SwaSan OS…. Dark Haunted Pool.{By Kakali}

Hilooooo ev1… Here m with an tiny OS ..it’s my 1st attempt to write something scary. !!
Sorry for my grammatical mistakes n spelling errors….!!!

Soo here is the OS “HAUNTED POOL”… m going to describe the whole Story in POV… Hope u all like it..

#Warning- Be ready with tomato,Slippers,Ambulance,Doctor as well as fav hanky,, you will need it at d end…

Now let’s move inside the story,,,


Sanskar’s POV,,,

I started for my Anand uncle’s resort at 6.00 am in my “4X4” SUV. It was a clear morning and i managed to reach the resort at around 9.00am…. !! I was damn tired for 3 hours continuous long journey n wanted to checked in as soon as possible n took a hot bath …

I checked in at the resort which was really very beautiful. It was situated on a hill
Side area.. It had a great sea facing view from the front and a dense forest cover at the back which made us feel one with nature… The view was indeed mesmerizing n pleasant…

When i was moving towards my room,i bumped with someone… i couldn’t look at her face clearly as her long black shiny hairs were covering her face n she was busy gazing at floor since her mobile fall down as we bumped suddenly…!! The moment she looked at me with her big eyes, i was almost lost.. !! I was having an urge to take her in my embrace n kiss her hard those rosy lips which was perfectly lined up with dark red lipstick…!!

After some seconds i came to my sence when she shaked me through shoulder murmuring “Today’s moron people don’t even know how to say sorry”..
But i was too busy to listen her soft voice while gazing her perfect lips which was moving in a rhythm…!!

Finding no reply from me she again murdered something “blo*dy dumb head” n left d place.. !!

I kept gazing her back till she disappeared from my eye sight.. i still couldn’t believe what had happened to me some minutes ago.. ! My lips curled up for a slight smile.. Then i moved towards my room & there i witness the Devine beauty struggling with her key. At last i thought to help her out n ask a sorry for my last idiotic behaviour..”Excuse me Miss.If u don’t mind May i help u?”

She looked at me n without saying anything gave me the keys .The lock got unlocked after my few trials “Thank u Mr.”

“Sanskar Maheswari”.. i said not even letting her to complete..

She passed me a smile n slam the door in my face… !!

“Wooww !! Interestingly girl.. need to know about her more” i said myself with a smirk..

Immediately after entering my room I suddenly felt a chill in the room which made me feel uneasy.I shrugged it aside and thought that it might be the cool sea side breeze which might have made me feel that way… it was afternoon that time n taking a good hot bath i went to the hotel to grab something to eat coz my tummy was screaming like hell..!!

POV Ends…


Next Morning,,,

Sanskar’s POV,,,

After returning back from Gym I entered into bathroom.. !! While standing infront of my mirror, I could see my back.. Then i saw an apparition moved very fast from one side to another.. I turned back abruptly then it was vanished! I don’t know,but i was feeling like someone or something was with me all d time.. ! I couldn’t think more coz my brain was occupied by the thoughts of that beautiful girl whom i meet just a minute ago..!! … shrugging my all creepy thoughts aside i took my bath n went towards the pool side ..

There she is sitting all alone looking the most stunning n breath taking girl in her off shoulder knee lenth Red Dress.. ohh God it perfectly fitted her curvaceous figure.. People were busy in swimming , dancing n singing all around but she was busy starting the pool water aimlessly..!

Don’t know why,but i could feel her loneliness.. i could feel her pain which she reflected through her big doe eyes..

POV Ends…


3rd Person’s POV,,,

“Excuse me Miss. Beautiful can i ” Sanskar wanted to ask her but she couldn’t let him complete the way he did..

“Swara.!!. call me Swara Gododia.,, Mr. Maheswari” she snapped with a rage filled voice n a sudden shiver spined down to his body due to her this act.. !!

Sanskar didn’t reply anything.. She changed her voice into a melodious one n again said “Sorry Mr. Maheswari !! I was bit tensed that’s why”..

“Oh! No worry .. i can understand Swara..sometime it happens.”

“Not sometimes Mr. Maheswari !! It always happens with me” Swara says

“Excuse me,did u said something?”

“Nothing Mr. Maheswari”..

“Oh common Swara.stop calling me Mr.Maheawari.. it seems m an oldie..!!call me Sanskar..”Sanskar says making faces..

