SwaSan OS – Encrusted In Love : by ZuZu


-“Hey Arjun I need the interior designer.. For my office.. Can u please Arrange a good one ” said the man sitting on his chair.. Glancing the beauty of the city from a glass wall right behind his chair.. One corner of a room was occupied by a sofa having a coffee table behind it.. !!

The most handsome hunk sitting on his chair with white shirt.,Black formal pant.. N a Black blazer of soft smooth fabric.. Made him look Ravishing.. He found his secretary standing beside him.. He gave a nod to her greetings.. still holding the phone next to his ear..

-“Yup Arjun.. Make it as fast as possible.. If u can pls arrange till noon.. ” said the man..

Disconnecting the call he turned to his secretary.. -“So what made u here..” In a bossy tone..

-“Sir The Australian clients have already arrived for the meeting.. I am here to ask shall v take it in Hour or at evening.. ” said the lady standing next to his table..

-“Umm no daisy no need to delay it.. It will be in an hour.. So go and make all the arrangements in the conference room !! ” he ordered..

Giving a professional nod daisy went out of the his Cabin closing the door behind her..


-“O Hello madam can’t u see n drive Ur huge car has damaged my auto.. ” said the auto driver banging the Window of driving seat of a car.. As his auto got dashed..

The door opened and stepped out a beautiful lady.. Wearing sunglasses.. She was pretty good looking.. Wearing chocolate brown coloured jeans and creamish pink crop top.. Having a pink shade lip colour covering her lips..

She took out her purse and throws the notes on the face of the person who was banging her window.. -“Don’t create mess for silly things… Get Ur shit repaired ” said she with full of attitude..

The man got angry.. He took the notes and throwed back on her face.. Making her fume in anger..

-“Madam you may be rich but we are also humans.. Keep Ur attitude till u Dont show it to others.. U may be princess at Ur home but here u are like us.. Same citizen of India..I don’t want Ur Money.. Keep Ur Shitty money and attitude with u..ask Apology and leave ” said the man who was a auto driver.. But he too had self respect.. It won’t comes from Money.. Every one is born with it.. Irrespective of either he is son of a multi millionaire or road side begger.. !!

The lady fumed -“How dare u.. Do u even know who I am.. Who’s wife I am..Am Mrs Sanskaar Maheshwari Don’t even try to mess with me ”

The man was adamant -“I don’t care who ever u are.. U did wrong n u must apologise for it ”

The lady saw the crowd around then she thought it won’t be good.. And the man was Adamant she made her hands in fists and muttered -“Sorry ” which was not genuine..

The man gave her Money back to her -“Reduce Ur ego it will help u.. ”

Saying this the man went back to his auto and drove off..

While lady.. Angrily sat in her seat and drove away.. Clearing the crowd.!!


As soon at the man completed presentation to his Australian clients.. He turned and his lips slightly tilled upwards.. As he saw them expressions impressed !!

-“Wow its just beyond Perfect mr Maheshwari..the profit will be a really good amount.. Quite impressive.. ” said the man sitting on chair In preparation room after listening to Mr Maheshwari !!

-“Thank u Gentle mens.. ” said Mr Maheshwari smiling formal..

Soon the meeting ended with the positive result..

Outside the presentation hall..

-“Chk daisy is Any interior designer arrived to our office .. ” said Mr Maheshwari to his secretary..

-“OK sir ” answered she with a professional smile.. !!

It was time for lunch..

At reception

-“Can I know where is Mr Maheshwari’s cabin.. ” asked a gal.

-“Do u have an appointment ? ” smiled receptionist

-“Err actually I don’t have an appointment But U can ask Mr Shikhawat he asked me to meet Mr Maheshwari for some interior design works.. ” said the girl returning her smile..

-“Naina.. Wait..(said daisy as she walked closer) hi.. Am secretary of boss.. He has already informed me come this way ” said daisy to the girl

The girl followed her.

Daisy knocked the cabin..

-“Come in ” a voice came behind the door..

After getting permission.. Daisy stepped in.. As the girl waited out !

Mr Maheshwari was reading a file -“Say daisy ” said he without looking at her..

-“Sir the designer u were asking about is arrived.. ” answered she..

-“Cool send her in.. ” said he still scrutinising the documents in file..

Daisy walked out and did as she she was asked to !

