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Swara gadodia and Sanskar Maheshwari were friends since their kindergarten days. They understood each other completely and were the only one who could bear each other’s temper tantrums.

They were so much into one another that they ended up in the same college in Delhi. Even though Sanskar was in love with Swara, he never had had enough guts to share his feelings with her. And this was probably because he didn’t want to lose a special friend of his. And partly because, Swara was madly in love with Abhimanyu, her boyfriend.

Sanskar’s POV ~

It was a fine summer morning and there she was, the most beautiful girl, with her boyfriend, cuddling in the college garden. Huh..! Why on the earth does he exist? He was a hunk and the most popular guy in the college. No girl would refrain herself from taking chance on him.

But Swara, what the hell has happened to her..? I wish we would have never joined this college. Then my girl wouldn’t have gone that far from me. Why can’t she not see the real side of that Abhi. He is nothing but a big sh*t. Man..! How could anyone flirt with every girl he comes across. Moron..!

POV ends ~

Swara’s POV ~

“You could never measure my love, baby. Its beyond the galaxies and universe.” Abhi had told me this morning. Gosh..! He’s such a cutie pie. It has been two Years and yet he is so lovable. And Sanky, only the fortunate ones can have a friend like him who are so true at the heart.

These two were part and parcel of my life. I was nothing without them. They were basically my lifelines. But Sanky.. Where the hell is he? Did he not come to the college today? No yaar.. I wanted to go for shopping with him.

I was searching for Sanky and there he was.. Sitting in a classroom all alone, with his neck buried deep inside his books. He has changed. He’s not the same he used to be two years back…

POV ends ~

Sanskar’s POV ~

Oh god..! This girl was impossible. Every week she has to shop something or the other. I don’t know if she lives just for shopping. And today, Madame Swara desires to shop in the CHANDNI CHOWK market.

We were roaming in the busy lanes of CHANDNI CHOWK. It was like a window shopping for her but for me, it was nothing less than wandering for no use. I was engrossed in my thoughts when she dragged me to a small temple.

‘Sanky.. People say that if you wish anything in this temple, wholeheartedly, it is definitely fulfilled. I will ask god for making mine and Abhi’s relationship stronger.’ She said with eyes full of happiness.

I stood there watching her as she prayed with the utmost dedication like a child of four does to get a Play Station. Lol..!

‘Bhagwan Ji, please aap mujhe aur Sanky ko kabhi alag mat karna. We are incomplete without each other.’ She prayed.

Her sentences could have brought tears to my eyes. After a lot of give – mes and give – me nots, we finally stepped out of the temple. And BOOM..!

In a matter of seconds, I was thrown off in a blow and was lying on the ground, with my head bleeding badly. I wasn’t able to figure out anything. There was great hustle and bustle in the market and amidst the crowd, I saw Swara lying lifelessly on the ground in a pool of blood. I, somehow, walked up to her. It was getting difficult for me with every passing second as my leg seemed to be fractured. Her face was unrecognizable as she was close to the bomb that blasted.

We were rushed to the hospital and our families were informed. I did inform Abhi but he didn’t even have the courtesy to come and see her. Maybe that’s what love meant to him. But for me, it held a different meaning altogether.

After a few days, I was taken back to my place besides my resistance. I wanted to stay with her, the one who was going through the most difficult phase of her life. And after a few more days, came a news which left me shattered. She had died. My love had died.

And my Dad sent me to England as he didn’t wanted me to get even the flashes of that deadly day. And after Swara being dead, I had no reason to be in this city.

POV ends ~

~Five years later..

Swara’s POV ~

Why was I alive? I had lost all the reasons to live. I couldn’t see myself like that. I had lost Sanky. But that was my decision to give him the news of my demise. He wouldn’t have been able to love me with this scary face.

In these years of solitude, I started engrossing myself into books. I even wrote one. And maybe it was because of this book that I met him again.

‘Swara.. Why do you always have to do this? Do you even care what my condition was all these years?’ He shouted.

‘Sanky.. Please listen to me. I really didn’t intend to hurt you. Please.. Let me explain.’ I was crying.

‘No let me explain it all to you. All you think is about yourself. You never care about anyone. Years back, in the college, I loved you then even. But you didn’t give a damn. And even today, you never wanted to meet me, right? Is that all friendship means to you? You are so selfish..’

