Hello Everyone! Ashu here? Remember me guys? How are you all? I missed everyone here!!! Okay, I’m back after a very long break of four month, with another oneshot on Swasan. I hope you are going to like it!

Before you go for the story, I’ve a couple of warnings
WARNING 1: This story is extremely cliché, and read it only if you can handle cliché stuff without complaining.
WARNING 2: Read this story, only if you think you can handle falling in love with Sanskaar again and again.

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“Idiot! How dare he? How could he forget such an important thing? Let him come home, and I’ll make sure he’ll remember everything and never repeat this again.” I muttered in frustration, to no one in particular, but myself, as I paced the length of the living room.

I was getting irritated, more and more, minute by minute, as I thought about my so called husband, who actually forgot the importance of today. I can’t believe he forgot how much this day is important to the two of us. I expected him to spend the entire day, with me, like he does every year till date, but this year he didn’t even bother to wish me, forget about spending the entire day.

I took my phone, and settled down comfortably on the couch, in the living room. I opened the gallery, and started scrolling through the photos of Sanskaar and me. Each and every photo of us, had a special memory related to it! The ones on our first date, the ones on our first movie night, the ones when we first confessed our love, the ones on our marriage, the ones when we went on any vacation and many more. The list is endless, when I think about our time together.

Every memory is as fresh as it had happened just yesterday. As I looked at the photos, I realized that Sanskaar never left any chance to make me feel loved. He made sure every moment creates some special sweet memories in our life.

And then there were my photos exclusively, all of them clicked by Sanskaar and most of them were captured without my knowledge. Sanskaar loves photography, and he is exceptionally good at it. Whenever, I ask him about my pictures, he always has the same answer, “Swara, you know how much I love photography! But what you should know is that I love capturing you! My love for photography is incomplete, without capturing your pictures.”

My lips curved up into a smile, as I recollected his words, which I had heard so many times, yet I never get tired of hearing the same lines again and again. I leaned back onto the couch, and closed my eyes, recollecting each and every moment with him. Wasn’t it just yesterday, we were two strangers, who met each other for the first time in the college premises? Wasn’t it just yesterday, we were paired as partners for a project work? Wasn’t it just yesterday, we shook hands, to start a new friendship? Wasn’t it just yesterday, we started hanging out with each other, and turned out to be best friends. Wasn’t it just yesterday, we learnt to trust each other? Wasn’t it just yesterday, I was crying and he lent me his shoulder for me to cry on, and assured that everything would be okay?

Wasn’t it just yesterday, we started falling for each other, so deep and so hard, that there was no way to come out of it? Wasn’t it just yesterday, we admitted our feelings and confessed them? Wasn’t it just yesterday, we went on our first date? Wasn’t it just yesterday, we first kissed? Wasn’t it just yesterday, we celebrated our first Valentine’s? Wasn’t it just yesterday, we graduated from college, having no idea of how our future would be? Wasn’t it just yesterday, he proposed me for marriage? Wasn’t it just yesterday, we got married? Wasn’t it just yesterday, we celebrated our first anniversary?

It is true, when people say that time flies fast! It was seven years ago, when we started as strangers, and neither of us expected we would end up here together in future? And five years since we are together! Five years since we confessed our love for each other. This day, five years ago, we said, ‘I love you’ to each other the very first time. Not to say, in a very dramatic way!

I chuckled, remembering how Sanskaar had to text Kavita, and ended up texting me instead.

I returned home in the evening, after a long tiring day at college, and decided to lie down for a while. I went to my bedroom, and crashed onto my soft bed, but before I could take a nap, my phone buzzed. I glanced at my phone, lazily, making no attempt to pick it up, but the minute I noticed that it was Sanskaar who texted, I grabbed my phone to check what he had to say.

I noticed that I was actually acting all weird, whenever he was around. I didn’t know, when I started being so desperate for his texts, when I had grown to be so habituated to having him by my side. The truth was that…I was falling for him. The first time I noticed him, I thought he was handsome, but as time passed, I knew that he was something more than what I saw the first time.

I opened the notifications, to check out his message, but my eyes widened as I read the words on the screen of my phone, and started hyperventilating.

“Hey Kavita! I need your help in a very critical matter. And being my best friend, who know me very well for so many years, only you can help me out in this. I know its so stupid of me to ask your help in such a matter, but I didn’t know who else to ask. Okay, so the thing is, HOW DO I TELL SWARA THAT I LOVE HER? Should I tell her? What do you think will she say?”

I read the text again and again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I didn’t know how to respond to it. My brain was still trying to process this new found information, while my heart has already started screaming in happiness and doing somersaults. He was supposed to send the text to Kavita, his best friend and wellwisher since ages; instead he sent it to the wrong person, or in this case, the right person. A small smile made its way to my lips, as I thought about the irony of the situation.

“You just did that Sanskaar!” I replied back, a very brief one though. I waited for him to say something, anything! I thought about his reaction on seeing my text.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry Swara! That was not supposed to be…” I received his notification, after two minutes. I laughed looking at his text. He was nervous, and I can see that. Hell! He was probably finding of ways to hide himself in the darkest corners of the world.

