SwaSan OS – Forever Yours (By ZuZu) Part-3

Forever Yours Sequel

Forever Yours 03 [FY3]

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Her eyes were closed as she was weeping resting her head on his hand placed on his Right side while, her fingers intertwined in his into a perfect mould, tears were a never ending flow in her eyes while her Husband was sleeping a peaceful sleep on hospital’s bed.

She didn’t dare to Look at his unconscious form, Her eyes swollen due to crying from past long Hour. This days of long hours haunted her more with every passing minute.

She was still sleeping on his hand closing her pretty eyes which were swollen by now making sure she wasn’t putting any kinda pressure on his hand. Thousands of thoughts were running down in her flashing the past with both Happiness and pain to her heart.

She was lost. Minutes later…

“Shona” her eyes opened with a jolt when she heard Very Familiar voice, she slowly lifts up her head in his direction and looks in his eyes who’s attention she owed.

She stared in his eyes no words were spoken by her, while her orbs held millions of emotions overflowing from them. Pain. Love. Happiness. Tears making her cheeks wet which she didn’t care to wipe off !! She had his undivided attention.

Her eyes not leaving his innocent face of hers. -“Swara Aise kya dekh rahi ho ? [Swara What are You seeing]” she flinched listening her name ‘swara’ from him for the first time. Her happiness knew no bounds, She was ecstatic. Her voice lost somewhere in her, lips trembled and eyes rained. She couldn’t speak anything. Her Prince was perfectly fine.

His gaze on her with a smile on it. ‘The Prettiest smile ever’ no words ventured to slip out from her. She couldn’t take it anymore and threw herself in his arms hugging him bursting out in crying happiness and fear which she held her hand clasped on his left arm as he was lying on bed.

He wrapped his arm round her, ‘Tears of Happiness’ were equivalent in both of their eyes. While he rubbed her back in a soothing and consoling way.

-“Kaha tha na Maine Kuch nahi hoga Muje, main bada ban kar aaunga.” He said in a chocked voice making her calm, she tightened her grip over him. -“See Am Big Now” he added with a smile. While she couldn’t say anything but just nodded in his neck still hugging him. She didn’t wanted to leave the movement, she got him back and this time perfectly fine.

Nikhil came in and smiled seeing them. They were so adorable ‘Imperfectly Perfect’ He thought to make them cheer and light there mood.

-“Ganga, Jamuna kyu Baha rahi hai ? ” His voice made Swara break the hug and look in Nikhil’s direction and smiled -“Pati Kay thik hote hi Usk seene se lag gayi ?..” He continued coming closer to them.. While Swara just looked at Sanskaar and saw him staring her with huge grin.

-“Wah Sanskaar manna padega Tumhare charms.” He added standing next to him. While Sanskaar smiled at him. -“You should take medicines on time.” He said keeping the file on side table.

-“Yup first he need to eat something, I’ll bring something to eat for you.” Swara said making her way out, while nikhil joined her as he wanted to discuss about Sanskaar to him. Sanskaar stated the closed door.

-“Swara, Congratulations its great that operation is successful.” He said while she smiled and thanked him with a apology for slapping him, when he told her about operation.

Nikhil took her to Dr. Bhatia’s cabin who had done Sanskaar’s operation.

-“Mr Sanskaar is perfectly fine and is matured has mentality of his age but, ” he paused making Swara panic.

-“But..But.. What doctor.? ” she asked worriedly, sweat beads forming on her forehead. -“Relax Mrs Maheshwari, he is fine there nothing to worry about, its just he is new to this world and has to be thought many things.”

A sigh of relief escaped past her lips, -“Swara He has mind of his age, but still is new to everything that he should know by this age.” Nikhil explained.

-“Okay, He is fine? ” Swara asked still wanted to register what he said movements before.

-“Yeah Mrs Maheshwari, he is Perfectly Fit and Fine. Just few medicines are prescribed, He can take discharge in 4-5 days.” Doctor again repeated resting his elbows on table making Swara relief.

-“Thank you Doctor, Thank you so much, I…I..I..don’t know how to thank you.., ” She managed to say, her voiced laced with emotions.

Doctor Bhatia gave her a small smile -“Its our Duty, and mostly its possible by Your love and prayers.”

