A Swasan OS: She is our child

Hey guys I’m soo sorry I’m not able to continue my ff swaragini:the forgotten sisters due to some problems but I’m gonna post a os on the same topic plz forgive me I’m not able to update regularly and it ends up in an incomplete ff but this time I’m thinking that I started 2 ff on swaragini so I’ll bed them in the form of os based on the same topic

Let’s begin
(My os begins when swasan faked their marriage to expose ragini )

One fine morning
Ragini is serving breakfast to everyone with pari
Swara comes down looking pale
Ragini :Swara u should come early no your are the daughter in law of this house you should be aware of your responsibility
Sanskar:ragini Swara knows about her responsibility you needn’t tell her she is not well that’s why she came late
Ap:what happen swara
Swara :badi maa actually I’m feeling headache and vomiting
She stops in between and rushed to washroom
Sanskar goes behind her
Ap and sujata look at eo happily and nervously
Sanskar:Swara we are going to the Dr
Swara:I’m fine
Sanskar:what fine see you can’t stand properly you are vomiting since morning
Swara:OK let’s go

They come to the hall
Sanskar:mom I’m taking Swara to Dr
Season leave

At the hospital
Swasan are sitting infront of the Dr after her check up

Dr:congrats Mr and Mrs maheshwari you’re gonna become parents
They look at eo shocked
Dr:yes Swara you are 1 week pregnant
Swara:hmm they thank the Dr and come in parking lot

Swara is teary eyed
Swara:Sanskar how is it possible
Sanskar:may be laksh
Swara:what no I mean we never had that kind of a relationship
Swara goes at him
Sanskar:what I didn’t do anything
Swara:I don’t remember clearly but on one night I and Laksh were talking g in baadi and suddenly my head started spinning and I saw Laksh also wasn’t in his senses may be some one added something in our juice
Sanskar:what sew you saying that I did it
Swara:no sanskar you can’t do such cheap thing
Sanskar:ragini no no she won’t
Swara:but when I got up next morning I saw Laksh beside me he wasn’t that close but what happened in night I don’t know
Sanskar:so this is Laksh child
Swara nods teary eyed
Swara:what will I do what will I tell maa
Sanskar:Swara relax I umm if you don’t mind I want to become father of this child
Swara looks at him shocked
Sanskar:don’t misunderstand me I know I confessed my love for you but I promise I will only be father of Thai child I’ll not take advantage promise
Swara:no Sanskar I can’t take your advantage you’re a nice guy you can get any girl I do t deserve you
Sanskar:Swara plz try to understand I’m not telling that u can’t raise the child alone but what if Laksh does something what if he claims his right on the child I know it’s not wrong but then I know you you’ll never let him choose you over ragini and ragini will taunt you whole life and swara my child’s need me plz
Swara looks at him and sees purity

Swara:hmm only if you are ready
Sanskar:yeah I’m going to become father Swara I’m so happy you are gonna give me the biggest happiness so let’s celebrate
Swara:Sanskar I promise I’ll always be there for you
Sanskar:I know
He said and winked at her
Swara smiles at his excitement
Sanskar:so how should we celebrate wait sorry I forgot you are not well we’ll celebrate some other time sorry baby
He indicated her stomach

Swasan reached mm

Ap:so want Dr said beta
(All members were present cause it was a sunday)
Sanskar:badi maa umm Swara say
Swara:Sanskar y were so excited you say
Sujata:arre someone say
Sanskar:OK mom badi maa I’m goi g to become father Swara is pregnant
Everyone was shocked
Laksh was sad ragini was happy as now her Laksh will be hers only
Sujata:what I’m gou g to become grandma jiji u heard
Sujata was overjoyed she accepted Swara
All congratulated her

Swasan went to their room
Sanskar :Swara u sit I’ll bring something to eat
Swara :no I’m not hungry
Sanskar:who said I’m bringing it for you I’m bringing it for your child
He said smiling
He bought food and fed her
Swara:Sanskar I want to talk something important
Swara:now when we are gonna stay life long together then I’m thinking to umm
Sanskar:to get married
Swara nods
Sanskar:OK tomorrow we’ll go and do court marriage
Swara:I’m sorry for spoiling you life
Sanskar:you’ve done a favour on me Swara don’t say sorry
They smiled

Next day they did court marriage

Shomi and gadodias came to mm cause ap called them
Shomi:ap ji why u called us
(Shomi still lives alone)
Swasan come back and see them
Ap:ask swara only
Dadi:huh this girl must have done something
Shomi:shona tell
Swara:maa wo I’m pregnant
She hugged her
Gadodias shocked

At night
Season were sleeping on bed
SWARA:Sanskar I was thinking am I doing wrong by not telling Laksh
Sanskar:it’s your will if you want to tell
Swara:no ita our child
Sanskar smiles at the word our

In morning
They got up and went down
Swara was about to serve
Sujata:swara sit and eat you are pregnant you don’t work
Swara:mom I’m only one month pregnant

Like this days passed
Sanskar care towards swara and their child increased
Everyone in mm took care of her
Laksh was sad to see his love with someone else
Ragini was happy but sad at the same time bcoz she had started realizing her mistake she also wanted to pamper her sister and niece or nephew

Ragini exposed ,Laksh knows the truth of his child

Sorry I couldn’t complete in one go
Plz comment and tell me should I continue

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  1. Awesome…..hope child is only sanskar

    1. Summaya

      Thanks swasan

  2. Huh laksh’s child…….?? Noooooo…

    1. Summaya

      Let s see sanu who’s child

  3. Huh laksh’s child…….?? I vsh that was sanskars….awesom epi….plz post soon

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      Thanks sanu

  4. Harshita

    Plz make it sanky baby

    1. Summaya

      Let’s see what can be done harshita dear

  5. Pls make it sanskars child pls and its awsome

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      Thanks kavii

  6. Madhu.r

    nxt update soon plzzz

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  7. Asha

    pls make the child sanskar’s

    1. Summaya

      Let’s see what can be done asha

  8. Its OK but I will be more pleased and I m sure ur os will be more gud n successful if u make baby of sanskar so it wud give clearity of which couple it is???

