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i’m soo happy now as i’m going to gardenparty with my college mates tomorrow. so thought to give u guys a os. First time I’m writing OS. It is very big one so read with patience

As like name I want to write how our heavenly couple share their first kiss.
After Ragini truth comes out swara understand her feelings towards Sanskar. There is no kavitha track here. Swara made Sanskar to accept her as he is angry on her. They both confess their love but the whole maheswari family doesn’t give them chance to love eachother. They arranged durga puja at home for every ones happiness.

In swasan room they confessed their feelings. (Sorry guys I’m not giving their confession I leave it to ur imagination) and they about to kiss but disturbed by knock of door.
Sanskar sighs and swara smiles at him and went to open the door
Ap is standing at the door
Ap: swara beta… Come down. Pandit is going to start puja we have to do many arrangements and Sanskar (to Sanskar) guests r coming u see them ok
Sanskar: ha badi ma…. I’m coming
Ap: swara come ….. Swara about to say something but ap drags her from there
Swara looks at Sanskar but can’t do anything but just to follow ap

Sanskar after some time he come down stairs and see his wife helping in arrangements of puja. Sanskar just stand there and admiring her beauty. He just lost in her thoughts but startled by some voice. That voice is uttara’s
Uttara: bhai! Staring like that is bad…
Then he come into senses and felt embarrassed
Uttara: u have whole life to stare bhabi but know focus on guests… There r lot of guests here
Sanskar: uttara ki bachhi.. Wait…
He tries to held her ears but in a Nick of time she ran away
He smiles…. Actually blushes

All family members did puja. Swasan together did arthi. They pray for happiness. At evening all guests began to leave. Here this beautiful couple didnt get a chance to meet eachother.
Swara help ap in arrangements. He signs her to come but she shows Ap ,sujatha and signs that she can’t come now.

All family members completed their dinner. Swara is still helping in cleaning the kitchen. He again signs her to come. She signs him just five minutes. He comes to room and wait fr her. It has been 45 min but she didn’t came. He is angry now.

When swara stepped in room after completing her work she saw her hubby doing some busy work in laptop. She understands that he is angry
Swara: Sanskar……
Sanskar:hmm (still looking into laptop)
Swara: Sanskar I’m sorry. I want to come but ma given me another work
Make a pout on her face
Sanskar showing fake anger: I don’t need ur sorry… Go to ur so called work.
swara: how mean…. Sorry na
Sanskar: I don’t need
Swara; ok then I’m going she gets up to move but he held her wrist and pulls her towards him… She landed on his lap. He puts his hands around her waist
Sanskar: here I’m waiting fr u since long and u r not trying to convince me u r mean im not..
Swara: I told u na sorry…… Do u have only wish to meet me?? I’m here dying to come to u
Sanskar: really
Swara: hmm

Again somebody knocks the door
Sanskar was frustrated by this
Sanskar: today y everyone is becoming enemy to my romace??
Swara: just shut up…. Go and see who it is….

Sanskar opens the door and finds DP standing there

Sanskar: bade papa… Do u need anything
DP: ha Sanskar I need that ABC project file
Sanskar: ok
He brings the file and give it to DP
He takes file and left

Sanskar closes the door and see swara standing at the middle of room
Sanskar: now no one can stop Sanskar maheswari to do romance with his wife
The environment turns to romantic
He comes close to swara and cups her face. He plants a kiss in her forehead, then eyes then he slowly leans towards the lips but swara jerks and went away to tease him

Swara: not so easily…..
Sanskar: swara really…. U should write a book ‘how to spoil husbands romantic mood’ and u r impossible
Swara: wo tho mai hoon. If u want to kiss me then u have to fulfill my wish
Sanskar: hm…. What is that??
Swara: I want to eat icecream
Sanskar: swara… Seriously. Its alredy 10 at night No we r not going anywhere. Come and sleep now

Swara: how mean…… The great bussines man Sanskar maheswari can’t fulfill his wife’s wish…. Soo bad

Sanskar: I know u have degree as drama queen. So stop this drama

Swara: plz Sanskar (she makes a puppy face)
Sanskar: hey don’t do that I can’t control myself
Swara: beshram
Sanskar: yes but only before u

