SwaSan OS… My Every Heart Beat Belongs To Only You Sanskar… {by Kakali}

Hiloooo EV1..!! I’m presenting a small OS. Hope you all like it.. sorry for my grammatical mistakes and spelling errors..

Story : “My Every Heart Beat Belongs To Only You Sanskar”…

Here we go,,,

“Kavita Di, Kavita Di, Kavita Di…!! Chaloo..!! Chalooo..!! We are getting late na..” Yells a girl in sooo much excitement..

“Swara..Are you mad or what? We are not going with me..!! I not taking you..!!” Answers back Kavita giving a uninterested look to Swara..!! (*Yup that girl is our princess Swara/Shona?)

“Dii..pllzz mujhe bhi leke chalo na..plzz..!! Pllzz.. i won’t disturb you..i will just stand near you..!! Till you won’t say to move,i will stay at the same place..Pinky promise..take me there with you.. I want to meet your friends too…” Swara says in a pleading tone showing her most popular puppy dog eyes..!!

“Kavita Beta..!!! Arrey take her with you..it’s a matter of few hours na..waise bhi me n Shekhar will also not present and we might be late..so what will Swara do during this time..!! Take her..take her..let her enjoy”.. Says a lady coming towards Kavita and Swara …!

“Oh Plz mom..!! Why don’t you take this mad with you..why are you spoiling my evening by sending this girl? I can’t take risk taking her..!! Better she stay away from me and my personal life…!!” Kavita snaps with frown..!!

Swara’s face hungs up and her million dollar smiles fades away hearing the word “MAD GIRL”…

“No, how can we take her with us?Noo noo..!! ” Shomi says and stammers..!!

“Oh why can’t you take her BDW..? I mean you all can send her with me but”.. Kavita asks with a smirk..!!

“Mind your tongue Kavita,she is ur sister..”

“So what i can’t take her” …

Both Kavita and Shomi is busy arguing whom will take Swara..!! But our princess is looking at them with a pale face and tears in her eyes “Mamma,Kavita Di…!!Plzz Don’t fight.. You all goo..I will stay back..!! ”

Kavita gives a what so ever look and moves towards her car..”Shona Beta,Don’t worry Me n Shekhar will come ASAP..App daaroge toh nehi akkele?” Asks Shomi placing a soft kiss on her forehead..

Swara just nods with a sheepish smile”Okk Mumma,i can understand”..



“Shona..!! Chalo.. come fast..!! We are getting late..”says a girl..

“Ragini Di,wait a minute.. let me take my chocos..”says Swara and wraps all her fav chocos..!!

“M ready.. How m i looking? This frock is nice Na?”asks Swara twirling, showing her new umbrella cut frock with a cute smile..!!

“Awww Shona you are looking like a barbie Doll”.. Ragini smilingly compliments..!!

Swara passes ?a smile and sits eating her chocos..!! Ragini makes a way to Party Venue..


@ Party Venue,,,

“Waaaaaaaaaaa Ragini Di, this place is so beautiful?..hAHahah all the peoples are also looking pretty..!! Thank God u bring me here otherwise God knows what i would have done to Kavita Di’s make up box..?”Says and winks blinking her both eyes..

Ragini laughs aloud seeing her cute antics “Shona, why you winks blinking both eyes?”

“Coz i don’t know how to wink na”?..says making a cute pout..

Ragini is like “Awwww,, koy nei baby.. now let’s meet my friends.. u want to meet na..!?!”


“Gyyzz meet my Sister cum friend Swara Gadodia”..says Ragini to her friends..

“N Swara she is Radhika,Sam..remember my neighbors”..?

“Ohooo,, I do remember Ragini Di.u know na i always take almonds soo my memory is too sharp”..says Swara with a bright smile..?

“Hiloo Radhika and Sam Di..m Swara.. but you can call me Shona..it’s my Pet name..”

“Awww Shona you are soo cute”..says Radhika n Sam pulling her both cheeks..!!

“Shona He is Arjun n Neil ,, remember my college friends”..

“Ofooo Ragini Di..i said na i do remember.. These two fellows are that na whom you beat with broom for spoiling your new dress”..Swara says with a high giggle..

“Arjun and Neil is shooting draggers at Ragini n she is like “I_don’t_know_what_she_is_talking_about”?

Swara,NeSam n Ardhika laughs looking at Ragini’s expression but later Ragini also joins them?..(*mini laughter club?)

Party is on full swing.. ev1 is dancing,singing,drinking(*no alcohol),drooling…Some of couples are dancing with their respective partners showing their love..!! ?But our princess is busy roaming here and there watching people who are dancing madly..

“Shona come here baby…!! I want you to meet someone….!!” Ragini says calling Swara towards her..

“Abhi ayyi Ragini Di”..?

“Shona meet my fiance Laksh…”

“Wohooo toh this is my soon to be Jijuuu,,(Ragini blushes)Nice to meet you Laksh Jijuuuuuuu”..

Swara’s gaze falls on a boy who is starting her continuously… Swara frowns and asks ” Ragini Di”

“Haaa Shona”..

“Who is he?”(points to the boy)

Looking at the boy Ragini smiles and says
“Shona, he is Laksh’s brother as well as my RAKHI BROTHER SANSKAR BHAI?..”

Swara whispers “Sanskar”…

“Hii, Ragini.. How are you? How is ur study going on?”asks Sanskar giving a side hug to Ragini..

“I’m perfectly fine Bhai… How Are you? When you reach India? Huh u didn’t even inform me once…”Ragini says with a pout..

“Hahahaha it was a surprise for you and Laksh.. waise How is my surprise?”

“Out of the universe.. M soo happy you come back.. this time you won’t go na?”

“Nopee.. This time it won’t happen..”..

“That’s like my BHAI..”?

Both are busy at their Bro-Sis convo forgetting about Swara who is glaringg both …

“Bahi,meet my friend Swara urf Shona..”

Sanskar deeply looks at her frowning face..

“Hi,Swara.. i have heard a lot about you from Ragini,today finally got the change … it’s my pleasure to meet you..” Says Sanskar passing a gentle smile..☺

All Swara could Smile without blabbering anything..?

“Bhai be with her..Just a minute,I need to pick up the call” Says and goes out of the Venue..

Swara gets bore after some time coz there is no one with whom she can talk since Laksh And Ragini left for Romantic Dinner.. She takes out her chocos and starts to munch. Meantime Sanskar comes and gets dazzled to watch a KIDDO eating choco like there is no tomorrow.. He couldn’t help out but admiring her .. How cutely she is licking her fingers?… All the chocos are spread on her face lighting it more..

