Swasan OS “Broken Trust” by Serena


Hi guys Serena here presenting an is…so enjoy n sorry if its boring..

A girl is in kitchen making dinner n glancing at clock every 5 seconds…it can be clearly observed that she is waiting for someone….when suddenly someone from behind held her waist…..bcoz of sudden touch she got scared n turn with a jerk with a knife in her hand…n was relieved to see the person in front of her..
Girl- (relieved) sanskar…u scared me!!
Sanskaar-(staring knife in her hand) sw..swara…firs..first of all …keep that knife away…arey year abhi toh mujhe bacche bhi karne hai….itni jaldi maarogi kya..?????
Swara-(realizing the knife position) ummm…sorry..(realized wat he said after wards) wait what u said…bacche n all…u …..u r becoming shameless day by day…(n she started to beat him playfully)
Sanskaar- (defending himself n laughing) ouch…ouch swara…OK OK m sorry..(holding her hands n holding her waist) accha listen na… I love u…
Swara- (hugging him tightly) I love u too…n m blessed to have a husband like u…
Sanskaar smiled n was overwhelmed..
Sanskaar-m more blessed to hv u ….ok now leave being sentii n plz serve the dinner m really hungry..(he was about to go when swara called from back n assuming what is on the way he became nervous)
Swara-(angrily) sanskaar!!!???
Where were u till this time..u r again late…???
Sanskaar-(bit his tongue n turned around) sorryyyyy! Actually I was having some important clients to handle….so It became late…
Swara-(pouting) ur clients are becoming my sautan day by day….
Suddenly pressure cooker’s whistle started to blow….n swara ran to switch off the knob..
Sanskaar-(coming from back n hugging swara) (to pressure cooker??) hey! How dare u whistling my wife n swara why r u not saying anything…???
Swara gave him ‘u-are-impossible’ look n went to do other works….
Sanskaar was still standing there he went to pressure cooker…n
Sanskaar- tera bhi sahi hai yaar……hum siti maare toh ladkiyaan joote chappal uthati hai…or tu maare toh bhaagi bhaagi aati hai…..(looking on celling) hey bhagwan agle janam mujhe cooker hi banana….aisa vaisa nhi…Hawkins wala….after all I too have a class…huh!
Saying this he also went from there…
So this is introduction ….swasan are happily married couple…n they both love each like anything….they can’t imagine their life widout each other…sanskaar is one of the top buisenessman n swara is interior decorator….
Same day on dining table…

They use to eat in same plate..(kuch seekho inse…dekho kaise vimbar ka paisa bacha rahe hai..??)
Swara- sanskaar!
Sanskaar- hmmm
Swara- can I ask u something?
Sans- no…from when u started to take permission? Off course u can ask my love..(Smilingly n leaning towards her)
Swara-(short smile) you trust me??(curiously)
Sans-(surprised by sudden question) what?? What kind of question is this…off course I trust u..
Swara- thank u…u know my mom used to say that every relation is based on only trust n love…n if any one of them will be not there in relation, then that relationship is shattered completely..
Sans-(overwhelmed) I promise I will never break ur trust….(pausing for a sec) accha tell me if by mistake in future if I will break ur trust then???
Swara-(looking into his eyes) I will die.
Sanskaar was shocked by her reply…he can see immense love in her eyes for him.
Sans- do u trust me that much?
Swara- more than myself….

Days passed like this for these lovebirds….their love increased in these days specially swara’s love for sanskaar…n she started to support sanskaar fully…she used to wake till midnight until sanskaar reach to home…sanskaar also has reached to heights of business with his hard work n swara’s unconditional support….. Nowadays his coming late from office is common n swara waiting for him till 2 -3 am n then her waking up in early in morning for sanskaar was becoming her daily routine…due to which her health was deteroiting day by day but she never complained sanskaar about this…even she never showed sanskaar that she is weak…
Meanwhile in between his business sanskaar met a business women Ragini Khanna…..they used to spend most of the time together coz of business n then a time came when they both were highly attracted to each other..
Sanskaar started to like ragini n same with ragini….though their project was over but still they used to spend most of the day together hanging out with each other…. N on other side swara blindly trust on sanskaar n used to not sleep for 1-2 days…..n as she was herself a working women she used to work hard till night n then rest of night she used to wait for sanskaar…
Other side sanskaar’s n ragini’s attraction was increasing day by day…
Now sanskaar started to avoid swara more n that’s why he was not able to notice her condition…he sometime felt guilty about swara but soon his guilt was replaced by a smile remembering about his n ragini’s moments….
Days passed like this…one day sanskaar left to office but he forgot his file….when swara was cleaning the home…her eyes fell on the file…n she remembered sanskaar telling her that this file is very important for the meeting which is going to held today at 4 pm…she glanced at the clock n saw time….its been 2 pm…only 2 hrs left for meeting…..she speedily rushed to office….n ask the employed about meeting….n the employee answered that meeting has been cancelled just now…she was releived that he dont have any loss….she thought that if she had came here she should once meet him n also give his file to him…she reached to his cabin n was shocked to see the scenario in front of him….the scene in front of her was like someone stabbing her heart again n again…
She saw that ragsan are sitting on same chair….sanskaar on chair n ragini on his lap n they r somewhat becoming intimate.
..the file which was in her hand, fell down in shock…she was standing there with the feeling of betrayal n tears in eyes of trusting someone so blindly…