The girl entered with file hugging to her chest..

He looked up.. And saw a pretty girl.. Beyond beautiful.. Her cheeks round.. Having a light pink shade cheeks.. Perfect lips… Which were Enchanting without any color on them.. Her doe like eyes.. Which had enthusiasm.. She looked a perfect fascinating beauty.. Without any mask of make up..

Her body looked slim as she was wearing a long up n down layered top… Having digital print on it.. N checks designed jegging..

-“Good noon Mr Maheshwari.. Mr shikhawat told me about u want a interior designer.. ” she said with a delight smile..

His heart unknowingly skipped a bit.. At her smile..

-“Yeah I asked Arjun as I want to design a new interior for my office..” Said he standing from his chair..

-“I’ve brought some sample sketches.. Of my design if u like them.. ” said she placing the sheets which were in her other hand..

He saw the sketches and was blowed by her talent.. Her sketches were amazing..

-“Amazing miss…..Err” as he scrutinised the sketches.. But stopped as he dint knew her name..
-“Swara.. my name is Swara Singhania ” said the girl..

-“Good name.. (Looks at sketches again he looked at Her) Miss Swara I wanna give u the contract of my office interior designing ” said he.

She just smiled waiting him more to say..

-“U will b provided a cabin here u can ask any help needed from my secretary.. ” he said with a smile..

-“Sure Mr Maheshwari.. I will ” Swara said determined.

-“well my name Is Sanskaar ” said he forwarding the hand..

She smiled as they did a hand shake..

-“So from when I should join Mr Maheshwari ” said she.

While he wanted her to address him by his name..

-“I think I said u my name ” said he demanding.

Swara bit her lower lip -“OK Sanskaar ” said she..

Sanskaar loved the way his name rolled off her tongue.. The way she called his name..

Soon his phone rang.. Making him angry.. Be disconnected once without answering..

Sanskaar -“So lemme show u Ur working desk ”

His phone rang again.. He picked up frustratingly -“Y the hell u are calling ? ”

Swara looked a bit confuse Cz few minutes ago he was so soft n now on call.. When he felt her gaze on him he smiled a bit..

-“Don’t dare you call me Kavita in the office hours for ur silly demands.. ” he answered and disconnected the call without waiting for reply..

Sanskaar -“OK so lets go.. ”

Swara followed Sanskaar.. The whole way they were talking.. On professional things.. Showing Her his office.. While daisy followed them..

He came to a cabin n stopped ..

Sanskaar -“Here u go.. U will work here ” said he while daisy opened the door..

Swara smiled at daisy.. She returned the smile..

They walked in..

-“Thank u Mr Mah… ” she stopped in middle.. Looking Sanskaar who was already with a expression -“Not.To.Call.Me.Mr.Maheshwari”

She dint continue as Sanskaar ordered daisy -“Daisy make sure everything which she needs get arranged here by today n ya (Turing to Swara) if u need anything ask her ” he smiled.

-“OK sir ” said daisy..

Daisy was the loyal employee of his.. With a good heart.. She respects every one..

Sanskaar -“So Swara.. You can join from tomorrow ”

Swara -“OK ”

They had formal talk relating to work.. Soon she left.. While he got back to his work..

Days passed she always used to come on time she dint needed also Cz she wasn’t a employee there she was a interior designer..

When she was working on her desk Sanskaar came in without knocking.. Y did he needed to knock it was his own company..

Swara greeted him -“Good Morning ”

Sanskaar smiled n greeted back.. -“Swara tonight Its s party at my home n am Inviting u.. ”


Before she could complete it.. Sanskaar -“Aahan no excuse ”

Swara smiled n gave up…they had coffee together as Sanskaar asked her.. With this passing days they became good friends..

Daisy n Swara became very good friends.. They used to have lunch at her cabin.. Daisy told office n all.. !!

Daisy -“Did Sir invite u for tonight ?” Asked Swara .

-“Hmm yes for a party at his home. ” answered Swara.

-“Well I just pray it shouldn’t be a mess today.. ” daisy said worried

Swara -“What happened y are u saying so ?? ”

Daisy -“Kavita mam.. Sir’s wife always creates a mess.. Sir hate that.. ” daisy stated..

Swara dint knew that Sanskaar was already married.. But it Dint effect her much..