-“I must Say Swara, Sanskaar is very lucky to have you, and your unconditional love, you accepted him the way he is.” Nikhil spoke who was sitting beside her, she turned and gave a best smile of hers to him.

Doctor explained rest of the things to her, and asked nikhil to help her out.

-“Sanskaar has to take medicines, I’ve to get him food, I shall leave now.” She got up from the chair while Doctor nodded and nikhil said he will be there in some time.


Swara made him sit with the support of Head board, he smiled at him like always making her heart flutter with love, and joy.

She slowly started feeding him spoon by spoon Tomato soup which he didn’t deny to take. All time he was just staring her which brought tears of happiness in her eyes.

He immediately made an attempt to wipe them off -“Shona, Why are you crying. You know na I don’t like you being sad or Cry.” He said relatively in slow voice which felt soothing to her ears.

-“These are Happy tears Sanskaar, you know how much happy I am to see you alright in front of me.” Her voice hoarse due to lumps forming in her throat.

He smiled not knowing what to say, Her eyes shone with love seeing His innocence, His concern, His love for her. He didn’t knew the meaning of love but still it reflected in his eyes.

Rest of the dinner got finished with his innocent talks which almost made her laugh. Her Laughter mesmerized him, he just stared her not knowing for Why he kept looking her.

Wiping his lips with her stole she gave him medicines. -“By taking this you will be perfectly fine.” She said. He believed whatever she said him.

By time Nikhil came in. -“Nikhil can you be here with Sanskaar?? I’ll come back soon.” Swara asked as he sat on chair near to Sanskaar’s bed.

-“Yeah Sure.” He said with a smile, she turned to leave, her movement was halted by Sanskaar who held her wrist -“Where are u going ?” He asked with his cute puppy voice. A smile occupied her lips while her other free hand instantly cupped her one cheek. -“I’ll be back, Maa Papa, Jiju (Laksh) and Dee (Ragini) must be worried. I should inform them that Prince is perfectly fine.”

He smiled at her again and her picked beats racing Like it always did, ‘Damn How can anyone has such a divine smile’ she thought to herself.

-“Jaldi Aana Shona. [Come back Fast Shona.] ” he said in a bit demanding tone to which she happily nodded in agreement and left him with Nikhil.

-“So Sanskaar now u are totally like us.” Nikhil tried to avoid uncomfortable silence when swara left the cabin. Sanskaar smiled and happily replied -“Yes I Am big now, Swara is happy seeing me becoming big.” His words reflected, he is still innocent one and need to be thought plenty of things to stand up in this world.


-“Yes Maa he is totally fine and resting. ” Swara answered to worried Annapurna who was at the other end.

-“Shall we come there.” Annapurna asked, tears were clear evident in her shaky voice. -“No Maa, He is fine believe me, I’ll bring u all ur gift.” She Smiled thinking about him, His innocent face printed in her eyes with the same smile, so pure. Blissful.

She hung up giving them details of her beloved husband. The mere thought of him made her feel sensations coursing out of her, she felt flying in air ‘weightless’. He was her addiction, his innocence, his smile, his sparkling eyes, his silky hairs, and more above all his soothing innocent words in cutest voice ever drugged her senses.

He was her priority, Centre of attention. Everything about him fascinated her. Damn he was so cute, day by day her love for him increased. Deeply.


-“So Sanskaar Tell me now what u will do after getting discharged ? ” Nikhil asked Sanskaar who was now his friend.

-“I will Learn everything and make Shona happy. ” He replied, happiness was evident in His voice which reflected in his orbs, which shinned with enthusiasm.

The one thing Nikhil was sure by now, ‘Swara and Sanskaar were inseparable’. Everything he asked, he said, Revolved around Swara and only Swara. There was not an Answer where he didn’t mention her name. His day starts and ends with her. Nikhil smiled and was happy for his best friend Swara.

Sanskaar immediately turned to intruder and smiled like always, his Shona was back to him. She reciprocated and walked towards him.

-“Shona, I made a friend.” He announced feeling exited. To which she responded with eqal happiness -“Wow that’s really great. So who is ur new friend.” She asked still quite aware of Whom he was talking about.

-“Nikhil !! ” he Replied pointing at His new friend who was sitting on the stool placed right beside his bed.