By the sound, both ragsan turned towards the door n was shocked to see swara there…they composes themselves….n before sanskaar could say anything….swara ran from there crying bitterly….sanskaar also followed her but before he could reach to her….she was gone from there in her car…sanskaar also followed her but he was stuck in traffic…he was continuously trying swara’s phone but she was not picking it….after 2 hours he reached home n saw swara preparing dinner….he went to her with his head bowed down in guilt…he was expecting some bitter words from swara…but was shocked when swara asked him the question….
Swara-(coldly) do u love her?
Sanskaar was shocked n numb…
Swara-(lil louder) MR.MAHESHWARI DO U LOVE HER?
Sanskaar was speechless….he didnt knew what to answer…he was just standing there….
Swara-(with teary eyes n coldly) ur silence is giving ur answer….ok so if u love her then be ready…
Now sanskaar was afraid as to for what she is telling him to be ready..
Swara- be ready to marry her in one month n ask her also if she have any problem.(now sanskaar was horribly shocked n before he could say anything swara cutted him off)….i will tell our lawyer to get our divorce paper’s n ur marriage registration papers ready within month…(she said this with teary eyes but soon composes herself as she doesnot wanted to show her tears to sanskaar) n congratulation MR. MAHESHWARI
Saying this she went from there as she cant control herself more….now it was time for sanskaar…now he is feeling that someone is stabbing his heart…. He was feeling very guilty…he tried to talk to swara but everytime she just avoided him… He told this to ragini…ragini was very happy…..but sanskaar was furious over swara for this type of decision..(afterall pyaar toh usi se karta hai)

Next day…
Sanskaar woke up in morning n saw that his coffee is not beside him n also swara is not in room…. He got worried n panic that if swara is alright coz he still remembered swara’s word ‘ I will die ‘ he panickly went downstairs n saw swara reading magazine n sipping coffee …he went to her n sat beside her but she got up from there n went to kitchen… After sometime his maid cane with a cup of coffee…he was happy that swara still cared for him n also made coffee for him… But soon his happiness faded away when he sipped the coffee as it was not made by swara….he asked the maid so she told him that its made by her… He unwillingly finished the coffee n got ready…he didn’t even did his breakfast hoping that swara would stop him…but swara again ignored him….swara was noticing all this so she dialled his pa’s no. N made sure that he eat something….swara continued ignoring him….n she didn’t even used to talk to him….one day sanskaar was fed up by this act of swara….he went into his room n saw swara sitting on bed n drinking water….he went to her n held her by her arms n pinned her to the wall n asked her…
Sanskaar- what the hell is this swara…y r u ignoring me ….. Y r u making me feel guilty…
Swara- why its affecting u Mr.maheshwari….by now u should be habitual of this… Aadat dal lijiye Mr. Maheshwari….
Saying this she went from there n unknowingly a tear drop fell from his eyes….
Days passed like this n now only 1 week was left for ragsan wedding….. N all the arrangements were done by swara….she was checking each n everything by her own… N sanskaar was watching this helplessly n with eyes full of guilt….
One day he saw that she got some call n went outside…then he saw from his balcony that she is hugging a man n talking so freely with him….he felt jealous…he just wanted to kill that man…he went to them n held his collar n slapped him hard
Sans- how dare u touch her.. I will kill u..
Swara-(stopping sanskaar) sanskaar stop it….what problem do u have…. U r starting ur life once again …. M I telling something to u…no naa then why r u interfering in my life…let me also live…coz I can’t wait for u whole life ….. N now please go from here..(turning to man) m sorry laksh for all this… Come in…..I hv lots to share wid u..
Laksh- no swara its okay…n sorry I can’t come right now…I will meet u later…bye..(saying this he hugs her which made sanskaar more furious)