Swara -“Hmm I saw him always getting pissed off when she calls him.. Y would Any one behave with his wife like that ? ”

Daisy -“Uff swara what to say.. I don’t wanna comment on her Cz she is sir’s wife but seriously she is damn egoistic .. Dunno know what she thinks of herself.. “Said she.

Swara -” Hmm but Y did she do so.. Is that a love marriage ? ” asked she

-“Woohh Swara do u really think a love marriage u Ur self saw Sir ” said daisy laughing..

-“Ya but I thought that he may be frustrated that time.. So he spoke angrily with mam I thought !! ” said she innocently..

-“No swaru its not so.. Actually Sanskaar sir have lost his parents in childhood.. There for he had to live in a Orphanage.. But der was a old lady who took care of him like her own grand son.. Der for Sir says he is his only guardian and parent.. Later when he began to earn n made his own name.. This company.. Many girls throw themselves on sir as he have a good financial status.. Well he is hot n Handsome too.. I know when Kavita mam came here for job.. And she got selected.. She very well knew that he will never ever say no to decision which his granma takes.. She behaved well with all like a sweet person.. Sir’s granma got impressed by her Cz he every time took a good care of him in front of her n showcased like she like him.. And der it happened.. As Kavita too dint had mom dad.. This helped her to gain more sympathy of his granma.. She told sir to marry Kavita.. Sir very well knew she is snake with two mouths.. But he can’t hurt his grany.. He tried to deny but his granma never agreed.. So he married her.. From other day of marriage she started showing her real colours to sir but in front of his granma she behaved like a traditional bahu.. It’s 6 months they got married but sir never like her.. Only for his grand mother he is tolerating her.. ”

Swara sighed to listen this.. She was now clear with that Sanskaar don’t even love Kavita..

-“Ohh the lunch time is over let’s get back to work..” Said she looking the watch on her wrist..

Swara bid her bye.. Swara was der itself thinking -“Does like person exist in this world.. ” she got up -“Leave it all Swara u need to complete Ur work.. ” she moved to her chair.. N started working..


It was already evening guests Began to come..

Sanskaar stood der welcoming them all..

But his eyes were at entrance searching for someone.. Well it was business clients party.. He thought -“Hmm ya I know der was no need to call her but I did call Her here.. Just wanting her presence in party.. She is so sweet never tries to insult someone totally opposite of my so called wife Kavita who loves my Money status rather than me.. Hey hey stop Sanskaar where are u going y are u comparing her with Kavita.. And what it means by love.. Do she loves u.. Umm dunno but in this days we have became good friends but dunno y I hide that I am married.. Not by will but never such question raised.. ”

Few minutes later.. His sight fall on Swara who was wearing a beautiful black saree.. Sleeve less blouse.. Her hairs slightly wavey falling on her waist… With mimal makeup she looked breathtaking with her angelic smile..

His face lit up with a beautiful smile she was looking Ravishing.. Her enchanting smile..

He stepped forward..

Sanskaar -“Welcome Swara.. Thanks for coming ”

Swara -“I should Thank u for calling me in this party 🙂 ” she smiled making his heart skip a bit..

Sanskaar smiled and asked her to hold his hand as they were very good friends.. Swara dint hesitate to hold his hand..

As they were talking a waiter comes to serve drinks but Sanskaar tells him to bring Orange juice Swara don’t drink any other..

Sanskaar -“Bring two orange juice.. She don’t drink this.. ”

Waiter noded n left to bring what he was ordered..

Swara looked at him in surprise.. -“U remember that.. ”

Sanskaar -“Hmm ya ”

Swara -“But I remember u do drink u have no problem.. ”

Sanskaar -“Yeah But I Do remember u don’t like its smell so I thought to drink orange juice with u.. ” he smiled..

Before swara could say anything else waiter came with two juices..

-“I Dint even thought he will remember it and will not drink Cz I don’t like its smell he is so understanding n caring.. (She gets her sense ) what what am thinking… No no I can’t think like that he is married ” she jerked her thoughts off..

Sanskaar -” come I’ll introduce u to my granma.. ” without waiting for reply he tugged her hands to him and took her to the room..

Room was beautiful.. It wasn’t so much decorated but it was quite big..

Sanskaar -“Dadi.. ” he said enthusiastically.. Hugging the old lady..

The lady reciprocated the hug… -“Aagaya mera bacha.. ”

They broke..

