Swasan OS Fight For Love

Story starts after kavitha returned to mm. A broken swara went with shemish. After sometimes sanskar gets restless. He went to baadi without informing anyone. Shomi confronted him.
San: ma where is Swara? Is she OK?

Sho: don’t worry about her sanskar? She came to to inform that she loves u. But why did u do. You shoved her away. U said her love is sympathy. U said u don’t love her na. Now ur love has returned back. Go go and live with her. My shona won’t disturb u. Where did she go , I don’t know?. U Completely broken her.go from here.
Meanwhile swara returned. She went to temple to get some peace. She hided seeing sanskar.
San: u said she loves me and I am angry with her. Yes I am angry with her ( swara closes her eyes painfully. But opens suddenly by his next word). I am her husband. I have the right to angry with her. Ur husband can leave u so many times. I love my wife, I can’t angry with her he na?. This anger, fights, nokjhoks are usual in husband and wife’s relationship. Whatever he did with u,u went to him only says it is usual. But why can’t it usual with me and swara. I am also a human being I also get angry. In anger whatever I said she believes that as true. In normal I said I love her, but she don’t want believe it. She knew what’s wrong in divorce matter. Then why didn’t she oppose? Only I have that right? Didn’t she have that right to stand for the love? She can fight for u and baba, she can fight for her so called sister. Can’t she fight for me? Can’t she fight for her love?. She want na I marry that kavita. OK then I will do it, I don’t care where did she or what did she do? I don’t care.
Swara shocked hearing this. She looked at him painfully. Sanskar went outside angrily. Swara stood there looking at him. He went to his car and sat on seat. Then Stroke his hair and whispers.. Where are u swara… Then takes his mobile and call her..

Here swara sees sanskar’s call on her mobile. She smiles and think in mind u care about me sanskar. You care.. She takes the call but not attend it and called shomi: ma…
Shomi saw her @ door: swara u came. Where did u go? When did u come?
Sw: I came now only ma.. What happened… I was in temple.
Shomi: nothing u go and freshen up.
Meanwhile here sanskar came to know she is back. He get relief. He understand she accidentally. He thanks god for that and disconnected the call. He went from there. Here swara saw the call is disconnected. She smiles and went to her room. After freshen up she went towards her study table and take a kanhaji’s photo. She placed it on table and prayed.
Sw: till now I lived for others. Now I want to be selfish, selfish for my sanskar. Sanskar is right I can fight for others then I can also fight for my sanskar, our love. I will never leave u sanskar for any one or anything. Please give me the strength kanhaji to win my love.
Then she go to sleep. Before sleeping she thinks: I am coming sanskar to convince u, to start a new journey with u.
She smiles and slept. Next morning she get ready and went to hall. There shesho are chitchatting. Seeing swara shekar asks: where r u going beta,?
Sw: I am going out baba. I have some work.

She is about to go, a postmaster gave her regd letter. She reads it
Sho: what is it shona?
Sw: tomorrow is court hearing for our divorce maa.. I will come after sometimes maa. She went from there. After sometimes she came back. next day they went to court. They was asked that they have to continue their relationship for 6 months. No one came with Swara. But ragini kavita and laksh was with sanskar. They all went to baadi. Sanskar ignores her and sat on driver seat. When swara is about to sit kavita opposed
Kav: swara u sit at back seat OK. This seat is mine.
Sw: why… Why will I do it. Kavita I am coming to mm as sanskar’s wife. So this seat is mine only.(looks at sanskar she continued) and I won’t leave it for any one.
The she sat sat on that seat. Sanskar looks at her in shock. Angered kavita asks laksh tdrive. But he said that he want to dit with his wife( he is in his own mission???). Ragini is amused. With no other option kavita went to back side. They reached MM. All went inside sujatha starts to taunt swara. But sanskar takes her side.
San: mom she is here because of court,. Why r u taunting her?(swara looks at him lovingly. Then he looks at servants). Take swara’s bag to gust room.

Sw: why? I am here to live as ur wife. I will live in our room only.
Rag: who r u to decide? I’m the Malkin of this house.
Sw: but I’m his wife. If u have any problems I will ask to judge.
Rag: OK OK go to us room.
Ragini consoles kavita. Swasan went to room. Inside the room,swara tried to speak to sanskar. But sanskar stopped her.
San: I don’t want to talk.. U sleep on bed and I’ll sleep on couch.
Sw: but sanskar… (But sanskar ignored her & went to washroom) oh kanhaji how can u make my sanskar to khadoos. He didn’t even listen to me. What will I do? Idea..
She takes water jug and pour it on couch. Then she did something to mobile and lied on the bed and closed her eyes. Ath that time sanskar came from washroom. He went towards to couch and find it drenched.
San: swara did u do this?. (Swara didn’t say anything) OK don’t say anything. I will go other room.(He went towards door to open. But its not open.) Why isn’t it opening. Is it locked by outside? But who? why? (Swara suppressed her smile). I think all are sleeping I will go and sleep on bed.sensing his presence she turns towards him. But to her disappointing he is sleeping to other side.
Swara whispers slowly: i’ll convince u. I’ll prove u my love. Then I’ll sleep in ur embrace too.
she shyly smiles and slept looking him. Sensing she is alsleep sanskar turns towards her and thinks: so u r here to convince me. Oh k I will see what will u do.? I am only upset with u swara and I love to convinced by u.. He smiles and slept.
Meanwhile in sujram room,
Ram: why did u lock sanskar’s room.?
Suj: vo vo…
Ram: no sujatha don’t lie anything. I have seen everything between u and swara. Tell me.
Then sujatha tells everything that how she met swara in temple on that day kavita came. How she understand swara about sanskar love. Then how they planned everything that she went to judge for ask for 6months. She said to swara that she won’t support her in mm so that sanskar will always be with her.
Ram looks at her in open mouth.
Next morning everyone came to breakfast. Swara specially made kheer for sanskar and about to serve it, sanskar stopped asked kavita to take the roti for him. Swara hurts by this and seeing this sujatha started acting. She ate a bit and yelled.