Swara smiled at Nikhil, he reciprocated her gesture. The very recent memory flooded to her where Sanskaar got jealous of Nikhil just because he thought that He [Nikhil] will take his Shona away from him, he didn’t like she getting close to anyone else other than him.

-“Its Good to make friends na Shona? Nikhil said me.” His voice pulled her off thoughts, she jerked a bit and nodded -“Yes it is. Its Amazing to have friends. Its a relationship not by blood but by choice, where we can share anything, we can be ourselves and open up to them, share and discuss what think, feel and go through. Indeed it’s the most beautiful relationship in the world a person can ever have. And mostly best friends are dearest.” She explained, he listened to her with undivided attention.

Seconds later he smiled and said -“You are my Best Friend Shona,” he grinned remembering how he be with Swara, Her words reminded him about all those moments of them where he always be carefree and happy by sharing everything with her. “And My very first friend too.” He added, indeed she was his First and only friend he Had and now Nikhil was other one.

After a few minutes of chat :

Nikhil smiled and left Swara and Sanskaar alone promising Sanskaar that he will be back. Nikhil already started started teaching Sanskaar about this world becoming his friend and it was not unnoticed Swara, she was glad to know that her Best friend was helping her.


-“Nai Shona, Muje ye nahi khana. Muje nahi Pasand ???[No, Shona, I don’t wanna eat this. I don’t like] ” Sanskaar Covers his face with his palms Trying to hide Himself from Swara who was trying to feed him the food.

Though He had a matured Brain he was still innocent with his cute antiques. Which delighted her. -“But You Have to Sanskaar, from past 4 days u are eating this na then what happened today all of a sudden.” She said in a bit Angry voice, and made a sullen face to Persuade him.

He Slowly parts his fingers and see her still covering his face with hands. It was hard for her to stop herself from laughing seeing him peeping from the space between his long fingers. She took her inner cheeks between teeths and pressed hard to suppress smile to form on pretty lips of hers.

She laughed out, couldn’t control any more. His Cabin echoed with her sweet laughter. He smiled removing the hands off his face, couldn’t help but stare her without blinking. She looked like a princess doll to him just like ‘Cinderella’.

-“Why you don’t wanna eat ? ” she asked him again this time calmly as her laugh suppressed and got replaced by Breathing smile.

-“Muje Ye nahi khana, 4 din se mein yahi kha raha hoon. [I don’t wanna eat this, From 4 days am eating this.]” He pouted. She sighed sitting beside him.

-“Oh So that’s the matter.” She ruffled his silky hairs, making them messy, he looked Cutest. -“Do u wanna eat something else ? ” she asked arching her eyebrows. He nodded in a big yes. -“And what’s that ? ” she asked.

-“Gulab Jamun.” He announced. Her eyes widened. -“But Yahan Gulab Jamun kahan milege ? Hum Canada mein hai. Mein tumhe ghr jaa kr bana dungi. [But We can’t Get Gulab Jamun here. We are in Canada. I’ll make for u once we return to house.] ” She reasoned out. But he was adamant.

-“Nai. Nai. Nai. Muje abhi khana hai, Abhi Abhi Abhi…. [No. No. No. I want to eat now, Now Now Now….]” He kept on repeating shaking head wildly.

-“OK OK I’ll make it for you.” She agreed, she was very well known about his stubborn nature towards Food, specially Sweets. On other hand she loved his tantrums.

-“Sachi Tum banaogi..?? [Really You will Make It?] ” He got exited. -“Yup I will but u have to Wait.” She said getting up from bed. It was their 5th day in hospital and last day as he was getting discharged today by Evening. In this all 4 days swara never left his side. Just for half an hour she used to leave him with Nikhil in order to get freshen up.

Swara asked Nikhil if she can cook something in hospital’s canteen as Sanskaar was adamant of having his favorite dessert. After getting satisfied answer she directly headed towards the canteen.

All the chefs got impressed by her cooking and adored her love for her husband which was So Pure. They even tasted and Added it to their menu card.

Swara took bowl full of Yummy Gulab Jamun’s for Sanskaar. She fed him like always while he kept praising its Mouthwatering taste. -“Mmmm Its Very tasty.” Closing his eyes, feeling its soft & Sweetness.

Smile never leaving her beautiful pink lips, He finished Whole bowl making sure that she too ate it with him. -“Thank You.” He thanked, Swara thought him manners and other small – Small things to him.