“Forget I even said that! I’m sorry, Swara!” I received another text from him, before I could reply back. ‘How do you think I’ll forget that Sanskaar? You just said that you love me, and that isn’t something I can forget.’ I thought.

“We need to meet Sanskaar! I’ll wait for you, at Starbucks, in half an hour.” I texted him. I smiled, as I imagined Sanskaar’s expressions on reading this text.

“But I’ve an assignment today. We’ll meet tomorrow anyways.” He replied back. Great! He is making excuses now, a lame one at that. He knows he is bad at lieing, yet he is trying!!

“Stop making excuses, idiot! I know there’s no assignment today. You are coming in half an hour!” I sent him a warning text.

I looked around the place, and sat down in one of the empty tables in the corner, waiting for him. I opened my phone, and read the text again, which made my lips curve up into a smile.

I waited for about ten minutes, when I saw him entering through the front door, all nervous and flushed up. His eyes roamed around the place, before they made a brief contact with mine, and he made his way to our table. I couldn’t help but notice how hot he was looking in that black tee and blue denims. My perception of how I look at him has been changing from day to day, and I laughed at my thoughts.

He sat down in the chair across me, with a nervous smile on his lips. “Hey!” was all that he said.

For a moment, the neither of us spoke a word. We were sitting in silence, when I decided to break the ice, “So, what were you saying?” I asked him in a serious tone. I was acting like I was pissed off with him.

“I didn’t say anything, other than hey.” He looked at me with a innocent face. Is he really dumb? Idiot! I narrowed my eyes at him, and gave him a threatening look.

“You know what I mean. On the phone!” I replied curtly.

“I don’t remember us talking on phone today.” He said, looking around, and avoiding me. This guy is impossible. I’m here trying to talk to him something important, and he is playing around.

“Sanskaar! Are you telling me or not? I’m in no mood to joke around.” I gave him a ‘will-you-be-serious’ look.

“Swara, that’s nothing, it was a prank.” He said looking anywhere, but me.

“Sanskaar, you are a terrible liar, you know that? Look at me, and tell me the truth now?” I asked him softly, this time. He locked his eyes with mine for a brief moment, before looking down again.

He was quiet for a few seconds, and just when I thought he isn’t going to tell anything, he let out a sigh and said, “Swara, now that you know a part of the truth, its better I tell you everything.”

I caught my breath, anticipating his next words. “Swara, I love you! In fact, I was attracted to you the very first time I saw you. I thought it was nothing, but just an attraction. I thought it would pass away with time; instead it only grew stronger, and I knew I was in love with you. I know this relevation has the chances of spoiling our friendship, but I can’t act any longer. I’m sorry, if I hurt you in any way…”

“What if I say that I love you too?” I said, not letting him complete his words, and waited for him to react.

“I knew it, I knew this would hurt you…Wait!! What did you just say?” He asked finally, when he realized what I said. He looked at me, while I bit my lip in nervousness.

“Did you just say what I think I heard?” He asked me, while I nodded. He got up from his chair, and immediately hugged me. “Thank you.” He whispered in my ears, still hugging me, while I smiled.

After a moment, he composed himself, and pulled back. I looked around and found everyone staring at us, but that didn’t matter now. All that matters is Sanskaar. I turned my eyes to him, and found his gaze fixed on me.

“What?” I asked him, when I could no longer bear the intensity of the gaze.

“I’m so happy! Say it again, Swara.” He asked. I blushed, and nodded in a no.

“Please. I want to hear you say it again.” He requested.

“I love you Sanskaar. I don’t know when it happened, but I’d become so used to being around you, that I started questioning my feelings. I started figuring out the reason behind my weird acts when I’m beside you. And then, I realized that I was falling for you. Your text only gave me the ignition required.”

Sanskaar chuckled, “I love you too, Swara.”

I smiled, as I thought, how the day ended with the two of us confessing, how the wrong text brought us together, and made us one, how our beautiful journey had begun. Its true when people say everything happens for a reason. If we are destined to be together, all the forces of nature join to unite us, no matter what.

That was just the beginning! Ever since that day, we walked hand in hand, crossed every hurdle together, but never left each other. Sanskaar always says “I still can’t believe how easily I got you in my life. Everyone is not lucky enough to be loved by the very same person you love. But God has done me a favour, by showering all the luck. Thank you for coming into my life, Swara, and making it worth living.”

Ever since that day, he thanks God for sending me in his life. Every year this day, held a special meaning to the two of us. After all, it was the very first time, we did confess. Since then, Sanskaar made this day special, every year he had a bunch of surprises, for me on this day. This always is the best day of the entire year, for which I’d be waiting.

Once, he had this Candle light dinner planned on the terrace of one of the highest buildings of the city, which had the best view of the city, and the other time, he cooked the best dinner for me, after so much of struggle in learning to cook. The other time, he planned a vacation to Paris, which by the way, was my dream place since I was fifteen.