‘Sanky.. I wasn’t being selfish. Its just that I couldn’t dare to talk to you with such a deformed face. I thought that you would never be able to love me back. And I didn’t wanted to be a sympathy seeker.’

‘You really think of me like that? Swara, it was not your outer beauty that captured my eyes, but it was purely your inner beauty which stole away my heart. And don’t you dare think like that ever again. I love you for all you are and not for the beautiful face you wore.’

And with this, he placed a ring on my finger. I wished the world to stop there itself. He was such a pure soul. He loved me from the beginning and kept loving me, even when I had filled myself with hatred. That is what true love is.

And if its not forever, its not love..

POV ends ~


Its true that, not all people stay in your life till the very end. But the ones who wish to stay with you, will really find a way even when the whole world is against them.

So guys did you like the story?

It was a combined work of SHREYA and DHARSHA. Do comment if you like the story..


Credit to: Shreya and Darsha

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  7. Great is the first word that comes in my mind. It was veryyy nice. U both have given the true meaning of love. I just loved it.

    1. Really Sree and am really happy to know from u ?
      And what about ur ff ??? U write one if am not wrong…?

    2. Sree..! Thank you so much dea.. I am glad that uh liked it..

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  11. Aww my two sissies doing an awesome job. Loved this OS. And I wish everyone gets their true love ❤
    Love isn’t selfish and the way you guys portrayed this. Maar dala ???

    1. Wow!!! Uh here…so happy Anu ???
      And taking time to read from ur schedule….uh r really sweet sis ???
      Thanq for u compliment and really it means a lot….???
      Love u sooooooooooooooo much…♥

    2. Anu..! Long time.. Thank you so much.. Ibam glad that you liked it..
      And of course love isn’t selfish.. It is meant to live for others..

      Love you a lot..! ❤

  12. Dharsha beti..Kya OS likha tum logon ne..Awesome.. 🙂 I just loved the concept.. 😀 Love you 🙂

    1. Am very happy that u loved this and this OS is combined effort of me and Shreya (sweet sis)….infact she wrote and mine was just a small part….???
      Glad to know it from u and ur really vvvvery sweet like ur name Sweetie Ma 🙂

      1. Thats not true..
        I just penned I down.. The plot was given by Dharsha..
        And I m happy that you liked our work..
        Thank you dea..❤

  13. Marvellous!!!

    1. Thank you so much RUPA..! ❤

  14. Hey girlies!! Shreya and Darsha!! This OS is seriously awesome!! ??
    U r right…the one who wish to stay with us will always be there, no matter what!! And the way u portrayed it was awesome!!!

    Loved it dear!!! Seriously???
    Love u guys♥♥

    1. Yup..! No one can beat tw power of true love..
      And thank you so much..
      Love you too Ashu..! ❤

  15. Dharsha di remember me or not ha ?? U wrote it its such an amaizing os i ever saw on tu after shreya di’s prejudice but unfortunately i was not able to comment there , it was a very good one …. shreya di spare me for not commenting ….

    Really the concept is really good one , people like sanky r very rare in this world ….

    Dharsha di i didnt knew u r such an amaizing writer ha ….

    Dharsha di u didnt talkef to me since many days , so reply as soon as possible when u read this ….

    1. Hey….♥priyu♥ dear…..
      First of all….thanq so much for the comment…am glad that u loved this….
      Actually I didn’t write this…this was written by Shreya and BTW the plot was ours ?
      Yup!!! I didn’t talk to u for many days…infact I was missing you and then I visited ur OS to re-read it and then only…I noticed ur question….uh come and I will answer…..;)
      And if u r not in fb…make a wattpad account and we will chat there … that’s so nice app and we could read stories over there too… 🙂
      Am waiting

      1. And the question u asked is the most stupid tht I ignored it…
        Don’t ask like that….I will always remember u forever ?

      2. Di i have wattpad my user name is priyuS , but i dont know how to chat on it …. i missed u so much dharsha di , u re read my os …. awww thank u so much

      3. Hey!!! Say me ur wattpad dp…I think I have found u and there u can chat there by using the message icon down the page….and don’t forget to say ur dp ???

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