Sanskaar sitting on knees In front of the old lady.. -“See whom I brought to introduce u.. ” he said excitedly..

Dadi -“Who ?,”

Sanskaar to Swara -“Shona.. Come here.. ”

Swara was amazed as for the first time someone called her like that.. He too every time called her Swara but Today.. But her heart beat raised..

When she was deep in thinking Sanskaar called her again -“Shona what are I thinking come here.. ” his voice soft..

Swara came forward and knelt down on her knees beside Sanskaar..

Dadi could clearly see a different type of excitement n happiness in his eyes as he was introducing her to Swara.. -“I’ve never seen him so happy n calling kavi like that any time.. ” she thought..

Sanskaar -“Dadi meet Swara she is our office interior designer.. ”

Swara smiled and touched her legs taking blessings..

Dadi smiled n blessed her..

All time dadi noticed Sanskaar talking about qualities of Swara n looking at her.. While she was just smiling.. She was seeing Sanskaar so much happy for the first time..

After some time..

Sanskaar -“Dadi we need to go.. Guests will b waiting for us.. ”

Dadi -“OK” smiled..

Sanskaar -“Cale Swara ? ”

Swara -“Dadi I’ll come again.. U are so lovely I loved to spend time with u.. ” she said smilingly..

In short time dadi n Swara got close..

Dadi -“Whenever u like u can.. ”

Swara got up n turned n saw Sanskaar’s unflinching gaze on her.. She walked.. He walked behind her..

They were standing together while a client of his comes n wishes them.. -“Congratulations Mr Maheshwari.. (Looking Swara) I must say u have got a very beautiful wife.. Congrats Mrs Maheshwari.. ”

Swara looked at Sanskaar eyes wide open .. while Sanskaar looked at her with different eyes.. Before they can say anything.. A lady from behind comes to them

-“Aahan Mr Avasthi.. Am Mrs Maheshwari.. Not she.. She is just a servant of our company.. ” holding Sanskaar’s arm..

Swara looked at her then Sanskaar.. A tear escaped her eyes.. Cz she felt Kavita insulting her..

Sanskaar got angry n was about to say something.. Swara holded his hand.. When he looked her he can see her tears shedding eyes.. She noded in no..

But Sanskaar was Sanskaar -“she is Our interior designer Mr Avasthi.. A very talented n efficient girl.. ”

Mr Avasthi -“Oh am sorry.. Nice to meet u.. ” he nodded to Swara n left..

Kavita dragged Sanskaar.. While he was looking at her.. Swara was standing alone.. But soon Laksh came to give her company..

Sanskaar was damn angry On Kavita but Cz of guests he stayed calm.. He saw Swara getting comfortable again..

Laksh was a employee in Maheshwari’s companies.. Swara made friendship with him..

Swara left after some time waving a bye to Sanskaar..


Swara -“Shit yaar blue print is in upper shelf I need it.. ” said she keeping her hands on her hips Looking at the shelf in her cabin..

She turned round n saw a tool.. She took that and climbed on it.. Trying to take it.. It was still away.. Now she was standing at the corner of the table.. -“Lil more Swara.. Lil more ”

The table slipped n she fall backwards.. She closed her eyes tight.. In fear of falling..

But she slowly opened her eyes.. As she felt soft.. -“From when land became so soft ” she thought.. And to her shock.. She was in Sanskaar’s arms.. Holding her shirt tightly.. While his arms were warped round her.. N his eyes fixed on her.. Her black eyes catch his brown eyes.. There eyes were commutating a lot of which they were unaware.

She tried to get off.. But he was quick..

Sanskaar -“Don’t move.. ”

Swara stayed like that… Sanskaar picked her up in his arms and made her sit on sofa..

Sanskaar -“U know u can’t then y did u even try to go der.. What if u would have fallen down.. ” he said worryingly..

Swara -“Am fine nothing happened.. Do u have any work ?,”

Sanskaar -“Ya I was here to tell u that.. In noon time come to my cabin with the sketches u prepared last week.. I need to finalise few so that work gets started.. ”

Swara nodded..

Sanskaar before leaving turns -“From now be careful.. Call me If u need any help ”

Swara smiled -“OK ”

Sanskaar smiled and left..

Noon time as soon as Swara completed her morning work.. She entered in his cabin without knocking..