This was one reason, I wait for this day. Although, he didn’t need any occasion to surprise me, yet this day was special to us. But, when he said that he had to go to London, for work, I was upset with the fact that I’ll miss him here with me on this day. I expected him to take me along, but he didn’t. He said that he would be busy in work all day, and didn’t want to leave me alone in a new city, with nothing to do. I reluctantly let him go; thinking that, being near or far doesn’t matter as long as we love each other.

I expected him to at least call and wish me, if not spend the day. I was waiting for his call since the clock struck twelve last night, but I was disappointed when he didn’t call. I let it go, thinking that he might be very tired, and must have slept early, though it was highly unlikely of him to sleep without talking to me, no matter how tired he was. He had this habit of slipping into slumber, while talking to me. I slept after waiting for his call for almost an hour.

I woke up in the morning, and checked my phone, for any missed calls from Sanskaar. But, there were none! My mind was filled with all kinds of worries. I wondered if he was alright, because, there was no way he would forget today. Or even if he did forget, he would at least call to talk to me. I immediately dialed his number, but it was switched off. It just added to my worries.

I spent the entire morning trying to call him, but his phone was switched off. I tried calling his secretary, who informed me that Sanskaar had left for some meeting early in the morning. I consoled my heart that Sanskaar was in a meeting, and that he was fine. But I was still restless. Finally, at around 2 in the afternoon, he called me. But he didn’t wish me then either; instead the conversation went somewhat in this way….

“Hello!” I heaved a sigh of relief, when I heard his voice at the other end.

“Hello Sanskaar! Why….” I started, wanting to fire him with my questions about why his phone was switched off, but before I could, he cut me off.

“Hey Swara!” He sounded pretty cheerful.

“Looks like my husband is very happy.” I stated, hearing his happy mood, forgetting about my worries.

“Yeah, I am! In fact very very happy. I just got the contract of that international project, the whole and sole reason of my coming here.” He squealed like a kid, while I laughed.

“Congratulations, Hubby!” I wished him.

“Thank you, wifey! Its all because of you; you are my lucky charm!” I heard him say, and smiled at his words.

“Its because, you consider me as one.” I stated it as a matter of fact. He always tells me that I’m his lucky charm, every now and then.

“That’s because, you are!” I heard him laugh. Isn’t he sweet? That is when I remembered his phone was switched off, and he still hadn’t wished me.

“Sanskaar, why is your phone switched off since morning?” I asked him.

“I was in a meeting, Swara. And I had to switch it off.” He replied coolly.

“You could’ve called me before going to the meeting, right? At least you could’ve sent a text! You know how worried I was? You didn’t call me at night, you didn’t call in the morning, and then your phone was switched off.” I was yelling at him, and almost crying at the end.

“I’m so sorry, Swara. Last night, I was very tired, and I didn’t know, when I slept. I had to leave at seven in the morning, and I didn’t want to disturb you.” He apologized.

“You are a dumb head! An idiot! Get lost, don’t talk to me.” I yelled at his carelessness.

“I told you, I’m sorry. Okay, tell me how do I make it up to you?” He asked me. I thought for a while, and a naughty smile, made its way on my lips.

“Come home, and I’ll tell you.” I told him, with humor filled voice.

“Why do I find something fishy? This doesn’t sound good, wifey.” He said, doubtfully.

“You deserve it, hubby!” I laughed.

“What are you planning, darling?” he asked.

“My dear curious husband, you’ll know it soon.” I grinned, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to see my devilish grin.

“You are threatening me, Jaan. What if I don’t plan on coming home?” He asked.

“Shut up Sanskaar! Say it again, and I’ll kill you.” I yelled at him. He has a very bad sense of humor, he talks without thinking twice about what he is saying.

“Okay okay, Cool down! I’m sorry.” He apologized.

“By the way, when are you coming? Your deal is done, right?” I was already missing him.

“Two more days, Swara. I’ve some papers to sign, and I’ll be back.” He replied. I sighed, wishing the time to fly past.

“But I’m missing you.” I said, in a low voice. I felt like crying, especially now that he isn’t with me on our anniversary. And that reminds me, he still didn’t wish me, how mean!!! How did he forget?

“I’m missing you too! Please, don’t get upset. You know, I can’t see you hurt.” I heard him say.

I sighed, “Okay, By the way, you remember, what today is?” I asked him, in an attempt to remind him. I could’ve wished him directly, but no, I wanted him to wish me first.

“Today? Today is the 12th of August!” He said, nonchalantly. What? Did I ask him about the date?

“Sanskaar, I didn’t ask you the date. I know it’s the 12th of August! I asked you what the significance of today is.”

“Is there something special today, Swara?” He asked. I huffed, at his question. Is he freaking kidding me?

“Really, Sanskaar?” I said, annoyed.

“Swara! Am I forgetting something? Its not your birthday. It’s not our marriage anniversary, either. Its not valentine’s day too.” He answered.

“Seriously Sanskaar? You must be kidding me!” I was beyond frustrated. Out of all the people in the world, I didn’t think Sanskaar would forget. I was not the person who usually remembers dates and occasions, but Sanskaar got me habituated to this. He remembers every occasion, and by every, I mean even the smallest of the occasions.