Swara could feel someone’s gaze on her,she looks up and finds Sanskar staring her with a ravishing smile..!! Blinking her eyes several time she smiles tightly and asks “Sanskar Do u want Choco?”

Sanskar shooks his head and vigorously nods yes.. “Yee loo”(Gives him DMS)(*Urghhhh jealous me)..

Taking a sit beside her, he also starts the same work…

“Waise Swara you love Choco?” Asks Sanskar in order to start their convo..

Swara jerks from her place and says with her twinkling eyes opppsss she can’t say as her mouth is full of choco so vigorously nods yesshhh..

Gulping down the big piece Swara says “Yipp yuppp Sanskar.. i love choco.. U also?”

“Ummm yaa you can say,but not like you.”..(pointing towards her corner of lips)

“I know,i know no one can love choco as much as i love”Grins and licks the small amount of choco which was probably sticking at her corner of lips..

“Tringggg tringggg”…

“Haa Ragini bolo”..

“Bhai can you plzz drop Shona at home? Actually me and Lucky is stuck here..” Ragini asks in a very worried tone..

“No problem Ragini.. You both enjoy.. I will drop her safely..”

“Bhai,nothing like that”..

“Ok okkk !! Now enough… we are leaving”..

“Thnk u soo much.. You are the best bhai in the world”(*indeed)..

“Okii stop buttering me and concentrate on your work,,, Babyeee”..says and cuts the call..

“What happened Sanskar?where is Ragini? Plz say her to come fast..it’s soo late… i need to go home..otherwise mom will scold me”.. Says Swara cryingly and some droplets of tears escapes from her eyes..

Sanskar’s heart pains seeing her tears “Noo Swara,Don’t cry..actually Ragini is stuck with her some works,so she said me to drop you..”Says Sanskar hesitatedly..

Playing with her frock’s sleeve she simply nods…

Sanskar drops her home and bids bye “Good night Swara..!! See you tomorrow..”.

“Umm Good Night.. Byee M too sleepy now .. bohut joro ki ninni ayi hai”… yanks.


After 2 Days Of Party,,,

@ Morning,,,

“Aunty is Shona still sleeping?ufff this baby naa? Wait let me wake her…!! “Says Ragini and moves to Swara’s bedroom..

“Ragini who is he?”(pointing towards Sanskar)..

“Ohh,he is Sanskar my RAKHI BHAI..!!.i mean Laksh’s Bro..!! Swara had met him in party that day.. so that’s why thought to bring him here..!! ” Ragini narrates everything..

“Hi Sanskar I’m Kavita.! Swara’s elder sister..! !” Kavita says forwarding a hand to shake with Sanskar..

“Okk u people wait, i will bring Shona..!! That mad girl na..!! Such a kid..”..

Sanskar says under his breath “yaaa, such a cutee kid..”..

“Did u say something?” Asks Kavita with doubt..

“Noo nooo.. nothing.. i was about to say hmm umm haa Nice meeting You Kavita”..

“Ohhh,, same here..”.(*?)

“Shona chalooooo..!!. How much you will sleep? Commom..!!” Ragini drages Swara holding her one hand..

“Aunty see ur princess became soo lazyy”..

Sanskar turns and gets mesmerized to see Swara standing there in her floral jumpsuit holding her Doraemon side pillow and rubbing her eyes… She is absolutely looking like a kid..

“Beautiful” this is the word escapes from his mouth …!!

“Huh princess,,my foot..” Mocks Kavita rolling her eyes..!!.

Swara half opens her eyes and sees Sanskar.. a cute smile instantly appears on her lips..!!

“Shona get ready,, we need to move.. yeiii ” excitement overloaded..hahaha..

“Mei abhi ayyi..” says and runs to her room..!!

(*Okk now it’s time for my APOLOGY..well some of my readers might get bored seeing the same kiddo n cute Swara in my every work..But i really can’t help out regarding this matter.. more i try to show her mature,more it turns into kiddish n childish.. !! A HUMBLE SORRY for this inconvenience..!! I don’t know why but mujhse nei hota.. I can’t stop admiring KIDDO Swara.. koy nehi ho sakhta uske jaisa cuteeee… it’s kinda cuteness overloaded..?)

Rag——San takes swara for outing… Swara is very excited..

Swara : Ragini Di.. where are we going??? ( asks cutely )

Ragini : ( smiles ) Shonaa.. we are going to huge park.. we’ll play there alot.. later we’ll go to eat ur favourite Chinese food.. after dat we’ll go on beach.. n after dat.. we’ll go to eat shona’s favourite choco icecream..

Swara : ( jumps in happiness ) Yayyyyy.. yeipppieee.. u r shoo good Ragini Di.. love u shoooo much. ( kisses her cheeks )

Ragini : ( laughs ) Haha.. love u too my kiddo..

Sanskar is admiring swara while driving.. A cute smile appeared on his lips seeing her happiness.

Swara takes out her choco.. and started eating.. she offers to Ragini.. she takes it.. Later she offerers to Sanskar too.. bt he is driving..

Swara : ( while eating ) Sanskar.. ye lo chocoooo?..

Sanskar : ( smiles ) I can’t take now kiddo.. see m driving na.. u eat ok?

Swara : ( thinks smthng n smiles widely ) Main hu na.. ek min.. open ur mouth sanskuu..

Sanskar : kiddo.. wat r u doing????

Swara : ( hits her own head cutely ) Offo Sanskar! Kitna bolte ho tum.. muh kholo na apna..

Sanskar opens his mouth.. Swara comes forward n feed him choco.. while feeding her hand touched to his lips.. Sanskar feels current passing through his body n he stops car with a jerk.. due to sudden jerk swara half falls over him from back side.. he holds her quickly frm 1 side.. her hairs were falling on her face.. He slowly tucks her hairs behind her ears.. Swara looked at him n blinked her eyes several times.. they had a cute eyelock.. Sanskar got lost in her.. suddenly they heard Ragini’s shout..

Ragini : Shonaa.. r u ok?? ( Swara get back to her sit n nods vigorously ) n Bhai.. wat was dat ha?? Y u stopped car suddenly?

Sanskar : ( stammered ) vo.. I.. I.. I’m sorry Ragini..

Saying this he again started to drive while Swara is eating her choco continuously n speaking.. Sanskar smiles seeing her antics..