In return Swara gives him a smile which almost took his heart away..

“Try to always smile Swara, u look beautiful when u smile”

Swara slight smile faded hearing him n immediately stiff looks covered her face yet again..

“I need to move Sanskar, i have some work.. BDW nice meeting u..”.. Swara said back n extended her hand for handshake..

The moment their hand met,both could feel something electrifying.. neither they moved nor could broke the eyelock which placed a long ago …

Swara came to sence n broke the eyelock..she was about to move but turned around n said”Sometimes life doesn’t give us enough reason to smile for, so it’s better not to smile.may be some bad will eye catch us n we will forget to smile forever”said n made a way to her direction….

Sanskar was confused with her talks.. He couldn’t ever thought what she meant…!!but he could see pain n fire in her those dazzle eyes … BUT FOR WHAT?

POV Ends…


Sanskar’s POV,,,

It’s been almost 5 days m here.. in these days me n Swara came a little close..now she talks with me without any hesitation.! Infect she even smiles .. just a small smile nothing else..!! But i can do anything for her that small smile.. I don’t know why but i love to spend time with her.. yaa somehow i m attracted towards her..! I don’t know what’s this feeling but i like her company.. i like her attitude.. i like her silence even.. Her small mischievous smile is enough to make me flat on her..!!. Yahh i like her..!! I started to like Swara. !! Now m just waiting for tomorrow morning to meet her again.. God she affect me too much..!!

POV Ends,,,


3rd Person’s Pov,,,

Sanskar was sleeping. Time was around 12:30 when his sleep got disturbed for some sound..! He again tried to sleep ignoring those sounds which was continuously increasing n coming close to him..!! His sleep got totally disturbed n tried to listen the source of that sound.. !! It was not clear though was coming close more close n more close till his bed.. !!

He jerked from his bed when he heard some sobbing sound near his bed.. he could feel someone was sitting near his leg..1st he thought he was hallucinating but when the sobbing sound increased he started to shiver.. !! Getting up from bed he moved to the switch board but allas light was fused.. He takes out his mobile n on the flashlight with trembling hands.. “whoo.oo.. iss.s Th..eeee.eereee?”

His flashlight falls on a body structure who was straightly looking at Sanskar’s eyes.. ! All Sanskar could scream n ran from there… He ran towards the main door n enters in a room thinking about the recent moment.. his sweat, n shivering body proved how scared he was.. !!

He leaned again the wall when his flash Started to on off.. ! On off ! On off !! He again heard That sobbing sound in that room.. !! He looked at the direction n the view he witnessed made him froze..

There the same girl was sitting in corner with her pale face,white eyes,messy long hair,several scratchs in her face .. She was looking at Sanskar n was eating RATS .. bloods were all around her hand,face n lips…

Suddenly she stopped her work n comes to Sanskar in a light speed that he couldn’t understand when she was pressing his neck.. He was not able to move ,all he could only gaze that creature or u can say CHUDAIL… (*Wink)

Sanskar jerked from his bed sweating badly.. horror was clearly visible on his face.. “Shitt ! What was that nightmare?”

POV Ends….


Sanskar’s POV,,,

Holly Shit.. !! What the blo*dy hell is happening around me? What was that Nightmare for? Damn Damn what’s wrong with me? Urghhh m going mad. !!

I tried to cool down myself when suddenly felt the same chill in my bathroom that made me soo uneasy.. i moved out n went to pool side where Swara was gazing the pool water like always.. i don’t know what she likes but whenever i had seen ,she just stare the pool .. like there was something deep she was looking for.. ! Hell it was soo irritating.. !! But today was something strange.. !! Where is all people? All the resort is as quite as graveyard.. SHITTT!! Graveyard.. .. how can i think about Graveyard? M going Nuts man..


3rd Person’s POV,,,

(Same Day)


Sanskar was coming back from meeting when his car ditched him …. “WTF”.. He cursed his fate n walk to the resort which was probably 15 minutes away from the place he is standing now.. !!.

Sanskar started to walk … he was little bit in a affect of alcohol… !! Though was well known about his surrounding.. it was a dark night.. The darkness seemed denser between the embankments..There was no moon in the sky and barely enough starlight.. !!