“Sorry Jaan, but I don’t remember…..Wait…wait!!! I remember! How could I forget today?” I heard him shout from the other side.

Phew…!! Finally! Thank god, he remembered. I’d have killed him, if he didn’t remember. I waited for him to wish me first. I started smiling, even before he wished me.

“Thank God Swara, you reminded me. Otherwise, I’d have forgotten! I’ve to call Abhi immediately.” He spoke in hurry. I frowned at the name. Abhi? Who the hell is this Abhi now? And why did he come in between?

“Who Abhi?” I asked him confused.

“Abhi…Abhishek! My school friend! You remember him, right? You met him in our wedding. Its his birthday today, and I forgot to wish him. If not for you, I’d have forgotten completely.” He said. I was flabbergasted at his answer. Like seriously? Dumb head! He is getting on my nerves, right now!!!

He remembers some school friend’s birthday, but not our confession anniversary? Could he test my patience anymore? “Sanskaar?” I called him extra sweetly, “Yes, dear.” He replied.

“GO. TO. HELL.!!” I yelled at him, and hung up the phone, without giving him a chance to speak. Seriously? My idiot husband forgot? And who the hell is this idiot Abhi now? Someone whom I never knew, except for meeting once at our wedding. How did he suddenly remember this friend today? I hate you Sanskaar!

It has been three hours, since I ended the call in frustration, while Sanskaar made no attempt to call back. How mean? Does he even care, that I’m pissed off at him? He still didn’t remember? I had been pacing around the room, since the last three hours, trying to calm my mind. I tried everything, reading a book, listening to music, talking to Ragini, watching a movie….but everything went in vain. I couldn’t distract my mind.

It was around 5:30 in the evening, when I heard a knock on the main door. I opened the door, to find a delivery boy, with a huge parcel in his hands.

“Mrs. Swara Sanskaar Maaheshwari?” He asked. I nodded.

“Ma’am, this parcel is for you.” He said placing the package down, against the wall.

“For me? From whom?” I asked him, confused, seeing the size of the parcel.

“Don’t know Ma’am. We were asked to deliver it personally to you. Can you please sign on this form, so that I can take leave?” He said, handling me a paper. I signed it and immediately returned it back to him, and the guy left.

I took the parcel, but to my surprise, it was not really heavy, and I could lift it without much difficulty. I walked back to our room, and settled down on the couch there, and tried to find the details of the sender. But when I didn’t find any, I carefully opened it, trying not to damage the thing inside. My curiousity was building up, as I was opening it.

I was left speechless, when I saw what was inside. I gasped at the beauty of the thing inside. I was tongue-tied, by looking at such an amazing piece of art. To say that I was surprised seeing my portrait, would be an understatement of the century. This is the best version of me, I’ve ever seen. Every stroke in this was perfect, every line.

I caressed the canvas, adoring the beauty of the portrait. I forgot everything around me, and was immersed in the picture in front of me. I heard my phone ringing, but I couldn’t take my eyes off this. I attended the call, without looking at the caller ID.

“Hello…” I said, still looking at the picture, and then I heard the voice I always love to hear, from the other side.



“Sanskaar, you remember what today is?” I asked him.

“Of course, Love. You didn’t think I’d forget, did you?” He asked. Of course, he wouldn’t forget! I was a fool to think that he’d forget.

“Umm…well…why didn’t you wish me earlier then?” I questioned him.

“You’ll know the reason soon!” He replied. I frowned, but didn’t question him further.

“Swara! You are the most precious gift of my life! And this precious gift of my life, deserves the perfect gift! That portrait in your hands, is that version of you, I always have on my mind. I had to search the whole of Kolkata, to find the best artist, who could paint my Swara, in the most perfect way. I hope you did like it.” I heard him say, with lot of love.

“Like? I loved it, Sanskaar! This is the best gift I’ve ever got!” I said, almost yelling in happiness.

“And… you, are the best gift, I’ve ever got.” He said, softly.

“I love you Sanskaar!” I said. There were no more words needed.

“Swara! I Love You too! You are the first thing in the morning I love to see, when I open my eyes, and the last thing at night, I love to see, before I close my eyes to sleep. And I love seeing you in between! I love that puppy dog look on your face, when you ask for something I deny. I love that pout on your face, when you are angry with me. I love to look into your eyes, and get lost in the depth of your eyes. I might be surrounded by hundreds of worries, but when you smile for me, the world seems alright. My eyes have been searching for you since the past one week. They are longing to see you, day and night. I love you, Swara. I LOVE YOU WITH MY SENSE OF SIGHT.” He said, and his words spread a smile on my face.

“Sanskaar…” I trailed off, not knowing, what else to say. My heart started fluttering, when I heard him say those words.