Soon trio reach to the park.. Ragini takes Swara to 1 ride and tells her that they’ll sit in it.. Swara nods happily.. suddenly Ragini’s phone rangs.. she starts to talk with her frnd.. Swara gets bore.. she is pulling Ragini’s dupatta continuously. Sanskar notices this and tell Ragini through eyes that he’s taking Swara to that ride.. she says ok..

Sanskar : Kiddoo.. cm.. lets go to that ride..

Swara : ( cutely ) bt Ragini Di?

Sanskar : She’ll also cm when she complete her talking.. ok? U come with me..

Swara : ( pouts sadly )

Sanskar : Won’t u come with me Sanskar?? ( made sad face )

Swara : No.. I’ll come Sanskar.. u dont be sad ok?

Sanskar : ( smiles ) ok come.

Both sit in that ride.. it gets start.. all starts to shout while Swara gets very scared due to height n holds Sanskar’s hand tightly. She closed her eyes.. Feeling her touch, Sanskar looks at her who is closing her eyes tightly bcz of fear.. Her hairs were flowing in air.. He again got mesmerised seeing her.. He too helds back her hand..

After sometime ride stops.. Swara is still closing eyes.. Sanskar looks at her and smiles..

Sanskar : Shona. see.. its over.. open ur eyes now..

Swara hears his voice n opens her big big doe eyes slowly n blink it..

Both get out of it n Swara hugs sanky tightly.. Sanskar is shocked. He hugs her back..

Swara : ( crying ) Sanskar… u know.. I.. was. Soo.. scared.. what.. if .. I.. fell.. down.. muze chot aajati naa… ( says cutely rubbing her red cute nose )

Sanskar : ( make her look at him n wipes her tears ) Ssshhh!  Shona.. dont cry.. see nothing happened. Chalo now we’ll go to ur Ragini..

Swara : ( cutely ) ok..

Both went near Ragini.. Swara literally jumped on her n cries for sometime.. both Rag——–San pacifies her n takes her fr eating her fav Chinese food..

Ragini : Chalo Shonaa.. now ordered ur food.. common..

Swara : ( excited ) Haa.. I want noodles, manchurian dry.. umm haa.. paneer crispy.. n haa cheese Chinese roll..

Sanskar : Shona.. u’ll eat this much?

Swara : Haa Sanskar.. u know its all my favourite.. bt I’ll give it to u n Ragini Di too.. ( turns to Ragini ) Di,jaldi batao na.. bahut bhookh lagi hai..

Ragini : ( laughs ) Ha baba ha.. wait.. waiter.. ( tells him order.. he leaves )

Soon their order comes.. Swara eats all her favourite items excitedly while Rag——San was very happy to see her happy.. Sanskar stares her lovingly..

After having their food trio leave for beach.. Seeing beach Swara gets excited n ran towards water.. Rag———-San too ran behind her.. She started playing in water.. she jumps in water.. She was laughing feeling ticklish on her feets bcz of water waves.. Ragini was too playing with her.. Swara saw sanky standing at some distance n not playing. She goes towards him n drags him in water..

Swara : Sanskar.. why are u standing there alone?? Come na.. play with us..

Sanskar : Arey no Shona.. u play with Ragini.. m ok here..

Swara : ( dragged him with her ) Noooooo.. u should come..

Sanskar : Arey.. Shona listen..

Swara starts playing.. she splashes water on Sanskar.. Sanskar is about to throw on her but she starts running. Sanskar runs back of her..(*Great marathon ki practice yehi ho gayi unki)

Sanskar : Shona… wait..

Swara : ( running ) Haha.. Sanskar.. u can’t catch me.. hahaha..

Sanskar laughs n runs fast n finally caught her.. he holds her by her waist.. Swara shivered bcz of his touch.. both looks at each others eyes.. like those eyes wanted to say something. Soon they broke their eyelock hearing Ragini’s voice.. n returns to their place..

After playing so much in water Swara got hungry.. She wanted to eat pani puri.. so all goes to eat pani puri.. Swaragini enjoys eating while my poor Sanskar is lost in admiring his Shona ,his Kiddo.. ( aww )

Swara : Ragini Di.. now its time to eat my favouriteeeeeeeeee ice cream.. hai na..??? ( asks Swara while jumping )

Ragini : ( acts ) Ice cream?  Which ice cream shona?

Swara : Ragini Di.. u only told na u’ll give me my favourite ice cream.. ( says cutely )

Ragini : me?? Nahi toh.. when I said it.. I dont remember. ( laughs secretly )

Swara : Ragini Di?. u r very bad.. go.. dont talk to me.. ( made sad pout )

Sanskar melts seeing her sad face..

Sanskar : Ragini .. stop teasing Shona ok.. come Shona. I’ll give u ur favourite ice cream.

Swara : ( smiles brightly ) Sachchi Sanskar???

Sanskar : ( smiles ) Muchchi!

Swara : Yyayyyy.. thank u Sanskar.. u r veryyy nice.. ( kisses his cheek )

Sanskar got shocked n holds his cheek with 1 hand.. Ragini was looking at him teasingly.. Sanskar blushed slightly.. n looks here n there..

Sanskar : ( clears his throat ) Ahm.. lets go..

Ragini laughs at him while Sanskar gives her glare.. She keeps her finger on her lips bt again burst out in laughing.. Sanskar also smiled remembering Swara’s cute kiss..

Trio reach at Ice cream parlour and order their favourite icecreams. Swara’s mouth was full of ice cream.. her Ice cream was spreaded everywhere on her face.. Sanskar laughs..

Sanskar : Shona. look at u.. u feed icecream to ur face also.. hahaha..

Swara : Haww.. Sanskar.. u r laughing on me.. Ragini Di. see na.. ok.. jao.. m katti with u.. ( turns her face )

Sanskar : Ok..ok.. sorry Shona.. ( holds his ears ) look, m holding my ears.. sorry plz..

Swara : ( looked at him once n nods he got happy bt before he could understand anything Swara puts icecream on his face.. Sanskar gets shocked while Swaragini starts laughing ) hahaha.. Sanskar.. now look at u.. hehehe.. u r looking like a joker.. hehehe..

Ragini : Haha haaaahhhaha Sanskar Bhai.. look at you..

