Swasan OS: Your eyes are sea of emotions and your voice is my dream (Part 2)

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Swara went to the hall and took blessings from ram and sujata…

Sujata: Swara beta…how many times I have told you, even though you are our DIL but still you are like my daughter so no bending down, hugging me okay

Swara smiled and nodded in a yes. Sujata kissed on her forehead. Swara went towards ram and ram put his hands on her forehead and blessed her, “sada suhagan raho beta and keep smiling like this. Never think that you are alone, I am like your father so if you have any problem then tell me.”

Ram also kissed her forehead. Uttara came and hugged swara tightly, then they released the hug.

Sujata: swara, today is your first rasoi so go and make whatever you like…ok

Swara nodded and went towards the kitchen.

After few minutes, sanskar also came after having shower. He went towards ram and sujata and took their blessings.

Sanskar: acha ma, where is shona?
Uttara: oh ho bhai, kya baat hai…you couldn’t tolerate separation from Bhabhi…not bad
Sujata: what Uttara, she is saying the truth you have whole life time with her
Sanskar: MAAA…please don’t tease me
Sujata: Acha ok ok
Ram: Waise sanskar, I can’t believe that the arrogant strict ACP Sanskar Maheshwari has married and became so romantic
Sanskar: PAPAAA!

The trio giggled…

Sanskar: I just wanted to remind her about the appointment with Dr Malhotra
Sujata: oh…then she is in kitchen
Sanskar: thanks mom.
Uttara: Bhai, you have to remind her okay…don’t start in the kitchen.

Sanskar gave a glare to her and then moved towards the kitchen. He was stood at the kitchen door by leaning on the door and folding his arms…seeing his love preparing food.
Swara had tied her saree pallu around her waist, so her bare waist was clearly visible to sanskar. Swara didn’t notice sanskar and kept cooking. Suddenly she felt cold hands on her bare waist. Swara jerked. She turned around and saw sanskar smiling at her. Swara sighed and kept a frown in her face and raised her eyebrows. Sanskar shaked his head in a no. Then he saw kheer cooking on the gas and he smiled.

Sanskar: you still remember my favourite dessert.

Swara smiled and nodded in a yes

Sanskar: Waise shona, currently this is not my favourite dessert.

Swara’s smile vanished and looked at him sadly.

Sanskar: my favourite dessert now is…

Sanskar slowly put his one hand on her bare waist and brings her closer and cups her face with another hand. He starts to rub his thumb on her lips lovingly and romantically which made swara shiver and nervous as they were in kitchen. He was gazing at her intensely and lovingly. Swara understood what he wants so she started to wiggle and struggle but sanskar is sanskar…the more she moves the more he brings her closer and makes his grip on her waist tighter.

Sanskar: shona, you can’t run away and you know this very well

Swara bowed her head down in shyness.

Sanskar: I couldn’t take the kiss in the morning but now…

Swara looks towards him and they have an eyelock. Sanskar starts to lean towards her leaving his hot breath on her face. Suddenly swara widened her eyes and started to move her head sideways vigorously. Sanskar cupped her face with both hands to stop her. Swara looked towards him innocently.

Sanskar: no matter how much you try…this time I will definitely take my kiss…and I am taking the kiss from my legal wife…I know that you also don’t mind with it…
Saying this he started to lean towards her again but swara was looking at something behind him and was shaking her head in a no. Suddenly someone came and twisted sanskar’s ears which made him jerk

Sanskar: ooouuuuchh!!! Mom…please…it hurts
Sujata: What were you doing with my daughter…ha…you were teasing her…and is this the way of reminding her.
Sanskar: Mom…. please leave my ear

Sujata left his ear and swara was giggling.

Sanskar: Mom…what was that? Why did you twist my ear?
Sujata: if my daughter was saying no then why were you..ahem…ahem..

Swara blushed a little and sanskar saw that. He smiled seeing her blush. Sujata hit on his arm and told him to go away.

Sanskar: I am going and shona get ready by 2pm…okay

Swara nodded. Sanskar went away and sujata glared at swara.