Suddenly he felt like someone one was following him..!someone was near to his back.. He increased his speed n walked as fast as he can.. he wanted to look back but people say when we r walking at night n hear some strange sound,we should never look back… may be something bad would happen.. !!

Now he was running n with that the unknown force was also running with him.. Sanskar could feel that the unknown power was inch apart from his back… !!

After a couple of minutes he reached resort n rushed to his room .. He walked pass the pool in his way out he looked at Swara who was sitting at the edge of pool staring water.. urghhh I JUST CAN’T UNDERSTAND THIS GIRL.. !!

I silently sit beside her .. She instantly looked at me as i do the same .. I don’t know after that how our lips met,how we kissed EO,how we sucked EO’s tongue.. how we became breathless, how she smirked between our kiss n HOW SHE PUSHED ME INTO THE DEEP POOL.. !! …

I landed in a sitting position, swallowed water n went at once to the bottom.. I was frightened.. The pool was deep nine foot deep… But it seemed a long way down.Those nine feet were more like ninety, n before i touched bottom my lungs were ready to burst.. I opened my eyes n saw nothing but water.. I grew panicky, it was suffocating.. I tried to yell but no sound came out…

I tried to bring to brings my legs up, but they hung as dead weights,paralysed n rigid.. I great force was pulling me under.. I screamed,but the only water heard me..
I struck at the water as i went down,expending my strengths as one in a nightmare fights an irresistible firce.. I had lost all my breath.. My lungs ached,my head throbbed.. I was getting dizzy..

I went down, down endlessly.I opened my eyes.. Nothing but water,DARK WATER that one could not see through.. I was shrinking under water paralysed,stiff,rigid with fear.. Even the screams of my throat were frozen.. Only my heart was pounding n it proved i was still alive..

The water was still around me .. A mass of DARK WATER held me..I shook n trembled with fright.. My arms wouldn’t move,my kegs wouldn’t move.. I tried to call for help but nothing happened..

And then,suddenly there was a light..The whole DEEP DARK HAUNTED POOL was filled with light n there i could see something,, something like flashes.. Yes flashes of a girl screaming for help, she was pleading to three boys who were forcing themselves at her … “plzz leave me.. don’t do this with me n my unborn child..!! Plzz m pregnant.. plzz don’t .. donttt… donnntttttt”…
But noo those busturds didn’t listen her plead n thrust into her satisfying their inner lust..!!

She was lying there helplessly.. No one could hear her scream.. one after another all those 3 basturds killed her soul.. it was not the end,, one of them made her stand n took out a knife n stabbed her with his all force.. !! Same did the 2nd nd 3rd boy..they stabbed stabbed n stabbed her..not once not twice not thrice infect several times i couldn’t count.. than she was pushed to the pool .. There she slept emotionless.. The water of that pool was filled with her blood n scream …

I couldn’t stop my tears, i couldn’t breath coz the girl was SWARA,, the same girl with whom m living more than 10 days..!! There was only silence.. The silence which Swara liked..!! Now i can understand why SHE LIKE SILENCE.. WHY SHE ALWAYS STARED THE POOL.. !!

After that flash ended, i was coming out of the awful DARK WATER.. At my eyes were n my nose was almost out too.. Then all efforts ceased.I relaxed.. Even my legs felt limp nd a blackness swept over my brain.. It wiped my fear; it wiped my terror; tyere was no more panic..It was quite n peaceful.. Nothing to be afraid of.. This was nice to be drowsy….. to go to sleep… to floot along in space….. tender arms around me….. tender arms like someone near to heart… now I must go to sleep…I crossed to oblivion and the certain of life fell…

The next i remember i was lying on my stomach beside the pool.. Swara was with me through out the whole journey… she was looking at me with a wide smile n some droplets of tears in her eyes.. !! She was smiling for the 1st time.. all i could cry n looked at her vanishing figure.”I COULDN’T HELP U SWARA…. M SORRY”..I whispered back.. She kissed my forehead n vanished like a flash..


A room is shown where 3 boys are listening this story shivering n trembling like anything… one of the boys asks “Whooo.. wh..oo r.. r uu?”

The boy who was narrating the story turned around with his pale face n blood shoot eyes.. their whites were barely visible in the dimness… a voice come from back “Dont u remember us Rajat,Sahil & Nikhil?”