Sanskar is lost in her smile.. He just keep on staring her..There is nothing he could notice except HIS SHONA.. (*ehem ehem gyzz, don’t think wrong)

Days are passing Like this..with the time, our SwaSan friendship and closeness increases..!! Both like EO company..!! Specially Swara.. she kinda become a kid for him.. !! The feeling she gets whenever she is with Sanskar,it was soo blissful..it is new for her n she loved it.. !! She loved to be him,all the time…!! Time amd situation doesn’t matter at all, she just loves to be with him..!! Why would not she feel like when Sanskar pampers her the most as i said just like his kid… He feels peace with her same as Swara, his embrace is the most safest and peaceful place she can ever find.. !! It didn’t take much time to turn their friendship to pakka wala friendship..!! I mean BEST FRIENDS.. And we all know friendship is the 1st step of love.. I don’t know about othrs but haa for MY SwaSan IT IS… !! But the fact is both are unaware of their own feeling.


One Fine Day,,,

Family members decided to get RagLak married.. Ragini is going to continue her study after marriage even.. Ev1 is soo happy as well as our SwaSan.. Toh now let’s move towards a new phase of their upcoming life which is going to completely change their life..(*BEWARE,?)

[Note- SanLak family,SwaKav family, Ragini family.. <<– Trio family is in same hotel.. all the functions will be taking at a same place…]

RagLak Haldi is going on..!! Today our princess is not happy.. she is soo sad.. The reason is only Sanskar..huh he is sitting with Kavita and some other girls..!! Waa and that moron Kavita is sticking with him kinda fevicall.. !! From morning Sanskar has not talk with Swara properly.. actually he was too busy to meet her, afterall it's his bro's Haldi.!!

Suddenly Swara got soo emotional looking San—————————————————————-Kav sitting soo near to EO..!! Don't know why her eyes start to welled up with tears..!! She is feeling soo miserable don't know why..!! At last she couldn't take this anyone and runs to her room where tears make a way from her cheery red cheeks… This small amount of pain is actually needed here to realise something, to realise her feeling for him.. !! And it happened.. She got to know that SHE LOVES HIM..SWARA IS FALLEN FOR HER SANSKAR..!!

it was such a beautiful realisation…!! Awww what else she wanted.. She loves Sanskar..!! But she feared to confess,feared that he will break their precious friendship..feared May be he will take her feelings in a wrong way..!! May be he doesn't feel the same..! May be it's just one sided..!! May be she is not perfect for him.. !! All these thoughts are quite enough to make her to avoid him..!!
Even though it is not easy for her,but still she wants to do.. she wants to confess, wants to express her feelings without any delay..!! She doesn't want to think about his reaction, is he going to accept her or not? But she is well known about her feelings that she will always love him for her entire life…!! She might be a kiddo,but aware of the fact that life Is soo unpredictable,so chotu..!! So want to live her every moment with her love..her Sanskar..!! That is it,Today or tomorrow she will say her heart out infront of him.. whatever will be his decision..She will accept it wholeheartedly…!!


Next Day,,,

Mehendi Function,,,

All peoples are busy applying Mehendi..!! Their excitement have no boundaries.. !! Specially RagLak.. ohh gosh both are blushing like anything..!! And our princess is smiling wide seeing ev1 soo happy .. moreover the new feeling that has occupied in her heart is making her grin..!! She is showing her 32 all the time..!! She is waiting for Sanskar to show her Mehendi.. !! She is a desperate soul to talk with him,, … Sooo here comes HER PRINCE Sanskar wearing a baby pink coloured Sherwani,,looking absolutely CUTE AND HANDSOME…!! She is sooo mesmerized to see him in her fav colour..!!

OHH GOD her fav colour suits him soo perfectly..!! And his million dollar smile..!! Waaa she doubts how many chipkalis will droll over him..!! Urghhh..!! Shrugging her all jealous thoughts away she looks at herself from top to bottom and finds yeiiiiii she is also in the same colour Lehenga… it means RAB NE BANA DI KAPDO KI JODI..she immediately wants to clap but alass her hands are cuffed by Mehendi na..!!

She calls him waving her hand with a bright smile which is not ready to leave her pouty lips.. His instant look falls on her, spellbounding him.. !! She is looking after all sooo preety.. preety,beautiful is not a word enough to describe her beauty..!! She is just an anjel in baby pink coloured lehenga with her open shiny long hairs..!! Well a simple question comes to his lil brain … "Ummmm How can be someone soo beautiful?"..

His chains of thoughts are broken when she calls him.. ohhh it's soo pleasant to hear his name from her mouth..!! It's gives him peace , happiness… He looks at her smiles and shooks his head "MY KIDDO"..

"Sanskar how is my Mehendi?, accha hai na?" Swara asks with excitement..

Before he could answer Swara interrupts "Mujhe pata hai.. yeh accha hai..(I know it's good).."

All he can smile..?

"Waise Sanskar we are in same colour dress?huh Did you want to copy me? Areey chodo, tell me how m i looking? Accha hai na Dress?"

Sanskar is about to Answer but again she interrupts " Mujhe pata hai, mei acchi lag rei huu..!! This is my fav colour u know.. i always look pretty..!! Even u are also looking handsome ..waaa "

This is the special capacity of his kiddo… she can make smile anyone..!! "Yup Shona, you are looking soo beautiful"..

Swara's cheeks slightly turns into red getting the compliment from Him.. Their convo is going on .meantime Kavita comes and drages Sanskar with her..!!. Neither he wants to go, nor she wants to let him go.. urghh but this fevicall naaa…!!

"Wait here Shona, i will just be back".. says n goes with Fevicall unwantedly..!!.

Swara's bright smile disappears seeing Sanskar taking selfies with Kavita..!!She feels so low… Staying at the same place she waits for him,but that Fevicall is not at all ready to leave him..!! Whenever she is sad,she gets hungry.. ufff ev1 is busy.. who will make her eat now? "Isse bhi abhi bhook lagna tha?"says cursing her tummy.

After some couple of minutes Sanskar comes back and "Now Where is Shona?"..

He looks around and " There she is,standing near the Dining table trying to eat.. No actually playing with the spoon,she is holding with her mouth"..

"Shonaa!! Mei khila duu?"

Swara just nods?..

After completing her food,he wipes her lips with tissue.. A sudden touch on her lips send shivers down to their spine..!!The feeling was soo different yet warming..!! (*omg)'



Being a sleeping beauty Swara is descending the steps going towards her room yanking… "Mujhe sona hei..!! "
Unfortunately she sees Sanskar and Kavita..Sanskar is holding That Favicall through her waist..!! And "Ahhh Maaa" her ankle gets twisted..

