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SwaSan OS : Cravings @ 12 am !! By Fenu (Happy Birthday Vanisha)


Happy Birthday Vanisha !! Bhai fulfill his promise..i took help also for something so some credit goes to that person also,this is for you for our SwaSan !! Hope you will read โ€ฆ.aap ne account deactivate kar diya na bahut bure ho Vanisha halwai Bhai ki yaad hi nahi aati hain na ? Stay happy and blessed !! Love you sis !!

The Hoshyapur turned Delhi kudi stared at the mirror, in the common rest room of their 3rd floor Maheshwari Constructions slowly running her hands over her swelling stomach. At six months pregnant, she probably shouldn’t be working; however, she just couldn’t resist being with him at any possible chanceโ€ฆ
Still, she wasn’t exactly happyโ€ฆ
“What’s wrong, baby?” he asked, noticing that she was looking forlornly in the mirror.
Swara jumped slightly, her gaze meeting his as she looked at him behind the mirror. “Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari if you sneak up on me, I may go into early labor,” Swara told him jokingly, though her mirth didn’t reach her eyes.
He shook his head. “That isn’t funny.”
“Well neither is my appearance, but I catch you laughing at me sometimes!”
He smirked, knowing it was true. “Why don’t you go home and get some rest? You’ve been here all day.”
Truth was, she loved working at his office.
She went through so much a traumatized girl who was disowned by her family and she was left pregnant by a man who walked out the very next day after their wedding, never to look back, the worst part was it was Sanskar’s very own brother, but all thrown behind, she started her new life with Sanskar and loves him more than her life. Their love is so beautiful and unique, and more the months pass it grows more and more…He stood by her through her worst times and she made him the Sanskar Maheshwari he is today, a man who finally found a life and love in the form of Swara.

“I don’t want to and you can’t make me,” she quipped.
“Wanna bet?” he challenged.
“What are you gonna do? Club me over the head and drag me home?” Swara asked.

“Sorry, baby, but cavemen went out of style thousands of years ago.”
Sanskar smirked again, wrapping his arms around her body, his hands resting on her stomach. “I wouldn’t wanna hit you on the head,” he whispered, trailing kissed down her neck.
“Why’s that?” Swara asked, shivering slightly as his lips crossed a tender spot.
“Well, baby, you’re delhi Kudi now. That’s already going against youโ€ฆno more Kolkata wali sherni…”
Her eyes narrowed and her lips pursed. She could feel his body shake from the chuckle as he saw her reflection in the mirror.
“Get off me!”
“Aw, don’t you want to play cut the rope on your iphone instead of finishing for tomorrows presentation..?”
“I believe that game got me where I am right now,” she answered, glancing down.
Sanskar laughed again. “You’re right.” he held his ears and assured her that he would finish the presentation…
“I’m always right,” Swara said, slipping out of his arms. “I think I’ll take you up on that offer and go home.”
“Okay,” Sanskar agreed, though he was somewhat worried that she agreed so easily.
Swara caught the hesitation in his words, and glanced at him. “Will you be okay, baby? I can stay if you want, since I should be sure I can trust you that you will work on the project presentation and not play those games and while away your time to end up seeing stars tomorrow !!”
“No, no,” Sanskar insisted, wrapping an arm around her waist and guiding her to the door. “Adi is here with me, we should be fine.”
Her eyes narrowed again, and she sighed softly. “Oh, great, Adi is here with you ,”she mocked him, shrugging his hand from off her waist.
“Oh, come on, Swara,” Sanskar pleaded. “You know there is nothing going on there! No CUT The rope game will be entertained sure I promise”
“I trust YOU, Sanskar,” Swara cut him off. “I just don’t trust your iphone it keeps temping you to pla those silly games all day long !”
He looked at his iphone on the table and disables the games option( the phone records the time of disable, so it records if the user enables it again). “Then that should be enough. I I will work on the presentation, if I play cut the rope you can catch me doing since the disable button is switched of right now!” He gave a sad look , but that brought a smile on Swara’s face as she wanted him to work and not play as all play and no work makes Jack a naughty boy
“You mean that?” she asked!
Cupping her face he said “Yes, sweetheart, now the car is waiting, now get yourself home and put your feet up and watch one of those Tom and Jerry Cartoons you love so much.”
She sniffled. “Okay, I have to find out if Tom is clever or Jerry is !” Swara reached up to hug him, whispering, “Love you,” in his ear.
“Love you too loads ,” he whispered back. “See you soon.”
“I know,” Swara replied, squeezing him gently. “I love you.”
“See Ya soon, Bye.”