“Sww..aarr…aaa… Sa..nn sskk..aarrr?”says all trio in unison…

Everything went BLANK..!! All the three Rajat,Sahil,Nikhil are hanging with a one rope ….


Laksh-Ragini ,, Arnav-Khushi ,, is watching News channel……. —— “The XYZ resort which was closed due to some illegal activities… Yesterday there police found 5 dead bodies.. we came to know from our sources two dead bodies is of India’s top most famous business tycon MR.SANSKAR MAEHSWARI N MRS.SWARA SANSKAR MAEHSWARI… Acc to the forensic reports Mrs.Maheswari was raped n brutally murdered… Mr.Maheswari was also killed brutally with the same knife whom the murderers used to stab Mrs.Maheswari.. !! Police found their bodies in that resort pool .. !!!
This Is not end infect we get to know the murderers … Yes the murderers(Rajat,Sahil,Nikhil)were found in one of that resort room hanging… Forensic report proved that trio raped n killed Mr. n Mrs. Maheswsri.. ! Still we don’t know who have punished them.. it’s still a mystery !!
To know further about this case please stay tune with us … “..


A Flashback,,,

After killing Swara they were about to leave when Sanskar came.. Trio stabbed n killed Sanskar n throw him to the same pool …

Flashback ends…


By the end of the news ev1 is having tears in their eyes….

RagLak & Arshi says “Swara Sanskar”…both appears n all look them with teary eyed

SWASAN nods “Our Revenge is complete.. we r free now… We need to leave”…

Ragini n Khushi cryingly says “Maat jao naa(plzz Don’t go) BHAI BHABHI.. WE NEED U HERE”…

SWASAN tries to wipe their tears but they e unable to do soo”Noo Baccha we need to leave” says n starts to disappear…

RagLak, Arshi cries holding their respective partners…

SWASAN looking at each other n averting gaze to them “WE R COMING SOON”…

{BG Music : “Chal waha jaate hai”}

Aasmaan ke pare
Ek jahaan hai kahin
Jhooth sach ka wahaan
Qaayda hi nahin

(Across the sky
here is a world
Where there is no law of
Truth and lie)

Roshni mein wahaan ki
Alag noor hai
Saaye jismon se aage
Jahaan jaate hain
Jaate hain

(There is a different illuminence
In the light there
Where the shadow goes before the body)

Chal wahaan jaate hain
Chal wahaan jaate hain
Pyaar karne chalo
Hum wahaan jaate hain

(Letโ€™s go there
Letโ€™s go there to love.)

Chal wahaan jaate hain
Chal wahaan jaate hain
Pyaar karne chalo
Hum wahaan jaate hain
Seene se tum mere
Aa ke lag jaao na
Darte ho kyon
Zara paas toh aao na…

(Come and hug me
Why do you fear?
Come a bit closer)

Seene se tum mere
Aa ke lag jaao na
Darte ho kyon
Zara paas toh aao na
Dhun meri dhadkanon ki suno

(Listen the rhythm of my heartbeats)

Chal wahaan jaate hain
Chal wahaan jaate hain
Pyaar karne chalo
Hum wahaan jaate hain
Chal wahaan jaate hain
Chal wahaan jaate hain
Pyaar karne chalo
Hum wahaan jaate hain……

SWASAN are going to another world.. The world that made by God only for the True lovers who couldn’t complete their love in Earth.. Now SWASAN Are moving to that world where Only TRUE LOVERS EXISTS..


After 9 Month,,,

“Congratulations Mr Laksh n Arnav Maheswari… !! Both of u is now a proud father of a girl n a boy”…

Laksh n Arnav moves to their wives room … All four kiss their babies forhead “OUR SWASAN IS BACK”.. where we can see the baby boy winks at the baby Girl … in return she gives him a flying kiss through a motion of her hand ….. (*huh Shameless fellows)…

Now let’s wait for OUR SWASAN’s new love story to start yet AGAIN..

