SwaSan OS – Forever Yours (By ZuZu) Part-2



Hey guys this sequel part of My One Shot is on readers requests.. This am dedicating to my best friend #Sukanya .. Love her from bottom of my heart.. Those who missed the first chappy.. Or willing to read to get exact story so,.. Here is the link :

SwaSan OS – Forever Yours (By ZuZu) Part-1

In this part u will need to listen two songs from movie Sanam re.. One is ‘Tere Liye by Ankit tiwari’ n second is ‘Tum Bin by shreya Ghosal’ here is link pls download it for free :

Sorry no Recap cz its a OS I can’t give its Recap.. Its quite emotional one to summarise in short precap..

Before we proceed I would suggest to imagine same like Sanskaar in the Starting Of Swaragini..


-“Sanskaar.., see don’t tease me.. Have this or else I’ll not talk with u..” Said Swara running, chasing Sanskaar who was jumping on bed and running in whole room..

-“Pls Shona muje ye soup acha nai lagta… ?.. Muje Nai peena ” [pls Shona I don’t wanna have this soup.. I don’t like it] said Sanskaar making a cute face.

Swara knew how much adamant he is.. She thought ‘I need a trick to make him feed this’.. Suddenly a Idea got clicked in her mind..

She sat on bed.. No more chasing him.. He looked at her and got confused.. He too sat beside her to see her face Sad.

-“Shona Tum Sad Q ho ? ” [Shona Y are You Sad] he asked her in his same cute n sweet voice..

-“Sad Na Ho toh Kya karu, You know salman khan na…” She said.. Looking at him..

His eyes shinned at the mention of
Bollywood Sultan’s Name (Salman Khan).. -“Haa Swara Salman Kya ?? ” [Yes Shona Salman what ??] He asked excitedly..

-“He Takes this soup daily.. Did u see his muscles in bodyguard movie.. He built up by taking this.. So I thought to give this to u.. So u can become strong like him.. To save me.. But what for u.. U Never ever agrees with me na.. ” Swara said looking other side making a pout..

-“Really.. This will make me strong like him.. Then I will also do ‘Dhishoom Dhishoom’ ” he asked with smile..

She nodded cutely with her lips still pouty.. -“But you don’t want na.. U don’t like this na.. Its ok.. Don’t save ur Shona from goons.. Someone else will do ” she said.. With a cute sad face to melt him..

-“No only I will save my Shona.. I will take this and become so strong.. Aaaa ” saying this he opened his mouth.. So she can feed him.. Swara became happy and gave him spoon by spoon.. He was talking all time while she was feeding him.. And staring at him lovingly..

This was their daily routine.. Though he knew how to eat from hands.. He loved to eat by her hands.. Either it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. They talk and eat.. Swara meant a world to him.. She was his only happiness.. Whom he can’t see being sad..

After he finished his soup.. Swara wiped his lips with her stole.. And smiled.. He smiled back cutely like a innocent baby.. Her heart fluttered seeing him happy.. Like she was his world.. He meant a life to her..

She softly pecked his cheek.. Like daily.. And in reply he pecked her cheek..

-“Shona, Tumne kaha tha.. Hum aaj ice cream khane ?jayenge..? Calo na Pls.. ” he said innocently holding her hand pleading him..

-“Ha Ha we will first let’s change.. ” she said..

He became so Happy -” Sachi.. I love you ” he said excitedly.. He said those words as Swara started to teach him things.. And yes he was learning them all.. He used to accept n hear what she says..

Swara was so happy to hear it.. -“I love more Sanskaar.. ” she said immediately and hugged him.. He smiled..

-“Shona You happy ? ” he asked.. She nodded in his chest.. He hugged her back.. -“If u happy then am happy ” he smiled

-“say that again.. Please.. ” she asked him..

-“What Shona ? ” he asked innocently..

-“I love you.. Say again ” she said looking in his innocent eyes.. Which were so pure without any negativity.. She wished to die in its purity.

-“I love you ” he said again..

-“I love you too ” she said again more than happy.. -“OK now change.. ” she said as she walked to their cupboard.. He waited for her to take out clothes for him..

She selected What he will wear daily.. And he happily did as she said him.. He was more looking like he is mentally challenged.. His clothing now made him look gentleman.. But he was same.. His shona’s cute n innocent gentleman..

As Swara turned.. -“Aaj me dress select karunga tumhare lie.. ” he said moving close to closet..

She smiled and let him do.. He took out a cute pink top n Black jeans for her..

Swara was shocked.. Cz after marriage she never wore it.. She always used to wear saree or sometimes Indian wear..

-“Sanskaar how can I wear this now.. ” she asked him when she handled her to change..

-“Ye Tumne bht dino se Nai phna.. Jab hum beach pr gaye the tab Tumne ye phna tha.. ” [You Haven’t wore this from many days.. Last time when we went to beech u wore it..] he said pouting.. Lightening her whole face with smile..

-“You remember.. ” she asked cupping his face with one hand..

-“Yes.. Muje yaad hai.. Tum bht sunder lagrahi thi bilkul.. Fairy Cinderella jaisi.. ” [Yes I remember, u were looking like fairy Cinderella] he said cherishing Their beech movement..

Her happiness knew no bonds.. He remember Their sweet movements and complimented her.. -“OK I will come in 2 minutes.. ” she ran to washroom.. Smile not leaving her beautiful face just for once..

While he changed in changing room attached to side of closet like daily..

He was ready.. While she came wearing what he wanted.. Though he didn’t knew what are Feelings.. How are they.. But he was lost in her cuteness.. She looked like a pretty doll to him..

Swara came near.. And combed his hairs.. He was just looking at her without even blinking..