“Swara! I love to hear your voice day in and day out. You have the voice of a cuckoo, and when you sing, I get captivated by your voice. Listening you talk like a chatterbox, makes my day. Its weird, I know; but when you don’t talk, my day doesn’t go good. Hearing you laugh is the best feeling ever. I love to hear you sing, especially when you sing for me. I love to hear you yell at me, when you are angry. I love to hear you talk like a kiddo, when you are excited. When I hear your voice, all the restlessness in my mind goes away, and the world seems alright. I love you, Swara. I LOVE YOU WITH MY SENSE OF HEARING.”

He was expressing all his feelings, all his love through his words. I silently listened to his words, I just wanted to hear more and more, again and again, what he was saying. He is far away from me, yet he knows how to make me feel on the top of the world.

“Swara! You should know that your touch casts some spell on me, that I forget how to move, and how to react. Your touch gives me that tingling sensation in my heart which I can’t describe. One hug from you, and I feel like I’m the luckiest man on earth. When I hold you in my arms, the world seems alright, and there’s nothing more blissful than having you with me. I want to hold your hands, and walk through all the hurdles in my life. I love you, Swara. I LOVE YOU WITH MY SENSE OF TOUCH!”

I had an idea where he was going with these lines. I’m not sure about him being lucky, but I sure am very fortunate to have him as my better half. I could never get a person better than him. If my touch casts some spell on him, then his touch makes me feel the butterflies in my stomach. Forget the butterflies, I can feel the whole zoo, when he is close to me.

“Swara! I love that vanilla and strawberry fragrance of yours. That vanilla lotion you use, and your hair, which smells of strawberries, fill my senses, capturing all my senses, including my common sense. The jasmine perfume you apply, leaves me yearning for more and more of you. Your scent is like a drug to me, without which I can’t live. I need this drug to keep me from having a nervous breakdown. If you think it as an addiction, then yes, I’ve become a drug addict, craving more and more, for a drug named ‘Swara’! I love you, Swara! I LOVE YOU WITH MY SENSE OF SMELL!”

I listened to his words quietly, when unknowingly, a tear drop escaped from my eye.

“Swara! You should know that you taste divine, and it makes me to crave to feel those soft and tender lips of yours against mine, always! Those soft, pink lips of yours, which only I’m privileged to feel and taste, give me the most refreshing and energizing feel. When I kiss you, I feel like I’ve captured the most beautiful thing on earth. I love you, Swara! I LOVE YOU WITH MY SENSE OF TASTE!! ”

I didn’t know how to respond. I’m the worst life partner ever, who didn’t speak a single word all throughout. Even after he said so much, I didn’t say a single word. What more do I say? I knew that the moment I open my mouth to speak, words fail me, and I’ll start crying.

“Swara! I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY SENSES! ALL FIVE OF THEM!! You don’t know how hard it is for me to not see you; to not hear you, of course I hear you on the phone, but that doesn’t count; to not hold you in my arms; to not feel your scent; and to not kiss you. I feel like I’ve been deprived off, of all my senses. I can’t wait to get back to you!”

Every time I hear him say how much he loves me, I get surprised seeing his love. But this is a whole new level of his love I’m seeing. Five years, and he is still the same! I never expected I’d hear such words.

“Swara, are you there? Why aren’t you saying anything?” He panicked. I wiped my tears and composed myself, but all I could manage was, “Yes…”

“Say something, love!”

“I thought you never wanted to see tears in my eyes.” I said, wiping the lone tear that flowed down my cheek

“Of course, I’d never want to.” He replied, confused.

“Then why the hell are you making me cry now? Why are you so determined to bring tears in my eyes?” I questioned him.

“What?” He asked, alarmed.

“Yes, Mr. Maheshwari! You are so determined to bring these tears in my eyes. They wouldn’t stop watering, seeing your love! I’ve got used to these tears of happiness in my eyes, ever since you entered my life.”

I heard him heave a sigh of relief, and then laugh, “And that, my dear, is because I Love You!!!”

“Why Sanskaar? Why do you love me so much?” I asked him.

“I don’t have the answer for that question, Swara. Sometimes, I too wonder why I love you so much. But all that I know is that I Love you more than my life! And I don’t need a reason to love you!”

Could I get anymore lucky? Life has given me the best in everything, and Sanskaar is one of them. I can never thank God enough for all the good luck he has been showering upon me.

“You are the most perfect guy, I’ve ever met!” I told him, in a low voice.

“No Swara! I’m not perfect. I’ve my share of flaws. Its just that you accept me with my flaws, and consider them as a part of me.” I heard him say.

“I can’t thank God enough, for making you send that text to me that day, instead of Kavita.” I smiled, as I thought about what would have happened if he didn’t send the text to me.

“Swara. There’s something I need to tell you.” I heard him let out a breath. What did he want to say?

“What?” I asked him.

“That text, that day, was meant to be sent to you.” He answered. Ohh…Wait!!! What???? Did I just hear what he said. And did he just mean what I’m thinking?

“What do….Can you please elaborate?” I asked him, when my mind was half blown up with the relevation.

“I deliberately sent that text to you, that day. I never planned to send it to Kavita.” He clarified.

“Why?” I asked him, when I didn’t know what else to say.

“I wanted to know how you would react. And trust me; I was hell scared, when you asked me to meet you, without any reply. I had to take a chance, sometime or the other. And, I used Kavita’s name there.” He replied.