Hearing her scream Sanskar rushes and finds her sitting in the floor crying like a baby… !! "Shona,what happened? How you (couldn't complete as She screams)

"Sanskar dukh raha hei..!! " says with tears in her eyes.. (It's paining)..

"Bola tha dhyan rakho apna.. par nei..!! Madam bhala sunti hai meri kabhi? Har pal bass idhar udhar dorti rehti hai, pata nehi kya hoga itumhara..!!"(I told you take care of urself.. But nooo..Will Madam ever listen to me.. anytime running like a marathon candidate.. !! Don't know what will happen to you).. Blabbers Sanskar carrying Swara in his arms,moving towards her room..!!

Waaa our princess is soo quite today..(*muh mei hartal) huh when will she get time from staring him, than she will talk na..!! But she is busy admiring her Sanskar who is speaking non stop..!!

A few words escapes from her lips making him all quite suddenly… "I LOVE YOU SANSKAR"..

He is frozed.. rooted at his place.. !! Eyes are all wide,but but but,, there is a small smile that showing something else..!!

Sanskar places her on bed is about to move,meantime Swara graps his wrist "Sanskar, I said I love u.. !! Kuch nei bologe tum?" Asks very cutely..!!

He doesn't answer.. "Sanskar say something.." Says with a chocked voice..!!

Sanskar cups her face wiping her tears and says very lovingly yet calmly " Shona do you know what is love?"

Swara vigorously nods a big NO..

Sanskar smiles and says "Shona,it's not Love.. just attraction.. !!! Are you getting what I'm trying to say?" Asks Sanskar looking Swara's shocked expression..!!

"Nei Sanskar,, I love you.. sacchi mei..!!"

"No kiddo.. !! Not love..!! It's attraction..!!! Yuu samajh loo ki mei tumhari aadat ban chuka huuu..!! (Yh u can think that m ur habit) baas nothing else.!! We are with EO from many days na.. that's why feeling like that..!"

"See i do like you.. but love.. !! Noo.. !! This is not love.. LOVE is very beautiful and rare emotion..The way we are feeling now,not love.. !! Hope you can understand what I'm saying.."

Swara's heart breaks into uncountable pieces..She just nods and sleeps ..

"That's like my kiddo..my Shona is so mature.."..


Next Day,,,

Sangeet Ceremony,,,

Ragini,Kavita,Swara<<– Trio are getting ready for function..!!

Kavita makes Ragini ready and goes to main hall leaving Swara alone who is busy fighting with her Dori..!! "Kavita Di, Help karo na?"..

"Knock knock"..

"Kavita Di hi hogiii shayad"(monologue)

"Haa Dii, aa jaoo"..

"Ragini,Uncle Aunty is calling you"(Comes in room without knowing that Swara is trying to tie her Dori)..

Swara looks at Sanskar through mirror and widens her eyes..she immediately turns around hiding her back which is completely bare " Saa.. nnss kaa..rr Tuumm.. yaahhaa. !! "

"Woo.. wooo Mei.. woo.. !! Woo i came.. here to call.. Ragini and Kavitaa… !! I didn't know.. !! You was.. doinnggg.. thattt..(points to ger Dori).."Says with a stammering voice..!!

"Umm.. ummm !! Noo.. problemmm.can you plzz call Ragini Di or someone.. i don't know how to tie this.." says looking down..!! ?

"Okk..!! "

Sanskar leaves from there to find someone but allas no one is there to help him out..(*This is my story, Dhundne se bhi nei Milne wala?)

Swara keeps on waiting for someone.. at last she peeps from Door ?.. She comes out finding no one but all of a sudden she is again dragged in her room..!! N that is only our Sanskar ..

"Shona how can u come out without tieing that Doriii? If someone saw you.. haaa? Tell meee.. !! It's not a jokeee..!! " Sanskar says angrily gritting his tooth… !!

Swara looks at him and starts weeping.." Sorr.yyy… !! "

"Shonaaa.. shhh !! Shhh !! Stop crying.. M sorry.. i didn't mean to hurt u..! Woo i was.. hufff there is no one who can help u.. ev1 is busy..! !" Says n tries to calm her down..

"Abb mei kya karuuuu?"(*wuhhaaa Kiddooo..!! MAIN HUU NAA<<–It would be my monologue if i replace Sanskar?)..

"Hmmm..ummmmm.. Can I do it?"Asks hesitately..!! (*Huahh haa haa Sanskar toh Sanskar hi haiii.. kuch nei ho sakta in dono ka..)

"Eeyyeesshhhh?!!.But Sanskar. U know how to tie Dori?hahaha.. soo funny".. starts to laugh..!!

"I know Shonaaaa… Don't underestimate me"says and makes her stand infront of mirror… Both are looking at EO through the cute mirror which is reflecting a perfect EPIC & HEAVENLY couple SwaSan..

Sanskar slowly moves towars her and keeps his hand in the Dori and slightly touches her silky bare back..Swara gets nervous though looks at him lovingly through that cute mirror.. Without moving their eyelock He moves more closer and ties her Dori.. He is sooo lost in her Deep mini coconut eyes..!! (*?)

"Sanskar hoo gayaaa ?"..

"Hmmmm"<<–His reply(*?)

"Sanskar hoo gayaaa?"whispers..

"Haaaaa Shona"..

"Toh u can leave me.. "says Sheepishly..

"Haa.. yhh.. !! Woo.. ho gayaaa… Tum aaaoo… i have some workkk".. says embarrassly n leavs the roomm..!!


@ Afternoon,,,

(*let's come to the point).

Swara is avoiding Sanskar like he doesn't exists at all.. !! He tries to talk with her,but our princess is showing her cute pout..!! Her avoidance is disturbing Sanskar a lot.. !! 🙂 Well now let me taste him the cherry of the cake, i mean jealous.?..

"Shona ,,. u become soo big.. look how beautiful u looking.." Says a boy giving a tight hug to Swara..!!

"Yuviiiiiii"Screams Swara and jump on him in over excitement..!!

Ehem ehemmm hearing her scream Sanskar immediately looks at Swara ..

"Wooowww wooowww wooowwww Shona.. Thamba thamba my princess..!!" Yuvi stumbles for the force of her hug..

[Note-Imagine Zain Imame as Yuvraj] (*My 86th crush?)

"Yuviiiiii,,, I missed you soo much.. where were you these days? Urghhh it be.. 1st gimme choco.. !! "

"Here is ur chocos my princess(*?).. How can i even forget about ur fav things..!! " says pulling her soft soft cheeks..!!