-“Kya hua.. Aise q dekh rahe ho ” [What happened, Y are u seeing like this] she asked while setting his silky hairs.. The way his silky hairs rested on her forehead she loved it.. Making him look cutest person ever.. Black shirt n jeans which she selected for him, suited perfectly to his white tone skin..

He just nodded in ‘Nothing’ still staring him..

She smiled.. They left when they were ready..

They went to.. Ice cream parlour.. Later Sanskaar demanded to have ice cream in park.. She agreed..

While eating ice cream sticked to Swara’s nose.. Making her look more cuter .. He was laughing seeing her.. She passed a fake glare..

-“Haha Shona Tumne ice cream naak ko khila di ” he laughed..

She was about to clean.. When he took his napkin from his jeans pocket and leaned -“Mai karunga ” he said.. Swara smiled and let him clean pretty nose of her.

While he was slowly cleaning her nose.. As if he pressed a bit and she would get hurt like a baby.. He cared a lot for her, Like she did of him.

Seeing his care Swara was lost in her own thoughts..

Swara’s POV :

When I met him.. I felt pity for this pure soul.. He was so innocent.. And this cruel always cursing him.. My heart ached at it.. I never thought I will fall in love.. But we became frnds… I loved his company a lot.. He always made me smile.. Without expecting anything in return from me..

After my accident I was forced to marry him.. It was truth I liked him as frnd but marriage was something totally different.. I felt I had nothing left in my life.. N for my family to save them from ppls taunting I married him.. Doing a compromise with life. But who knew this compromise will be the best decision of my life..

When ever I was out with him I got insulted.. I felt hell angry.. But looking at this innocent creature of god I became calm.. He was totally unaware of it.. Ppl always taunted him.. And scolded for his nature.. Though it was not at all his own fault in it… I wondered how can they be so cruel to this innocent one.. Who was so sweet n a pure soul..

Things happened and I left him.. I got a good match for me.. My Dadi selected.. We were getting engaged.. I thought I would not be tagged with a mad person any more.. But my heart already choose him,The way he was.. And I realised my Feelings before it was too late.. Ppl say he is mentally challenged.. But this mentally challenged made me feel.. Made me love him.. I listened to my heart.. And went back to him.

My frnds said he is mad.. U can’t be happy with him.. I opposed them.. Yes he is mad but he is my mad.. My Sanskaar.. To whom I love the way he is..

This society always taunted him for how god made him.. It wasn’t his mistake.. Who in this world would like to be mad ? Does they..
He never complained.. Never hurted anyone.. But this cruel peoples.. Always complained and never left a single chance to hurt this pure soul.. He never knew y they treated him so..

But not anymore.. Am here now.. By his side, to support him.. And give answer to ppl who always hurted him for Nothing.. I’ll Never leave ur side Sanskaar no matter what.. U are my breath..

Swara’s POV Ends !!!

At the thought of his pain.. Tears found Their own way down her eyes.. They were not of sympathy.. They were of love.. Her unconditional love for him..

He saw her tears.. While her glassy doe eyes fixated on his innocent face… His smile vanished.. And quickly he cupped her face.. -“What happened Shona.. Y are u crying.. Did I hurt u..” He asked looking in her eyes.. Wiping the tears off her face…

She couldn’t hold any more and hugged him tight crying more -“No No No.. My Sanskaar cannot hurt anyone.. He can never.. I promise I will never hurt u.. Nor let anyone do so..You are my life Sanskaar.. ” she cried hugging him more tightly..

He hugged her and slowly caressed her hairs.. While she was sobbing.. He didn’t knew y was she crying.. Nor he know what to say.. He tired to calm her the way she does him when he was hurt.. .

-“Pls don’t cry Shona, I can’t see u crying.. ” he said.. His voice chocked… As he also cried seeing her crying.. Both hearts feeling each others pain.. With each others tears in their own eyes..

After few minutes Swara stopped crying but still hugging him.. Sitting on park’s bench.. Sanskaar felt something when she slowly placed a peck on his left chest.. Where his heart beats..

They broke.. Swara changed the topic.. -“Nothing Sanskaar.. I just don’t wanna loose u.. So.. ” she said..

-“Don’t worry Shona.. Me kabhi bhi Tumhe Nai chorunga.. ” he wiped her remaining Tears..

-“Promise ” she forward her hand..he grabbed instantly -“Promise ” he replied smiling wide..

They walked to home..

**Maheshwari Mansion**

A few days later….

-“Sab ready ho gaye ?? We know that right its a long route.. So do it fast.. ” Annapurna shouted..

-“Haa Haa Mom Sab ready hai.. Let’s go ” Laksh said coming down stairs.. With Ragini and DP from room..

Swara was standing near Annapurna.. N Sanskaar was also present..

-“Beta agar tum log bhi aa sakte toh.. ” she said cupping Swara’s one cheek.

Swara holds Annapurna’s hand -“Its OK Mom.. Sanskaar ko aisi parties nai achi lagti toh.. We will be here.. Don’t worry.. ” she assured her..

-“Par tum aati toh..” AP said.. Hoping Swara comes..

Sanskaar was just standing not saying anything.. Waiting for answer..

-“Noo.. Maa I can’t come.. I’ll be with Sanskaar… V se bhi I also don’t like that crowdy parties.. ” she said.. While Ap just nodded in agreement.

While a lone tear slid down Ragini’s eyes.. When Swara said she don’t like parties.. She knew Swara very well that she loved parties..she was light of every party in their house or at her collage.. But here she simply said she didn’t like it..

Laksh saw her and furrowed asking -“What Happened..?? ” she nodded in no and smiled..