Oh my God!!! He can’t be serious! All this was preplanned? Seriously? I started smiling even wider. I thought it was all co incidence, and I was a fool to not know it, till today!

“Oh really Sanskaar? You planned it? And why didn’t you tell me till today?” I asked him skeptically.

“I never felt the need to. Besides, we never talked about that message.” He said it as a matter of fact.

“Haww…!!! That doesn’t mean you will hide it from me.”

“It just slipped out of mind! Anyways, it doesn’t matter, whether I texted deliberately or accidentally, now that we are tied together forever. Does it, wifey?” He asked me.

“Of course it does, hubby! But I think I can forgive you for now, after all it’s our anniversary. But we still have scores to settle about this when you return back.” I teased him.

“That I know, how to pacify my darling wife, but for now, I’m forgiven, right?” He asked.

“Mr. Overconfident Maheshwari, its not that easy !” I challenged him.

“I see a challenge there Mrs. Underestimating Maheshwari! Get ready to lose, wifey!” He challenged back. This was our routine; we always loved to challenge each other.

“Time will tell who’s going to lose, Mr. Loser!” I grinned.

“Sure! But I guess I’m forgiven for not wishing you earlier.” He asked. I instantly remembered our conversation in the afternoon, and some idiot Abhi!

“Not until you tell me the reason for being so late! And who the hell is this Abhi?” I said, annoyed.

“Swara, what’s the time now?” He asked. “Huh?” I was confused.

“I asked you something! Just answer me.” I looked at the clock, and answered, “6 o’clock. You can see that in your watch too, Sanskaar” I complained.

“August 12th, evening 6 o’clock! Doesn’t this ring a bell in your mind?” He asked. I thought about what he said, and I think I know it.

“Sanskaar, don’t tell me….” I trailed off.

“Of course love, the time we first confessed, five years ago, on this day, at this time.” He reasoned. Now I knew, why he didn’t wish last night, or in the morning or in the afternoon.

“So everything was an excuse? You being tired, and sleeping early last night; leaving early in the morning and then meeting; and that Abhi, in the afternoon, everything was made up?” I asked him, doubtfully.

“Partly yes, and partly no! I was tired last night, but I didn’t sleep early, atleast not without wishing you mentally. I had a meeting in the morning, but not that early, and about Abhi, I’ve a school friend with that name, who attended our wedding, but it isn’t his birthday today. I didn’t plan on calling in the afternoon either, but I knew, you would get worried, and so, I called you. But trust me Swara, it was fun to annoy you! I couldn’t stop laughing after you hung up the phone.” I heard him laugh.

“You find it fun? Seriously Sanskaar? I’ll show you what real fun is when you are back.” I warned him, but I silently smiled at his planning. He was still laughing, and after a few seconds, I joined him and we laughed for, I don’t know how much time.

“Thank you Sanskaar! For making this day, the most memorable in my life. I’ll cherish this moment forever. In spite of being miles away, you managed to make it the best day of my life. I Love you!” I said, as I stopped laughing, and we were back to our normal selves.

“Anything for you, Love!! I Love You too my best half!” he replied, and I smiled.

“By the way, where is my gift, wifey?” He asked me. I completely forgot about it though.

“Its nothing compared to yours.” I replied.

“Doesn’t matter what it is or how it is, when you get it from the person, you love the most.” He said, softly, “Besides, I want something else, apart from whatever you have got me.”

“What is it?” I asked, and I was out of words, when I heard his answer.

“A promise! Promise me that you will be with me forever, promise that you will never leave me, for whatever reasons may be.”

“I promise!”

I thanked God mentally for sending one gem of a person in my life. His love is something I can’t put it in words. It has no limits, no boundaries. His love is OUT OF BOUNDS!! People often say that you are lucky if you get the person you love, and you are even luckier to get a person who loves you. However, you are the luckiest, if the person you love and the person who loves you is the same. If there is anything more than these three, I’d call myself that, because when u get someone like Sanskaar, its not just called being luckiest, but something more!!!
~**THE END**~

Okay, okay, okay, I completed this!!! I’ve been planning this for more than a month! I just realised that I forgot writing! I found it difficult to put all my thoughts into words But i’ve tried my best to present it well:)
I know, its extremely cliché and I warned you at the beginning about it. Other than that, how is it? I want to know what you think? I’ll be waiting to read your comments on this story.
Please comment and give your views, if you think this story deserves a word of appreciation. Criticism is welcome, as long as in limits.
Thank you!!!
Love <3 <3

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  1. I feel blessed that I have read it…. No matter it was a little cliche…but the best love story I have ever read… Marvellous story…. Sanskar again proposing swara at 6 was the bestest part of…. I was in tears after reading it…. You completely nailed it… You are such a great and superb writer…. Amazingly you conveyed and explained everything

    1. Ashu

      Thank you Maleeha❤
      I’m really glad seeing ur comment!?

  2. Outstanding awesome mind blowing loved it ??????

    1. Ashu

      Thank you dear❤
      Am glad u loved it?