By now he has understood by swara’s cold behaviour that he can’t live widout her….he has understood that he only loves swara….he wanted to tell this to swara but swara was not even giving him the chance to talk……
He tried every mean to talk to her but every time she just ignores him n tells him ‘ what problem do u have Mr. Maheshwari…’ Now this was it for sanskaar he tried every mean to apologize to her….he even told AP to make swara understand but she also said same as swara…..
One day..
Sanskaar furiously went to swara n pinned her to wall…
Sanskaar-(furious) swara what is this…I know I have done the mistake…but now I have realized my mistake…n m really sorry…I will happily accept any punishment which u would give to me….I promise.. But plz I don’t want to do this marriage…plz swara….(now he was begging her)
Swara- no sanskaar u hv to do this marriage u hv my swear…
Sanskaar-(shocked) w..what…what r u sa…saying sw..swara…how…how can u say this…(holding her by her shoulder) see swara…listen to me….I know that I have done mistake….no not mistake I ….I hv done crime…..but pl…plz don’t…..don’t give this….this big punish…punishment…pl…plzzzz (saying this he cried bitterly n sat on floor holding swara’s hand)
Swara was also having tears in her eyes but she composes herself but when she saw sanskaar broken …she couldn’t hold herself more n she without saying anything ran to her room n closed the room n cried bitterly…
Both swara n sanskaar are broken….they r helpless at their places….
Next day..
Swara was guiding decorators n caterers… She was checking everything on her own n sanskaar was watching all this from stairs n was helpless…he was having tears n only her two sentences were going on his mind…’ I will die’ n ‘ u hv my swear ‘
Suddenly swara looked upstairs…n her eyes met with sanskaar’s n a short eyelock took place between both of them…
Kise Puccho..
Hai aisa kyun
Bezubaan sa ye jahaan hai
(Their eyes were showing the mixed feeling of immense love n intense pain)
Khusi ke pal
Kaha dhundu
Benishaan sa waqt bhi yaha hai…
(Swasan was remembering their loving moments)
Jaane kitne labon pe gile h
Zindagi se kayi faasle h
(Swara was remembering how sanskaar ditched her)
Paseejte kyun sapne in aankho se
Lakiren jab chute in haatho se
(Sanskaar was remembering swara giving him her swear)
Jo bheji this duaa
Wo jaake aasman
Se kyun takra gayi
Aa gayi, laut ke sadaa..,×2

‘Why r u doing this?’ Laksh asked swara when she was giving instruction to decorators..” U know very well” swara gave stern reply..
Laksh- I know but why don’t u tell him?
Swara- coz I don’t want to..
Laksh- swara u know u love her n he also loves u….n come on yaar it was just mistake…plz forgive him…
Swara- u said right…I love him n that’s why I wanna see him happy…
Laksh-(lil angry) n what his happiness is going to cost u…u know very well…..he loves u …..he will be not able to live if he comes to know the truth…. I know we can’t do anything but at least can talk to him…
Swara- (shouts) NO…(calming down herself) no we will not n this marriage will happen at any cost(determined)

In evening all guest arrived n after some time marriage rituals are gonna start….sanskaar was in his room n unwillingly was getting ready…coz swara gave him her swear…
Sanskaar tried to Convince ap n dp to convince swara but They clearly denied..
Sanskaar was descending down to the stairs with tears in his eyes n he was only watching swara but swara was avoiding eye contact…
Soon ragsan were in mandap n rituals were about to start but sanskaar was lost sonewhere …his eyes r only on swara n swara was trying her best to not to show her tears to anyone…
Suddenly swara started to ran from there n laksh who was observing her ran behind her…
Sanskaar got tensed seeing her running that to like that n he was now more tensed to see laksh also running to same direction (actually jealous) he left the mandap n ran to the same direction n found swara lying on ground n laksh shaking her to wake up..sanskaar was standing there numb not understanding what’s going on n he was more shocked to see Blood oozing from her head…he ran to there n started shaking swara…
Sans-(tears were flowing from his eyes) swara…swara…plz open ur eyes….see m here…plz open ur eyes(to laksh) what happened to her….how this blood..(he can’t complete his sentence)
Laksh- calm down sanskaar..
Sanskaar- (frustrated) what calm down ha…(crying) my se..swara is not opening her eyes…
Laksh- we should take her to hospital..u come with her I will bring my car..
Sanskaar nodded n took swara in his arms n ran to car n they reached to hospital….they took her to OT n laksh also went there sanskaar was shocked but he was more shocked when he got to know that laksh is neurosurgeon..
After sometime laksh came out of the OT n what he told sanskaar…made him totally numb n lifeless…
Laksh- sanskaar…swara…swara has very less time….plz go n meet her last time…
Sanskaar was shocked..he was not able to understand what’s going on ….he lloked at laksh broken n confused…n it doesn’t take more time for laksh to understand….
He took a long breath n told sanskaar the bitter truth of his life…
Laksh- sanskaar swara is suffering with Brain Tumour..
Sanskaar was hell shocked…tears made his way from his eyes…
Laksh- u know what she loves u too much that before dying also she wanted to see u happy n that’s why she never told u about this…but the day when she came to know about u n ragini….she decided to get u two married so that u can forget her n move on in ur life….(he sadly smiled) she wanted to spend her some last days with u…but may be destiny had something else stored for her…. May be god doesn’t wanted to see her happy before dying also…n ya m not her bf…m her doctor….. She told me to act so that u can believe that she doesn’t loves u now….n u can move on….but u know she cried 100 times more than u…she was broken when she came to know about u…but was happy for u..