All left.. While Swara n Sanskaar were alone at home..

-“Sanskaar u be here.. I’ll do remaining house chores.. ” she smiled..

-“OK Shona ” he replied with a smile as Swara left.. He was staring at her retreating back..

Sitting alone made him bored.. To pass his tym till his Shona gets free from work.. He decided to watch TV.. He turned on the set..

But did nothing but Channing channels… He was shuffling from one to other n so on., but a music channel made his stop his fingers to work more on button..

He was just watching what was being telecasted.. It was a music channel, n a romantic video song was being played on it.. He looked on confused, still watching not shuffling.. He just then remembered when he n lucky were out one eve for park..

They were just walking bare footed on soft and a bit wet grass.. He saw a guy nuzzling in the crook of girl’s neck.. And girl was closing eyes.. Enjoying the sweet torture.

Sanskaar being immature (Mentally challenged) from mind asked lucky confused at the scenario in front of him..

While lucky just laughed in return and said *U are still a kid bro, tera kuch nai ho sakta.. Tu toh music channels b nai dekhta*

Sanskaar looked at him.. His eyes innocent as he asked again *Bata Naa*

Lucky explained *They are couples.. They love each other.. So he is just expressing his love to her in his way.. OK* lucky said keeping that not to pollute his mind, as he dunno about this.

The video reminded him about the couple in park.. He saw the whole video song.. Scrutinising their movements.. He smiled n remembered Swara n he sharing *I Love You(s)* when the couple did in the end of song..

He really didn’t know what is love.. How it is.. How to express., but one thing knew was ‘Love’ is ‘Shona’. As song got completed.. He again remembered Lucky’s words.. ‘Its a way of expressing love’.

He walked his all way to kitchen.. With sweet smile curving on his lips, while his face innocent.

He saw Swara cooking something on stove.. He walk to her.. And stood behind her, Swara totally oblivious About his presence.. She was deeply Engrossed In cooking.

It was when she got in sense.. When someone hugged him from back, she almost jump at her place.. She closed her eyes when she felt something or someone’s lips on her bare back.. She trembled and whispered “Sanssskaarrr” when a spark went down her spine.. Sending numerous butterflies in her stomach.. She blushed as she recognised her prince’s touch..

Does he was a prince ?? .., for world he is a person totally unfit for the society.. But for her He was a perfect prince.. Now u may ask how prince ?, prince are so perfect., both physically n mentally., but he isn’t.. ??

But let me tell u. Prince are not one who are perfect but ones.. Who make us smile.. Makes our heart flutter when they are around.. Fills the happiness in us when they are with us..

And it was.. he made her smile.. Made her heart flutter with his innocence, purity. And definitely he was a prince.. The prince she loved the way he is. He was ‘Imperfectly Perfect’ .. ‘Her Mr Perfect’

His hands were on her bare stomach.. Making her blush.. His long fingers on her soft supple skin.. She held his hand shly.

Closing her eyes.. She felt his touch. Which turned her in Crimson red..

While his heart felt an unknown happiness, when made contact with her stomach.. His lips on her milky back.. He didn’t know what to do next.. He just stayed like that.. His lips stick there.

Swara felt Immense happiness.. She turned in his arms and hugged him tightly.. Hiding her head in his chest. He looked confused, but soon reciprocated the hug matching her grip..

She didn’t broke still her eyes closed, her lips occupied with a beautiful Smile, making her look more beautiful. She slowly pecked on his chest.

She broke when she realised what had just happened.. She thought how did he know about this, and from where he learnt this..

Sanskaar was smiling at her.. Swara furrowed and slowly asked -“From where did u learnt This?? “.

Sanskaar gulped, -” Vo.. Me..mein Shona.. Vo.. ” he stammered.

-“Sach batao Sanskaar kaha deka ye sab ?? ” [Say the truth Sanskaar from where u saw this all], she sounded strict.

He feared and blurted out -“TV me dekha. “[I saw In TV], making swara shock with his statement..

-“But You only see Cartoon channels right, then ?? ” she asked again.

He remembered Lucky saying her kid.. And he don’t watch music channel also.. Plus park couple romance.. He says her everything -“Mein. bhi abb m..music channel dekhunga Aur bada ban jaunga.. ” [I will also watch music channels now n become big] he says so innocently..

She looks at him for more than few seconds and bursted out laughing at his extreme cuteness.. She ruffles her hand in his hairs making them messy.. Making him look more cuter.

-“Ok , now go and take rest I’ll come in few minutes ” she said as she resumed back to her work.

He left the kitchen and went to his room..

An hour later it was already afternoon.. Swara was fully exhausted from work.. She felt tired.. After finishing her last one, she marched to their room.. It was empty..

She thought where he might be.. But soon got relived hearing water sound from washroom..

She sat on bed sighing.. Closing her eyes.. Which gave her peace..

It was when she felt someone massaging her hairs.. She opened her eyes… And felt his presence behind her ..

-“Kya kar rahe ho Sanskaar “[What are you doing Sanskaar], she asked.. Turning a bit..

-“Vo..me..mein tum thak gai Ho Naa.. chammpi krne se .. Tu..Tumhe.. Acha lagega.. “[Am massaging Ur head , u are tired na, u will feel better], he said cutely.. She smiled and closed her eyes.. Letting him do what he wanted.

-“You are so caring Sanskaar, Thank You.” She said as she leaned in his lap resting her head there.. As he continued massaging her head with oil..

He smiled and muttered welcome in return.. He Began to learn slowly.., good habits and manners.

While swara slept on his lap having the most peaceful sleep.. He stayed like that staring her sleeping in his lap.