[A While Later]

Swara yawned, propping her head up with her hand as she watched 5 episodes of Tom and Jerry , and trying to analyze whether Tom is smarter or Jerry she thought.
Her eyes turned to the door of their mansion when she heard the locks turning. “Swara, I’m home,” Sanskar called, throwing his briefcase to the side of the foyer area.
She forced herself upwards, but fell back down. Pouting, she tried again and then decided to stay put. “Sanskar !! You’ll never believe what I bought today!”
“Swara, you got’s some splainin’ to do!”
He walked into the living room, sitting next to her. Sanskar fought hard to not roll his eyes at the TV. “Any luck on whether Tom is smarter or Jerry !!?”
“Nope!” She was about to go off on what she thought was going to happen, but stopped herself. “Go take a shower.”
“Cause I’m hungry, Sanskar. And you’re taking me out to dinner.”
“Oh, am I now?” Sanskar asked, hiding his smile as he raised an eyebrow at her.
“Yeah, you are,” Swara replied. “Besides, you have been doing nothing all day other than playing cut the rope on the iphone while I managed several meetings now its your turn..” she insisted.
Sanskar snorted, shaking his head at her. “Now is this what I have to do in return, the idea of dinner outside ?”
Swara crossed her arms, giving him a look. “Don’t correct me, mister. Just hurry up, cause the little one is hungry, and so am I!”
“Okay, okay, I’m going!” He left after kissing her forehead and rubbing her stomach.
After Sanskar’s shower, he returned to the living room and found Swara dressed in her pajamas. “I thought we were going out…”
“I changed my mind,” she said simply, flipping through the TV channels.
“Uhm…but,” he started.
“Oh c’mon, we don’t have to go out! I’ll just make us something here.”
“You can’t cook,” she muttered. “This lady Uff, rulez and more rules”, he muttered
“What was that?”
“Nothing.” He hesitated, then added, “Why don’t you let me cook? You had a long day and you should just keep relaxing.”
“Are you sure, Sanskar?” Swara asked, though she made no move to begin making dinner.
“Yeah, baby. I will do it!” Besides, he thought, remembering what had happened the last time he ‘attempted’ to cook, I don’t want to choke on chicken bones!
“You are so sweet,” Sanskar told her with a small grin. “What would I do without you?”
“Starve?” ,she suggested.
“No, I’d just probably eat out every night.” She laughed softly and touched his arm as that would also be his answer… “Thank you.”
He smiled in return thinking of his tie before she came into his life and Swara noticed and asked him what happened. “It’s nothing, Swara”, they had their meal which was cooked well for once thanks to two cooks who did not spoil the broth.

[Later that night]

