A Swasan OS: She is our child part 2

Hey guys I’m back I was so happy with your response I’ve replied to everyone comments plz see it and thanks silent readers if any

Leta begin
Swara is in her 3 month
It’s morning
Swasan go down for breakfast
Laksh has now finally started forgetting Swara and accepting ragini
After he heard about Swara pregnancy he thought that he should also move on
Ragini was guilty of her deeds and told everyone about what has did 2 months back
Everyone was very angry especially Laksh
Ragini then moved in gadodia house
Seeing her repentance everyone decided to give her a chance
Laksh was reluctant at first but then he has now started developing feeling for her
(Guys I didn’t want to drag raglak part so if it’s confusing then I’m sorry)

At the breakfast table
Sujata :Swara come sit
Sanskar:mom now u have forgotten me
He said making a puppy face making everyone laugh
After breakfast all were sitting in the hall
Ragini bought Swara favorite laddo for her bcoz Swara craved for them
Ragini:here Swara take your ladoo
Swara:thanks ragini you are the best
Pari came from kitchen with a glass is lassi
Pari:Swara here is your lassi
Swara:tha KS Bhabhi love u
Sanskar:what us this Swara now only u had bf and now all this Bhabhi ragini don’t fulfil all her wishes she’ll grow fat
Swara glared at him
Swara:Sanskar u
Ap:Sanskar beta it’s like this only in pregnancy it’s normal stop teasing her
Swara:see heard now don’t tease me
She warned him
Sanskar:OK neri maa

Like this the day went
Next day
Swasan go for check up
Swara comes out with the Dr
Sanskar:Dr is everything fine
He said seeing them tensed
Dr:Sanskar you have to be very strong
She said with a pause
He said tensed
Dr:bcoz u have to take care two babies Swara is pregnant with twins
Sanskar:what I was sacred
They laugh
Dr:come Swara for sonography
Swara looks sta Sanskar
Swara:yes I’ll be there
Dr went
Swara:Sanskar today it’s my first sonography Dr has told that if I want u can come with me so umm
Sanskar:r u sure
Swara nods
They go in for sono
Swara lays on the bed
The Dr examines her
The baby is shown
Swasan see it and they are overjoyed infact Sanskar is teary eyed
Sanskar:Swara our baby
Swara:yes our baby
After the sono they go back home

Swasan room
Sanskar:Swara u saw her na she was looking g so tiny infact it wasn’t clear but still out daughter looks so good
Swara:yes wait how do you know it’s a girl and not a boy
Sanskar:I know Swara after all she Mt daughter and I can identify her she gonna be daddy’s girl
Swara:no it’s gonna be mumma boys both our children will be mumma boy
They kept on arguing and finally laughed it off
At night
Laksh comes in their room
Laksh:can I come in
Swara:yes sure
Laksh:bhai swara I want to tell something
Swara looks at sanskar he nods
(They had decided that they’ll tell Laksh about the child they didn’t want him to be in dark as it would be wrong on their path )
Laksh:you what to something bhai or Swara I feel
Swara:yeah actually Laksh umm
Sanskar:it’s your baby
Sanskar said quickly with pain
Laksh was shocked
Laksh:what. You guys are joking right
Swara nods no
Laksh:how is it possible
Swara narrated everything
His eyes were blood shot

Laksh:how could u not tell me about my child
Ragini comes in shocked
They saw and we’re shocked
Laksh saw her and felt bad
Swara:ragini u r thinking wrong it’s
Laksh cut her in between
Laksh:Ye ragini if you’ve heard Swara then you’ll know that it was an accident we were not in our senses trust me ragini
Ragini:don’t justify your self Laksh and not to me bcoz I don’t have any right on u
Sanskar was sad seeing all this
Sanskar:Laksh see I know that it’s your child but I’ve already accepted them as mine and I’m sorry to say that I’m not ready to give my children to you you can be there with them as their chachu but I anther father
He said literally crying
Ragini:bit Sanskar he is their father
Swara:sorry Laksh but it’s true Sanskar is their father by heart and soul no matter ita your blood but plz don’t make them away
Laksh was silent
Laksh:I’ve seen Sanskar u are is excited fo your children it’s difficult for me to accept this fact but I know I’ll be there for them as their cahchu and I’m happy for you both and Swara you are very lucky to get Sanskar he loves u mad his children alot
Everyone was happy that Laksh accepted the fact that Sanskar is the real father of his children
Ragini:I’m sorry Swara
Swara:no ragini it’s not your fault
Laksh:well now I was to tell something
He confessed his love for ragini
Ragini is happy
They go back to their room and consumate