He takes his car keys and left mm

Swara: Sanskar stop the car
Sanskar stops the car
Sanskar: what happened
Swara: nothing….. Come from here we will go by walk
Both gets out of the car and they both walks in hand in hand
She places her head on his shoulder
Swara: I want to spend my whole life like this
Sanskar smiles : me too
Then she sees a small rabbit running in small garden there. She goes there and picks the rabbit and began to care it.
Swara: how cute it is…. Hena Sanskar
Sanskar: ha… But not more than u
They have a eyelock but disturbed by icecream sellers Bell
Swara: there is ice cream…… Go and get it
Sanskar: as u say princess
He goes to get icecream but listen some scream

Swara: Sanskarrrrrrrr
He looked towards and find some spoilt boys taking her in Jeep and she shouts his name

He shouts: SWARAAAA

He goes running but they left he immediately runs to his car and began to follow that Jeep

He is soo tensed about her. The fear of loosing her killing him. He increases speed. He saw that Jeep before a isolated place

He gets out and shouts swara
There he heard her scream
Swara: leave me…. Sanskar…. Leave me
Sanskar went in that direction and he shocked to see the sceen there
There that four spoilt boys trying to force her. His anger reaches its peak.
He beat that boys black and blue. He messilessly puches them. Then police comes there as he called cobs while driving. They stop him but he is not listening
Sanskar: how dare u to touch my swara …… I will kill u today. She is my wife.
He saw swara there sits like lifeless body. She is soo frightened.
Sanskar runs to her and hugs her
Sanskar: swara r u ok
She didn’t reply just looking somewhere blankly
Sanskar (he shooks her ): swaraaa
By this she came into senses and nods yes but with fear. She tightly hold his shoulder.
Inspector takes them to station
Sanskar makes her to sit in car and gives her water. She drinks it in single gulp. She is in shock.

At swasan room
Sanskar asks her to change.
She went to washroom on the shower and make water to flow on her body. She comes out. He makes her lie on bed and caresses her hair.
Sanskar: swara….. Don’t think anything just sleep now.
She closes her eyes in fear.
He sit there on stool caresses her hair and looking at her with love. Then the flases of boys taking her came to his mind and he is boiling in anger. Then he see a scratch on her hand with some blood coming out. Now his anger grew more. He took first aid box. He slowly dressed her wound without disturbing her sleep. He then takes his phone and calls inspector
Sanskar: sir I don’t know anything…. They should be punished. Don’t leave them.
Inspector:….. Says something in phone
Sanskar: thank u soo much inspector

Just then swara shouts in sleep
Swara: leave me plz Sanskar Sanskar.
Sanskar hung the phone and runs to swara. He sits on bed and hugs her tightly
Sanskar: swara see I’m here. Nothing is going to happen u. Don’t get fear
Swara: s…s..S.a.n.s.kar that (she can’t speak and trembling in fear)
Sanskar: shhh nothing happened to u. U r with me in my safe hands
Swara: that b…o..ys they they tried to
Sanskar: shhh stop speaking.
Unknown to him he kept his hand on her waist.
Due to shock she feared with this and shockingly looks at his hand on waist and then his face.
He understands that she is uncomfortable. He removes his hand slowly and kept on shoulder.
Sanskar: swara just relax. Come on now sleep.
He is getting up from bed but she stops him.
Swara: don’t leave me
Sanskar: never….. I’m here only. U just sleep
Swara: I want to sleep in ur embrace
Sanskar sleeps next to her opens his hands to her to come.
She places her head on his chest. He caresses her hair.
Swara: (still in fear) it’s all my fault. I only ask u to take me out at night. I’m sorry
Sanskar: it’s not ur fault. Don’t blame urself. Just sleep ok.
She sleeps….. He cares her hair after sometime he too sleeps.

Next morning
Sanskar wakes first and sees his love peacefully sleep on his chest. He slowly puts her head on pillow without disturbing her sleep.
He takes shower and getting ready in front of mirror.