Sujata: swara, I didn’t know that you were doing this in the kitchen
Swara bowed her head down. Sujata felt bad and cupped her face and said, “are beta, I was just kidding…I am so happy for you and sanskar. But, do these things in closed door ok” saying this she winked towards swara.

Swara blushed and hugged sujata. After few minutes everyone was on the breakfast table and swara was serving to everyone. Sanskar signed her to sit beside her but swara glared at him and nodded in a no. Rp noticed this and smiled.

Rp: Swara beta, sit with us and eat…in this house everyone do their breakfast, lunch and dinner together…

Swara nods and sat infront of sanskar to have her breakfast. Everyone were having their breakfast then suddenly sanskar started to rub his foot on swara’s foot and ankle which made her choked. She looked at him with wide eyes. Sanskar raised his eyebrows and winked at her. Swara thought something naughty so she took her foot near sanskar’s and started rubbing it. Sanskar was shocked at first but then he started enjoying it and slowly she took his foot near sujata’s who sitting beside swara. Then she took her foot back. Sanskar again started to rub his foot more sensuously and glared at swara naughtily to which she giggled.

Sanskar (monologue): Shona is smiling…something is fishy

Suddenlu sujata said with sweet voice and smily face, “Sanskar beta”
Sanskar: ji ma
Suddenly sujata changed her facial expression to an angry and said, “ji ma ke bache….this is my foot”

Sanskar jerked and took his foot back and glared at swara. Here rp, Uttara and swara are laughing.

Sujata: chore, you didn’t even spared the dining table…here also you started.
Rp: sujata, I told you that sanskar has became really romantic.
Sujata: Ram, the way he is romancing with swara…I am 100 percent sure that soon we will hear a good news.

Swara blushed and sanskar scratched his head.

Sanskar (monologue): oh god, shona looks so innocent but she is so naughty…

Sanskar: acha ma papa, I have to go to the police station for some work
Sujata: what is this sanskar, its not even one day since your marriage and you started going to police station. You should go atleast after one week
Swara held sujata’s hand and signed her that, “it’s ok ma…he should go as he is an ACP and protector of our city…if he will not go then who will protect the public and stop the crime.”

Everyone was proud of swara specially sanskar who was proud of his choice. Ram put his hand on her head and blessed her followed by sujata. Uttara and ramtha went to their room. Sanskar went near swara, cupped her face and kissed her forehead with lots of love and respect.

Sanskar: Thank you for understanding me.

Swara smiled. Sanskar leaned towards her went near her ear, his lips were touching her earlobe. Swara closed her eyes.

Sanskar (huskily): Waise, I didn’t know that my innocent wife can be this much mischievous.

Then sanskar kissed her cheek to which swara blushed.

Sanskar: bye and be ready, I will be picking you up.

Saying this sanskar went away leaving swara blushing who was remembering their closeness and proximity since morning. Then she also left to her other work.

In police station…

Sanskar entered police station with a smile.

Constable 1: Good morning sir
Sanskar with a smile: Good morning ajay

Everyone were looking at him as if an alien came in the police station. Sanskar notice this and stopped.

Sanskar: What

Everyone shaked their head in a no

Sanskar: Then do your work

Everyone nodded and started doing their work. Sanskar went into his cabin and suddenly laksh came in with a shocked face. Sanskar looked at his face and rasied his eyebrows.

Sanskar: Am I looking like an alien…everyone one is staring at me as if I came from another planet.
Laksh: Shoo Shoo…you ghost leave my friend please, he just got married yesterday…please leave him bhootji
Sanskar: Lucky you are gone crazy and there is no ghost ok
Laksh: Oh really…you were smiling so much when you came to police station
Sanskar: can’t I smile and everyone were looking at me as I am a criminal
Laksh: obviously they will look at you like this because you never smiled in police station. You always have that arrogant face