  3. Simin

    I m short of words di
    The moment i read ur name a smile crept on my lips
    I knew it will make me smile all the way
    And as always u did it
    U know all ur os make me fall even more for swasan and increases my craving to have someone like sanskar
    Love u loads for this…

    1. Ashu

      Thank u Simin❤
      And ur comment made me smile too?
      I remember u asked me to post one, i guess a month ago…
      Am glad to see u love all my os’s
      Love u too??

  4. Superb… Loved it..

    1. Ashu

      Thank you?
      Am glad u loved it!

  5. Ria

    Hi di,
    Uff!! Cheese!!! I go to my kitchen and grab some cheese and then sit down and chat with you. Oh. My. God. I finished so much of cheese. I’m walking all the way till your place now to reduce my weight. ???

    Okay, okay, I know. You’re annoyed, but isn’t that supposed to be a part of my schedule? Yay!! Finally, you posted this. Gosh!! Sanskaar is so sweet, but not more than me, ofcourse. You know nah!! After all, you love me because I’m so sweet nah. This story although I knew everything was a bliss to read. And I didn’t understand what you hadn’t told me. I was just predicting the scenes one after the other and more than Swara, I was happier because I was able to predict correctly all throughout.

    Now, I’m sad after reading this. After putting so much of efforts and staying awake late, our target wasn’t achieved. Alas, we couldn’t post together. ?? Let’s try it the next time with my erm . . gift for you and your surprise. What say?

    All of my love suddenly goes away somehow (Thousand Years, that song, remember?) One step closer and you take all of it. Love, hugs, kisses and everything,

    Oh, god!! I love you too much.

    Yours one and only Cutie Pie?

    1. Ashu

      Cutie pie?
      I was waiting for u, but u didn’t come…u r so bad??? y do u always do this!!?
      Who said u r sweet? You aren’t! No way, and pls don’t compare urself to my Sanky? u really annoy me!! Way too much!

      But u knw what, i love it when u annoy me (don’t take advantage of this) You are my Cutie pie, aren’t u???
      Don’t worry we have submitted with just a difference of may be 5 min at the most….but I’m waiting for that gift!

      I take away all ur love? Really??? I love you for this!
      Love you more..❤❤

  6. Simi

    Amazing os..
    Loved it ?
    Sanskar ??

    1. Ashu

      Thank u simi!❤
      Am glad u loved it?

  7. Beautiful???

    1. Ashu

      Thank u Sree?

  8. Beautifully beautiful ??

    1. Ashu

      Thank u dear?

  9. Simply awesome??

    1. Ashu

      Thank u?

  10. Tamil

    Awesome dear loved it

    1. Ashu

      Thank you ?

  11. Eeshi

    Beautifully written and u have presented amazingly
    This story was out of the world a best story loved it amazing!!

    1. Ashu

      Thank you Eeshi❤
      Am glad u loved it!?

  12. Nita D

    Oh wow was just lovely…..U just amaze me with your writing n story telling skills and imagination evrytime…..sanskar’s whole speech of loving her with 5 senses was just wonderful…..how do u think of such things yaar….I am at short of words…..Just luv ya..

    1. Ashu

      Thank you Nita❤
      You never miss to read my oneshots, and I’m blessed to have a reader like u??
      Love you back?

  13. Love_forever

    Ahaan! I was waiting for this since…3 days? You told me about this just 3 days before, and I NEVER expected you to post this soon! Whoa! This is a masterpiece!

    I remember you warning me not to fall in love with Sanskaar here, and I also remember that I (willingly or unwillingly) fell in love with him. And the same happened today. That day I heard just the gist, but today, I read the whole story.

    Ah, just like all my friends read MITWAA, the same way all my friends have read all your one shots. I swear they are HUGE fans of yours. You must be thinking why I am telling you all this here and not where we generally converse, but there is a right time for everything to be revealed. (Just like Sanskaar told Swara about that message.)

    Well, when I started reading, I could somehow sense that Sanskaar had sent that message to Swara deliberately, all thanks to my sixth sense. Oh ya! The title, it’s really wonderful! You know what.. don’t kill me after this..but another title just crossed my mind..and I feel it is really perfect for this one shot. VENERATION.

    Okay, okay, I am that little kiddo of yours, and I swear that I’ll be that forever (despite you calling me ‘Dadi Amma’.) And I also know that my comment was just like a ‘Dadi Amma’. I know I fail to become sweet, I know I am absolutely imperfect, but I also know that you’ve accepted me as I am. And I really, really respect you for that. And if you are wondering that why I said respect instead of love, then let me remind you that I love you, I love you more than you love me, I love you more than anyone else, and I love you to infinity and beyond. So, you see, all sorts of I love you’s! Sanskaar se seekha hai! 😉

    And yea..I know I am full 2 hours late in commenting, but what to do, I was stuck in studying! And yeah, not to forget, you have your practicals coming up, so all the best for that! Ignore all the typos in my comment! Love ya!♥

    1. Ashu

      As i said, it was planned since more than a month! And i was bsy for entire 3 days with this, as soon as my exams ended!!!
      I told u no falling in love with My Sanskaar!?

