SwaSan OS: We are enough for each other

This one shot was requested by one of my reader at wattpad, so thought to post here also. This in on the track when RagLak did SwaSan’s shradh.

RagLak did SwaSan’s shradh and went away to mm with Ap. SwaSan were totally broken. At the same time, shomi was also broken totally due to shekhar. Swara saw went to shomi while sanskar went into another room. Swara consoled shomi.

Swara: Shh ma, calm down. Please.

Shomi: How could he do this to us swara? How could he?

Swara: Ma, believe me, everything will be alright.

Like this she consoled shomi and then she consoles RamTha and Uttara who were also broken after seeing Ap, Dp and RagLak’s mistrust on swasan. Then atlast she went to sanskar who was sitting in a corner, totally broken. Swara couldn’t see him like, she ran to him and hugged him. Sanskar started crying vigorously.

Swara (heavy voice and softly): Shh sanskar, calm down. Everything will be okay. We will clear every misunderstanding and unite with them soon. Soon we will live together happily like we used to.

Sanskar pushes swara and shouts furiously, taking out all his pain and frustration, “No swara. Everything is so messed up that now nothing could be alright. Even if everything gets stable, I won’t go back to that family. How could they do it to me? I admit that I came for revenge for kavita. But can’t they understand one damn thing that now I don’t love her anymore. I love you swara. We sacrificed our relation when that kavya entered laksh’s life. I worked day and night so that badepapa’s dream of having business in abroad could be fulfilled. How can they believe adarsh bhai, who kicked all of us out first then didn’t even paid any heed towards badepapa’s health. He didn’t gave money. Swara, you were the one who sold your jewelry which were very precious to you, to me. Atleast they could have believed you. But no they blindly believed their blood only. I think they were never our family so stop dreaming about uniting with them (then he turns around to see swara)

He sees swara crying and shivering in fear due to sanskar’s sudden shout and push. He shouted like this for the first time so it made swara scared. Sanskar’s eyes soften as realised what blunder he just did. He pulled swara into a tight hug. Swara clutched his t-shirt tightly and started crying vigorously taking all her pain out.

Sanskar: I am sorry swara, really sorry. How can I forget that you are going through same pain as me…probably more pain than me. But princess, you only think calmly. You did a lot for ragini even though she nearly killed you but still you forgave her. She tried to separate us but you still forgave her. You went with her to baadi, when that kavya entered our life. You stood with her, supported her but in return she gave you pain. Mr Dp, called you as his daughter but he didn’t believe you. Shona, you only say na that trust is the base of every relation, if there is no trust then that relation has no meaning. So there is no trust in those relations therefor it has no meaning. Stop running after those people who don’t even care for us. I know princess that you always dreamt of having a joint family. We do have our own family, uttara, mom, dad, ma, ayush and me. Our small happy family. (He breaks the hug and looks at swara’s red puffy eyes) We shouldn’t cry for those people who never considered us as ours. We did lots of sacrifices for them, but now no more. Mr and Mrs Dp maheshwari proved that for them only Mr Adarsh and lucky are their child. They never considered us as their child. And Mr Shekhar, he is just his mum’s puppet who followed her every order blindly, if it is right or wrong. Shona, we will have our own small family.

Swara (sniffing): Till you are with me, I don’t need anyone sanskar. I understood everything sanskar…everything.

Saying this she hugged sanskar while he reciprocated to the hug.

Sanskar: I am sorry for shouting on you. I made you scared na.

Swara (hiccups): It’s okay sanskar.

Saying this she hid her face more in his chest

Swara (slow voice): I need you sanskar

Sanskar: But I am always with you na.

Swara: Not in that sense sanskar…make me yours…please…I want to forget everything…everything…I want to be loved by you….please.

Sanskar broke the hug and said, “You don’t need to say please to me swara. Just order me.”

Saying this he picked in his arms and softly put her on the bed. He came above her and kissed her tears first. Then he kissed her forehead, cheeks and then started leaning towards her lips. Soon he started kissing swara’s lips softly yet passionately. Swara also reciprocated to the kiss with same passion, her fingers were brushing his hairs while sanskar’s one hand was caressing her waist and other one unpinning her pallu. They broke the kiss as they were out of the breath. Both of them looked at each other with love, love and love. Sanskar leaned towards her neck and started kissing her neck and throat. Soon he removed their clothes. They loved each other whole night under one comforter forgetting their pain and the world.