Sanskar sighed and continued his work

Laksh (murmured): lagta hai shaadi ka asar ho gaya hai
Sansakr: shadi ka nahi, it’s shona’s effect
Laksh: oh, kya baat hai…waise dude how was last night and I thought that you won’t come to police station for atleast one week. My saali sahiba would be sad as you left her alone.
Sanskar: Lucky…stop your blabbering and you are forgetting that my wife in a daughter of an ex-army officer…she is not sad….she herself told me that I should go.
Laksh smiled and said, “yaar, these sister are really unique, understanding and mature. you know I had to come for emergency straight after my wedding and ragini threatened me to go otherwise she will divorce me.”
Sansakr: they are also dangerous
Laksh: True…
Sanskar: acha lucky…I have to go to Dr Malhotra with shona at 2pm so please you handle the everything behind me.
Laksh: you take care of her so much
Sanskar: lucky her dream was singing and my dream is her voice. She deserves the best so I will try my best to bring her voice back.
Laksh: Don’t worry I will handle everything…

Around 1.30 pm, sanskar came to mm to pick up swara. He was standing outside leaning on his car with folded arms.

In the house,

Sujata: Swara, god will definitely hear my prayer and soon you will be talking with us with you melodious voice.
Uttara: ha Bhabhi, you will be singing also
Sujata: and I will say proudly the famous singer Swara Maheshwari is my DIL

Swara smiled and was feeling lucky to have such a good in law and husband. She went outside where sanskar was waiting for her. Then both of them went to the city hospital. There they Dr Malhotra who checked swara and told them that they had to do a minor operation, swara got little scared by listening to this and held sanskar’s hand tightly. Sanskar assured her through through his eyes. Doctor sensed that she is getting scared.

Dr Malhotra: don’t worry mrs maheswhari, you will be made unconscious that time and we won’t be cutting your neck. We will just enter a tube in your mouth, all the way to you voice box and then do the treatment and then you will be able to talk and sing. But mr maheswari…you will be fed up by her talks (guys…I don’t know anything about this treatment or this type of operation…I just made it up).
Sanskar smiled and said, “Dr…I will never be fed up from her in our every birth.

Dr Malhotra smiled seeing their love and trust.

Dr Malhotra: So tomorrow is the operation and I guarantee that it will be successful
Sanskar: thank you dr

Swara smiled gesturing thank you to him. Swara and sanskar went towards their home but suddenly sanskar took a different route. Swara looked at him. Sanskar understood what’s going in her mind and said, “I got call from mom and they said that they kept reception for us today so we are going to the venue.”

Swara got little worried and sanskar saw that face.

Sanskar: shona, you are my pride and ma papa everyone loves you the way you are so don’t think that our reputation will go down just because you can’t speak. And you can’t speak because of someone, it’s not your fault and you will be speaking soon so my dear wifey, stop worrying and be happy otherwise your sasuma will run with a broom behind me thinking that I made her DIL sad.

Swara smiled listening to his talks

Sanskar: that’s like my girl

Swara blushed listening to ‘my girl’ which was noticed by sanskar. He smiled

Sanskar: I feel happy when I am the reason behind your smile and blush. You know very well that I can’t control when you blush.

Soon they reached a resort. Swara and sanskar went into a room to get changed.

Sanskar: shona we have to get ready really fast as guest started to come so lets do one thing (he held her waist and brought her closer), lets change together….

Swara widened her eyes and shaked her head in no vigorously. She pushed him inside the bathroom. Swara changed into a beautiful pink and white half saree with a mangasutra and a pendant around her neck, earrings and bangles. She was tying her blouse dori then suddenly she felt someone tying it. She looked through mirror and saw sanskar in dark red sherwani. He was intentionally touched her back while tying the dori which was making swara nervous. He took a pinch of sindoor and filled her maang.

Sanskar: you are looking really beautiful

He turned her kissed her forehead, then her eyes and then her cheeks. He was going to kiss on her lips then suddenly they hear Laksh, Uttara, ragini and ayyan banging door which jerked swara and sanskar.

Sanskar: aa gaye mere romance ke dushman.

Swara chuckled. Sanskar went and opened the door and raglautt banged his forehead by mistake as sanskar opened suddenly.

Sanskar: Oucch!!!

Swara got worried and ran towards sanskar. She touched his forehead and caressed it. Everyone smiled seeing her love and care.

Sanskar: I am okay shona…don’t worry

Ayyan: machi…you are looking really beautiful
Swara picked up ayyan and kissed on his cheek. Sanskar took ayyan in his arms and said, “hi mr ayyan luch shingh”
Laksh got angry and said, “bro…you also started ruining my name”

Everyone giggled..