It was evening.. Swara n Sanskaar were playing.. They were alone at home.. After he massaged her hairs.. She took a small nap in his lap.. Later they had lunch together. Today he fed her.. Swara was in Awee with him. They slept for sometime..

It was when the door bell rang.. When clock hit 6 in the evening.

Sanskaar was eating snacks and watching Cartoons..

Swara opened the door, and a wide n beautiful smile appeared on her face..

The person smiled and hugged her.. She hugged back friendly..

-“Nikhil u Here.. U didn’t inform me ” she said with complain.

-“No yaar it is an unexpected trip.. I went ur house.. Dadi said u got married., and she gave me ur new address.. ” nikhil said..

-“Ha Vo sab itna jldi jldi hua na so, am sorry.. Get in ” [Its OK.. It happened hastily so.. Am sorry.., get in]., she said.. As he asked her about marriage.

Nikhil got in and admired the beauty of house.. Sanky saw everything from about.. He was confused who is he..

-“V se swara tumhare cehre (face) ki chamak hi kuch aur hai.. Kya baat hai.. “[BTW Swara the glow on Ur face Is so different.. What’s the mattet], he teased. His total indication is on her husband..

She blushed.. -“Lagta h u both love each other a lot.. BTW where is he.. I also wanna know.. Who is the prince that took away our this cute princess.. ”

By time Sanskaar came down.. And rushed to Swara.. Nikhil was facing his back to stair case.. When Sanskaar rushed to Swara, He dashed with nikhil making him shock.. He just stared Sanskaar in a shock state..

-“Sanskaar ye Kya kr rahe ho.. Dekh kr chalo.. Nikhil ko lag jaati toh ” [What are you doing Sanskaar, see n walk, what if he would got hurted], Swara said.. He thought she scolded him.. That to cause of nikhil.. He didn’t like it.. -“because of him my Shona scolded me.. I’ll not leave u ” he said to himself.. Staring nikhil with childish anger..

Swara was unaware that nikhil didn’t knew about Sanskaar’s condition.. She thought dadi must have said him..

But nikhil got shocked seeing Sanskaar.. Dadi just said she got married to Sanskaar.. He just knew the name.. When he saw Sanskaar he was completely shocked.. As he knew Swara very well being her childhood frnd.. Swara was a perfect girl.. He still remembered when they were in 10th class how she shared that, how she wants her prince charming to be..

A tear escaped his eyes.. Knowing his frnd and how her life is.. But he didn’t want to upset her.. As she looked extremely happy.. He smiled..

Swara took him to living room.. And asked him to sit.. While she went to bring coffee..

Sanskaar sat with him.. Nikhil tried to talk with him but he didn’t.. Nikhil thought it’s better to be quite..

A few minutes later Swara was back with coffee.. Sanskaar was angry on nikhil.. He didn’t like Swara talking with him.. ‘She only talks with me.. And now with him.. I don’t like him’ he thought..

When Swara was about to give coffee to nikhil Sanskaar got up.. Making coffer fall all over nikhil.. Swara was shocked to his such behaviour.. She didn’t knew y he did so.. He Never did like this till now. Why he suddenly did so she was confused. But didn’t say anything.. Nor nikhil did..

-“Nikhil use washroom.. I’ll show u the way.. ” Swara said and took him to her room.. While Sanskaar also came der..

After cleaning nikhil came out.. Sanskaar watching it silently..

-“Take This.,am really sorry ” Swara handed a napkeen to nikhil.. While nikhil held his hand -“Its OK Don’t worry. ” stopping her to apologise..

Sanskaar who was standing near door came close to them.. He immediately snatched Swara’s hand which he was holding, shocking them both.. He held Swara’s hand in his both hands and brought it to his chest..

-“Dur Raho Meri Shona se ” [Stay away from my Shona] he said.. His voice mixture of anger n tears..

Swara just stared at him as it was totally new to her.. He felt jealous.. He really did.. She was extremely shocked but Immensely happy.. Seeing him and listening his words.. She really felt belonged..

Nikhil to calm him said -“Ha Sanskaar she is only urs.. I’ll not come near her ok. ” he said happily..

But he was still holding her hand.. And looking nikhil as if he will snatch Swara from him. He feared like a Baby fear of his/her fave toy getting snatched.

He didn’t want any one to snatch his Shona away from him.. Never in his worst dream.

While he gained Swara’s all attention that time.. Tears of happiness made Their own way to her cheeks rolling down to her chin..

-“OK Swara I must go now ” nikhil said..

Swara looked at him and nodded..
-“I wanna say u something.. ” nikhil said.. Swara nodded..

-“Sanskaar I’ll come in two minutes OK dropping him out.. ” she said but he nodded in a big ‘Noo” not leaving her hand..

She cupped his one cheek -“U will not listen to ur Shona ?? ” she asked softly..

He nodded and let her hand go from his grip. She smiled and promised him she will come back in two minutes..

Swara n Nikhil headed out.. While Sanskaar stayed there..

-“Nikhil Kya baat krni thi Tumhe ” [ What u want to talk ?? ] Swara asked as they walked.

-” It’s about Sanskaar.. ” he said looking at her.. Her face turning serious.. And looking him waiting for him to continue..

-“Yaha aane se phle [Before coming here] I didn’t knew about his condition.. I saw him.. Swara he is different.. ” he said stopping in his track.. Making Swara looking at him.

-“How, I mean what are u saying am not getting ” Swara said..

-“He is not totally a mentally challenged person Swara, his brain works.. He feels.,and understands too.. The way he reacted few minutes back., he wouldn’t if he is totally challenged.. ” he said as he again continued to walk.. Swara beside him..

