SWASAN OS on current track by mariyajap part 2

It’s the day of Sanskar’s marriage. AP was sitting in her room thinking about the passed one weak.


One week had passed. In this one week every one tried to convince Sanskar to change his decision. But he was adamant. He introduced Priya (his college mate) and her family to us. Sujatha liked her very much. She too was soo stubborn to throw Swara out of Sanskar’s life. We all tried to make her understand that she is ruining her son’s life but she didn’t hear us. The thing which annoyed me the most is that even Swara is not trying to convince Sanskar. She was always involved in making the best arrangements for the wedding. I felt weird when she even not reacted to Sanskar’s and sujatha’s taughts. Laksh had almost adjusted with the surroundings. Even he gets some flashes of his past ragini is caring him a lot. And finally today is Sanskar’s and priya’s wedding.

POV ends

All the rituals are over and now it’s time for the phereas. Till now Swara somehow managed but now it was out of her control to see the love of her life marrying someone else . They were about to complete the second round and Swara was moving out of the hall when she noticed someone standing at the window by aiming a gun towards Sanskar and he was about to pull the trigger.

Swara in no time run to the mandap. The man shoot the gun, the bride just sit at the nick of the time and Swara hugged sanskar, and the bullet hit Swara. When Sanskar could realise what had happened Swara become unconscious. when he was about to take her to hospital he heard ragini screaming Laksh’s name and to his shock Laksh was also lying on the floor unconscious.

Dr. Urmila was present there and she assured Sanskar that she will take care of him. So he took Swara to the hospital. She was shifted to the operation theatre immediately.

In the meantime the man who shoot Sanskar was caught by the guests and was handed over to the police. He confessed that he and Priya were in a relationship and when Priya ditched him and decided to marry Sanskar for his money, he felt betrayed and came there to kill Priya. But Priya saw him and to escape herself she sat down in the mandap so that the bullet harms Sanskar.

Here in MM Dr. Urmila give injection to Laksh and he became conscious. The first one he asked was for Sanskar as he wanted to ask forgiveness for his deeds.
(Yes guys he got his memory back). Ragini was so happy and both rushed to hospital.

In hospital
Everyone was waiting on outside the OT . After a long three hours doctors come out.

San: dr. How is she? She is alright na??

Sumi: nothing had happened to my daughter right??

Dr. Calm down … the bullet wound was not so deep. So it is not so serious.

San: but dr. Then why she fainted?? There was also blood coming from her nose??

Dr. : Mr. Maheswary I’m coming to it. As I said the bullet wound is not so serious. But her health is deteriorating by each passing seconds because of leukemia. We have to do the operation as soon as possible.

San: leukemia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    Oh God….!!!!!!! Again swara??????? Dear I am warning u again….!!!!!! If anything happens to her…. U will be dead in my hands…!!!!!!!

    • Mariyajap



      thank u, and yaar its an OS and i’m posting it in 3 parts so iguess it should be spped. and please read my FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U

  2. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Mariyaaa !!! u know what? i love to play with pimpom ball… n i won’t regret for once before i stat to beat u with it…
    If anything happens to my princess… mark my words…huaah haa haa m a don…

    Love it dear… well jokes a apart waiting for next n i know u’ll not let anything happen to her…huhhh !!!
    Thnk u.. ;-*

  3. Shrinjal


    |Registered Member

    Amazing! !!!!!!! but blood cancer!!! OMG😭 don’t let Swara die or else Sanskar will also die with her nd I can’t see Sanskar like this..plss!!!

  4. Tharu


    |Registered Member

    Awesome…don’t let anything happen to swara..how can sanskaar live without his love…please update soon..I am so curious….

  5. Pramudi

    Oh God, she has a blood cancer? Plz don’t let anything happen to her.
    Awesome chapter dear. Loved it.

  6. Radhika..


    |Registered Member

    Awesome part dear swara comeup and save sanskar life………… And swara is suffering from leukemia……. Omg where u find such interesting concepts just loved them…… Waiting for the next part continue soon😃😃

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