    1. Summaya

      Thanks cutieeswasan for suggestion I’ll try to use it

  9. Kojagorimalik

    Awesome but do something that laksh cannot claim his child I m sorry to say this bit sanskar would be a way far better father than laksh to swara’s kid………

    1. Summaya

      Thanks kojagorimalik

  10. awsome .plz post soon

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  11. Pramudi

    Nice one. Bt dear if possible, plz make it sanskaar’s baby.

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      Thanks aisha

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  12. Wow loved it

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  13. Wow loved it but plz make it Sanskar’s Baby ❤️

    1. Summaya

      Thanks romaisa let’s see who’s baby

  14. Praju

    Nice but laksh being the child’s father….. plzzzz if possible change it

    1. Summaya

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  15. nice..continue soon..

  16. Anika sweetoo

    its fabulous…
    n yeah plz continue dear…,, Yeh b koi puchne Ki bat h…

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  17. Nice dear plz continue plz make the child as sanskar child

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  19. Tamil

    Nice…plz …..make it sanskar’s baby….

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  20. IQRA222

    Sumii di it is awesome
    Loved it
    I missed you soo much where were you
    And haa didu do make it sanky’s kid naa ???

    1. Summaya

      Thanks iqu I also missed u alot and about baby let’s see who’s the father

  21. Dear readers of this fan fiction.Its all medical science.How do you even get to change a baby’s father once the fetus is in?Nagging the writer by saying make it sanskar’s baby is illogical.If this actually is even then this wouldn’t be the symbol of the love,rather it would be a avenging step.Hope you all come out of your Lala land.Not every story mist have swasan as the happy couple having their kid and living happily ever after.Whats wrong if this kid is laksh’s?Sanskar will be the father anyhow.Ypu see here you get to see the blood thing.People preach about heart connection rather than blood but even here you all can’t tolerate sanskar talking care of his wife’s child.If the writer reveals that this is actually laksh’s indeed you all would be like last comment here and all.How pathetic is that for a writer?And the writers even seem to be quiet comment diggers that they easily switch of their story plot and couples being frightened of bashing an losing readers.
    Now comes the numerous rape stories where sanskar brutally rapes Swara and then what?They get married and Swara falls for sanskar..are you hell kidding me?How can a girl on earth fall for her rapist?And readers being girls take this fact into account that they are swasan fans and forget that they girls at first.They are like get swasan married and blah blah.Growup people there’s a lot more than swasan in any story to understand.Try reading stories for plots and not couple freaks and bashers.
    To the writer..
    I saw someone writing to you that you are going to rock on this is if the kid is sanskar’s.I believe you are intelligent enough to take care of your story plot.I know this kid is sanskar’s anyway but the name suggests some different idea.There are many people(with heart of gold) who takes care of his or her step kids.Try to be uncommon.

    1. Summaya

      Thanks hannah and yes I’ll try to be uncommon as u said I haven’t uploaded the next part yet but will soon do it and make sure that all my readers are happy with it

    2. IQRA222

      hannah di thanks a lot for your opinion it was really nice and thanks for opening our eyes. i agree with you but you know you should not tag the writers as comment diggers it is really rude and may hurt any writer. And also you should not have tagged the readers as couple freaks it really hurts
      But anyway your pov is really nice
      and true too
      take care
      and pls don’t any words which may hurt the readers or writers
      bye bye

      1. Hmm..my bad..I wanted to write some..meaning some of the writers..i too freaked out but yes sometimes what the readers too is too much.They Bash people for their fandom.So I spoke out.My sincere apologies to the genuine ones here☺☺

    3. Arshaanya

      Hi hannah m big n mature enough to undrstnd dat we cant chnge baby’s father once d fetus is in ??? bt here readers r swasan fans n dey all r saying to make him/her as sanskarz baby… coz even swara is not sure if somethin hond btwn her n laksh… so dey r askin d writr to show somethin hpnd btwn swasan n not swalak…???
      Evry1 hve dfrnt povz… even i only read swasan stories coz i can rlte wid dem bttr n dey r my fvrts…
      Ya i reaf novels n all bt here i prefer swasan only…
      Hope u gettin wat m tryn to say..
      Tc dear

  22. Swarna01

    Yaar child kisika v ho child child hai. Laksh itna v bura nhn hai bt bt bt sumaya u r d writer of love me. hate me bt dnt leave me na? If yes den update dat 1 pls.

    1. Summaya

      Yeah true swarna Laksh isn’t bad and about the ff which you mentioned I’m not the writer of that ff sorry I think you are confused between me and someone else

  23. Soujanya


    1. Summaya

      Thanks soujanya

  24. Mica

    i just want to say.. omg laksh ! you can do it ? 😀 😀
    that why i hate alcohol, it’s make person out of sense, do something that can regret the whole of lives.

    1. Summaya

      Well mica dear I’ve already posted the next part plz check it out

  25. NDSG


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      Thanks ndsg

  26. Adishu

    see that child should only be swasan… not Laksh… keep him away please…

    1. Summaya

      I’ve already posted the next part adishu and u can see it yourself if Laksh is away or close

  27. Simi


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      Thanks simi

  28. Arshaanya

    Even swara is not sure somethin hpnd btwn her n laksh… so hope u wil do justice n prove dat its swasan baby ?

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