Suj: yeh chori.. What did u do with the kheer? Its bad..
San: what mom?
Suj: what what?.. U eat that then u will get to know?. Swara serve him?
Swara serves him. Laksh and adarsh also asked her the kheer.
Sanskar eat that. Sujatha asked that how is it.
San: its..its.. He has no words… At that time laksh says: its yummy!????
Adarsh: its amazing swara…
San: yes it is.. Its awsome… (Then placed the roti back and ate the kheer fully. Seeing it swara smiles. But this angers kavitha. But who cares..).
Suj: but I don’t like it..(she takes it and went to kitchen. Ram Shook his head. Swara is sad. Next moment she get msg from sujatha says that she loved it. She smiles. Seeing her smiles kavitha asked her who is it..)
Sw: my…my best friend (and she smiles).
Sanskar gets jealous and being annoyed he went to office. Kavita smirks. .
Next day sanskar is sitting on couch and swara is sitting on bed thinking how to convince him. At that time kavita came and asked him to accompany her to mall. Being jealoused by swara’s best friend he said OK. But hearing it swara became sad. She wanted to stop him. Sanskar also wanted that. Then he leaves with kavita. At that time swara noticed sanskar Mobile. She runs behind him calling his name.
Sw: sanskar… Ahhhh…(she slipped from stairs. But before she fell sanskar holds her)
San: are u ok?
Sw: ur mobile..
Sanskar yelled: I asked are you OK ?.
Swara closed her eyes in pain: my foot..
Next moment sanskar picked her and went to room. He placed her on bed. Then apply ointment on her foot. She looks at him lovingly. Sanskar asked her to sleep and she closes her eyes.
Kavita enters : sanky come now we go to shopping
San: she is in pain and u want me to go shopping.
Kav: but now she is sleeping na.
San: if u want to go you go. Now leave us alone…
Kavita left angrily.

Sanskar caresses her hair. Swara smiles in sleep. Sanskar also slept. After some days evening swara is standing infront of dressing table and talks herself.
Sw: oh kanhaji I am trying to talk with my sanskar with these days. But always that cavity interrupted us. Churail always behind my hubby. Then my hubby whenever she came he went with her ( but she is unaware that a pair of eyes is looking at he intensely) I know I promised myself I won’t let any tears until I win sanskar’s love. But I don’t know how long I Leep it. Because I can’t tolerate sanskar’s ignorance any more. It is killi…( but startled by feeling a hand on her belly. She slowly looks towards mirror. There he standing next behind her, and back hugging her.)
Sw:sanskar… Are u really here or a dream like always( tears forms in her eyes. Sanskar smiles at her and turns her towards him. Then place his lips on her and slowly kissed her. Swara is shocked by this. She didn’t respond. After sometimes he broke the kiss and touched her lips).
San: now also u think I am ur dream?
Sw(tears falling from her eyes and she smiles ): sanskar… (Then hugged him tightly. Sanskar caressed her hair and smiles. After sometimes she broke the hug) did u forgive me?
San: why can’t I? I got a new swara na who loves me more than anything. My Bengali sherni..
Sw: I love u sanskar.. I love u so much. I can’t leave u for anyone sanskar. I know I am selfish but I can’t..
San: but I live ur this selfishness. I love u too Jaan.( they hugged again. At that time swara’s mobile beeped. swasan looks at mob.) Now tell ur best friend don’y msg u late night. Ur husband is near u to entain u.
Sw: but how can I say that.
San: why? U have to say that.
Sw: but how can I say that to mom?

San: but u have to say. Because u r mine only (then reality hits him) wait what…mom…but how?(Then swara explains everything. Sanskar looked at her shocked..) Hmm you both are very good actors..(pulls her towards him by waist) so what’s ur next plan?
Swara looked at his eyes intensely:make me urs sanskar..
Sanskar shocked: swara are u Sur …(wars interrupted him by giving a peck on lips)
Sw: I am sure and I want to be urs..
Sanskar smiles takes her in a bridal way and retired to bed. They consummated their marriage.
Next day morning swasan went to family and inform them they are continuing their relationship.
But ragini Interrupted: how can u do this sanskar?. Chachiji doesn’t like swara and how can u cheat kavita.
San: my mom loves everything that I love. So u don’t worry. Then about kavita, I have already said her that I love swara. He na kavita?
Kav: haan ragini. I thought it is sanskar’s misconception. I am sorry sanskar. Sorry swara..
Then she left. Sanskar happily hugs swara.
The end
Then whatever happened in serial also happened. Then if u want to know what decision swara takes after laksh’s disappearance u can read it in my ff “ALWAYS SWASAN”??
My readers I am writing I will update it soon??

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