Next morning…

The heavenly couple are sleeping in each other’s embrace. Swara has hided her face in his bare chest while sanskar has wrapped his hands around her bare body, bringing her closer as if she is most precious thing to him. Same with swara, she was also holding sanskar tightly as if he is the most precious thing for her. Swara slowly opened her eyes. She tried to get out of sanskar’s grip but his grip was too tight. Swara started to struggle but sanskar tightened his grip more and brought her closer. Swara could feel his wamr breath on her face.

Swara (blushingly): Sanskar.

Sanskar (humming lazily): hmmm

Swara: Please leave me na, I have to make breakfast for all of you.

Sanskar opened his eyes and saw her angelic face glowing due to sunrays. Sanskar cupped her cheek, caressed it with his thumb and then kissed her forehead.

Sanskar (lovingly): You are a very brave girl swara. Just be like this but not too much which will cost your life because if something happens to you then..

Swara puts her hand on his mouth, “shhh, no sanskar, don’t even speak about it.”

Sanskar kissed her palm and took her hand, “Okay my princess.”

They smile, swara kisses his forehead, “You are also not less sanskar. You are also very brave.”

Sanskar loosens his grip. Swara sat on the bed, wrapping the cover around her body. Before swara could put her feet on the ground, sanskar picked her up.

Swara (startled): What are you doing sanskar?

Sanskar: I know very well that you hell tired, so just coming to help you.

Soon SwaSan had their shower and came out. Swara went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for everyone. Everyone were sitting on the dining table.

Swara (to shomi): Ma, are you okay?

Shomi: han beta

Sanskar: Mom, dad, ma. Please stop being sad for those people who never cared for us. There is no point of remembering them when they don’t care about us.

Rp: Sanskar is correct. Now we will have our own small family.

Sanskar: I have though that we will go away from here, in singapore. One of my friend works there in a multinational company and he told me that there are many vacancies there.

Rp: It is a good idea, atleast we will be away from everyone.

Sujata: But we would need lots of money to go there.

Sanskar: That is why today I am going to bank today for loan.

Uttara: All the best bhai

Sanskar and goes out but swara comes running making him stop

Sanskar: Swara, why are you running.

Swara: Sanskar (shows curd and sugar) dahi shakkar.

Sanskar smiles and swara makes him eat it. At the same time parineeta comes in.

Parineeta: tch tch. I feel so sorry for all of you. I mean, you had a nice big family and now you don’t have it anymore. I am thinking that you don’t even have the maheshwari title, how will you get job. Sanskar, do one thing, there is a job for peon in our company. If you want you can join it.

Swara (sternly): No thanks Mrs Maheshwari. But we don’t take favours from those people who can cheat their own family for money.

Parineeta: Swara swara swara, always dreamt of having a happy family. Now you don’t have your sister with you either your father with you. What will you do without them? Again you became fatherless

Sanskar came between parineeta and swara and said, “Mrs. Parineeta Maheshwari, neither we need your family nor this ‘Maheshwari’ title. I and Swara are enough for each other

From the back, Ramtha, shomi and uttara come, “And we all are you them.”

Rp: And parineeta, who said that swara does not have a father. I am her father. She is not a fatherless child.

Uttara: And I am bhabh’s sister so don’t dare to say that she does not has a sister.

Swara (smiling winningly): Did you hear Mrs Maheshwari. I have a complete happy family.

Parineeta feels insulted and goes away from there angrily. Swara looks at Rp and uttara with teary eyes and hugs them.

Rp: Shh swara beta, you are like my daughter to me. Never consider yourself as fatherless.

Sanskar: Arrey yaar, she ruined my happy mood.

Uttara: bhabhi, give a kiss to bhai then his mood will get better.

Saying this she giggles.

Sanskar: you are becoming naughty day by day han.

uttara runs before he could catch her ear. RamTha and shomi also went leaving SwaSan.

Swara: Good luck sanskar.

Sanskar smiles and kisses her forehead.

He held her shoulders and says while eyeing shekhar and parvati (who came outside when they head parineeta), “Swara there are many unwanted people around us who will taunt us a lot. But never take their talk on your heart.”

Swara nods.

Sanskar: bye

Swara: Bye

Sanskar goes to the bank. After few hours he came back with disappointment on his face. He sat on the sofa while everyone came.