Season room
Swara:Sanskar I was so happy to see caring for my children like this
Sanskar:Swara they are our children
Swara:yes our children Sanskar I fell so light after telling everything to Laksh and ragini
Sanskar:yeah thank god Laksh didn’t do anything
They sleep
Leap of 5 months
Now Swara is in her 8 month
Ragini is also 2 month pregnant
Parish have decided to plan a baby through surrogacy

At night
Swara waked Sanskar
Swara:Sanskar I want ice cream
Sanskar:what no now Swara it’s late night where will I get it
Swara:no u what it right now
She started crying
Swara:now I’ve become fat that’s why u don’t love me anymore
Sanskar:OK dramebaaz I’ll go
Sanskar brings ice cream for her and gives her
Swara:what is this I want chocolate flavor u bought vanilla I don’t want it now go and make gulab jamun for me
Sanskar:what make Swara I don’t K of it
Swara:I don’t K of I want it otherwise I’ll cry
Sanskar:OK fine

He went and opened the fridge to see if the things are there
He saw a bowl of gulab jamun
And a chit
The chit read:Sanskar I know Swara would crave for this in night cause she soon g it form morning so if she asks them plz give it
It’s their daily routine
Sanskar for sand gives her gulab jamun
She eats and sleeps peacefully.
Sanskar:hug after waking me up she’s sleeping peacefully
He also goes bad sleeps

In morning
Swara gets up and sees him and smiles
Swara:good morning my love s
She whispered to herself
Yes you had it right Swara loves Sanskar but hasn’t confessed yet

They came down
Sanskar went to office while Swara was at home
She decided to confess today cause it was the day when they first met in baadi

At evening
Sanskar came to his room and it was dark
Swara comes wearing a beautiful red Saree
Swara:Sanskar you are an angel in my life you are the father of my kids would you become my love
She said coming closer to him
Sanskar was on cloud nine
Sanskar:yes I live you Swara
Swara:I love you too Sanskar
They hugged eo
And went OT sleep they didn’t consumate cause Swara was pregnant

Now Swara was in her ninth month
Sanskar started to work from home
Swara was sitting in lounge with pari and ragini
Suddenly she got pain
Ragini:Sanskar come fast
Sanskar came running
They took her to hospital
Sanskar was continuously walking like a pendulum
Ragini was sitting tensed while Laksh was telling her not to take stress
Suddenly they heard two babies crying
Nurse comes out
Nurse:congrats it’s baby girls
Sanskar was overwhelmed he hugged Laksh
Everyone was happy
He went inside and saw his queen princess and angel sleeping peacefully
He went towards Swara
She gained conscious
Sanskar:I won Swara it’s our daughters
Swara smiled
They both took their daughters in hand and hugged eo like Sanskar standing with his angel and side hugging Swara while Swara was sitting with their princess
Laksh took their photo and smiled
Ragini:they look so good
Laksh:they really do

Screen stops on swasan and their daughters smiling at eo
************the end***********
Sorry if I bored you guys

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  1. Awesome dear

    1. Summaya

      Thanks febi

  2. Amazing no matter blood relation if u love sm1 heartly den u r grt. Vry nyc n sry dat 1 is soumya.

    1. Summaya

      Thanks swarna

  3. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear…

    1. Summaya

      Thanks rabia di

  4. Snow-White

    sooo grt bade papa becomes father and real father becomes chachu…..how can ragini being a accept laksh after knowing he is father of her sister twins and how can she tolerate those kids in front of her eyes whole life can’t she feel disgusted,can’t she feel guilt for ruining her sister life????and laksh after knowing truth how can he keep quiet giving his babies to his bhai and lead his life happily???can’t he once in whole feel bad seeing his own blood in front of him although he gave that right to his brother can’t he crave for their love???and swara just selfish girl ????for her children she used sanskar right she had no guilt also ruining his life even it’s his decision to be their father how can she accept easily to ruin his life for her sake??? and sanskar for showing him mahaan nd grt lover full story ruined….what in future if his own children came into this world ???did he love them same????guys write story in reality not in fantasies just to show leads as mahaan….it’s a humble request BE IN REALITY NONE IN THIS WORLD EASILY ACCEPT OTHERS CHILD HIS OWN…..and ruining lives became common these days atleast spare science yaar….1 WEEK PREGNANT ??? it can’t possible minimum two weeks should be for pregnancy to be revealed sorry to be harsh but please show in reality na
    i didn’t expect this type of story from you summaya
    u highly dissapointed me !!!!!!