If god takes something from us or if having a flaw, then he definitely bless us with something incomparable and same was with Sanskaar, he was mentally retarded but had a Amazing memory power and grasped everything thought to him very quickly. He was a quick learner and now by gods grace and Swara’s Love, Affection, he got cured by this thing too. He now had a mind of his age, and all it was needed a push to blossom in this world.

He kept on talking and she was listening everything what he was saying., Sitting beside him on his bed, she lied on her back as she got really tired with this hectic day. While he was beside her, she smiled at his cute talks unaware of time.

She was really Exhausted and tired which unknowingly succumbed to her sleepiness. Which was unnoticed was Sanskaar who continued talking, he turned her side when she didn’t said anything.

His heart skipped a bit when his eyes caught swara sleeping peacefully, It was not First time he saw her sleeping but the ping he felt in his heart was foreign for him. A smiled made its own way on his lips, few of her strands were blocking her beautiful face from his view.

He slowly brought his one hand towards her face while positioned himself on other elbow. He slowly yet carefully set the lock behind her ear. His heart picked up it’s beat, he couldn’t stop himself from caressing her cheeks. His eyes had unique shine. She seemed like a Cute barbie doll to him.

When his fingers touched her soft silky smooth skin, his stomach twisted in knots, it felt so soft like petals of rose under his skin pads. He felt a sudden urge to peak her cheeks. Slowly leaning down he peaked her closed eyelids which had long thick eyelashes. His lips touched her skin so cautiously as if it will burn if he’ll press lil more.

He slowly leaned down over her round soft cheeks and placed his lips in a soft kiss on both of them alternatively. He looked at her face. His eyes got so much attracted by her pink soft rosy lips which were in perfect heart shape.

A sudden urge of kissing them went down through him, his breathing laboured, He found her lips so eye catching at that movement, he didn’t know what he was about to do, nor he knew the feelings which were coursing through him.

He closed his eyes and leaned down to peck her luscious lips. Her eyes fluttered open, a smile formed on her lips when she saw him leaning down to her lips closing her eyes.

He was totally unaware of she watching him the movement his lips met hers in a peck she responded taking his lips In a sweet kiss, His eyes opened at her sudden assault, their eyes met his heart drummed wildly against his rib cage at the sudden feeling arousing in it, he reciprocated back, his heart pounding wildly. Their eyes bored in each other ‘Brown In Black’. While they kissed eachother softly and slowly.

They held each others eyes, emotions and desires radiating from them, his eyes shined with blazing fire in them, he didn’t knew what it was, but she very well knew. His hormones reached.

They broke but still held their eyes. Swara blushes and feels shy, for the first time she saw Full fledged desire In his blazing eyes, she feels heated up and slightly pushes him gets up to Leave, but he caught hold of her delicate wrist halting her movement, her breathing raised and eyes Closed, she could listen her heart beating loudly.

-“Mat Jao Na.[Don’t Go Na] ” He said in his cute voice, she was facing her back to him. It wasn’t the first time they kissed, but it was the first time he made a move, it was the first time she saw his eyes filled with desire, it was the first time she was feeling shy staring in those cute, innocent eyes which had needs. She knew he was still same innocent Sanskaar but his eyes wasn’t that same any more. Situations were never awkward between them before but this time it was.

-“Swara.” His voice Authoritative when she didn’t made a move to turn towards him, her eyes opened slowly. Turning round to face him, her eyes quickly dropped lowering the gaze feeling shy.

-“Sit Here.. Near me.. Never Leave me Shona.” He said pulling her a bit. She smiled slowly looking up at him, she goes and sits beside him. He pulled her close to him by wrapping his one hand round her shoulder and she rested her head on his shoulder.

It was their dream and finally it became the most beautiful truth of their life. She snuggled closer in his chest while he cuddles her. Only they and their pure love no one else. Their eyes closed as the air of indescribable happiness touched them.

-“Sanskaar Is Discharged Now.” Nikhil banged in breaking their sweet movement. They immediately pulled away while Nikhil stood there embarrassed. -“Am..mm..I mean I.. Was.. I just wanted to tell u that Sanskaar is discharged now and we can move to home now.” He said looking everywhere but Swara.. -“Am Sorry.” He added finally looking at them.