Sujata: What happened sanskar?

Sanskar: Ma, they can’t sanction the loan because I don’t have any job currently

Rp: its okay, we will find other ways.

Sanskar: How dad? That Adarsh Maheshwari, has told all the companies that I am a cheater so I can’t get the job. I don’t know what to do.

Swara came with a glass of water and said, “Sanskar. Calm down. And don’t worry god will definitely show us a way. Just have little patience

Sanskar smiles hearing her soothing words. Indeed only swara can sooth him. Just then he gets a call from one of his friend who lives in mumbai.

Sanskar: hello Aman, how are you?

Aman: I am good sanskar but dude you sound low. Is everything ok?

Sanskar: No aman…actually (he tells how adarsha and parineeta betrayed them and the mistrust of him by maheshwaris. He also tells that he wants to go to Singapore as there are jobs available)

Aman: Yaar, you need at least 10 lakh for visa, ticket and buying a house there. I only have 1 lakh in my account and in fd I have about 4 lakh. If you want then I can break the Fd

Sanskar: No aman, you saved that money for your sister’s marriage.

Aman: Ek minute, I just remembered. Sanskar, when you lived in mumbai for 5 years. You also made FD and you deposited all your salary there. I am pretty sure that you never broke the FD.

Sanskar: Arrey haan, how can I forget that. Thank you thank you thank you so much aman.

Everyone one were confused.

Aman: Your welcome sanskar. acha now I will cut the call…bye

Sanskar cuts the call, stand happily. He picks swara in his arms and twirled her around making everyone happy.

Sanskar: oh god swara, I am so happy. You said it correct, god has shown me the way yaar.

Swara: ahh sanskar, I am feeling dizzy.

Sanskar stops and puts her down. He cups her face and says, “Sorry sorry, woh in excitement”

Sanskar hugs swara tightly. Swara blushes as everyone are present.

Swara: Sanskar, everyone are seeing us.

Sanskar (breaking the hug): oh.

Uttara (teasingly): Bhai, you should all these things in your room.

Shomi: But tell us the good news which made you so happy.

Sanskar: Woh, when I left mm for 5 years. I lived in mumbai and worked there in a reputated company. That time I made a FD in which I deposited all of my savings. I am pretty sure that there will be aroun 15 lakhs in the FD

Everyone gets happy.

Rp: What are we waiting for. Lets go and break the FD.

Soon sanskar broke the FD and applied for singapore. All of them got visa in 15 days. They kept this thing secret and one night all of them went to singapore. There they made their own new world. Sanskar started to work day and night…he kept getting promotions. Soon he started his own company knows as SANARA.co industries. 4 years passed and now they live in a beautiful mansion which was bigger than MM and not less than a palace.

Swara was doing some work in the wardrobe. Her saree pallu was tucked around her waist, showing her waist. She was busy that she didn’t notice one pair of eyes staring her lovingly and desirely. And it was none other than sanskar. He went towards her snaked his arms around her waist. One hand was caressing her bare belly under her saree.

Swara: What are you doing sanskar? Leave me

Sanskar nuzzled his nose in her neck and says, “No way Mrs khanna.”

Swara: Kya baat hai Mr Khanna, suddenly you became romantic.

Sanskar turns her around and wraps his hand around her waist, “I am sorry swara”

Swara: Why sorry?

Sanskar: Since we came here, I got so busy in my company and then busy in building new company that we couldn’t spend quality time together.

Swara puts her hand on on his mouth and says, “It okay sanskar. And love is not always about being intimate with each other.”

Sanskar kisses her forehead.

Sanskar: But still (whispers huskily in her ears) tonight I will compensate everything. So be ready jaan to be loved intensely by your husband. And I will love you so much tonight that you won’t be able to walk for a week atleast.

He kissed her earlobe and went away making swara shiver and shy. After few minutes she also went down. Everyone are having their dinner. All of them were having fun, cracking jokes but then they noticed swara who is quietly eating her dinner with a shy smile on her face.

Uttara (teasingly): What happened bhabhi? on what joke are you smiling. Tell us also.

Swara straightens her back and says, “Nooo..I was just smiling on your jokes.”

Uttara: oh, I thought that bhai did something.

Swara looks at sanskar who winks at her. Everyone finished their dinner. Sanskar has already decorated the room beautifully. Swara came in saw the room.