Sanskar slid into bed, thankful for the comfort and softness it offered to his tired body. He was about to turn off the lamp when Swara turned towards him.
“I want Burger King.”
He closed his eyes. “Go back to sleep, Swara ”
“I wasn’t asleep to begin with, and I really want a Whopper with extra pickles!”
He glanced at the clock, the numbers nearing 12:00. “Swara, by the time we get there, it’ll be closed.”
“Not the one in South Extension. They are open twenty-four hours.”
“Hey Gannuji? Swara, that’s thirty minutes away!”
“Yeah, well I want Burger King. Either you’re coming with me or I’m going alone!”
To emphasis her point, she rolled over and out of bed, standing up and sliding her feet into her shoes. “Al right Queen Victoria your command I salute !!” Sanskar muttered, shaking his head.
“Hold on one minute,” Sanskar said, pulling his shirt over his head.
She turned toward him, smirking. “I thought you’d want to.”
Want to? He questioned himself, Yeah right. “Of course. C’mon baby.”
Once they were halfway to South Extension, Swara faced him. “You know what sounds really good right now?”
“Burger King?” he asked.
“No! Ew,” she scoffed.
He paused, exchanging glances between her and the road. “What?”
“Some McDonald’s chicken selects.”
“Swara what happened to Burger King?”
“I don’t want it anymore!” she proclaimed, though her voice sounded distinctly like a whine.
“Okay, okay,” Sanskar muttered. “I’ll just find a place to turn.”
He pulled the car over, glancing down the road. “Sanskar, you’re not supposed to make a U-turn here,” Swara told him as he turned around.
And a loud siren wailed and lights flashed.
“Good job, Sanskar Maheshwari!”
“Oh get off it!” he barked back, pulling to the side of the road.
“I told you ; you shouldn’t have done it! But no, you don’t ever listen to me!”Swara said loudly.
The officer walked up to their SUV and peered in. “License and registration please.”
Sanskar handed over what was asked and Swara waited a few moments after the cop left to call it in before ripping back into her husband.
“You’re such an idiot sometimes!”
“I didn’t see him! I wouldn’t have had to turn around if you could make up your damn mind!”
“I can’t help it if I get these cravings! You read the hand book with me remember “what to expect when you are expecting !”
“Well, right but in the middle of the night on the streets of Delhi for your carvings , I never remember reading “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT “, he gestured the quotes with his fingers.
“Oh, so this is my fault?” Swara growled. “You said you will take care of me and all my craving didnโ€™t you,!”, she took a squelchy pillow kept in the rear and hit him !!
They began their domestic fights over these cute things which both knew would fizzle out soon..which happened as they only stopped when they glanced up and saw the officer staring back at them with a slightly amused look on his face.
“Is there a problem here, folks?” the officer asked, crossing his arms.
“No, sir. My loving wife here just loves to change her mind at the last minute. You see, she told me she wanted Burger King, then McDonalds.”
“Well, in her defense, she does look pretty pregnantโ€ฆ”
“Yes, sir. About six months.” Sanskar couldn’t help the pride in his voice.
“Well, take care of that lovely young lady. And drive safely.” The officer handed back the license and registration, and Sanskar noticed there was no ticket attached.
He shook his head. “Wait, I think you dropped the -”
The officer smiled. “I didn’t drop anything. But your wife might do more than that if you don’t head home.”
Swara grinned at the man. Something about authoritative men in uniform. “Damn hormones,” she muttered.
The police officer went back to his cruiser and pulled off. Sanskar rolled up his window and started driving again. “What was that?”
He took a deep breath. “Where would you like to go to get something to eat?”
“I think I’d just like to go home and be with the man I love more than anything else.”
“What?” he asked, turning to stare at her.
“I justโ€ฆ I don’t feel like eating anything now. My stomach is kind of upset and that grease isn’t good .”
Sanskar switched his glance from Swara back to the road, rolling his eyes. He contemplated muttering something remembering the reference book he browsed whenever there is a need, but that wouldn’t work because he knew Swara would hear him and understand himโ€ฆ
“Okay, sweetheart, I’ll take you home.”
They drove in silence for several long minutes, Swara reaching over to grasp his hand. Sanskar squeezed her hand, smiling lovingly at his wife.
As they approached the road that would lead back to their Mansion, Swara spoke up timidly. “Sanskar?”
“I want ice creamโ€ฆ”
He closed his eyes and clenched the steering wheel until his knuckles lightened. His nostrils flared with the tirade that was threatening to spill out of his mouth. “Where from?” he asked through clenched teeth as if he would scream his longs out or cry in madness.
