A Swasan OS: children’s love!!!! (sequel to she is our child)

Hey guys I’m here with a sequel to my os she is our child
Well many of you didn’t like the concept of Sanskar accepting swalak child while many appreciated my hardwork
Anyways honestly I did fell bad cause u guys didn’t like it but it’s your choice and I respect it so this os is for those who felt my concept wasn’t clear
And yeah I don’t want to become the reason for any argument between my readers
And so sorry if you felt bad with my earlier concept
So this os starts from the os which I ended

Let’s begin
There is a leap of 3 yrs

Swasan room
A couple is shown sleeping peacefully with their
daughters in between them
Sunday’s fall on Sanskar eyes and he wakes up
And sees his queen princess and angel sleeping peacefully with smile
He smiled and got up and kisses their cheeks
They all turned a bit in sleep similarly
Sanskar went to washroom

After sometime he came back and saw Swara
was playing with samaira(angel)while swasna(princess)was still sleeping
Sanskar:hmm so angel has got up early today
He said taking her in his arms
She squealed and went to him and smiled
Samaira:papa I want choci(chocolate)mumma doesn’t give
She said complaining about her momma to get papa
Sanskar smiles and said:hmm so mumma doesn’t give u choci I’ll give u but promise me that you’ll brush properly and only one Peirce in
a day
Then swasna also got up
Swasna:daddy godi(pick me up)
Sanskar picked her also
Swara:ohho now everyone forgot me
Sanskar :someone is jealous
He said teasing her making his daughters laugh
Then Swara took them for bath

At the breakfast table
Rohit(raglak son 3 yrs younger than swasan child by 7 months)and priya(parish daughter 1 and a half yrs old )we’re sitting on the floor and playing
Swasna and samaira also joined them
Everyone was happy seeing their children happy
All of them had their bf
And after that the maheawari moms started running after their baby’s to make them drink milk
This was their daily routine
While the maheswari dads catch them and make them drink forcefully
Laksh :bhai let leave

All of them went to office

At eve
Sanlak came late while adarsh Dp and rp came early
Seeing sanlak corm
Swasna and samaira ran towards them

While Laksh picked swasna Sanskar picked samaira
Swasna:chote papa where is my chcoci
Swasna:go I’m not talking with u
Laksh:aww baccha is angry I bought vhoci but now who’ll eat
Swasna turned around and saw chovi and rushed and took the choci
Swasna:papa open it
Sanskar:angel I told only one and you ate in morning
Samaira:papa you bought my toy

Swasna:and my barbie
Sanskar:I was going to bring but them I thought that why don’t I take you both with me tomorrow and buy it after Kal it’s Sunday tomorrow
Rohit came there :bade papa badi maa is sick
Sanskar:what happen to her

He rushed to their room
While kids stood back Laksh also went to his room and saw ragini resting
Laksh :ragini wow today you’re resting without me telling
Ragini:hmm Swara so also sick and she told me also to rest otherwise she won’t rest
Laksh:very good
(Ragini is 4 month pregnant )
Swasan room
Sanskar:Swara what happen to you
Swara:Sanskar I umm
She blushed

Sanskar:why r u blushing
Swara:I’m pregnant
Then he realized
Sanskar:what km going to become father again wow princess angel come fast
They came running
Swasna:what happen papa

Samaira:daddy why r u shouting
Sanskar:did mumma tell u you r goi g to get a small bro or sis
Samaira swasna:really yeahh we’re going to become big sisters
They hugged Swara and go to tell rohit
Swara was a bit tensed
Sanskar:what happen Swara
Swara:Sanskar I’m tensed I mean I know u love samaira and swasna a lot but will your love remain the same after our kid I know you live them slot
She saw him he was angry
Sanskar:Swara how can u think like Thai did I ever do something which made u feel that I don’t love our kids then why

He said teary eyed
Swara:no Sanskar I’ve seen people changing I trust you I’m sorry
Sanskar calmed a bit
Sanskar:Swara in these 3 yrs we’ve gone through many changes Laksh also loves out kids just like rohit and ragini also lives them as her own yes I agree sometimes I do fell scared seeing g Laksh closeness with my children but I know he has right on them as he is their chote papa swasna is also close to him I’m not telling she doesn’t love me I K of that my children love me the most and I’m not insecure I understand your worry Swara but trust me like I love our daughters I’ll love our coming child the same way
Swara was teary eyed

Swara:I’m sorry
She hugged him tightly
He also hugged her back
Raglak came there
Laksh :oops sorry