-“It’s OK Nikhil, we have to do formalities na.. I’ll complete that all.” She said walking towards exit. -“Ah no Swara, u don’t need to I’ve already done everything. Came here to give you good news.

Sanskaar was listening everything silently looking at them. -“I don’t know how to thank you Nikhil,…” Nikhil interrupted -“By the way swara madam did you forget friendship rule ‘No Sorry No Thank You.'” He said to which Swara immediately fired back -“Acha ? Then what about you, does that rule doesn’t implies on u ?” Swara scolded !!

-“Arey that time my tongue twisted so… Acha leave that all and come we can take Sanskaar home now.” He excitedly strode towards Sanskaar -“So Shall We Go home now ?” He asked.. Sanskaar smiled wide and nodded in big yes.


-“Ye Ghr toh bht bada hai !! Haina Shona ??” Sanskaar admired the beauty of Nikhil’s house. Swara smiled nodding at him. Nikhil’s mom welcomed them very well knew about Sanskaar.

Swara and Sanskaar were left to a room by Nikhil. Where Swara changed after getting fresh and went in kitchen to help Suvarna [Nikhil’s Mom.] While Nikhil was with Sanskaar. They became really very good friends. Nikhil shared their childhood memories with Sanskaar. He learnt many things from Him.

Nikhil Also thought him the basic of computers while demonstrating in his lappy. Sanskaar being a quick learner, learned everything he said him in snaps of minutes. He later tried to do what he was thought using MS. Paint, micro soft, power point slide shows, Mp3’s and Mp4’s and lastly Logging off !!

Nikhil was blowed by his sharp memory power and quick learning skills. He later also thought him how to use phone, calling, Text msgs, apps [Games] and Net surfing a bit.

-“Its Amazing Nikhil.” Sanskaar squealed in excitement playing subway surfer. -“yup I know, but they are much more things to learn I’ll teach u few of them.” Nikhil Said smiling at him. That time they heard Swara calling them down for dinner. It was almost 4 hours she hasn’t seen sanskaar. She quickly ran towards the room.

-“Sanskaar You daily eats with Swara na ? ” he asked knowing the answer. -“Yes.. Shona bula rahi hai. [Shona is Calling]” He said getting up from bed but soon landed on bed as Nikhil pulled him -“Aaj Tum mere sath yahan dinner karoge.[Today You will have ur dinner here, with me] ” Nikhil said In an authoritative voice. Sanskaar looked at him confused.

-“Pr Mein Shona…[But I Shona]” Sanskaar started to say but Nikhil interrupted -“Tumhe Shona ko surprise dena hai na ?[You wanna give surprise to Shona na?] ” he asked to which he nodded cutely. -“Then Do As I say.” He said and whispered something in his ears.

-“Agar vo Naraz ho gayi mujsy toh?? [what If she become upset of me] ” Fear element in his voice. -“Nahi Hogi, she can’t be Angry and upset with you.[She Will not] ” Nikhil said but still his expressions were scary like a child who is fearing if teacher caught his homework not done !!

-“Now do as I said to you.” Nikhil said, the movement Swara entered in room. Sanskaar looked at Nikhil and gulped while Nikhil gestured her through eyes.

-“Come let’s go, dinner is ready.” Swara grinded. -“Eerr Swara Me and Sanskaar will have dinner together today. ” Nikhil said.

-“Haan [Yeah] We all are going to have dinner together tonight. Aunty and uncle are waiting.” She said looking at Nikhil who was gesturing Sanskaar to say something but he only gulped.

-“I mean Me and Sanskaar will have dinner here. Alone.” Nikhil answered making Swara confused -“But Y alone here ? ” Swara snapped. she got that something was going on between Sanskaar and Nikhil but what she didn’t know.

-“We want to have boys talk u see.” Nikhil tried to reason out. -“But u can talk down also na?” Swara showed a way.

-“Shona.. Umm.. Aaj na Muje Nikhil k sath khana hai yahan pr. [Shona..Umm Today I want to eat here with Nikhil] ” Sanskaar finally spoke supporting Nikhil to which Nikhil smiled.

-“But Sanskaar..” Swara tried to speak but Nikhil shushed him saying -“Oh Swara, I’ll not eat away ur husband.” Swara gave up and left the room -“OK I’ll send ur dinner here but remember desert you guys will have down with us.”