-“U saw right he felt jealous.. He got feared of loosing u.. ” he paused. While she was deeply thinking his every change.. N somewhere he really acted as totally normal person..tough he had some childishness in that.. -“I think we can cure him, his decease is curable Swara ”

Swara was shocked by his statement.. He looked nikhil biwildered.. -“But how.. Papa (dp) have already showed to doctors in childhood.. ”

-“May be that time this changes wasn’t der in him.. May be they took place few years, months or days back.. . Being a doctor I can say that his brain functions, he not totally dumb.. I’ve seen such cases in Canada too.. ” he said.

-“What can v do ? ” Swara asked.

He sighed “Bring him to clinic tomorrow.. We will take some tests and then we can decide. ” he said..

“Can he really be OK nikhil ” Swara asked with teary eyes.

-“We can try Swara.. U bring him we can say after few tests. ” he said giving him the address card.. Swara took.

-“OK now go, he will be waiting for you… Light up his mood ” Nikhil said as he bid final bye to Swara..

After closing the door Swara slowly marched to their room with baby steps.. Thinking deep in mind.. Her mind thinking deeply what all Nikhil said him.. She was happy to hear it.. He can be totally fine.. Like them.. No one can taunt him anymore.. He can live a simple normal life.. She never knew a hope will come to them in such a way.. Might be god seen their true love.. And sent an angel in Nikhil to them.. In such unexpected way.

She smiled through her tears “hope” she whispered.. Wiping off her tears.. Running to room, to her Sanskaar.. But she thought not to tell him now.. As he may get afraid listening ‘hospital’.

As she got in, she saw Sanskaar sitting silently.. She went near him.. He didn’t talk with her.. -“Aaww my baby is angry.. He is looking so cute with this pout.. ” she said as she pulled his cheeks..

-“Am not kid or baby. ” he said in a baby angry voice and pouted again..

-“Oh.. Hmm so u are not baby na.. U said u want to become big.. Toh chalo first we will eat dinner then we will dance.. I’ll teach u.. ” she said giving him one of best her smile.

-“Really ?? U will teach me dancing ” he asked excitedly..

-“Of course.. ” Swara said and brought food from kitchen..

They both ate.. In all time he said her how he is exited to learn dance.. Soon they finished.

Swara turned on a soft music..
BG -“Sanam Re Song from Movie Sanam Re” **note : Its in girl voice.. U can get this song on MyMp3Singer.com.. Singers are mithoon & Tulsi kumar**

He stands straight.. Swara smilingly stands opposite to him.. Taking his one hand she places it on her waist.. And takes his other hand in her hand.. While she keeps her free hand on his shoulder..

She slowly shows him the foot steps.. He follows her as she says.. They danced slowly.. In middle she asked him..

-“Sanskaar, When Nikhil caught my hand y u reacted so ? ” she asked softly.

-“Muje acha nai Laga.. Tum usse baat karo.. Aur Vo tumhare..pa..paas rahe..” [ I didn’t like u talking with him.. And when he comes close to u], he said innocently.

-“Pr kyu ? ” [But Why] she asked.

-“Bus Muje acha nai lagta.. Tu..tum sirf mujsy baat karo.. Mere paas raho a..aur.. Kisi k n..nahi ” [I dunno but I don’t like.. U just talk with me n stay with me, not with someone else], he said..

Swara felt happy they way he felt jealous.. Even he didn’t knew what was that feeling.. And y he reacted so, but he did coz he didn’t liked..

-“Sanskaar ?? ” she called still moving in rhythm..

-“Haa Shona ” he Answered looking at him smiling.

-“Kiss me ” she ordered him.

He smiled and leaned forward and kissed her both cheeks one by one..

Swara smiled -“Not here ” she said.. He stared at her confused.. -“On my lips like that night u did. ” she cleared his confusion and reminding him about the night he kissed her seeing RagLak..

He smiled cutely and leaned.. While she closed her eyes welcoming him.. And to feel the pure bliss of it…

Soon he placed his lips on hers..making Swara tightened her grip on his shoulder.. Swara slowly took his lower lip.. While he followed her by taking her upper lip.. They slowly kissed each other..
The sweetness on each others melting in their mouths.. They kissed till their breath lasted long..

They broke.. Swara still feeling shy of him.. Hugged him immediately.. He smiled and hugged back..

They kept talking for so long on their bed in each others arms.. Swara told him stories.. All time he just stared at her.. Soon they dozed off with each other in their arms..

The other members of family were supposed to come next morning due to heavy rain..

Next day….

All members of Maheshwari family were finally back at home..

Swara called all of them to study room except Sanskaar.

-“Papa yesterday my frnd Nikhil came here. He is actually a psychiatrist.. He came from London for his work.. He said Sanskaar is curable.. ” she said..

-“But beta we have already consulted many doctors ” Ap said.

-“yes ma I said him, but he said that Sanskaar quite like a normal person.. He just need to do some tests.. To know exactly.. He is a top most doctor in Canada. ” she explained.

-“Swara, tumhe Jo thik lagta h karo beta. Hum tumhare sath hai.. Itna kia h ek aur kr dek lete hai.. Aasha h sab thik hoga. ” [If u feel it can then do it.. We are with u.. Let’s try this one too], dp said.

While Ap Ragini n Laksh also gave agreement by smile..

-“Thank u papa ” she said.. -“Muje Sanskaar ko batana hoga.. Aur Vo akela bhi h.. Mai jaati hu.. ” [Ive to tell him .. He is alone .. I’ll go to him], she said.. Ap nodded.. Swara left.

-“Thank u bhagvan Hume aisi bahu dene k lie., Sanskaar se kitna Pyaar krti hai.. Iski prathna (prayer) swikaar (Accept) karo bhagvan aur humare dono bache khushi se jiye apni zindagi ” Ap prayed.