They parted
Laksh:bhai I’m sorry I herd your talks I didn’t know that u feel bad seeing me with our children u know that I love them a lot I love them the same way you love our rohit
Ragini:yes Sanskar I understand your feelings honestly I also fell bad sometimes seem g swasna and samaura but I know that Laksh closeness with them is natural and I can’t do anything rohit swasna samaira and priya we all love them equally and that’s why swasna and samaira call me mom and Swara mumma rohit also calls Swara mumma it’s family and in a family all love eo children
Sanskar:hmm sorry lucky I
Laksh:no bhai it isn’t your fault but still I can’t believe that ragini masi (urvasi)had mixed something in our drinks to frame us but couldn’t succeed

Time skip to night
Swasna and samaira come to room and say
Swasna:mumma we’re going to our room we’ll sleep there only from now
Swara :why
Swasna:there is baby in your stomach what if we hit it by mistake
Sanskar:no a princess it’s OK

They go to other room
Sanskar:Swara I’ll just check them and corm
Swara slaps her forehead
Swara:Sanskar this is the 4 time you’re going to check them relax if they need anything they’ll tell us
They sleep

Time skip to 9 months
(Sorry o don’t want to drag it )
In these months Sanskar has taken care of Swara ragini has delivered a baby girl lavanya(lavi)swsna and samaira have helped Sanskar in taking care of Swara

One day
Swara started screaming
Sanskar rook her to hospital
Ragini was at home with kids
She called Sanskar
Ragini:Sanskar swasna and samaira are crying they RE worried for Swara
She gives Phone to them
Sanskar:angel princess stop crying see its nothing momma is fine it’s normal my babies and yes if you’ll cry then I’ll also cry then everyone will tease me
Samaira swasna:we’ll not cry papa /daddy

After sometime Swara delivers a baby boy they name him samrat(champ)

After 2 days Swara comes home
Kids hug her
Swara sits in room with samrat sleeping on her lap
While Sanskar comes in with his daughters in his arms
Swara:Sanskar I feel so complete today

Sanskar:true we have everything now two pretty daughter and one champ what else we need
Swara nods and puts her heap on his shoulder
It’s like samrat in her lap and swasna and samaira in his lap and he hugging Swara
Laksh captured this moment also

Screen faded
Leap of 7 yrs
Now swasna and samaira are 10 yrs and samrat is 7 yrs
Today it’s samrat B-Day

A room is shown
Swasna:papa should I wear black dress or white dress
Samaira:daddy see know this pendent is not fitting
Sanskar:angel the black one and princess it’s wrong way to wear it
He makes her wear it
Swasna goes and wears the dress and comes out
Swasna :papa
Sanskar:angel you’re looking beautiful
Samaira:daddy this is done now tell how I’m looking
Sanskar:like a princess
Then a boy opens the door and comes in

Samrat:dad see no milk
Swara comes there
Swara:arre wah Sanskar not bad you’ve made them ready also
Swasna samaira:after all he is our dad
They said proudly

Samrat:dad thank you Thai suit is very good how I’m looking
Sanskar:like a prince my son
Swara:OK now if all our ready let’s go down and samrat I’ll make you drink the milk afterwards
He made a puppy face
Then Sanskar took his children and Swara down for his champs B-Day party

They greet everyone
After sometime they cut the cake
Samrat stands in between and by his sided swasan stands and swasna and samaira also stand beside them
And all of them the cut the cake together
Everyone:happy B-Day samrat
Screen stops on a hoot family of swasan with their daughters and son

***********the end******************

Guys I respect your views and it’s not wrong to express your views good or bad cause it will help me to improve and I would like your honest views on this os also like my previous one

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  1. Phoniex

    Nice story but I didn’t like swara doubting Sanskar’s intentions

    1. Summaya

      Thanks phoneix and about Swara doubting his intentions then it’s her worry as her mother I feel but u r free to express your views

  2. Wow loved it

    1. Summaya

      Thanks romaisa

  3. awesome os dr i lvd ur both concepts n u hv written very well hope to read some more ffs written by u

    1. Summaya

      Thanks parul

  4. Simi

    Nice dear ?

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      Thanks simi

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      Thanks anu

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  6. Rabia0032

    It’s amazing dear…
    I like your concept dear

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      Thanks rabia dear

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      Thanks ritu

  7. Just loved it dear

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      Thanks febi

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  9. Hi Summaya..!!
    Well I am Glad you wrote its sequel. Its Good to see that. I liked your Concept as well as your writing. Good Job dear.
    Well honestly speaking I thought you will show that Samaira and Swasna are Sanskar daughter not Lakshya and Swara may be mistaken. But its Good in this Way too.
    Don’t be Disheartened and Keep writing. I am looking forward for more work of yours..

    1. Summaya

      Thanks zainab.m

    1. Summaya

      Thanks jannatul nayma

  10. IQRA222

    It is awesome sumii di
    Loved it
    Swasan kids are so cute
    I really lpved you this concept
    Didu somewhere even i felt like zainab di
    But trust me i like this os

    1. Summaya

      Thanks iqu

  11. Soujanya


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  12. Hey it’s awesome
    Loved it.

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