[Sometimes The murdered do haunt their murderers, I believe. I know that ghosts have wandered on earth.]

~~~THE END~~~


Don’t think to kill me for this boring OS.. otherwise u have seen na what Ghosts can doo…๐Ÿ˜Š

Thank you sooo much for reading…
God bless u all.. <3 <3…


  1. Hemanshi


    |Registered Member

    Awwwwww that’s so sweet….They r spool cuteee๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
    Loved it to the coreeee๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. Samaira


    |Registered Member

    Awsome but m confiused sanskar was alive na n u guost i mean he died but when plz explain me please (cute pupy eyes) plz. N the story was awsome. Felling scary n window is at my back n u said na not to look at back so m still not loking at back. Now do something we made me felt scare or i will become ill n if something hapends to me na then u will see me in ur house near ur leg with blood!!!! And di dont forgot to explain me…..

    • Kakali



      Samairaaa !! Sanskar was murdered that day with Swara.. !! they both died together n come to take revenge from their murderers.. !! All d story n specially in the pool side incident Swara was describing him how they killed Her coz Sanskar came late to save her n she died,,he didn’t know what happened to her.. !! That’s the whole story is about.. !! hope u r clear now.!
      Thnk u sooo much dear !! ;-*

    • Kakali



      Shaluuuuu !! don’t wink yaar… m blushing soo hard..๐Ÿ˜ถ..
      Thnk u sooo much dear!! m glad u loved it.. !! *push u too dry pond ;-*

  3. Radhika..


    |Registered Member

    Awesome story di and the way u portray it make it more awesome……. Some different concept with a different style…. From the title and swara behaviour I thought that she is ghost and all according to the title but as the story proceed everything got a good pic that is clearly in front of us….. Swara and the case…. Their death all the things r crystal clear…. But one thing I don’t get di is that Sanskar and swara are married and swara died and again sanskar live with her for 10 days as she is a ghost and after that they kill sanskar but still how come sanskar don’t get swara at their first meet …… I. Am confused about the one fact only about sanskar not knowing swara and the story which he saw when some power get him inside the pool…..
    Love the story….. And the way u describe each and every scene the pool one the girl sobbing …… And the unknown force pulling sanskar all r like realistic…. Loved it di…
    Love u๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    • Kakali



      Radhuuuuuu !! Thnk u sooo much Bacchaa !!Yup, SwaSan were died that day only when those boys stabbed them.but they came to take revenge…. Sanskar didn’t know,how Swara was killed soo she showed him under water through the flashback..remember he said “M sorry Swara,i couldn’t help u”..both were souls n was leaving with EO…just for revenue.. !!
      hope i can clear ur confusion,if not then ask me.. once again Thnk u…
      m gald u loved it. … Love u tooo … !! ;-*

  4. SNY


    |Registered Member

    Kachuu sis this os is outstanding….but little bit fear sometimes๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚….all scenes are superb sis …

  5. Simi


    |Registered Member

    I need the fav hanky…. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
    Our Swasan n their baby๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  6. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    Awesome…. Nd somehow scary also….BT I m confused if sanskar was dead ….Nd swara was a soul…then how sanky spend 10 days with him….Nd who was that soul…who was eating rat……yuckkkk…BT it was my fav.scene remember 1920 ….cat eating scene……swasan gets justice…. Murderers gets punishment… Perfect ending…….this Time I don’t need my hanky……do write another haunted story…Nd don’t forget to clear my doubt

    • Kakali



      Aliyaaaa !!! Thnk u sooo much dear.. !! Yup, SwaSan were died that day only when those boys stabbed them.but they came to take revenge…. Sanskar didn’t know,how Swara was killed soo she showed him under water through the flashback..remember he said “M sorry Swara,i couldn’t help u”..both were souls n was leaving with EO…
      About that Chudail.. hahahah it was just a dream/nightmare of Sanskar..
      Thnk God u find it scary n no need of fav hanky…will try to write.. TC dear !! ;-*

  7. Mica


    |Registered Member

    damn it.. damn it.. damn it !!! you know what.. that why i always said that i need a right time to read your story as it’s always gave me undetectable result..
    how could you…. damn it! i can’t stop laughing to imagine……

    his sweat, n shivering body proved how scared he was.. !! *run from interview

    and yelled……. CHUDAIIIIIIIILโ€ฆ*wink