Laksh: laugh…everyone laugh..sanskar when you child will come na…then me and my niece/nephew will together ruin your name.

Listening to this swara blushed.

Uttara: Bhabhi, don’t blush this much otherwise bhai will not be able to control himself.
Sanskar: Uttara ki bachi…
Laksh: Uttara ki bachi nahi…sanskar aur swara ka bacha

Sanskar glared at laksh and ragini hit on laksh’s arm.

Ragini: laksh, have some shame…you are a father of a kid now and you are talking such things infront of a kid.
Laksh: Ragu… because of this shamelessness only…we have a kid

Ragini got angry and hit on laksh’s foot.

Laksh: ouch!! You were right sanskar, these sisters are really dangerous
Ragini: what did you said?

Swara gave death glare to sanskar to which sanskar gulped and he glared at laksh

Uttara: acha..you guys can fight later but first lets go….everyone is waiting for our heavenly couple
Laksh: sanskar put ayyan down otherwise people will think that before marriage…ahem…ahem

Swara widened her eyes and hit on laksh’s arm

Laksh: ouch…oh god these sisters will kill me one day.

Sanskar put ayyan down and held swara’s hand firmly and started towards the hall. Ram saw his son and his DIL coming down. He took them to the stage and announced, “Hello ladies and gentleman..now I woild like to introduce my daughter like daughter in law, Swara sanskra maheshwai, who stole sanskar’s heart and won mine and sujata’s heart. (everyone clapped)…please enjoy the party”

Ram started to introduce swasan to his friends, individually. Everyone was happy except a girl of about 24 years old who getting angry.

Girl (monologue): this swara has again snatched things from me. I won’t leave her today.
Two other girls who her friend came, “hey Kavita”
Kavita: Hi tia, hi kavya
Tia: Kavita…is that swara the same swara whom you gave a drug which made her dumb
Kavita: yes tia…she is the same. Since school days she snatching my place. She was the topper of the school, always first in study, sports, arts, music everything. Then again she came in college, she became the most beautiful girl of the college. I tried many things but she was always the most beautiful girl and all boys were after her. One day, I got to know that if someone wins in a music completion, held by indian music singers, then that person will get opportunity to sing in Bollywood. Swara was the best one so one day gave that drug to her in water. And poor swara, drank that water and lost her voice forever. Again she snaktched sanskar from me. Sanskar is my brother’s friend…I tried my best to go close to sanskar but this swara snatched it again.
Kavya: so, what will do today?
Kavita: you guys wait and watch….

Someone was seeing them and filming their talks.

Shekhar and shomi came towards sanskar and blessed him.

Shekhar: I got to know about the operation sanskar….thank you so much beta
Sanskar: what are you saying baba, I am just fulfilling swara’s dream..that’s all
Shomi: but beta, we showed her to so many doctors but they couldn’t do anything and Dr Malhotra is such a busy doctor that it is almost impossible to get appointments from him. We tried to get it but we get couldn’t get his appointment
Sanskar: actually ma, I save his life once and since then he gave me a promise that whenever I need him, he will always help me. So he was ready to see swara and treat her.
Shekhar: You don’t know sanskar..how big happiness you are giving to us.

Swara smiled

Shomi: but sanskar…beware, once she starts speaking she won’t let you speak

Shekhar and shomi laughed

Sanskar: ma, baba…I am ready to listen to her whole life…

Kavya called swara towards a corner (swara doesn’t know kavya). Swara went and saw Kavita infront of her who was smirking evilly. Kavita was standing 3 more girls and 2 boys. Swara was shocked to see her but then she composed herself and smiled.

Kavita: see guys….who’s here, the girl who can’t even speak…tch tch….very bad swara, very bad.

Swara’s smiled vanished.

Kavita: swara how can you eve think to marry a boy…and that too ACP SANSKAR MAHESHWARI… you became a burden for him. Looks like your parents wanted to get rid of you so that’s why they ruined sanskar’s life

Swara got angry as Kavita was pointing towards her parents.