Now my camera shifts on our Prince Sanskar who is shooting draggers at Swa–uviii..!! He is hardly controlling his anger,tightly fisting..(*The same way when Helly huged Karan in an IV before the "JANAM JANAM"memorable dance performance in ITA awards and Varun was fisting seeing them.. <<–My imagination.. soo stay away my personal bashers)

Sanskar many times tried to talk with Swara, but she is very busy with her old gold friend doesn't even giving a damn to Sanskar's continuous fail trials to be with her..!! Whenever he goes to her,she makes a way with Yuvi to some other place..!!! It was hell irritating for Sanskar…!! 😀


Next Day,,,


@ Night

"Nei nei neiiii, I won't let Ragini Di go anywhere..she will live with us only.. !! Laksh jiju plzz don't take my Ragini Di with u.. U knwo na how much i love her.. !! If u want u can stay here with my Di,plzz don't take my Ragini Di.. !! " Swara cries hugging Ragini cuddling like a baby on her embrace.. She is not ready to leave Ragini.. Ev1,who is witnessing the BIDAI is having tears seeing her love for Ragini.. ! Ragini is also crying,tapping her head.. "shh My Shona.. nei rote.. !! Mei yahi huu..m not going anywhere.. see kiddo.. m here.. !! Shona look at me,(Swara looks up still hugging her tightly)u know na it will hardly take half an hour to reach my new home.. don't worry u can come there anytime.. !! Now let me goo,tomorrow morning(Swara cuts her off)

"Toh u want to leave me..,, okiii gooo(breaks the hug)i will never talk to you"Says and runs out leaving ev1 in tears.. !!

Ragini takes a step forward to follow her,"No Ragini beta,let her stay alone for sometime.. she needs some time.. It's all circumstances are new to her…!! Don't worry we all are with her.."says Shomi lovingly caressing her hairs..!!

Ragini nods with a heavy heart…!! "Take care of my Shona.. She is soo innocent.."

"All ladies you all plz continue ur rituals, I m going to bring Shona" Says Yuvi..

Sanskar looks at him with blood shoot eyes,having an urge to punch that guy..


After Half An Hour,,,

"Shomi aunty,i don't know where is Shona..!! I almost looked at the whole hotel but she is not there..!!" Says Yuvi with an exhausted voice ..

With the passing moment Sanskar's tensions increases.. He is feeling like his breath is leaving his lungs..soo many bad thoughts starts to occupies in his heart,making him shiver "My Shona Is so Innocent"…… echoes the words Ragini said before leaving..

"Aunty,let me check once" Says n rushes from there without evwn waiting for anyone's reply..!!


Sanskar is searching for Shona from more than half an hour.. !! He doesn't know what to do.. !! It is suffocating now,he starts to breath heavily "Shonaaa !! Where are you my Kidooo? Plzzz come back..Kaha ho tum?. !! "Cries and falls on his knees…

"Sanskar Ragini Di Chali gayi sach mei?" Asks Swara coming out from behind a big tree sobbing hard..!!

Sanskar kinda getting a new life runs and engulfs her for a bone crushing hug showing his care n obviously love for her "Kaha thi tum Shonaa… ? Pata hai,,JAAN NIKAL GAYI THI MERI,SAASEIN ATTAK GAYI THI MERI"(*oh gosh feeling like jump from flyover mentioning this dialogue in my OS.. EPIC ever line Sanskar can use for Swara.. !!,)

The next moment she is again in his arms ,pulling her close to his heart which almost stop beating for a minute not finding Swara near him.. The hug got tighter,more tighter and their bodies moulds like never separating from EO.. !! The hug is most needed right now.. !! Their embrace is the place from where they both belonged.. !!

Breaking the hug Sanskar cups her face " Shona, I LOVE YOU"this is he could convey that time.. !!

"I LOVE U TOO SANSKAR" .. that's all and she fainted on his arms.. !!

Sanskar is feeling soo light after confessing his feelings.. it's a out of the world ——— ..no word he could find to define his happiness..


It's been 6 months SwaSan are in relationship.. Both are super happy with EO.. ! !! But may be Destiny wants something else or may be doesn't want to see them happy.. and as expected the day come ,,,

"Sanskar, I'm trying to call you from morning.. but why are you not attending my call?u know i wanted to go Ice cream parlour,but…" Swara asks with a crying face..

"Stop it Swara, har waqt bass rona ronaa ronnnaaa!! M not ur servant to follow you everywhere.. go wherever u want to go.. do whatever you want to do.. I don't care.. !! Don't irritate me now.. tang aa gaya hu mai tumse.. !! " Snaps Sanskar angrily making Swara scared..

"Sa…ss akkkarrr.. whatt.. tt .. areee. Youuu..uu sa.yy..iiinn…gg?"

"Areey stop it yaaarrr,,GOD it's waste to talk with you".. says n left a broken Swara behind.. !!

(*I know M rushing the story with 444mm/hour)


After Some Days,,,

"Helo Sanskar, can we meet now? It's been almost a week i have meet or seen you?" Asks Swara with a pale voice.

"No,m busy now.. I'm in office.. I will talk to u later" .. says and immediately cuts the call.. " I can't bear this mad now"..

"Why are getting angry baby? Let's enjoy?don't spoil ur mood for that Mad girl?"

Sanskar smiles..

"Kavita Di, Sanskar…… "comes a voice from behind..

Both looks at Swara with shocked expression while Swara is standing numb seeing her love and Di with EO.. she is perfectly sited on his lap… !!

"Sanskarrrrr.. u said u was busy.. but what u doing Here with Di, N why she is sitting in ur lap? Say her to move..!! " says with a chocked voice..!!

"Swara, okkkk(taking a deep breath) i want to say you something.. n i guess it's the perfect time.." Sanskar says and again continuous

"Swara,you are a very good girl.. i thought i loved you.. but it's not true.. coz i have realised.. I only love KA**T*(Fevicall).. I tried a lot to be with you.. but i can't.. i just can't… "

"Sanskar,you know what you saying? Do you have even any idea? Sanskar look at me (cups his face) .. Sanskar tell me., have i done any mistake? Okk you are angry with me for saying you to take me to Ice cream parlour na.. but from now,i won't say. Even i won't disturb by calling you.. !! I will do everything u will say.. but don't say soo..tumhe pata hei,mai mar jaungi tumhare bina.."…

A lone tear escapes from his eyes … "enough is enough.. m just fed up with u Swara.. m done with u.. bassss ab sab khatam.. I don't need you in my life.. !!"Sanskar Says jerking her hands trying to control his emotions.. !!

