SWASAN OS on current track by mariyajap part 3


San : leukemia!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr: Mr. Maheswary. As per the hospital records she is diagnosed with blood cancer 7 maths ago. And she is under the treatment in our oncology department. U r reacting like as if u don’t know about this

It was the time of realisation for Sanskar. Now he understood why swara blamed him baselessly, why she signed the divorce papers and accepted the contract for his wedding, why she not even reacted to his and his mom’s taughts.

How s thoughts were broken by the dr.

Dr: Mr. Maheswary & Mr. Gadodia we should act fast. We need a donor for bone marrow. If she have a brother or sister from her real parents they will be the best.

Sumi: yeah she have a brother but he is a small kid.

Ragini: ma why chotu I’m here right I will be the donor .

Shekar: Ragini don’t you hear what dr. said. Swara’s real brother or sister can donate. And it is ayush.

Dr. Mr. Gadodia calm down. Let’s do everyone’s test and the most appropriate match will be taken.

The test was done and it was declared that ayush’s bone marrow matches the most with swara. (Guys from the time of sumi’s pregnancy I had a feel that there must be some reason for ayush’s birth. But till now only bad is happening. So I’m selecting ayush here. There must be some importance to his character right)


Swara’s operation is going on inside, we all are waiting here, outside the operation theatre. Laksh and dad were running here and there to arrange the necessities for the operation. Was almost numb I couldn’t see anything around me. The only thing in my mind is my Swara. how can a person be so selfless. She knew she was going to die , even then she was thinking about me. I am feeling disgusting about myself. How can I doubt her. When she made those baseless accusations I should had guessed it. But no I was more eager to punish her. No Swara I don’t deserve ur this love. I’m soo bad.

His thoughts were interrupted by the doctor who came out from the OT. All except Sanskar rushed to him.

Shekar: dr. How is she. Everything is fine right.

Dr. Mr. Gadodia the operation was successful. She will be conscious in another 3 hours. After that we will shift her to the room. Then u can meet her.

DP : thank u doctor, thank u soo much.

Dr. It’s my duty Mr. Maheswary.

Sanskar was standing there hearing everything. He was going through so many emotions. Happy that his love is safe, guilt that he didn’t trust her , sad that she had to go through all these, and at last he was angry on her that she didn’t care to inform him about her decease and was getting ready to die leaving him all alone.

Sujatha also was not ready to stop crying.
Sujatha: I’m so bad jijji . Here Swara was trying hard to give my son a happy life and me, I was trying to spoil his life by making him marry a gold-digger.

AP was trying hard to console her.

3hours later

Swara opened her eyes and see her whole family in front of her except her love her life, her Sanskar. She was a little disappointed. the elders blessed her. Ragini was a little bit angry on her but later forgive. Swara was happy for her. But in-between all these her eyes are were searching for Sanskar. Everyone noticed this and leave the room and sent Sanskar inside.

Sanskar entered the room without any emotions on his face he slowly went near her bed. He was looking everywhere except her. He was about to sit on the chair near by but swara hold his hands and made him sit on the bed. Still he was not looking at her and she was holding his hands. They stayed like that for some time. At last Swara break the silence.

Sw: Sanskar

San : …………..

Sw: won’t u look at me for once.

Sanskar just looked at her without any emotions. Swara couldn’t take it any more she just kissed him on his lips. At first he didn’t reciprocate but by passing every second he remembered everything they went through and was u able to control himself so he too kissed her back. He showed all his feelings, It last for some minutes and when they break the kiss there was only love in there eyes. He rested his forehead on hers and stayed like that for some time.

San: how could u do this to me Swara. Have u ever thought what will I go through when I come to know the truth. Swara I thought you will stop .my marriage and we can marry in that mandap but u, what did u do. If Priya was not a fraud and his bf wouldn’t have tried to kill me then u would have allowed Priya to marry me. Was this ur love for me, Swara if something had happened to you, I would have di….

Swara didn’t allowed him to complete. She kissed on his lips to stop him. He too reciprocated and become calm.

Swara: I’m sorry Sanskar. When I came to know about this our conditions were not that good. We were thrown out of MM. Baba too had no business as dadi got hold of everything. I wanted to make everything fine. And when we got our business back then Laksh was missing. And u know very well that how possessive ragini is. She tried to commit suicide once when Laksh leave her. I just thought to give a moral support to ragini. And when u started hating me I thought to take advantage of the situation. So I Intentionally start this business of wedding planning. Because I knew for hurting me u will make me plan ur wedding. And by that u will move on in ur life and ma baba will also can have a way of living.

San: how can u think of me moving ahead in my life without u Swara.

Saw: I’m sorry Sanskar. I promise i will not do anything like this in future. Please forgive me.

Saying this she hugged him and he too. Everyone was happy. And they lived happily ever after


hope u all liked it. Thank for ur comments and care. And please read my FF “I Hate U And I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U”. Thank u once again
take care

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