Sanskaar gets irked when someone enters in his cabin without knock..

Sanskaar -“who the hell… ” as soon as he looked he stopped.. And got up from chair..

Swara was trying to balance holding big paper folders.. Sanskaar helps her out.. By taking the Folders and placed on table..

Swara -“Am Am really very sorry I dint knock the door.. Actually this folders.. Am seriously sorry am not asking excuse it was my mistake.. I must remember u hate such ppls.. ”
She was pleading non stop until he kept his index finger on her lips.. -“Shhh calm down.. Am not angry.. Its ok.. I understand.. ”

Swara -“But I .. ” her lips could not move more as his finger was on it..

He could feel her soft lips beneath his finger.. An unknown heat coursed through his eyes when they met hers.. Unable to bear the gaze she closed her eyes..

Sanskaar loosing his sense moves his finger sensuously on her lips.. This raised her heart Heart beat.. But soon she realises that he is married.. Though she had something in her heart for him.. She moved away..

Sanskaar came back to sense.. They quietly walked towards the sofa.. While Swara began to show him sketches n explain him.. While he was Dazzled by her work.. But more than paying attention to her work.. His eyes were on her fascinating face.. A strand of her hair was disturbing her.. She was moving It back as it was coming front.. Sanskaar slowly moved his hand.. And tugged it behind her ear.. She looked at him in surprise.. They were sitting close to each other..

Tugging the strand back he cupped her cheek with one hand.. Caressing her cheek..

This time she was lost in the depth of his eyes.. He liked when she looks deep in his eyes… He never touched his wife Kavita.. When ever she tries to close to him.. He makes a excuse.. But he himself was now amazed as his hands itching to touch Swara .. Touch her soft skin.. His eyes falled on her lips.. Which were slightly apart.. Inviting him to kiss them.. Kiss then senseless and mark then as his.. He leaned towards her..

They were a distance a part when the door opened and Kavita rushed in.. Catching them in such position..

Kavita was shocked to see them so close..

They both got up.. Swara began to shiver.. While Kavita stared at her in a blood shot eyes..

Kavita -“What was going here.. ” (in a ferocious voice.. )

Which shaked swara’s legs..

Sanskaar -“nothing just seeing sketches ” he said as calm as possible Cz he Dint want to afraid her more by shouting on kavita..

Kavita -“I saw everything.. (Seeing Swara) u bi*ch how dare u.. I know girls like u for many does everything.. Dint u Even think he is married.. ”

Sanskaar lost her patience.. -“Kavitaaaa ”

Kavita -“U who*e what did u do to my husband he is shouting at me for a girl like u.. ”

Swara was crying badly.. Listening her words..

Before Kavita can speak more she felt a burning sensation on her cheek.. And she realised Sanskaar landed a tight slap on her cheek..

Kavita -“How dare u Sanskaar.. I’ll not leave u.. ” holding her cheek..

Sanskaar -“Get out Kavita from here right now ” he shouted..

Kavita left from the office.. Where as Swara was crying badly.. Sanskaar holds her.. And hugs her tight… -“am sorry Swara am really very sorry .. Pls don’t cry I can’t see u like this.. Pls.. ”

Swara struggled in his arms saying -“Cz of me all happened.. U slapped Kavita mam.. Cz of me u both fought.. ” she tries to push him but he holds her against her wish..

Sanskaar -“Don’t say like that u are not the reason.. Don’t blame Swara don’t blame Ur self.. ”

Swara -“I should know my limits.. U are married.. ” saying this she pushed him all force and ran away straight to her cabin.. She did hide her tears In front of all..

As soon as Swara left.. Her words began to hammer in his head.. “I should know my limits.. U are married..”

He throwed all things from his table.. Kicked his chair in frustration.. -“What is happening with me.. Y I can’t control when Swara is round me.. Y I forgot am married..though I don’t believe it.. I am .. Y I can’t hear anything about her.. Its killing me God its killing me.. I can’t see her going away.. Away from me.. I like her smile.. I like her presence round me… ”

Sanskaar calm down after few minutes.. In this all frustration he got his answers.. He confessed to himself..

He went to Swara.. But stopped right in front of door.. His heart ached to its core.. As he saw Laksh side hugging Swara n consoling her.. She dint mind it.. He thought when I hug her she pushed me.. He went from der in anger.. Pure jealousy.. But he dint say her anything..