Nikhil heaved a sigh and sat on bed.

Sanskaar sat down beside him. -“When will I give surprise to her ? ” he asked -“Tomorrow Night bro.. And yes remember tomorrow is Sunday so u are going to be with me whole day, I want to show you something.” Nikhil declared. -“But Nikhil…” He started but cut by Nikhil -“Call me Nik, I like that, and one more thing no more ifs and buts.” Sanskaar nodded obediently in agreement.

Swara brought dinner for them and Nikhil closed the door as soon as she left. She could sense something fishy but what? She couldn’t figure out. -“What happened beta ? Y aren’t you eating properly.?” Asked suvarna when found her thinking deeply. Swara jerked off her trance and looked at her with smile -“Nothing Aunty. ” and continued eating..

Where on other side Nikhil set a table for two members and put the food on table. -“Come Sanskaar.” He said pulling a chair for Him.

Sanskaar sat and he sat opposite to him. -“Now do and Eat like do OK ?” He said while Sanskaar followed him. He layed a napkin on lap while Sanskaar copied him.

Nik took chicken Tandoories pieces and lay in both of their plates. -“Take the knife and Cut the small piece.” Nik said demonstrating while Sanskaar slowly cut small amount of dead meat. -“Take ur fork and eat like way.” He said and Sanskaar ate in same exact way copying him like a child traces on alphabets.

Nikhil also thought him to eat chapatti and make Sanskaar serve himself and him, thought him to eat rice with spoon and noodles with fork in a sophisticated way. He learnt everything in one go making Nikhil proud.

-“Now u are behaving like a gentle man., tomorrow when you go with Swara pull chair for her, serve her ok and don’t forget to dance…” Nikhil said him, something strike in his Mind -“Do you know how to dance ? Or I’ll teach you. ” nikhil suggested.

-“I know little, Shona thought me.,” he grinned. To which Nikhil smiled -“Okie then rest of other I’ll teach you.”

Soon they finished the dinner and Nikhil thought him Couple dance, where he played role of a girl and boy alternatively showing him the video on YouTube.

He learnt simple steps at first and twisted ones later. Nikhil teached him everything that was necessary for a person to go on Date. He even explained him How to start small conversation with anyone so that he can easily communicate and mix up with peoples. One thing he got cleared about Sanskaar was he could learn anything easily if its demonstrated.

Later they went down to Suvarna, Akhilesh and Swara who were sitting in Lawn area chatting. Swara smiled as Sanskaar sat beside her. Where as Nikhil was non stop telling about their childhood memories. Their fights, parties, school bulling etc.

-“I’ll bring desert now.” Swara stood up saying and went in while Suvarna and Akhilesh talked with Sanskaar, they found him so innocent yet cute, he was totally fine now but His innocence was evidence of his pure soul which was loved by Swara. They got attached to Sanskaar very soon..

-“Tada ! Here is the desert..” Swara kept the tray down with one big cake platter and 5 small bowls..

-“Black Forest pastry.” Nikhil and Sanskaar squealed at same time. She knew Sanskaar is found of it and Nikhil was also fascinated by it. She served everyone while Sanskaar preferred to eat from her hands. Rest of the time was spend talking and laughing. Swara and Sanskaar departed to their room.

He slept peacefully in her embrace hugging her, it was his favorite place. Whereas Swara cuddled him.


-“We are Going out.” Nikhil said to Swara, she furrowed Sanskaar was standing beside Nikhil. -“But where ? From tomorrow am seeing you both what’s the matter.” Swara asked in a bit Annoyed tone.

-“Abaah Swara, we are not doing anything., I just wanna show Sanskaar few places here in Canada and Introduce him to my friends that’s it. And u are making fuss of it. ” Nikhil faked the anger.

Swara looked at Sanskaar who was looking at both of them -“You wanna go?” Swara asked Sanskaar. He glanced at Nikhil who gestured him to say yes. -“Umm Yes Shona, I want to enjoy with my new friend. ” Sanskaar admitted.

-“OK go and yes nikhil take care if him. ” Swara strictly said to Nikhil. -“Jaisi aapki Aagya Maatey. [As you say Your highness].”