Dp smiled.. While Ragini n Laksh too prayed silently..

In SwaSan room :

-“Sanskaar aaj na Hume doctor k pass Jana hoga.. Thode tests krwane hai.” [Sanskaar we have to go to doctor today, for some tests], she said sitting beside him.

Mention of word ‘Doctor’ made him panic.. He remembered his childhood doctors giving him shock… And he crying to stop.. But his father was adamant.. For his so called reputation in society, he gave another torture to his innocent son.. Just cz ppl say him his younger son is ‘Mad’.. Who can explain this peoples that humanity comes first.. Thank fully Swara changed his father’s thinking.

Seeing him panicking Swara hugs him making him calm..he was struggling and murmuring -“n..nai.. Muje..na..nai Jana doctor k paas.. B..bure hote hai.. Vo.. Sh..shock dete hai.. ” [ No I don’t wanna go to doctor they are so bad they gives shocks], he was almost trembling in her arms..

-“Shhhh..Shhh…calm down Sanskaar.. Calm down.. Ur Shona is with u na.. She will not let anyone hurt her Sanskaar.. Hai na ?? ” she said softly in his ears.. Caressing his hairs..

He became calm after few minutes as Swara whispered soft soothing words in his ears..

He hugged her back.. -“Shona, Vo log ache nahi hai.. ” [Shona they aren’t good peoples], he whispers..

-“Nai Sanskaar koi tumhe shock Nai dega [No Sanskaar no one will give u shock] .. I’ll not let them harm u or hurt u a bit.. I promise. We have to do just few tests, that’s it.. ” she said.. -“u know u will become intelligent by it ” contievening.

-“Tumhe.. Tumhari Shona Pr bharosa hai na ?? ” [don’t u believe Ur Shona] she asked cupping his face.

He nodded.. -“Toh caloge na ?? ” [au will come na] she asked hoping for positive answer.

-“Haa Shona ” he said.. Taking positive energy from her smile..

Swara became happy..

-“Thik h, eve me appointment h.. ” she said..

Sanskaar agreed..

The day passed smoothly.. And finally came the evening.

Swara made him ready.. Tough he had fear.. Seeing Swara beside him made him relived..

They left.. Nikhil welcomed them.. Sanskaar was normal with Nikhil than yesterday..

-“So Sanskaar ready for tests.. Only 15-20 minutes it will take. ” Nikhil asked him..

He looked as Swara.. Swara smiled and squeezed his hand in assurance that she is with him..

He smiled getting confident..and went with Nikhil..

After doing few necessary tests which took Minimum 20 minutes.. Sanskaar was again back with Swara..

Swara was worried here, as seeing his fear in house in morning.. As soon as he came.. She went to him -“Are you fine ” with concern cupping his cheeks.

-“yes ” he smiled. -“Ur friend.. Is.. Good ” he complimented Nikhil.. Making them smile.

-“Acha Swara.. Reports will come by tomorrow evening.. I’ll bring then to Ur house.. Hope the result should be positive. ” Nikhil said..

Swara smiled.. They bid bye n left..

After getting out of hospital Sanskaar demanded Swara to chaat with him..

-“Shona, chalona pls chaat khate hain ? ” [ Shona come let’s eat chat] he requested.. As Swara first denied his demand.. Reasoning with him.. Saying it may be unhygienic..

-“OK OK let’s go ” she smiled making him happy..

He dragged her.. They went to particular stall and ordered..

Sanskaar fed her and so did Swara to him.. They smiled and were happy.. Actually super happy with each other.. Eating with same spoon..

Finally when they were done they were back home.. Swara informed MM about tests and results are expected to come tomorrow..

Finally 24 hours passed.. And the hour came when Nikhil appeared to Maheshwari Mansion with reports.. In this whole 24 hours she was praying for positive results..

Swara made sure Sanskaar is alseep when Nikhil came.. So that If is there any problem he shouldn’t come to know.. After making him sleep she came down to find Nikhil with reports in his hands.

Swara went to him.. All members were present der.. Except Sanskaar.

-“Bolo Nikhil” [Say Nikhil] Swara said..

-“After doing the tests .. Reports that he is not mentally challenged.. But it’s a nervous disorder.. Which can be cured with a brain operation.. But.. ” he stopped..

All were listening carefully..

-“But what Nikhil.. Say it ” Swara said In a loud voice..

-“Its curable.. He can be fine.. And live normally Like us after operation.. But..this operation may either get successful or it can skate his life at risk… He can be perfectly fine or……” Before he complete Swara slapped him..

-“Don’t u dare say that.. How can u even say that about my Sanskaar..” She said crying.

Nikhil didn’t said anything, cz he knew his Friend’s condition..

-“Nai krwana Hume koi operation, Sanskaar jaisa bhi hai.. Acha hai [We don’t wanna do any operation.. How ever he is, he is good].. I want him rather than trying to make him perfect risking his life. ” she said crying.

“Swara once think and give answer.. He can be fine ” Nikhil said..

Ap and all were shocked and listening them..

-“Sanskaar is my life.. I love him the way he is.. And I decided.. We don’t want this opera…..” Before she could complete, she got interrupted.

-“Mein Karunga “[I will Do] a voice came from Swara’s back., and there he was standing.. Swara turned to look him

He came forward “Nikhil mein ye karunga” [Nikhil I’ll do it] he said.

Swara turned to her side ways, she was angry and crying like hell.. -“Tum nahi karoge Sanskaar, I’ll not let u do this. Tumhe pata bhi hai Kya bol rahe ho Tum “[No u will not do Sanskaar.. Do u know what are u saying ?.] swara said cryingly.