    1. Phoniex

      Yes I know pregnancy can’t be revealed in such an stage. That is her fault. But I don’t believe that people don’t accept others children as their own a lot many people do that. If not then how somone take someone as a adopted child.

      1. Snow-White

        yup i agree people can adopted childer okk but here kids father in front of them isn’t it not a sin to snatch away his rights from him???? okk may be sanskar accept it and i can appreciate him but waht about laksh??whenever his kids calling sanskar as papa what’s his feeling???

      2. Summaya

        Well thank you phoniex for your kind words and Ye sit happens in real life also that people accept others children and in my acquaintance also a woman got pregnant just so that she could feed her sister in laws child there are still people who are kind in this world

    2. Hi Snow-White
      Woah…!! Sorry to interrupt but i actually wasn’t able to resist myself. First of all dear we all must appreciate her work I guess you too are a writer and might knows the feelings of a writer when He/She read such a comment. Secondly this is a Fan “Fiction” world. So I guess Fiction is something imaginary so its up to her what she wanna add in her story. I know you are a reader and you have a free will to point out the flaws I myself do this when I find something not up to mark in the story but at last we should encourage the Writer too. Keeping in mind the hardwork she had done over it..
      So I hope I didn’t hurt Dear…
      That’s all what I wanna say..
      Thank U,

      1. Well I don’t find her wrong as you said reader have ryt to express themselves,she did same. Agree we should encourage but not when ,. When concep is not good or basless oor else all will write such things only. I know it’s just fiction but still little we can expect from Writer that they will not write wrong things.

      2. Snow-White

        zainab jiiii
        i will appreciate her for her work surely you know she wrote very well i must say good writer potrayer but what i am saying is she wrote something awkard to swasanraglak…..i am asking just to write in reality how laksh live in peace seeing swara and his kids with other man??? how ragini will be happy seeing her husband kids with other woman in front of her eyes??
        you know i liked her ff forgotten sisters but she stopped that ff,i know how perfectly and beautifully she showed every line in ff but as u say when anything wrong in writing s you point out simuilarly i too done…according to me this is not easily acceptable soo i raised that’s all no personal grudges at all
        if anyone hurt then sorry
        thank you

    3. Well completely agree with you snow White, about pregnancy let it go to can be mistake. But really how can swalak able to face each other everytime, don’t they will be guilty I mean it’s not easy to live with them once you shared this kind of realtioship. It’s just akward well leave it nowadays people show or write anything on name of fantasy.

      1. Snow-White

        yup how can swalak live in peace that’s my question when we rise just oppose to anything all become against us??can’t reader can share their pov while writer writing anything they want??
        yup about pregnancy we can leave because it’s not known but i rised this here because in previously long ago someone showed 2 days pregnant what this nonsense?? so this pregnancy word is not to summaya may be she don’t know about this!!!
        ruhika thank you dear

    4. Summaya

      Well snow white to be frank I really didn’t want to disappoint u or any of my reader but this was all I planned for my os there are many people who happily accept others children and talking about Swara if you haven’t read it then she many times told Sanskar to reconsider his decision cause she didn’t want him to suffer and about Laksh he accepted that his children are his brothers from now bcoz he know that he will be able to see them and they will call him chote papa and talking about ragini we all know how much she loves Laksh and so she accepted the truth and Sanskar in my os was a man with golden heart so he accepted his lives child
      I just wanted to clear my point sorry if u felt I was rude
      And about pregnancy then sorry cause I don’t have the idea about it

      1. Phoniex

        I really don’t think there was anything wrong in this story If Lakshya would have the love for Swara or his kids then he must have fought for it. people do give their kids to other people in their family, in my family, my Aunt gave ger first born to her sister in law as they were childless. When two people are not in love you can’t force them to live togather it is more dangerous they will never be able to give children the love they deserve.
        And what abour Ragini what she has to do with her husband’s kid they were from his previous relationship I don’t think you can judge a person by his past. She should be thankful that she don’t have to accept them. Lakshya hadn’t accepted her before this so, I guess it’s well when he had accepted he had never gone back on another person. And what you said Swara used Sanskar as a caretaker if this would have been the case she would have aborted the fetus as 7 days or 15 days fetus is nothing but egg and sperm combined. he accepted it that’s why she went with the pregnancy.