Nikhil immediately dragged Sanskaar to his room and closed door before dancing like money and giving HiFi to Sanskaar. He too joined his new friend in crazy dance.

They were trying from morning to take her permission and finally 3 hours of trying she agreed. -“First we will go to shopping.” Nikhil said and rushed to his closet and gave him a Black Jeans with dark blue shirt and Black leather jacket. -“Go and get ready.” He said handling Sanskaar the cloths.

He [Nikhil] got ready in his casuals., he saw Sanskaar was back and looking So handsome in those outfit. -“Oh God Sanskaar you look like hero.. ” Nikhil’s eyes wide opened -“I must be jealous of you.” He said winking at him.

Soon they both were out of house and in his car. They reached to malls and Nikhil made him try lots of cloths of Different types casuals, fancy, Indian and what not.

Sanskaar really enjoyed it, for him it was first time shopping and roaming in city having fun with friend. Later they tried branded shoes, belts, perfumes. Finally he got Sanskaar’s silky hairs perfectly styled by a professionalist in very posh mens salon. To which he Hasn’t agreed easily.

-“Wow Sanskaar this hair style suits you the most.” Nikhil complimented him, -“Thank You Nik.” He replied. Later they were in ice cream parlor as Sanskaar demanded him.

-“Be quick Sanky we need to leave, I’ve to show u something.” Nikhil said glancing at watch, it was 4 in the evening. They were from 12pm over there.

Soon they reached home and Sanskaar excitedly rushed in to his Shona everything they got. But to his shock she was nowhere to be formed. Nikhil came from back and saw him confused, and worried.

-“Hey What happened.?” He asked.. -“I am not able to find Shona, where is she.” Sanskaar asked turning towards him.

-“She went to Shopping with mom, I said mom to take her and don’t get her here before 8.” Nikhil answered.-“Why?” He questioned again. -“I said na I want to show you something & we have to plan ur surprise for her right ? So how its possible if she be here ?” Nikhil reasoned out. Sanskaar nodded in understating.

-“OK you go now to my room I’ll be back in 5.” He said and rushed to kitchen.

Sanskaar sat on bed keeping the shopping bags on couch.

As promised Nikhil was back in 5 minutes with a two buckets full of Cheese Popcorns and coke. -“We will watch a movie. OK ” Nikhil said placing the edibles on table before switching on the Home theatre.

Sanskaar quickly shifted on Sofa from bed and grabbed a coke n Popcorns. While Nikhil jumped beside him.

They watched a love story, a movie which explained about pure love, rather than romance. Story of a couple in movie named Helly and Varun respectively, about their love, hurdles they went through, their pure, unselfish and undoubted love.

Sanskaar watched the movie with great interest, it was the first time he was watching something like that, he began to imagine Him self and Swara unknowingly. The movie made him feel the real meaning of Love, True love, excepting each other they way one is and make each other complete.

Nikhil watched him engrossed in movie. He smiled thinking his plan is now successful, he wanted to teach him the meaning of Love, and make him realise it.

After 3 hours the movie finally ended uniting the lovable and cutest couple with a tag of happy ending.

Sanskaar turned towards Nikhil who was already looking at him. ‘I Know Sanskaar still you need to be thought many things but this thing was really very important, Swara loves u lot, unconditionally, and I know you also do, but u aren’t aware of ur feelings yet, because u didn’t know till now but Love has no connexion with mind but heart, but to understand we need brain. Am sure that now u understood it.’ Nikhil thought while Sanskaar smiled at him.

-“OK so now u get ready they may get here by any time. ” saying this he pushed Sanskaar in changing room with a black jeans, White shirt and deep black blazer.

He came out looking Cute collage boy. Nikhil tied a black satin the to His neck. His new hairstyle complicated him with His new makeover.

After everything was done he finally got himself in pair of black leather shoes.

Swara and Suvarna were back it was already 8 in night, Nikhil asked Sanskaar to hide and he agreed.

-“Where Is Sanskaar?” Swara asked Nikhil rushing in. -“Arey Baba relax he is here only wait I’ll take you ” Nikhil said taking swara to His room.

Her eyes scanned the room but found nothing -“Where is he ?” She asked impatiently.

-“Sanskaar..” Nikhil called out and there he entered opening the door of closet. She was stunned to see him. His way of walking changed, she was astonished. His gaze fixed on her as he walked towards her shoving his hands in pockets.