Laksh -“Swara what’s the matter y are u crying ”

Swara speaks nothing..

Laksh consoles her..

Swara thinks -“I know I hold Feelings for him.. But its not right.. His touch makes me senseless.. I forget everything under his gaze.. But its wrong.. He is married I can’t be the reason of any ones breaking relations.. ”


Few days past everything became normal.. Swara was now behaving normal with Sanskaar.. Sanskaar tried His best to tell his Feelings to her.. But can’t..

One night Swara was working late.. Sanskaar had some work in office he came back again at 8 and found swara’s cabin lights were on.. It was raining outside..

He walked towards her cabin.. Lights went off due to rain.. Swara got scared as she was scared of lights.. He got in.. Swara got more afraid..

Swara -“Who’s der (sweating) ”

Sanskaar walked.. Towards her..

Swara -“Who’s der don’t dare u come near me.. ” she stammered !!

Sanskaar came close to her in dark.. When she was about to shout he Placed his hand on her mouth..

Sanskaar -“Shhh Its me Sanskaar !! ”

Swara got relaxed but in very next second she hugged him.. As she was afraid of darkness..

Sanskaar caressing her hairs -“what happened ”

Swara -“(buried her face in his chest ) am afraid of darkness.. ”

Sanskaar took her in his embrace possessively.. -“Am here only no need to get afraid ”

Soon she remember that day.. And pulled herself away from him..

Sanskaar came close to her.. The smell of rain n her jasmine fragrance.. Forced him more.. He cupped her face.. Due to lightning in rain he saw her face bit scared.. But she was lost in his eyes.. He leaned on her.. Swara was tired of suppressing her Feelings.. She went with the flow.. When Swara dint made any movement.. He took it as yes n placed his lips on hers.. He began to kiss her lower lip hardly.. Making her moan.. Taking the opportunity he entered his hot tongue in her.. Her tongue intertwined with hers.. He kissed her senseless.. Swara too kissed him back.. Her hands found his waist…

Soon they broke when they felt lack of air..

Swara realised what she has done.. She turned other side..

Sanskaar smiled and gathered courage -“Swara.. I love u .. ” he said in one go..

Swara turned to him with shock..

Sanskaar continued -“Yes.. I love u.. Love u alot.. I never felt like this for someone which I do feel for u.. I don’t have anyone in this world only a granma.. Swara I Am ENCRUSTED IN LOVE .. I am Encrusted in Ur love.. This feeling is awsm.. I want to hold u.. I want to love u.. I wanna make u mine Forever.. I wanna take u in my embrace when u get afraid of darkness… I want u to be addressed as Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari.. ”

Swara -“Stop it Sanskaar.. This is nothing its just mere attraction.. U are married.. U have a family.. “,

Sanskaar -” That’s not a family Swara.. My wife never ever loved me.. She loves my bank accounts.. This is a forced relationship.. I don’t consider her as my wife.. I want to make u my wife.. ” said he..

Tears rolled down her eyes -“Manne na manne se kuch NAI hota.. Truth can’t be neglected Sanskaar..”

Sanskaar -“Then this truth also can’t be neglected that u too love me.. ”

Swara -“I don’t ”

Sanskaar holds her arms -“Don’t lie to Swara I know u love me.. N Cz of Kavita u are not confessing.. If u don’t then y my one touch makes u senseless.. If u don’t then y u replied to my kiss.. ”

Swara -“I don’t Sanskaar its wrong ”
Sanskaar -“no its right I love u.. U love Me too I can’t live without u Swara I need u.. ”

Swara -“Its quite late I need to go.. ”
Sanskaar -“First say u love me.. ”

Swara -“I don’t.. Pls let me go.. ”

Sanskaar knew how adamant she is so he dint forced.. But he dropped her home.. While she denied.. But he was stubborn too..


As days passed Kavita was sure now Sanskaar loved Swara.. She gone insane not Cz she was afraid of loosing him.. But she would come on road if it happens..

Dadi also sensed about Sanskaar’s Feelings for Swara..

Swara decided to complete her work and leave his company.. She continued to ignore him.. While he never missed a chance to come near her..

One evening Sanskaar went swara’s home and his legs got rooted to place when he saw her with Laksh.. Laksh was facing his back to him.. And Swara’s half face was visible.. It looked like Laksh was kissing her.. His blood boiled in a rage..

