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Hello guys this is Mariya with an os. Don’t laugh hearing OS from me because as u all know I can’t type a long chappy. So I will write it as small parts. It will be on the current track. And it starts from Sanskar finding Laksh.

Sanskar was in his office when he got a call from one of the agents whom he had appointed to find Laksh. He rushed to the spot. It was a neuro health care centre.
The agent tell him that one of his friend saw him here a week before. He went inside and when enquired about Laksh he was directed to Dr. Urmila, one of the best neurosurgeon in India.

San: hello Doctor I’m Sanskar, Sanskar Maheswary. I want to know about Laksh. What happened to him? why is he under treatment here?

Dr. Laksh!!! Who is that? I guess u r mistaken Mr. Maheswary there is no patient here in by the name Laksh.

San: ( showing Laksh’s photo in his mobile) Dr I’m asking about him

Dr. Oh he!!? I didn’t knew his name is Laksh. Here we call him Abhi, because he had a memory loss and he himself don’t know who he is.

San: what!!!.????? But how ?? When he left me he was alright????

Dr. Calm down Mr. .Maheswary. By the way how r u related to him.

San: oh. I’m sorry I m his brother.

Dr. Oh I see. Mr. Maheswary I got him from an isolated roadside. He was badly injured and was unconscious. As a doctor I took him here and when he gained his senses he couldn’t remember anything about him not even his name. I give him the best treatment available. And it is in its last stage.

San: thank u so much doctor. When can I take him home?

Dr. Mr. Maheswary I will suggest you to take him now itself . Because in this stage of treatment, if he comes in contact with his past it will help him to recover soon. Family’s love and care is a very good medicine u know.

San: thank u so much Dr. I will take him now itself.

Sanskar meet Laksh, Dr introduced him to Sanskar. He took him to MM. P
On the way he informed Gadodia to come to MM

All were gathered in MM when Sanskar came in with Laksh. Everyone is shocked & happy. Ragini was numb for a second and in the next moment she ran and hugged him tightly as if her life depends on it.

Sanskar told everything about Laksh and introduced everyone to Laksh. All were sad about his condition but were too glad to get him back.

Swara didn’t know what to do. Just then Sanskar came to her

San: so Mrs. Sanskar Maheswary, ready for the punishment.

Swara: sure whatever u wish

San: (hands over two files) sign it

Swara took the files from him and signed it without even having a look at it. A drop of tear fall on the papers.

San.: Wow, seems like u were waiting for it Mrs. Maheswary oops sorry Miss. Gadodia.

DP: Miss. Gadodia!!!! Sanskar what are u up to??? She is your wife

San: sorry bade Papa. She was not is. After signing this divorce papers she can’t be my wife anymore.

Shekar: divorce papers!!!! Swara what is it

Swara was standing there without any expressions. When shekar asked her about the papers she came to her senses.

Sw: Baba leave all that Laksh is back and ragini is happy and that was all I wanted. I am happy. Let’s leave.

Saying this she was about to go.

San: one minute Miss. Gadodia.

Swara felt like someone is stabbing in her heart. She composes and turn to him.

Swara: yes Sanskar.

San: it’s Mr. Maheswary, Miss. Gadodia. And what about the marriage arrangements.

Swara:(confused) marriage arrangements??? Sorry Mr. Maheswary, I didn’t get u

San: wow THE SWARA no no let me correct THE CID SWARA GADODIA didn’t care to read the documents before signing it. No problem I will explain. The first file was of course the divorce papers. And the second one is ur contract with me that u will be the wedding planner for my wedding we which will be in the coming week.

Swara’s heart break into a thousand pieces. She took a long breath and compose herself.

Sw: sure Mr. Maheswary. I will meet u in the evening and will decide on it. For now I have some other appointments. Bye.
(Turning to her parents) ma, baba u spent some time with Laksh. I want to meet the caterers.

Saying this she left from there. All were in a state of shock. No one knew how to react and what to do.

I’m tired balance I will post tomorrow

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  9. Nice dear…is it os or few shots…hihi…just kdng ….haaw hw cn sanky divorce her wz his luv too weak…hope cv’s won’t read ua os odrwiz dey r gonna show it in serial….n i can’t bear dat….?????

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