“That little Frozen Yogurt place. That fudge brownie thing sounds fantastic right now. And maybe I’ll get one of their hot dogs too.”
“K,” he answered shortly.
She snorted. “What’s your problem?”
He raised his eyebrows and his tongue flicked out to lick his lips. “I don’t have one, honey.”
“You aren’t being very understanding!” she sounded loudly, her voice cracking as tears began to fill her eyes.
“Hey , Gannuji,” Sanskar muttered. Sighing, he pulled the SUV to the side of the road, putting it into park before turning to Swara. “Angelโ€ฆ I love you so much. And I’m sorry that I seem upset. I’m really notโ€ฆ”
“I’m sorry,” Swara wailed, tears spilling over her cheeks. “I know I’m being a b*t*hy pain in the butt! I’m sorry!”
“Oh, it’s okay,” Sanskar soothed, wiping her tears away with the pads of his thumbs. “I love you so much. And I’d do anything for you and Baby.”
“Oh, Sanskar!” Swara cried. “I love you so much! You’re the perfect husband!”
“I know,” Sanskar replied, kissing her forehead. “So how about we get you some ice cream?”
Swara blanched slightly, looking away as she said “Uh, Sanskarโ€ฆ about that?”
“Yes, dear?” he asked sweetly, trying to push his annoyance down at what he knew was comingโ€ฆ
She smiled, seeing the annoyed look peeking out. “I’m kidding! Let’s go get some ice cream!”
Half an hour later, they were back in bed. Swara was very content after having her ice cream fix.
“Are you happy now, Swara?”
“Mhmm,” she murmured, snuggling closer to his body. “Thank you baby. You really are amazing, and I hope you know that.” Leaning over, she kissed him softly. “I know that you didn’t have to do what you did tonight for me, but I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.”
He grinned, tasting the chocolate that lingered on his lips from hers. Shaking his head and chuckling he said, “You’re so cute when you’re pregnant.”, and we have your bible right “What to expect when you are expecting ” he told himself

~~~THE END~~~

Hi friends.This is my second OS on SwaSan. I just thought of a one shot imagining Swara’s pregnancy. I have just taken a you may say she is about 6 months pregnant in my story. Do read and comment.

  1. Mars

    It was awesome I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Fenil

      Aww Mars keep rocking for SwaSan.
      Thank you so much for reading and Glad that you enjoyed this small OS.

  2. Samaira_khan

    It was sooooooooo amazing loved it!! Do post some stories of swasan.. Love it..

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      Thank you so much Samaira Dear.
      Glad that you loved it.
      will try to write on SwaSan but busy with other stories.

    1. Fenil

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      Glad that you found it as Awesome.

  3. Mahisha

    It was awesome bhaiyya
    I couldn’t stop chuckling seeing the ‘changing tastes of swara’ and my mom was like what are you laughing at when u are supposed to study ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    The sensible vanu of ours,wait did I say sensible scratch that, our not-so-subtle Banu gave me a heartattack by deleting her acct…..thank God she once again activated her wattpad acct or else I would have killed her๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ……but she promised me she won’t do these stunts in future and will come occasionally in our joint acct๐Ÿ˜Š
    Btw hw r u….its a long time I’ve talked to you? Hw is ur life going on
    Bhabhi mil gayi?๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜œ
    Love u sooooooo much ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. VM_

      U had said right i AM sensible later you said incorrect… Don’t dare to kill me i can’t see my friend going to jail… I would cry in heavwn๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. Mahisha

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    2. Fenil

      Hello Mahi.
      ohhh mummy ne notice kar liya…vanu and sensible never u were wrong.
      good that u gave some dhamkis.
      Thank you so much reading this.
      Glad that you loved it.
      life is goinng good and Bhabhi Manya bandariya search kar rahi hain.
      love yaa

      1. Mahisha

        love you more bhaiyya

  4. VM_

    Bhai it was awesome wala os ….loved it
    Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for posting it (for me๐Ÿ˜›)
    Yaad aati hai mujhe aapki sacchi๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
    Loads of love to you๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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      good to hear you..llove yaa

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    Bye! Love you!

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Shrinju.
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      will try to write for SwaSan.
      Love yaa too

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