"Par kyuuu Sanskar?"

"Bcz i love Ka**t* now.. that's all.. i can't bear a mad like you.. samjhiiii.. !! Shanti doo mujhe..!! I want to live peacefully..jeena hai mujhe.. plzzz go away from my life..!! I don't want to see you Swara.. !! Swara mujhe baksh doo. Never show me ur face again… "

Swara is froze at her place.. "U know Sanskar, i can't say NO to you.. so you taking advantage in this way?"

"Ohh plz Swara, why doy you leave him alone.. He said na (Swara cuts her off)

"Sanskar I think you still love me, but yeah we can’t escape the fact that I’m not capable for you. I knew this was going to happen. So I’m not blaming you for falling in love with another girl. I’m not angry, either. I should be, but I’m not. I just feel pain. A lot of pain Sanskar.. I thought I could imagine how much this would hurt, but I was literally wrong….I know M MAD.but with you i never got the feeling. but toady you proved Sanskar, u proved me MAD … Thnk u.. !!Good bye Sanskar..from toady onwards my chapter in ur life is closed forever.. ,"Swara says emotionlessly and moves towards RagLak who were witnessing the whole scene chup chap.. "Chaloo Di,it's time to leave..!! I have no time"..


"Sanskar are you sure you are doing rit by "(Sanskar cuts her off)

"It was necessary Kavita..!! After all now MY Shona will hate me and will MOVE ON.. coz u know, she has no future with me.. ! Infect i have no future.. so how can i risk my KIDDO's life.. it's better if she forgot me.. kyunki SHE HAS TO LIVE WITHOUT ME.. !! "

"Sanskar, i always called Swara as Mad.. never considered her as my sis.. you know why? Bcz i don't her.. i don't know anything about her.. !! After completing my higher studies i came back from London just 2 Years ago.. nd It was difficult for me to accept her as my sister..But itna toh janti hu Swara ko She loves u the most".

Sanskar grins "Ya,My Shona Loves Me The Most and Her Sanskar also loves his kiddo the most"..

"Sanskar what about your operation,i mean we have still not get HEART DONOR, U have no time Sanskar, we have to search asap.. otherwise it will be late..!! " Kavita saya worridly..

Sanskar just nods thinking something very deeply..


On the other side RagLak is trying to pacify Swara..!! "Shona,rote nei..listen to me Kiddo"..

"Ragini Di,how could he say like that? How could he even think of hiding such big matter from me.. how could he Di, how could he?"

Laksh interrupts "Bcz he didn't to hurt you.. He wants you to be always happy.."

"Par jijuuuu my happiness only lies on him na.."

Swara continues with a painful smile,,
"I could feel his pain Di,he was also hurt for saying those words to me.. !! He was in pain Di.. than how can i think about my happiness.He wanted me to move on,forgetting him,Noo,..N now it's my turn to Do something for him"..

"BDW Jijuu Did u find any Doner?" Asks Swara curiously..

"I wish,i could say yes, but unfortunately we are not getting any doner.. we all are trying our level best but"(Swara cuts him off)

"Jijuu can you plzz Give me DR. RAHEJA's number? I want to talk to him something..!! "

"What will you talk Swara?"

"I have something very important Ragini Di,m sure it will help to cure my Sanskar"..smiles

"Haa, yeh looo 9876543210..☺Laksh gives her number..

"Thnk u jijuu,for ur help.. without u,i don't know what would happen to us..Thnk u for informing me about his health conditions..


After reaching her room,she calls Doctor Raheja..

"Dr. Uncle We found the heart doner for Mr. Sanskar.. can u plz inform him?"

"Sure,But we need to know about you(cuts off by Swara)

"Dr. Don't think about all this.. u just make sure the operation gets successful..

"Everything will be ok,we just needed a doner .. Trust us"..

"Thnk u uncle"..

"You are welcome beta,, but what is your name and who are you?"

The reply comes "I'M THE HEART BEAT OF SANSKAR"..

"Shoo..nnnaaa..aaa !!!" The glass falls from Ragini's hand

Swara smiles with tears..


"Yeiii Kavita.. M soo happy.. !! Doctor juat called me and said we have get the doner..oh God, now i can live with my Shona.. !! I can.. !! I will say sorry to her..!! I will bear any punishment she will give..!! But i will be always with my Kiddo..!! " Says Sanskar Disarmingly..! !

"Congratulations to both of you SWASAN"..


After two days,,,

Sanskar is sleeping under medicine affect before been taken to OT.. Meantime Swara comes to his cabin..smiling wide..!!

[A small song : "Tum Bin Jiya Jaaye kaise"
From the film "Sanam Re"
by " Shreya Ghoshal"]

(*No description,just feel the lyrics,just feel the words)

Kuch pal to theher jaao na
Ya phir laut ke aao na
Yoon kehte nahi alvida
Mud jaao idhar aao na

{Stay for a few moments at least,
Or at least come back.
One doesn’t say good bye like that,
Turn back, come here please.}

[Swara keeps on starting Sanskar,who is sleeping with a cute smile.. It is so peaceful to watch ur love smiling..]

Tumhe dhoondhein meri aankhen
Tumhe khoje meri baahein
Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin

{my eyes look for you
my arms search for you..
without you, how do I live
how to live without you..}

["Sanskar"– caressing his face calls his name]..

Kitne the waade kiye
Ik pal mein tod diye
Jhootha nahi tu mujhko pata hai
Bas thoda rootha sa hai

{So many promises made,
you broke in a moment.
I know you are not a liar,
just that you are a bit angry.}

[Swara smiles remembering his fake anger and fake words "Buddhu, JHUTH BHI BOLNA NEI ATTA ACCHE SEI, u r a more big kiddo than me.. buddhu ram..kuch nei ho sakta tumhara"].(U don't even know how to lie,buddhu ram..!!).

Tu roothe main manaaoon
par tum bin kahaan jaaoon
tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
kaise jiya jaaye tum bin

If you are angry, I’ll placate you,
But where shall I go without you.
without you, how do I live
how to live without you..}

["I will be always with you Sanskar"]

Ye aasmaan aur zameen
Bin tere kuchh bhi nahi
Saanson se mohlat zara maang lena
Yoon uTh ke jaate nahi

{This sky and this earth,
They are nothing without you.
Just ask for a little extra time from breaths,
One doesn’t go away like that.}

Ya phir tu mujhe le chalsang apne jidhar tu chalaor
Take me toowhere you are going.
Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin



The operation(heart transplant) is successful.. Doctor congrats RagLak who were waiting for this good news..!! Both are happy,at the same time broken.. For the loss of a precious person,who is now not more with them.. Giving a new life to Sanskar..!! Well it was destined.. Nd we can't change it ever.. !!