Then the sleeping beauty wakes. Soon the flases of last night come to her mind. She first afraid but later compossess herself. Now she is feeling light. Then a voice disturbed her thoughts.
Sanskar:good morning wifey. Hw r u feeling
Swara: gm I’m fine… Where r u going?
Sanskar: asusally office
Swara: but it’s too early
Sanskar: yeah I have an important meeting
Swara: ok (she thinks ‘I know Sanskar where u going)
She gets up and hugs him. He places his hand on her head
Swara: plz come fast
Sanskar: ok
His inner thoughts asking him to shower all the love on her in his heart but heart says this is not correct time she needs some space
He thinks to give her some time
He breaks the hug and said “know I have to go. Take care of yourself.”
She smiles and nods yes
He left the room.
She notice his behavior and smiles thinking his understanding nature.
She opens the cupboard to take towel and find a gift box covering with cloth under his clothes. She carefully takes it and opens it. The gift is a beautiful couple sitting on park in hand in hand.
They r chinese couple who say as symbol of love. She carefully caresses the dols. Then reality strikes her that he wanted to present her in their private time but last night spoils it.
She too disappointed. Then her phone rings. It’s none other than our hero
Sanskar: swara hw r u?
Swara: Sanskar u just left half an hour ago. Wat would happen to me?
Sanskar: first answer me
Swara: ha I’m fine
Sanskar: had ur bf
Swara: noo
Sanskar: u r soo carless. Now go and have it. I call u later
Swara: ok (and makes puppy face and smiles)
She thought some thing and calls some one to make some arrangements.
Sanskar calls swara fr every half an hour.
Sanskar goes to police station and file FIR against them. He make them not to get even bail. Then he goes to office.
At evening when he seriously working on some project suddenly his door opens making sound.
Sanskar without looking at the person thinking some office staff: who the hell open the door (said with irritation)
Swara: ur sweet wife….
Sanskar looks at swara and surprised: swara u here
Swara: ha
Sanskar worried thinking last night incident: swara r u ok…. Is there any problem.
Swara: offo Sanskar: I’m here to spend sometime with you. R u busy??
Sanskar: may be I’m busy fr whole world but not fr u…..
Swara: ok then come with me
Sanskar: but where??
Swara: if I said then it don’t gonna be a surprise
Sanskar: ok fine but r u alright…. I mean if u r feeling not good means I’ll drop u at home
Swara: I’m completely alright plz come na
Sanskar: ok
They sit in car. Swara ask driver to go
They reach dream land 7star restaurant.
Sanskar: swara here???
Swara: offo Sanskar kitna bholthi ho tum… Chalo andhar
She booked private dining table which has swimming pool near it and having a beautiful scenario
The dining place is decorated with red roses, small lights and candle. We can say it as a perfect dinner date.
Sanskar reaches the dining and awestruck to see the place. There he noticed the Chinese couple gift there and photographs of swasan happy moments are hanged there.
Sanskar: swara….. (Sounds surprised)
Swara: how is my surprise
Sanskar: thank u….. It’s awsm I love it
Swara: come on Sanskar let’s have food
She feed him first then he too feeds her
After their dinner she held his hand
Swara: thanku fr coming in my life Sanskar
She hugs him tightly. First he hesitates but slowly he hugs her. They are lost in each other’s world.
Swara; I love you Sanskar
He breaks the hug and cups her face. He places a peck on her forehead and said: I love you too
He kisses her both cheek and the fragnance of flowers there turned the environment there to romantic
He leans towards lips but some thing stops him. He thinks that she may not ready for this
Swara: I’m waiting….. She smiles and said in a romantic way
He too smiles…
Soon they covered the distance between their lips and experienced their first kiss. It was a sweet lovely kiss. They r just tasting each other’s love to the core. It’s not wild or desirous. Just sweet one. They break the kiss and he touches his forehead with hers.
Swara: Sanskar make me yours
Sanskar: r u sure??
Swara: I know ur concern fr me but I’m completely fine.
Sanskar: I love u
He again kisses her lips but time it is a passionate long kiss

After they reach home and they become one. The sceen fades by showing the Chinese couple gift…

i dont know guys what i had written……. seriously im very bad at writting like this, hope a positive response

Yours Sri:-)

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