-“Pr Muje krna hai Shona, Mein thik ho jaunga aur tumhare lie [But I wanna do Shona.. For You], I’ll become good.. I don’t want to be mad ” he said adamantly.

-“Tum bilkul thik ho Sanskaar, you aren’t mad, I want u like this only.. Mein ye operation tumhe nai krwane dungi ” she shouted.. Tears were never ending flow from her eyes.. She didn’t want to loose him.. He was the sole reason of her living.. Just a mere thought of he going away from her killed her..

-“Muje tumhare tarah smart banna hai Shona, tumhare lie Acha banna hai.. Koi tumhe fir kuch nai bolega.. Please.. “[I wanna become like u.. To become good for u.. Then no one will say u anything] he said cutely, with innocence..

Swara held his collar -“Maine bola na … I’ll not allow you to so this.. Nahi karoge tum ye.. Me tumhari Jaan khatre me daal kr ye nai.. Nai hone de sakti.. Noooooo “[ I said ba u will not do this.. Ur life can be in danger.. No I’ll not allow.. I’ll Not], she shouted.. Her voice mixture of. Pain, tears, and all above love for him..

Sanskaar cupped her face and wiped her tears -“Please Shona.. ”

She hugged him -“No Sanskaar.. Pls I will not let u do this, u are my life.. I can’t live if any thing happens to u.. I can’t.. Don’t u understand.. I love you.. I can’t put u in risk for this.. The way u are I want u like this only.. ” she said stammering.. And trembling in fear of loosing him.

She broke hug -“Nikhil Hume koi operation nahi krwana.. Please u leave.. ” [We don’t wanna do any operation u please leave, Nikhil]

Nikhil left.. Swara was crying like hell.. Ragini cries seeing her condition.. She knows how much swara loves Sanskaar.. She can’t see him suffering from mere pain.. And how can she let his life in risk..
-“Muje ye operation krwana hai shona.. ” [ I wanna do this operation Shona], he said almost shouting..

Swara looked at him and asked -“Kyu Sanskaar ?? Kyu nahi manna chatey tum Meri baat ?? Kyu kr rahe ho zid ? “[Why Sanskaar?? Y are u not listening to me, y are u so stubborn], she asked..

-“Haa kr raha hu mein zid, kyuki Muje ye operation krna hai.. Aur tumhare jaisa banna hai.. Smart n intelligent.. Nai chata koi Tumhe hurt kare.. Kyuki mein aisa Hoon.. Mein tumhare lie perfect banna chta Hoon shona.. Aur jab tak tum Muje izazat (permission) nai dogi.. Me tumse baat nahi karunga.. Me humesa tumhari baata maanta Hoon.. Aaj tum Meri baat manogi ” [Yes I am stubborn today, cz I want to do this operation.. I want to become like smart, n intelligent.. I wanna become perfect for you.. And till u won’t permit me.. I’ll not talk with u], he shouts.. Seeing her in tears.. He was hurt.. But he wanted to do this for her.. He ran to room and locked himself..

Annapurna tried to stop him but this time he wasn’t going to listen to anyone.. Not even his Shona..

Swara sat cryingly on floor.. Her knees getting week.. Ragini came to her running and hugged her..

-“p..please ragini.. Tell.. Tell.. Him na.. Not to be so.. St..stubborn.. I.. I.. Can’t live.. Wit..without him.. If.. If any th.. Thing happens.. To.. Hiimm.. I.. Wi..will. Diee ” she said with lots of difficulty, crying horribly..

-“We will swara. Nothing will happen to him.. Please don’t cry.. Pls don’t champ ” ragini said cryingly.. Seeing her sister’s pain was hurting her..

He wasn’t ready to listen to her.. And she wasn’t ready to agree with him.. By loving him.. Being with him all time.. Seeing him smile.. Playing.. Getting happy on simple things.. Their talks.. Everything gifted her a new life.. She loved him with all she had n now to imagine an hour without him killed her from inside.. Shuddered her heart in to million of pieces..

She cried for a long time.. She calmed her self.. As she needed to explain him.. ‘No I can’t let this happen.. He is my life.. I will explain him.’ She thought and got up.. And headed to their room confidently..

But when she reached their to see the locked.. Yes, he locked himself for a long time.

She knocked but no response.. -“Sanskaar see Ur Shona came, pls open the door.. It’s time for dinner.. Pls open the door ” she said softly.. Hoping he will open the door..

BG -“Tum Bin by Shreya Ghosal from movie Sanam Re” **Please listen to this song here**

She tried a few more times.. Saying about going to park, eating ice cream, but he was adamant, he didn’t response or said any word..

He was also sad making her sad n hurting her but, he wanted to be a better person for her, so society couldn’t taunt her anymore.. He has seen her tears when they abruptly taunted her..

She was crying still trying to make him open the door.. She almost sat down der resting his side on door still knocking.. -“Please Sanskaar don’t do this.. U will fall I’ll please open the door, ok don’t talk with me just eat dinner at please ”

Whole night passed.. Ragini , Laksh , Annapurna , Dp all tried but he never said a word In return..

He was crying sitting in a corner.. Holding Swara’s pic to his chest.. Murmuring sorries..

Swara sat their whole night.. Ragini tried to make her eat n sleep but she not even blinked her eyes.. Cryingly she sat there..

Next day, he opened the door.. Seeing him she got up.. And went near him.. Trying to cup her face but he didn’t allowed and went inside.. Leaving the door open.. She followed him.. She tried to get cloths for him from closet.. But he already dressed himself..