Kavita: OMG…I am scared.hahaha…what you thought that I will get scared. By the way, how many years will sanskar bear you…
Tia: may be, when he doesn’t needs her anymore

Swara got teary eyes as they were insulting sanskar’s love

Kavita: swara, have some shame….how can you even think of marrying such respected person, huh, if I would be in your place then I would have committed suicide. It’s better than living in silent mode…..

Suddenly Kavita got a slap…and it was ragini who was fuming in anger.

Ragini: How dare you say this to my sister. You cheap girl, you ruined my shona’s dream and passion. Because of you only my shona cried for so many nights

Kavita was going to say something then she got slap from shomi followed by sujata.

Sanskar (angrily): can please any of you three ladies give one more slap to her from me as you all know that I don’t raise hand on any woman…even if she is a criminal.

Ragini slapped Kavita really hard.

Laksh: Can please any one of you three ladies again, give three slaps; one from me, one from shekhar papa and another from ram uncle.

Shomi, sujata and Ap slapped Kavita and her face was swollen and became red like tomato.

Kavita: what did I do?

Kavita tried to defend her self

Sanskar: Ms Kavita Bose…I will tell you what you did.

He pointed towards a projector which was showing a footage in which Kavita was mixing a drug in water and gave it to swara. Then another video was of kavita’s confession which she just did in the reception party.

Sanskar: Ms Kavita bose you are under arrest.

Kavita: what!
Sanskar: yes because you just didn’t gave that drug to swara but also the drug you used was an illegal drug. You still do drug smuggling. You ruined the lives of so many other younger students. Inspector Shreya, arrest her and make sure that she gets life time imprisonment.

Kavita: no you can’t do this to me…..swara….swara…please save me….swara

The police takes Kavita with them. Swara was overwhelmed from the loves of her family and her in-laws.

Ragini: shona, shant bacha…ignore whatever she said. You are not a burden to us…you are a blessing for us. All of us are lucky to have you…so no rona dhona only happy ok

Swara nodded.

After few hours the reception party was over. Next morning everyone went to the hospital with swara and sanskar. Swara was taken into OT and everyone were praying for swara’s wellbeing. After few hours, Dr Malhotra came out of OT and sanskar rushed to him and started bombarding at him with questions.

Sanskar: Doctor, how is swara now? Is her voice back? Is there any complications? Will she able to sing again?
Dr Malhotra: calm down ACP sahib…calm down. Your wife is fit and fine. The operation was successful and soon you will hear your wife’s voice. Congratulations Mr Maheshwari.

Saying this he went away. Sanskar got really happy and he hugged laksh tightly and kissed on his cheeks. Laksh was shocked, he pushed sanskar and hide behind sujata.

Laksh: Au…Aunty, please sav…save me. Your son was trying to snatch my dignity. Oh god, how would I have faced the society.
Ap twisted laksh ears and said, “whatever he did was in excitement so stop your drama
Laksh: ouch ma, I am sorry.

Laksh went and hugged sanskar and congratulated. Swara was shifted to normal ward and everyone were sitting around her waiting for her to wake up. Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw her loved ones around sitting around her. She smiled seeing them.

Shomi: swaru, beta, are feeling good

Swara nodded her head.

Dr Malhotra came in the ward and checked swara.

Dr Malhotra: Mrs Maheshwari, can you please try to say something.
Swara nodded and tried to say her first word, “Ssssaans…(coughed)…kar”
Swara coughed a little, and she finally managed to say, “Sanskar”
Sanskar who just came with medicines for swara, listened his name from her melodious voice. He ran to her, sat beside her and cupped her face and asked, “Shona, please say again”
Swara smiled with tears and said, “Sanskar”
Sanskar: Please say once more
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar hugged her tightly and said, “shona, I waited for this day so desperately. I am so happy that you said my name. I love you shona”
Swara: I…I…
Suddenly interrupted by Shekhar, “what is this shona, you don’t remember us”
Sanskar released the hug and said, “Baba, Ma, Di, Jiju, Ap ma, Mom, Papa, Uttara”

Everyone were happy to listen to her voice and their names from her mouth, everyone hugged and then went outside to give Swara and sanskar some privacy.