Swara blushes seeing the room. Then she saw sanskar wearing white pant and white shirt. He comes closer to her.

Sanskar: Will you get ready in this saree.

Swara nods and goes in dressing room. She came out in a red plain saree with black border on it nad black blouse. Sanskar was staring her intensely.

He comes near her and holds her bare waist making her shiver and blush. He pulls her closer making her dash with his hard tone chest. He kisses her forehead. He kisses her cheeks romantically.

He whispers in her ear huskily, “You are looking damn beautiful and hot that I just feel like seeing you for the whole life.

Swara looks down blushingly. He then picks her up and walks towards their bathroom. Swara questioningly looked at sanskar.

Sanskar: I told you na that I compensate everything today.

Soon they entered their bathroom and swara was shocked seeing it decorated. The bathtub was filled with water and some rose petals.

Sanskar slowly puts her in the bathtub and he himself settles inside. Now the saree was sticking to her body. Sanskar came upon her and started kissing her lips while swara equally responded with equal passion. Sanskar slowly unpinned her pallu leaving her in skirt and blouse only. They broke the kiss after few minutes. Swara hugged him due to shyness. Sanskar wrapped his hands around her back and nuzzled his face in her neck. He started drinking the droplet on her neck. And the screen went blurred.

After about 2 hours. Sanskar came out, only wearing his pants and swara is in his arms. She is wearing his shirt. He softly put swara on the bed and came upon her. He started kissing her neck while his hands move towards the shirt buttons. He slowly opens them and the screen got blur…Whole night they loved each other, the room was filled with groans and moans.

Next morning…

Our lovely couple and sleeping in each other’s embrace. As the sunrays were disturbing sanskar, he was hiding his face in swara’s chest which disturbed swara’s sleep. She blushed seeing sanskar hiding his face and their bare bodies touching each other.

Sanskar: Don’t blush this much princess, otherwise I will end up doing something and we would have to go down for dinner instead of breakfast.

Swara widens her eyes and hits sanskar on his shoulders while blushing, “Shut up sanskar.”

Sanskar smiles and hugs swara tightly while swara wriggles in his grip. Sanskar smiles. He nuzzles his nose on her bare shoulder and her neck.

Swara: Sanskar, leave me na

Sanskar smiles naughtily, “No”

Saying this started kissing her neck and biting it. He removed the comforter which was covering their body. Swara shies and tries to hide herself by crossing her arms but sanskar, using his full rights, removes her hand.

Sanskar (romantically and lovingly): There is not point of hiding yourself when I already seen you.

Swara blushes and hugs sanskar tightly. They again get busy, forgetting the world.


SwaSan came down together, holding thier hands. They see their family sitting on the dining table. They went towards the table.

Uttara: Good morning….oops good afternoon bhaiya and bhabhi

Swara looks down and heats runs till her cheeks making them red.

Sujata: I thought that you guys will come till dinner.

Sanskar: Ma..please

Everyone giggle…

Shomi: now sit down and have your lunch.

SwaSan sits on the chair and started having their lunch.

Sanskar (serious): Mom, dad, ma, uttara, swara… I want to tell you all something

Rp: What happened sanskar? Any problem?

Sanskar: I…. I am going back to kolkata for few days.

Everyone’s face went pale after listening to this. Swara started remembering the time when RagLak did their shradh.

Swara: B..But w..wh..why sanskar?

Sanskar: Actually dad….there is bad news.

Rp (pale face): What sanskar?

Sanskar: Actually dad, one of the servant of maheshwari mansion called me today. He told me that badima got paralysis and…

Rp (moist eyes): And…

Sanskar sighs and says, “And badepapa….is….no…more”

RamTha were shocked…including uttara, swara and shomi.

Ram (crying): Yehh..bhaisa…kaise..

Sujata holds Rp’s shoulders and consoles her.

Sanskar: He told me that, Mr Adarsh and laksh didn’t paid much attention to their company due to which it started facing loss. Laksh and Adarsh started doing drug smuggling…due to which they went to jail many times. Badepapa started getting sick seeing them going to jail, seeing his company in loss. Mrs Pari and ragini didn’t paid much heed as they were busy in their own world. After few days, he passed away. Badima also couldn’t handle all this stress and got paralysis attack. The servant also told me that none of them are taking good care of her. They all are busy in saving the mansion which is going to get auctioned in few days.