      You really do promote my works, don’t u??? Your frnds read my works? This did make my day now!!? Tell your friends a big thank you for reading my stupid works, and also a big bear hug from me?! Now don’t be jealous, a big hug for u too!!!??

      You do have a great sixth sense ?? And i wish u had told me that title earlier ? But its okay!!
      You will be both my little kiddo and badi Dadima?? Everyone has flaws, even me too…and when u have accepted me the way I am, why should I not? And u r such a sweetie!!! All that I have to say is that I love you, so much, even if u don’t think I do!??? Aur haan…tum meri Sanskaar se bahut kuch seekh rahi hain aajkal??

      Studies come first, so i don’t mind even if u weren’t able to comment, coz i knw how tough it is to manage everything…. But i love u for such a huge comment??
      Love you❤❤

  14. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
    M falling for sanskar again n again… his evry word was sooooo beautiful…??

    1. Ashu

      I warned u right ??
      Thank u❤ Am glad u loved it ?

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      Bestest? Seriously ? I’m so glad to see ur beautiful comment! Thank you!
      Swasan is love❤ There is no one who can be better than my Swasan??

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    And thanks for sharing links as always with me .

    1. Ashu

      Thank u darling for reading every article of mine…without fail!? And don’t say thanks for the links… I’ll send them till u get vexed with me, and ask me to stop!???

      This is a big word tht i inspire you! I’m really glad to read this?
      Love you back!❤

      1. Hello di ,I am sorry I can’t help it I have to tell u that this is the 11th time I am reading ur masterpiece I can’t even verbalize how I was actually stopping myself to comment at least more 10 times u know thanks is necessary as always I can’t read such a description I am really blessed to have u in my inspirational icon list di u know what I love about ur piece of art is u represent ur soul into words like seriously aap ko lag raha hoga ‘main pagal hu ‘ and seriously main pagal hi hu ? tell me how u always create such a magical illusion that I start to imagine it ..what u eat n write …..
        Ashu di I guess I have to learn many things from u and keep on writing n sending me the links n I promise that I will be present in attendance of comments always doesn’t matter how busy I am ,doesn’t matter how is the article n how much time its takes to finish ….I will always read n comment as u spend hours to entertain us with all emotions u write so its my duty to love u back and seriously u deserve it …
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      11th time?? Seriously? You must be kidding me!! But thank you!!!
      I don’t knw if I’m write really so well to be in ur list of inspirational icons, but I’m glad that i inspire u☺☺

      You asked me how i write like this, right? It is because I imagine myself in the character’s place…as if I’m the one there! And that’s the only secret! Imagine if someone does this to u, what wld u say? You will be speechless, right? That’s just how Swara is!??

      I’m so happy to see that u want the links and r willing to read, is more than anything to me,, i promise I’ll semd u whenever i write something ☺ and your comments don’t bore me, infact they amaze me☺☺

      Its true i don’t read ur articles but if u send me the links, i can’t promise with all my studies and all, but i can try to read them!
      Love you back❤

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    3. Ashu

      Hehe… Thank you! That’s so sweet of u to post the link om ur wall☺☺

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    1. Ashu

      Aww Mica…now I wonder why didn’t I get this idea for a match made in heaven…but Sanskaar is too smart, he will use his own way to get to his swara, won’t he???

      Abt the trick…hmmm…it is useful!
      Thank you❤

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    a huuuuuuuge thanks for this story
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    i have no words just no words
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    2. Ashu

      Thank you for this wonderful comment!!!❤
      You wait for my stories? Really? Now this made my day!!! I consider myself lucky too to join TU, otherwise, I’d have missed some wonderful ppl like u! I’m blessed to have readers like u??

      Abt the 2nd warning, i myself fell in love with him while writing and i had to put up that warning ??

      Am so glad to see u loved it so much and the fact that u r a fan of my stories ?! I’ll write more as long as i have readers like u! So keep supporting and I’ll keep entertaining u☺☺

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    1. Ashu

      Thank you Nisha❤
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      Am so glad to see that u loved it so much!? And don’t say thank you… I’m glad i cld share this work with u☺☺

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    One more thing, please do inform me whenever you write any OS. It will really be a blessing to read it??

    With Love❤

    1. Ashu

      I can understand u Angel?
      Am so glad to see u loved it so much! The fact u asked me to inform u whenever I write something, did make my day a whole lot better☺☺ I’ll PM you the next time i write something, is that okay? Coz once i start, I’m gng to inform u everytime until u r vexed with me???
      Thank you❤

      1. Angel20

        Lol? you can PM me?

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    1. Ashu

      Aww… I’m sorry i made u cry, but I think its a gd thing coz u were so connected to the story, right? I’m glad u loved this☺
      I warned u in the beginning, didn’t I??? Its so obvious u will love Sanskaar ??
      And I’m 21 dear?
      Thank you ❤
      Keep supporting!

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      I knw Akhi❤ I warned u in the beginning??

  36. Vyshu10


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      Thank you vyshu❤

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