After a Week,,,

Sanskar is desperately searching Swara.. it's more than 1 week she is now where to be seen..!! She is disappeared from ev1's life.. !! Nodody knows where she is.. His heart is beating soo fast.., infect it's pondering,screaming that something bad had happened to his Shona..!! He just wants to meet her once,wants to say a sorry for hurting her…
Wants to feel her HEART BEAT against his HEART.. !! "Kaha ho tum Swara?"..

He is going through the park… "LOVER'S POINT" .. A beautiful memory flashes infront of his eyes ….

A Small Flashback,,,

SwaSan went to enjoy the Sunday.. They were at the Lover's Point Part, living the pleasant weather.. Even though it was quite hard to stay without blabbering. Swara,tried and stayed calm,enjoyed the time being with her Love.. !!

To disturb the moment Swara's phone rings.. and its from Yuviii.. !! Seeing the caller name Swara smiled where Sanskar made faces… "Haa Yuviii,yaa yaaa… !! But why? Oh nooo..!! " like this their conversation was going on.. !! Sanskar get jealous watching his lady love talking another boy from so long..!! He was poking his fingers,saying her to cut the call.. But our princess was having a mood to make him volcano.. She was laughing seeing him turning red by jealousy..!!

There is no more option for Sanskar,except shutting her mouth in his way.. and the next moment her cell phone falls on the floor,eyes got wide feeling the sudden kiss of Sanskar.. He was impatiently kissing her lips not even giving a chance to reciprocate her..!! He was sucking her both lips hungrily..after a couple of minutes he calmed down and smoothly smooches her.. Finally Swara get a chance to reply back his actions,turning that sudden kiss into a passionate one leaving both breathless..

Both are panting heavily,trying to take breath.. "Shona,don't talk to Yuviii,,I don't like him…"..Sanskar says joining their forehead..

"But why Sanskar,he is just my friend.." Swara says trying to hold her breath..

"Noo,i don't like him.. I don't like when he calls you princess.. !! No one has rite to call you princess rather than me .. BCZ YOU ARE MY PRINCES.. ONLY MINE..!! N YOU ONLY BELONGS TO ME.. "

Swara is overwhelmed by his heart warming confession once again.. No doubt HER PRINCE has a power that can actually make her feel HIS PRINCESS.. ONLY HIS PRINCESS…

Swara placed his hand on her heart " Sanskar can you feel the heart beats?"..

Sanskar could feels her heart beat which was raising .. He looks deep down in her eyes….

"and MY EVERY HEART BEAT BELONGS TO ONLY YOU SANSKAR "… says Swara maintaining the same passionate eyelock…

Flashback Ends,,,


Sanskar snaps opens his eyes .. His eyes are streamed with tears..
Frighteningly he palces hand on his heart and HE CAN FELL HER HEART BEAT.. He remembers her words "MY EVERY HEART BEAT BELONGS TO ONLY YOU SANSKAR"…

He could feel someone peaks his cheeks.. He could feel HIS SHONA with him.. He could hear HEART BEAT.. yeah now actually his Shona belongs to him.. Her every HEART BEAT BELONGS TO HIM !! …He could again feel someone kiss his cheek.. ….His smile makes the unshed tears fall off….

Someone whispers near his ear "MY EVERY HEART BEAT BELONGS TO ONLY YOU SANSKAR"…………



SwaSanChuu Note- I don't know what i have typed up above..!! Sorry if it was not good enough to read..

IT'S A B'DAY GIFT FOR CUTIE(Shreeyu),SHALU(Swarmayi) & Hema Di(Hemanshi) for their upcoming B'Days.. !!.

Wish you all a advance very Happy B'day..
#Shalu as you wished ,i have fulfilled writing an emotional OS..
#Cutie as u wished to read an sacrificing wala beautiful OS.. Hopefully i could fulfill it..
#Hema Di, all those cute n happy go lucky scenes were for you & ur Golu/Angel..

Sorry couldn't write more.. specially separate OS for all.. !! Humble sorry for that..!! Hope you all like this..!!

Once again HAPPY B'DAY HEMA DI,SHALU,CUTIE in advance.. !! Stay blessed..!! That's all,except this OS i have nothing to give u.. !!

Thnk u soo much for reading..
God bless you all.. <3 <3..

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    2. Mica

      Shilpa.. love you too…don’t read what Kakali’s answer huh! she always spoil my innocent image

      1. Kakali

        Shilpaaaaaaaaaa,, This is the other side of Mica.. Comedian Mica.. !!,Joke of the evening..!! Innocent Image..!!, *Rolling on the bed drooling over my lappy screen..!! ;-*

  13. Shifa96

    Awesome and emotional os Kaku..
    I also like kiddo swara in your writings..
    And sry I wasn’t able to read it before..

    1. Kakali

      Shifaaaaaaaa !! Thnk u soooo much dear..!! I’m glad u loved it.. well we all love our kiddo princess..!!
      NP dear about late comment..i can understand..!! ;-*

  14. Aarushi_99

    I seriously have no words for this beautiful creation! It was amazing, fabulous, awesome, emotional and what not!
    I loved Swara sooo much, her mature + kiddo side, it was like a combination of Helly and Swara.. And Sanskar, I’ll always love him no matter what!
    Even though I don’t cry that easily, your os made me cry?, I actuall got tears seeing Swasan’s love for each other, and moreover their connection… they have such a strong connection that Sanskar got to know that his heartbeats are actually Swara’s without anyone tellin him (my favourite part in this os) that’s why I love Swasan?❤️

    1. Kakali

      Hey,Aarushi. Thank you sooo much dear for ur appreciation and golden words.it means a lot..
      yup,i wanted to portray SwaHelly together and i guess i got success somehow..!! I’m soo glad u loved both Swara & Sanskar.
      awww sorry to make you cry dear..*wipe your pearls.!! 😀
      MY SwaSan’s eternal love for EO kinda make them EPIC n so heavenly..!! coz they are connected through their heartbeats na..!! awww #Love#SwaSan..!! once again ty dear..!! ;-*

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