Sanskaar was numb….he sat on ground with thud….he was guilty….actually guilty was very small word to describe his feelings…..he can’t believe that she loves him that much n was hell angry on himself that what he did to her…he broke her trust…n now she is really DYING..
Sanskaar rushed to her ward n saw her smiling sadly n signalling him to come to her…
Sans-(crying bitterly) h…how ca…can u..u le..leave m..me sw..swara. Pl… Plz don’t do this to me…….h…how wi…will I li…live wid….widout u….
Swara- shhh…remember sanskaar u promised once that u will never break my trust…..n that day I also promised u dat if u do…then I will die…..n u know I never break my promise….sanskaar I love u….n that’s why I want u to be happy…..plz if u love me then promise me that u won’t blame urself for my death…..n plz move on….
Sans- (crying)how can u say this…no ….no I …I only love u…..n no one can take ur place in my heart….I won’t let anything happen to u…we will live together…
Swara-(smiling sadly) now nothing can happen…but will u do two things for me(sanskaar nods) plz give me my good night kiss…n I want to close my eyes with ur song…(sanskaar cries hard) plz for me..(swara was also having tears in her eyes)
Sanskaar kisses her forehead n put her one hand on her hair caressing it n by other hand he holded her hand n he started to sing

Kabhi gardishon ka maara
Kabhi khwahishon se haara
Roothe chaand ka hai chakor
Zara se bhi samjhote se
Yeh parhez rakhta hai kyun
Maane na kabhi koi zor
Duniya jahaan ki bandishon ki
Yeh kahaan parwaah kare
Jab kheenche teri dor
Kheenche teri dor…

Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore

Khamoshiyon ki sooraton mein
Dhoondhe tera shor
Dhoondhe tera shor
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore

Rookhi-sookhi dil ki hai zameen
Jaane kahaan gum hui nami
Meri ummeed hai teri baarishein
Ye sahe kayi baar pyaar ke
Tujhe har baar haar ke
Seekhe phir bhi kabhi nahi saazishein

Ho.. tere liye aaj khud se hi bhaage hain
Himmat ke tukde bator
Ho bhaage zamaane se
Chhup ke dabe paanv jaise koi chor
Jaise koi chor…

Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Khamoshiyon ki sooraton mein
Dhoondhe tera shor
Dhoondhe tera shor

Manchala.. mann chala teri ore..
Swara smiled for the last time n her hand slipped from sanskaar’s hand…SHE REALLY DIED…
Sanskaar sat on ground with thud n shouted

After 5 yrs.
A lady n a man was sitting on sand with lady’s head on man’s shoulder..
Lady- sanskaar I love u..
(Yup he is sanskaar)
Sanskaar- I love u too reeni bab..
Before he can complete
he got a tight slap on his cheek..
the one who slapped him is a man of early thirties.
Man- how dare u touch my wife…I will kill u..
Sanskaar-(smirking) why it feels u if I touch her..
Man- she is my wife dammit.??
Sanskaar- so what…u don’t love her…right!?
Man- I love her(turning to girl) baby I love u plz forgive me.I promise I will never ever see any other girl other than u…I love u …plz forgive me..
Girl- I love u too baby..( turning to sanskaar) thank u Bhaiya…for saving my marriage…
Man- (confused) huh.
Girl- actually it was his plan so that u can realise ur mistake n can back to me..
Sanskaar – I know u thought that u love ur secretary… But actually it was just attraction…ur real love is ur wife…that’s why u came here on only my one fake phone call that ur wife hv a affair with some other man…(smile sadly) plz don’t break the trust of those who trust u blindly….n m telling u this coz mujhe sazaa mil chuki hai…or main nahi chahunga ki aisi sazaa mere kisi dushman ko bhi mile…(he was having tears in his eyes) Ab main chalta hun..or bhi kahi beheno me Ghar wapis basane hai…
Saying this he went from there…..n the couple stood there admiring him..
Sanskaar while looking in sky said..
“”1432 relations…I hv mend till now n….swara I promise u I will continue to mend the relations like this so that i can repent at least a bit of my mistake…..n I hope one day u will forgive me whole heartely…. I love u swara…n m moving on as per ur wish…but not with any girl but with a mission to not let happen that thing with any girl which happened to u….n till m alive I will just focus on this mission…””

Guys trust is something which once broken can never be mend again…so don’t break the trust of those who trust u blindly…
And many of u told me to come with a new concept…so very soon m coming with a new ss “Doorie….sahi jaaye naa” so for now bye…n so sorry if its boring….

Credit to: Serena

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