She came to him as he wasn’t able to comb his hairs properly.. When she came.. He saw her from mirror.. His face reflection of pure hearted child.. He didn’t allowed her to comb his hairs.. He did for himself and went down..

Swara cried.. Looking at his photo frame on side table.. She cried hugging it close to her..

She remembered times when he promised her he will never leave her..

He refused to take her any help.. He ate with his own hands.. Swara saw him eating very little.. She was afraid what if he falls I’ll..

He totally ignored swara.. All members tried to make him understand.. But he stayed sticked to his own decision.. That till swara won’t agree he will not talk with her..

BG ends !!

Tym passed.. One, two, three, four.. So on.. Like this a total ‘One Week’ passed.. But he niethr let her come to him.. Nor answered her.. He was feeling suffocation cz of not talking with her..

She wasn’t able to take it more now.. His ignorance was making her condition like hell.. Every single time when she tried.. He simply ignored.. She never thought he will be so adamant..

-“Sanskaar please eat it.. ” she said while he behaved Like she was never here.

Finally she lost it.. She lost her patience and shouted -“Do Sanskaar.. Do what ever u want to.. U want to do this operation na do.. But if anything happens to u..I’ll Not be able to forgive myself.. Never I can.. ”

Tears made their own way from his innocent eyes.. He immediately hugged her.. -“Thank you Shona. ” he spoke after a one long week..

She hugged him cryingly.. -“I can’t live without you.. ” she murmured..

He broked the hug -“Laksh call Nikhil ” he said happily.. Smiling with Tears.

Laksh looked at Swara.. Swara nodded in agreement .. Still crying..
Laksh called Nikhil.. Nikhil said he will come in evening.. Then they will discuss about it.. They agreed..
Sanskaar happily ate lunch with her hands.. She made him sleep.

BG – “Tere Liye By Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari From movie Sanam Re”

Getting him back was a feel for like she won the whole world.. But next movement reality hit her.. That she agreed for It.. And it has risk of his life.. That risks her life too.. She cried.

It was already evening Nikhil came.. Sanskaar Swara, ragini Laksh , Annapurna Dp all were present..

-“If u are doing it I am Saying don’t do it here.. We can take him to Canada n their we can operate him.. Their we have worlds best Psychiatrists and equipments with technology.. If u say I’ll talk their and we can leave to canada by tomorrow..I’ll come with u guys ” Nikhil said..

Swara looked at Sanskaar he was happy.. They discussed and finally agreed to leave to Canada tomorrow..

That night ragini did packing..

Swara was crying standing near window.. Sanskaar came.. And stood beside her.. He hugged her saying -“Don’t cry Shona I will be absolutely fine.. Nothing will happen to me.. ” listening this she hugged him tightly and cried her heart out..

He made her sleep in his lap calming her down.. As she was tired sleep with no time took over her body.. Making her rest.. He cried when she slept.. And hee too slept hugging her.. ‘Two bodies yet one Soul’.

Next morning SwaSan took the blessings and left to Canada with Nikhil.. Leaving all In Tears..

In flight she did not leave him even for a second.. She just wanted to hold him to herself..

They reached Canada.. They went to Nikhil’s house Where he was living with his parents.. He already informed them about everything.. They treated Sanskaar well..

Getting fresh they went to hospital.. Doctors said we will operate him tomorrow..

Sanskaar request her to see Canada.. In eve they went out to great places in the heart of the city..

Every time he saw her.. She was lost.. Holding his hand.. He tried her to make her smile but she couldn’t.. He side hugged him and assured -“Kuch nai hoga Muje Shona.. Me Tumhe chor k khabi nai jaunga.. ” [Nothing will happen to me Shona.. I’ll never ever leave u], listening this she smiled a bit and hugged his waist from side.. They walked like that..

Next day was when they had to go for his operation.. They reached hospital.. Swara praying all time.. While he gave her confident look.. When they were taking him in OT.. She wasn’t ready to leave his hand..

-“Sanskaar pls.. U promised me u will not leave me.. U have to be back for me.. “She cried.. Jumping in his arms.. Placing kisses all over his face.. She hugged him tightly clutching his shirt.. While crying.. He hugged him and cried with equal need..

-” I will Shona, I will !! ” he whispered..

They broke..

-” Ready Mr Maheshwari.. Come..” Doctor said.. But Swara was still holding his hand..

Nikhil took him him.. Swara’s hand slowly.. Slowly left his from her strong grip as they took him inn ..

She was praying outside of OT.. Pacing ups n down.. Their in India every one was praying..

After 3 long hours the red light of OT turned off.. And doctors coming out..

Swara ran to them.. !!

The End of Sequel part 2 !!

Anyways this Os which is now turned to be TS (lol) is dedicated to my bestttttt friend sukku cz of her constant request I wrote.. Well she helped me a lot n lot n lot in this part n my other ffs too. Well sukku ji I’ll not Thank you.. Cz its my birth right to irritate u hehe.. Love u :* :*

Hey guys actually I was thinking to write everything in this update but it will be too long its almost of 8,365 Words.. So I thought to add one more part to this One Shot’s sequel.. Uff it took me 3 days to write.. Cz this OS is very close to me and I didn’t wanted to spoil it by stupidy.. Now writing this long I expect long comments and good response from you guys isn’t it ?? So do now.. Comment how u felt.. Don’t do only one word Comment ? cz it hurts writing 8000+ Words and getting this.. Comment what are u waiting for ?
Well last time I got 100 commets + 55 on TU total 155.. Let’s see how much now I will get ??
Well I’ll not make u wait long for next last update.. It will be in this week only. May be he will be cured or….. Anything can happen.. I can show her mentality whole part..? ?
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