She sucked in a surprised breath, Her heart drummed wildly, He Enchanted her. His Fascinating eyes, Delightful smile, and Handsome face. ‘Greek God’ that’s what he looked.

A smiled flickered on her lips as he scrutinized his Ravishing features. Though Everything changed in his appearance but still something was still the same His innocent, pure eyes and cute smile. They were his Assets.

-“So how Am looking? ” Asked Sanskaar pulling her out of her trance, -“Handsome.” A lone tear escaped her eyes as she threw herself in his arms. He hugged back, she placed a peck on his cheek.

-“Ahem Ahem.” Nikhil cleared his throat bringing them back. -“Well Madam There is surprise for you.” Nikhil said swara’s face glowed -“What’s that? ” she asked.

Sanskaar took out pass of Royal Star hotel from his pocket, -“Will you come with me for dinner?” Sanskaar asked asked cutely with puppy eyes.

-“Of course I will.”she said. -“So here is ur dress go n get ready fast. ” Nikhil Said handling off a Black and while off shoulder knee length frock. She smiled.


-“Here what will u like to have? ” he asked like a gentleman to swara after pulling the chair for her, she was impressed by him no doubt she knew that Nikhil thought him all, but be learned everything so quickly.

-“Let’s order Your Favorite food.” She suggested. He smiled and nodded calling the waiter.

-“Two plates Hyderabadi dum Biryani, chicken leg piece, Mutter paneer with Tandoori Roti.” He placed order before dismissing the waiter.

While Swara got another shock as he never said a words to others and here he ordered 3-4 dishes without stammering. Her happiness knew no bounds.

The surrounding was delightful and enlightened with shimmering lights, the area mostly had two persons table occupied by couples.

As soon as food arrived he served her first and later to himself. Smile never faded from her face, seeing him behaving like a gentle man.

They ate food talking all the time, laughing in middle. They also tried continental. -‘Nik Told me to ask her for a dance.’ He remembered.

He stood up while swara stared at him confused. He put forward his right hand -“Can I have the pleasure to dance with the most beautiful girl.” Her mouth hung open listening him, eyes widened. He slowly took her hand in his and pulled a little to make her stand.

She was still in shock, but danced with him, his moves surprised her. Today she got full of surprises from him. He pulled her closer to him by waist she gasped before clutching his shoulders.

*Sab Tera* song from *Baghi* played in BG.

He danced like a perfectionist. While Swara enjoyed whole time getting his attention. She didn’t dare to blink her eyes as if it will vanish, or thinking she is Dreaming.

The song ended soon with everyone clapping around them, adoring them. They complimented each other.

They headed towards Their table but Sanskaar was stopped by a girl in Yellow one piece.

-“Hey My Name is Shanaya. You really danced amazing.” She said shaking hand with Sanskaar. -“Thank You.” He Answered. Instant dislike was seen all on swara’s face.

-“Can I have dance with you ?” She asked still holding his hand. Which made swara angry, she was feeling jealous. But sanskaar being innocent agreed to Shanaya.

While Swara angrily sat there. Watching Sanskaar dancing with other girl fury flared in her nerves due to jealousy. While Shanaya was drooling over Sanskaar, but he danced sincerely not knowing what all this was. They were talking in between which made her more furious.

Swara was glaring at him when he was back, and stopped talking with him. -“Shona what desert you will eat? ” he asked and got a silence as answer.

-“Shona?? ” he asked again totally unaware about her jealousy and anger. -“Go and ask to that girl whom u danced with.” She said and off her chair walking towards exit.

While Sanskaar stood up confused. He pay off the bill., and goes back of her.

Precap :- Will innocent Sanskaar will able to understand why she is angry with him and will he be able to Convince her, what will happen next will he confess his love for her ?? ”

To Be Continued….

FY4 will b posted soon !!


I know you guys wanna beat me cz I suddenly disappeared like Mr. India. Well the rumours about my accident wasn’t true am fine and yup one more thing don’t worry for me if something happens also to me in future cz this is life and it does have an end !!

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  2. Finally you posted. What an episode yaar superb…Simply superb ,awesome.
    Pls don’t make us wait.
    Post the next part very soooooon I can’t wait.

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