He hide him self when Laksh got slightly a parted..

As soon as Laksh went.. Swara went in her house.. Sanskaar followed her..


Before she close the door he entered with force..

Holding her arms he pinned her to the wall.. Door got closed automatically..

Swara shocked -“What are u doing leave me.. ”

Sanskaar began to kiss her neck aggressively..

Swara -“Sanskaar behave urself leave me.. ”

Sanskaar pecked her lips.. Holding her hands so that she could not protest against him.. -“U hate when I kiss u when I come near u.. But when Laksh kissed u.. U liked it right.. ”

Swara eyes wide open.. -“No we Dint ” she said while he kissed n licked her collar bone..

Sanskaar -“Don’t lie to me Swara I saw ” he said without stopping his kisses n bites..

Swara let out a moan -“No.. Pls stop Sanskaar.. Its wrong.. ”

Sanskaar trailed the kisses from her neck to her cleavage.. -“I love u.. And I know u love me so I have right on u to love u.. ” Saying this his hands travelled to her waist.. Biting her cleavage..

Swara bit her lower lip to suppress the moan.. She was now enjoying him on her.. The way he was loving her passionately.. Her hands automatically went to his hairs..

Her body her emotions were not helping her words.. -“Its wrong Sanskaar.. ” she said.. And hissed as Sanskaar licked her cleavage the bitten area..

Sanskaar -“U are enjoying.. See am Turing u on.. ” Saying this he looked her.. And smashed his lips on hers.. Swara groaned in his mouth.. He pulled out.. And went to her right ear.. And licked her ear lobe.. -“Accept it Swara.. U are mine.. In each bit of u I’ll write my name today.. I’ll make u mine.. MINE FOREVER ”

Swara holding his shoulders.. For support as her legs were weakening from her knees.. Sanskaar hold her by her hips and lifted upwards.. Catching her lips in his.. As he pushed her up while kissing her.. Sanskaar made her legs wrapped round his waist.. Now his hands holding her waist and Swara’s hand wrapped round his neck..

He was kissing her restlessly.. Kissing her lover lip hard.. Demanding access.. Swara now was loving it.. She parted his lips and gave him the Authority.. He entered her mouth and kissed her more passionately.. Swara kissed him back.. Sanskaar Still kissing her in same position moves towards the bed room and made Swara lie on bed.. Still not breaking the kiss.. Swara’s legs still wrapped around his waist..

When Sanskaar withdrew himself.. Swara was now lost.. She only remembered she loves him.. When he withdrew .. Swara looked at him angrily.. -“U Don’t want me Swara ? ” he asked.. She pulled his collar and smashed her lips on his.. She kissed his upper lip making it senseless.. Sanskaar enjoyed it..

She then withdrew.. Her lips.. While he kissed her neck n opened the zip of her top..

Swara moaned -“Umm aaahh.. !! Sans…ka..aaa..rrr”

This made him more turned on.. He removed her top.. He stared at her upper bare body.. It was barely hiding her curves with inner wear..

Swara looked at his eyes which were Coursing hot sensations though them..

Sanskaar kissed her bosoms above her inner wear.. Swara moaned.. And pushed him more on her.. His lips were working on her one curve while other knead her other curve..

He removed the last barrier of her upper body.. Swara took a deep breath…

As soon as his mouth found one of its tip.. He licked it.. Making circles with his tongue.. While his thumb caressed the other tip of other curve..

Swara was feeling ultimate pleasure..

He removed his shirt.. And held her close to his chest.. Her chest crushed in his hard chest..

His lips found hers.. He enclosed his lips when he found her tounge.. Swara gasped.. He moved in n out her tongue in his lips..

They broke.. Sanskaar came down on her belly and licked it all over.. Her belly shinned with his saliva..

He placed a lingering kiss in her belly bottom..

Swara -“Mmm yaaahh ” she moaned in pleasure.. While he placed a kiss on her jeans button.. He got up and looking her opened her jeans button..

After removing her jeans.. He caressed her bare tights.. And kissed der..

Soon Sanskaar removed his button.. And wishpered in her ear.. -“Am gonna mark u mine forever..” He pecked her lips and went down..
Soon the room was filled with moans of pleasure with pain.. He kissed her soothing her pain..