Rp and sujata were shocked as the house in which rp spent his childhood with his bhaisa… the house in which sujata entered as a DIL and spent good time with Ap… that house was getting auctioned. Even swara and uttara were little sad. As they spent beautiful moments there.

Rp: I know sanskar that…I was the one told you that we will haev our own small family but…bhaisa…he was my real brother…(he choked and tears started rolling down his cheeks)

Sanskar: Dad

Saying he went and hugged Rp.

Sanskar: Calm down dad.

Rp: How could laksh and adarsh not take care of their father. He did so much for them but they.

Sanskar: Dad, they will get punishment for their deeds… you don’t worry.

They broke the hug

Sanskar: Mom, dad, we all will be departing for kolkata tonight. Uttara you will stay here as I don’t want your studies to get affected.

Uttara: But bhai

Sanskar: Uttara, you will stay here.

Shomi: I will also stay here and take care of uttara.

They nod. In swasan room, swara was packing their clothes. She sees sanskar standing near window. Swara went towards him and holds his shoulder. He turned around.

Swara: Sanskar

Sanskar hugged swara tightly. Their silence was enought to communicate their feelings.

Swara: I still can’t believe that ragini and laksh did not took care of badepapa and badima properly.

Sanskar: They will get their punishment swara…they will

The next day….at mm

Ragini and pari were sitting on sofa while adarsh and laksh came and sat on sofa.

Adarsh: Pari, please get us some tea

Pari: Adarshji, we just painted our nails… ragini you go

Ragini: Bhabhi…even I did menicure and pedicure

Laksh: Seriously ragini, from when you started showing this attitude.

Ragini: Please laksh, first save this house… then talk about attitude and all

Adarsh: But I am thinking that where will we take ma….laksh, ragini.. you guys take ma with you as me and pari will go to pari’s mother.

Ragini: Why bhaiya? Why can’t you take her?

Adarsh: Arrey, don’t you guys love her. At one point you were fighting for her and now you guys…

One pair of eyes was seeing thier fight, which was of Ap who was sitting on a wheelchair. She got paralysis in her leg and hands.

Ap (monologue): Wow! today my both sons are fighting for me. And the irony they are fighting to avoid me. I wish sujata, swara and sanskar would be here. Today my heart says that they were innocent.

Laksh: Bhai, even you said that you love her and was ready to put her in mm when that sanskar betrayed us. That time toh you were saying that you love ma and papa, and you will keep them with you as they are your god. Now what happened?

Adarsh: That time I put them with me so that you and sanskar fight with each other and separate.

Pari: Adarsh!

Adarsh realises what he said.

Ragini (suspiciously): What do you mean by that bhaiya?

Adarsh (sweating): Wo..main

Laksh: Bhaiya, we are asking something. Does it means that you never loved ma and papa. You kept them so that I get into illegal things for money.

Adarsh (Blurts out): Yes! Yes, me, pari and ragini’s dadi did all the conspiracy. I was the one who bribed inspector to beat you all night and accude sanskar.

Ragini: It means they were innocent.

Just then they hear a stern voice, “Yes Mrs Maheshwari.”

They turned around and see sanskar standing with RamTha, swara and bodygaurds. They come down the stairs and stand infront of them. Sujata and swara run to Ap, who was on wheelchair.

Sanskar (smirking): Wow… Mr Adarsh, you blurted your own truth out….thank god, now i don’t have to do much ot prove myself.

Adarsh (angrily): What are you doing in my house without my permission?

Sanskar: For your kind information, I don’t need permission to enter into my house.

Pari (shockingly): What!

Sanskar: Yes bhabhiji (emphasis on it) The agent who was going to held the auction of this house, I bought this house and business from him.

They were shocked.

Pari: But how can you? I mean how you got so much money.

Sanskar (eyeing swara): Because god always supports truth. (gazes back at pari) I am SK now bhabhiji, so nothing is impossible for me.

Laksh goes to sanskar and hugs him, “I knew it bhai that you will come to save us.”

Sanskar didn’t hug him back. He pushed laksh slightly, “Who said that I came back to save you all”

RagLak and Parish were shocked.

Sanskar (cold voice): First of all Mr Laksh Maheshwari, you broke our relation, you did our shradh so I am not your brother. Second thing, this house and business is on dad’s name now. Third thing, you all four should get punishment of your deeds.