        Do you know eminem The rapper he has a daughter who is the illegitimate daughter of his then wife, but he has accepted her as his daughter, He loves her as much as his own, that girl’s mother and father both are alive, and that’s is in real life.

    1. Summaya

      Thanks swasan

  5. It’s nice in all ff or os they will show swara as very very mahaan and she will bear all the torture from sanskar and when he is guilty she very very easily accept it and move on with sanskar compared to that it’s not that great

    1. Completely agree with you but still this concept was baseless. She’s very good writer and seriously Saying it’s just i didn’t expected such concept from her. Sorry if​ you found me rude but really if you have work little man more on it , it could be better

    2. Summaya

      Thanks naina

  6. I warned u bfor only DAT ur this one concept was not liked by me how can one easily accept others child sry for rude words but I m dissatisfied wud ur is n ffi didn’t liked it at all??????

    1. Summaya

      Thanks cutieeswasan for sharing your views I respect it and I’m sorry cause you didn’t like it

  7. Rabia Di hw can u support het

  8. Its really nice dear. It showed your Hard work in this so I truly appreciate your work. Don’t be disheartened as you may get some disappointing comment. Take them as your Strong point. And keep encouraging from these comments. These are their views. We can’t resist any one to show their views.
    So as a Reader now I would say about your story. “It was a very Good attempt. You showed that the relations of hearts are more strong than the Blood relations. But I guess you were not able to interpret it more clearly. I think you should have stretched it a bit. But the moral was very nice.
    Don’t be disheartened.
    Stay Blessed..

    1. Summaya

      Thanks zainab you’ve supported me alot

  9. IQRA222

    it was nice

    1. Summaya

      Thanks iqu BTW r u angry or dissapointed with me I don’t know why but your comment actually it’s quite short compared to other comments what u tell so if u r then I’m sorry
      And sorry if I misunderstood u

      1. IQRA222

        Sii di it is not at all like this
        Offcorce i am not angry or disappointed with you
        Actually my mother was.calling me and i was getting late so i read the episode fast and hurrily wrote a comment
        No need to be sorry
        Coming to the part it was awesome
        I really like the way lucky accepted the fact and ragini spoke up honestly and repented
        Swara and sanskar no comments it was just mindblowing what to say yaar when i dont have words
        And sorry didu if you felt hurt ok

    2. Summaya

      Thanks for the kind words iqu and I’m not at all hurt and I’m fine with your short comment also it’s just that many told that the update wasn’t good so I just thought that may be u also didn’t fine it up-to mark sorry for misunderstanding u

      1. IQRA222

        Didu again sorry ???
        I told you na thrre is no.need to be sorry

    3. Summaya

      OK OK iqu don’t be angry

      1. IQRA222

        acha didu i am not angry <3 <3

  10. It’s amazing??
    Relations with love are more stronger than blood relations,I literally like ur story.the way sanskar accepted swalak children and gave them his love like real father,like in adopted children;the child don’t get to knw tht the one who raised him up was even his parents or not when he is getting enough love sorry infinte love by them and he would never get to knw abt it until n unless any one told him ……?????
    Love relationship either of parents,siblings,childrenched, friends,hustand wifee….?????

    1. Summaya

      Thanks jenny

  11. Kojagorimalik

    This was beautiful I loved it loadzzz

    1. Summaya

      Thanks kojagorimalik

  12. I hated this one a lot

    1. Summaya

      Swsan luv I’m sorry u didn’t like it

    1. Summaya

      Thanks anu

  13. Soujanya


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      Thanks soujanya

  14. Tamil


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      Thanks Tamil

  15. Wow loved it

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      Thanks romaisa

  16. Simi

    Good one dear…
    I agree Swara n laksh may face difficulty… But its not impossible thing that sanskar accept babies…

    1. Summaya

      Thanks simi

    1. Summaya

      Thanks jannatul nayma

  17. Praju


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      Thanks praju

  18. Arshaanya

    Sorry to say bt i didn’t liked it…
    Best wishes

    1. Summaya

      It’s OK arshaanya

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