    well, all of them was spirit either Sanskar or Swara , on some ghost story, even they couldn’t recognize themselves as ghost, that why in sanskar’s pov, he didn’t know that he is a ghost too…..

    • Kakali



      Micaaaaa !! m blushing soo hard reading ur comment.. !! yup yuppp,, he was so scared of that CHUDAIL u know.. in real life also,his actions r same..
      ohh Noooo,, Both SwaSan knew that they were spirits n came to take revenge.. !!.by that flashback under water,Swara showed him how those murders murdered her…
      Thnk u sooo much .. !! ;-*

  8. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Its awesome kaku….. But i have a doubt sanskar was alive na???he spend days with swara na then how come suddenly he became ghost???

    • Kakali



      Shan diii,, Thnk u sooo much.. !! Nope diii, SwaSan were died that day only when those boys stabbed them.but they came to take revenge…. Sanskar didn’t know,how Swara was killed soo she showed him under water through the flashback..remember he said “M sorry Swara,i couldn’t help u”.. unfect both were souls n was leaving with EO for only revenue…hehehe Di,hope i can clear ur confusion.. if not than do let me know.. !! ;-*

  9. Vidhi

    Wow …a story with good message… Awesome dear… Loved it ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

  10. Mynalove


    |Registered Member

    di was this story to frighten the wits out of me or make me cry
    well the story did both
    i liked it very much even if i am scared

    and i believe in ghosts
    but the last part about the babies was cho cho choooooooo chweet and cute

  11. kumu

    awesome..i loveeeee reading horror storyyy..
    bt again u killed swasan at d end of d story..:(
    write more horror story..tc..

    • Kakali



      Thnk u sooo much Chanduuuu !! huyaaaa all i can say “Kya karuu oo Chanduuuuu,, mai huu addat se majhbur”(in Ranvir Singh Style)… ;-*

  12. chanu

    hi kaku!!
    hw r u?
    say hi 2 evry1.
    im missing u guys soo much.
    chandu,anjali,mica,nive,deeksha,mirna,sam,anniya,navi,nagmansa,simin,mahira,manjula,pragya,tanu,meher ect ect….
    keep writing guys!
    be happy always
    lv u all.
    and kaku i hope u r still following my orders! *looking at u ?ly!

  13. chanu

    u knw wt i cm 2 say hi nly!
    bt cdnt stop myself 4m reading! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    bt i read it roughly!
    jst sm parts!

    fab os dr!
    & its scary too!
    i read sm parts and that ws sankus dream & sm1 is cmng behind him! huuhuu
    *hiding behing my biggg bio book!
    kakuuu im studying alone till 1am. if i gt sceard na then im gonna kill u!
    and i wnt 2 kill those blo*dy ppl. urrggg! *its gd u kill them! or else dnt knw wt ll i do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    u knw da most scary part in dis os? when u said swara is pregnant and my sanku nly knw her b4 10 dys! i ws like ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    bt no yippee they r the cpl!

    and da cutest part is being a ghost my sanku gt sceard! & im hpy 4 that! y shld always humans gt sceard? and y shdnt ghost? huuhuu poor we! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    bt im angry u kill my swasan in dis too?
    huuhu gv me ur fav hanky *snaching it 4m u

    bye bye
    *going behind my swasan 2 da heaven!
    take care dr.

    *looking @ u with wide eyes
    kaku dnt see behind sm1 is there

    • Kakali



      Chanuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!! *bear hug…
      huh okii u came to say Hi-Heloo to ev1.. not me..*fake angry pout..
      U was reading that time.. awww m soo happy to made u scared…huahh haa haaa !!
      i knew it,ur reaction will b like this only..that’s why i killed those blo*dy people..
      hehehehe,, yup Sanskar got scared being a ghost..
      Noo nooo i didn’t do anything,infect i made my SwaSan born again..
      ohhhh wait my sis,, m also coming with u to SwaSan heaven…*hold Chanu’s left ankle..
      TC of urself too dear.. i miss u sooo much.. !! ADARE OYA.. be happy always..!! keep smiling.. !! *pinch ur nose n run… !! ;-*

      • Chanu


        |Registered Member

        oyeee drams queen ddnt u read my cmnt properly????
        Its u who I said hi first!!!

        And u r hpy bz I gt sceard!!?? Soo bad soooo bad!! Huh

        Hee hee thankx 4 kill those!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Hee hee yaa yaa cm with me… we ll go 2 heaven and irritate them.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

        ouch y u pinch my nose..

        u knw wt I ws in vry upset mood.. so I cm here 2 read ur rply…
        and see like I thought u change my mood…
        thank u sooooo much 4 dat drl..
        lv u soo much..

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