Just then police comes.

Sanskar: Arrest them inspector.

Inspector started arresting all four of them.

Ragini: But why me?

Sanskar: Because you supported Adarsh and laksh in their illegal activities and… tried to kill swara.

Ragini was dazzled, she ran towards swara.

Ragini: Swara, I am your sister na. Then please tell sanskar not to do that.

Swara (sarcastically laugh): Sister, when did that happen. As you were never my sister. Ragini, I never expected this from you. Because if you all today baedpapa is not in this world and badima is in this condition.

Laksh goes to ap and kneels down in front of him, “Ma, tell sanskar not to arrest us.”

Adarsh: Han ma, he will definitely listen to you.

Ap: You both are remembering me now when you are in trouble. Inspector sir, please take them.

All four of them pleaded but sanskar was not affected. Soon the inspector took them away.

Ap: I am really sorry, sujata, devarsa, swara and sanskar. I am really sorry for not believing you all. I was so blind in my sons love that I…

Sanskar: It’s okay badima. You are a mother so you will only believe your blood. (to Rp) Dad do you want to stay here.

Rp: No, I don’t want to. We will go back. But we will be coming here atleast once a year during our holidays. And you takeover maheshwari company and merge it with yours.

Sanskar nods. All of them with Ap, went to back to singapore and started living happily again.

Swara was working in the kitchen. Suddenly two strong hands wrap around her waist. It was none other than sanskar. He started caressing her bare belly under her saree and kisses her neck.

Swara wiggles, “Sanskar what are you doing leave me.”

Sanskar (huskily): Romancing with my wife

Swara (breathing heavily): Sanskar someone will come

Sanskar: No one will come, uttara is in college. Dad, mom and badima are in the hospital. Ma went to ayush’s friend’s house with him. They won’t be coming for next few hours There is only me and you.

Swara: Sanskar please.

Sanskar: no. You take care of everyone except me. You have such a handsome and hot husband, pay some attention to him also.

Swara hits his stomach with her elbow and turns around

Swara: Mr Khanna, I am also a daughter in law, a daughter, a sister with your wife so I have many responsibilities.

Sanskar brings her closer by her waist, “If you pay some attention to your husband then you will get one more responsibility.”

Swara raises her one eyebrow, “Which one?”

Sanskar (smirking naughtily): Mother.

Swara got shocked at first, then she blushes. Sanskar kisses her forehead. He picks her in his arms and goes towards their bedroom while gazing at her intensely. He puts her on the bed softly. He came above her and kisses her lips. Swara’s hands move towards his hair and back while reciprocating to the kiss. After few minutes, they broke the kiss. He leans towards her neck and started giving kisses. Soon the screen got blur.

After few weeks.

Swara was serving snacks to her family but suddenly she started feeling dizzy. Before she could touch the ground, sanskar held her from her waist.

Sanskar taps her cheeks and says worriedly, “Swara, swara. Ma mom, what happened to swara?”

Sujata: Take her to room, we will call doctor.

Sanskar nods. He picks her up and goes to their room. Soon the doctor comes.

Doctor did her check up and said, “Congratulation Mr Sanskar, you are going to become father.”

Sanskar (jumps in happiness): What? Oh god, thank you doctor thank you so much.

He hugs rp and everyone. The doctor went away.

Sanskar: I am going to become father.

Swara got conscious and saw sanskar happy. Sujata noticed swara. She went and kissed her forehead.

Sujata: Thank you swara, for this happiness.

Shomi, ap, uttara and rp congratulated swara but she was only confused. Soon all of them went away to give SwaSan privacy.

Swara: Sanskar, what happened to me? I mean

Sanskar sits near her.

Sanskar: Mrs Khanna, be ready for one more responsibility.

Swara was still looking at him confusingly.

Sanskar: we are going to become parents.

Swara smiles widely and puts her hand on her belly, “Really sanskar. I am carrying our baby, our symbol.”

Sanskar nods and hugs her, “thank you so much swara for this happiness.”

They break the hug after few minutes. Sanskar moves her saree from her belly a bit and kisses her bare belly.

Sanskar: Thank you baby for coming in our life. Come out soon as I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.

Swara smiles. They hugged each other again. After 9 months, she gave birth to cute princess, Saranshi sanskar khanna. And they lived happily ever after.

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