Sanskar: shona, don’t speak much, you just started speaking.
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: shona abhi nahi, I told you na
Swara: please sanskar listen to me.
Sanskar: say
Swara: sanskar, when I first met you, i was so scared of you because you came suddenly and started to get angry on me but then I realised that it was my mistake as I was infront of your car. Then you came to my home and became my friend. As we started to chat with each other and talk through video call (coughs), I…I…started to feel lucky to get you as my friend. Then you caring, kind nature made me fall for you. But I didn’t want to burden on you as I was dumb but when you confronted me, I started to love you more. (coughs), sanskar, you are my strength, my confidence, my everything. You wanted to hear these three words me and today I will say them…Sanskar… I LOVE YOU….and thank you for everything.

Sanskar was looking at her with moist eyes. He hugged her tightly and said, “I love you too my shona, even though you couldn’t speak but your eyes expressed everything. Your eyes are sea of emotions and your voice is my dream which is not fulfilled.”
Sanskar released the hug, “Shona now stake rest”
Swara: sanskar, be with me
Sanskar: I am always there for you

Swara was discharged after few days. Swara started to talk but didn’t started singing yet. She was scared of it. Everyone were taking care of swara as if she is a 5-year old child, specially sanskar who called her every hour to know her health. Swara was feeling really lucky. Sanskar started motivating her for singing and finally she sang a song from her melodious voice. Everyone joyed and celebrated this moment.

One day ram, sujata and Uttara went to a wedding. Swara who was getting bored went to temple to pray for her family and her husband wellbeing. Then she thought to go to the police station. She entered and was welcomed by everyone, then she went into cabin and saw sanskar busy in reading some case files. She was staring at him, he was just wearing a white shirt and black pants.

Sanskar who was looking down into files said, “Staring a police officer is rude madam, I am married and I have a beautiful wife who loves me immensely and I also love her eternally”
Swara smiled, “So what ACP Sirrr, I just staring my husband, not any stranger person”
Sanskar: but still Mrs Maheshwari, staring is rude

Both of them burst out of laughing.

Sanskar: how come you here shona
Swara: sanskar, actually I went to nearby temple then I thougth that it’s already evening then why not go to police station and meet my husband and come to home with him.
Sanskar: nice plan but, we will got to restaurant and then to home.
Swara: but sanskar, we should go with the whole family, you know it’s good to spend some with out family and you are always busy with your work. SWe should plan this when mom papa and Uttara comes back.

Sanskar went to her and kept his finger on her lips which made swara shivered.

Sanskar: sshhh
Sanskar cupped her face and said, “how much you talk? I understand what you are trying to say and don’t worry we will definitely plan to out for dinner with our family. But sometime we should also spend some quality together…ok”

Swara nodded.

Sanskar finished his work and then they went into a restaurant where they spend time together by feeding each other and laughing and then they went towards their house in the car. Suddenly the car stopped. Sanskar came out and saw the tyre punctured.

Swara: now what should we do now
Sanskar: well, I have called the mechanic and he will take the car. We can walk towards the home as it is just 5minutes walk.
Swara: okay.

Swara and sanskar started to walk then suddenly it started raining. Both of them ran towards their house. They entered the house. Sanskar closed the door and turned back…he saw swara slipping due to wetness, he ran and held her by her waist. Swara held his shirt tightly. Sanskar made her stand up and she landed in his arms. They had a cute eyelock. Both of them were fully wet form head to toe. Swara was wearing a baby pink coloured saree.

Sanska cupped her face and kissed on her forehead, then on her eyes and then on her cheeks romantically. He was going to kiss on he lips but swara blushed, she pushed him and started to run but sanskar caught her hand and brought her closer. He held her bare waist which made her body shivered. She started to struggle. The more she moves, more he brings her closer and tightens his grip.

Sanskar went near her ear and said huskily, “shona, you know this very well that you can’t escape from me then why are you trying”

Sanskar lifted her and took her to their bedroom and put her down. He went and closed the door but swara got a naughty idea and hid behind the curtain. Sanskar turned around found swara missing, he smiled and started calling her, “shona” He then saw her saree pallu behind the curtain. He smirked naughtily and slowly went towards the back of swara.

