt butterflies in stomach.. She turned to him.. He was staring her lips.. He remembered laksh saying Patni n ap said him Swara Is his patni.. He said.. -“Tum meri patni ho na ”

She said -“Yes .. PR ye sab.. ”

She couldn’t complete.. Cz he placed his lips on hers.. He dint knew what to do next.. But Swara kissed him.. He did like she did..

Screen frozed..

Iove doesn’t sees anything .. It just happens.. Loving is to love some one even with thier imperfections..

Fall in love.. It’s amazing..

***The End***

Guys I wrote this in just 4 hours of time I was not going also to write suddenly I wrote .. Concept is not nice I think even I dint wrote nice cz I don’t have time much only 4,hours to think and write.. Hope u will like..

If u want I will write its second part too.. To make Sanskaar good and all.. But till here fr today..

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