They Reached to the highest point of love making with her beloved.. They marked each others to one’s..
When they felt exhausted they fell asleep.. She was wrapped in single sheet with him.. Hugging her.. They slept peacefully..

Sun rays hit them.. Sanskaar got up and saw Swara cutely sleeping in his embrace “Encrusted in his love” he grinned.. And pecked her lips.. -“Good morning Love ”

Swara got up n smiled looking him and caressed his cheek.. As soon as she got thier condition n him shirtless..

Swara -“(tensed) Sanskaar What did we do it’s wrong.. ”

Sanskaar kisses him to make her silent.. -“Shh nothing is wrong.. Infact we needed each other.. ”

Swara -“But Kavita.. ”

Sanskaar -“It was never a marriage.. I will talk with dadi.. ”

Swara Still looked tensed

Sanskaar -“Then we will get married.. Listen I want lots of childrens from u.. ” he smiled wickedly..

Swara punched him play fully.. -“I think I’ll be get mad the way u did last night.. ”

Sanskaar -“What I did huh ?,” smiled.

Swara -“Made love to me.. ” she said shyly.. Hiding in his chest..

Sanskaar -“Aaww my angel is getting shy.. ” he hugged her..


Same noon..

Sanskaar reached his house..

Sanskaar -“Dadi I wanna talk to u.. ”
Dadi was crying..Sanskaar got tensed..

Sanskaar -“Dadi kya hua ”

Dadi -“Muje kuch nai hua h.. Pls Swara ko bacha le Sanskaar.. Uski jaan khatre me h.. Mene kl Kavita ko phone pr baat krte suna.. ”

Flash back..

When Dadi goes to Kavita she saw her talking with someone on phone.. About the plan and getting Swara killed..

Flash back end..

Dadi -“Swara se tu Pyaar krta h iss baat ki khabar lag gai thi Kavita ko.. Usne Swara ko Marne ka plan banaya h.. ”

Sanskaar gets tensed n angry thinking about it.. He remember Swara n he talking about kids.. He runs fast.. To the address which Dadi said him.. Before he left Dadi said -“Ghr le aana Swara ko.. ”

Sanskaar smiled sadly and left..

As soon as he Reached the place.. He saw Swara crying and Kavita slapping her..

Kavita -“(holding Swara’s hairs) U b*t*h how dare you come close to my Sanskaar.. His fame popularity everything is mine only mine.. Got u .. U b*t*h.. ”

Swara crying -“I love him not his Money.. He loves me.. I love him not like u ..”

Sanskaar gets tears in eyes listening her Confession ..

Kavita slapped her again -“I’ll make u die today n Ur love ”

Swara -“My Sanskaar will come for saving me.. ” she says confidently..

Sanskaar soon began to beat goons swara feels happy seeing him.. While kavita’s eyes got widened..

Sanskaar over powered the goons.. Soon police arrived.. Swara ran and hugged Sanskaar crying..

Kavita was taken by police..

Sanskaar took Swara in his arms n brought her home..

Swara -“Sanskaar Dadi… Kya bolegi.. ”

Dadi came from back.. -“Aagaya Sanskaar meri bahu ko le kar.. ”

Swara looked at her in shock.. Sanskaar smiled and pecked her lips -“Dadi Excepted us ”

Swara pinched him -“Idiot How shameless u are.. Dadi k samne b ”

Sanskaar -“So what I love u.. ” Saying this he pecked again.. -“I can do it front of all u are mine.. ”

Swara blushed..

Dadi smiled and blessed them..

Next day Sanskaar went to court and cancelled his n Kavita marriage Cz it had only been 6 months so they can cancel rather than divorce.. Kavita was sent to jail..

Sanskaar came back and directly went to his room to Swara.. Abd hugged her -“no one can separate us now ”

Swara -“I love u ”

Sanskaar -“I love u too.. ”

They kissed…

!!!Screen Freezed!!!

True love can come to u in any wat.. Its up to us to realise feel it.. And try to get it rather than regretting for whole life !!

****The End****

Pls comment !! Ur views !!


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  1. Rosey

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      aaww so sweet of u.. But its a One Shot.. It’s already a happy ending.. Well Ive other Os of mine I’ll post here one by one.. 🙂 will think to write this Cz Ive many pending stories on other site 🙂

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