Swara (monologue): Did sanskar went, he is not even calling me anymore.

Suddenly she felt her blouse dori opened and the a hot breath on her neck. She turned around and saw sanskar who held her by her waist. Swara blushed.

Sanskar: Mrs Maheshwari, you should get punishment

Swara closed her eyes, she stood on her tip toe, went near sanskar’s ear and whispered, “make me yours sanskar”

Sanskar lifted her in his arms and put her on the bed. He kissed her forehead, then her eyes, then cheeks and then leaned towards her lips. And the screen gets blur (guys….just giving them some privarcy)

After few years…..

“And the best female background singer filmfare award goes to…oh my favourite…Swara Sanskar Maheshwari” said kapil sharma..(hehe guys I saw him hosting some award shows so I put him as the host)

Swara comes to the stage wearing a beautiful gown with curled open hairs. Her whole family, who were sitting down with audience, stood and started clapping for her. Her husband and her twin children who were 3 years old, sara and swayyam Maheshwari, her ragu di, jiju and their children ayyan and Lakshita singh along with her parents and her in-laws.
Kapil sharma: Swara…I am really disappointed from you.

Swara: Why kapil sir

Kapil: You could have waited for few more years… but you just got married and that too with DCP Sanskar Maheshwari (sanskar got promotion), we can’t even flirt with you otherwise when your husband will take out the gun and shoot…god knows
Swara: but kapil bhaiyaa…(stretching the word bhaiya) my husband will not shoot his saale sahab
Kapil: Yaar tum bhi, already sonakshi and many heroines have made me bhaiyaa. Is something written on my face that everyone is calling me bhaiyaa.

Swara giggled

Kapil: Jokes apart but seriously you deserve to be the best singer as you have not just inspired me but also the young aspiring singers.

Swara was given the award.

Swara: Well, many people are behind my success but there is one peron because of whom I am here and got this award. People say that behind every men success there is a women behind but in my case there is a man behind my success. And I would like to call sanskar on the stage and want to share this award with him.

Sanskar was shocked

Swara: Sanskar please…for your shona

Sanskar came on the stage, who was wearing black suit (which he wore golden petal awards). Swara hugged him and sanskar kissed on her forehead.

Swara:Only because of sanskar, I am able to speak, able to sing. He always motivated me to follow my dreams. Not just him, my in-laws also who treat as their daughter. I am the luckiest girl of this world to get such a good family.

Kapil: yaar, you made me emotional (fake sobbing)

Kapil went to sanskar and hugged him tightly, he touched his muscles.

Kapil: kya baat hai paaji, matlab your muscles are totally like a hero.

Sanskar smiled.

Kapil: Congratulations swara…keep singing…keep getting awards and keep missing me
Kapil saw sanskar and said, “I…I mean as your bhai”

The awards show was finished.

Next morning…

Swara and sanskar were sitting on a swing, which in their yard. Sara and swayyam were playing with ram, sujata and Uttara. Sansakr slowly puts his hand on her waist which shocked swara.

Swara: sanskar what are you doing?
Sanskar: Nothing, just romancing with my wife
Swara: sanskar, you are father of two children so stop it and can’t you see mom and papa are also present here
Sanskar: so what and madam, they are twin children…so don’t you think we should ahem…ahem you know what I am saying

Swara widened her eyes and started to struggle to get out of his grip. As usual, more she moves, sanskar tightens his grip on her waist more.

Sanskar: shona, you always forget this, then why you try struggle when you that you can’t escape from me.
Swara gives up, she smiles and puts her head on his shoulder see her children playing with their grandparents.
Swara I love you sanskar
Sanskar: I love you too Shona

That’s it guys, I am finally done with this OS. I hope you guys liked this part specially the award show one….i tried my best to make it entertaining. Thank you guys and I will post the next part of my ff soon. Till then keep commenting and keep smiling. 

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    I wish you write a little romance more…but never mind I loved it…and award part was too funny I like that comedy…yaar just superbbbbb
    J am totally speechless from your talent…
    If you don’t mind I have a small request please write more one shots with concepts…I would love to read more…
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    Post you ff soon ok I’m waiting eagerly m….??????????????????????????????????????

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