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“He still loves you. He does, and you know it very well.” My heart screamed.

“No, he doesn’t! His love for you is not the same. It has reduced, over the years.” My mind resisted.

“You know about him. Don’t doubt his love, you’ll regret one day.” My heart supported him.

“All men are the same! They change. Their love too changes! And can’t you see that he is too busy with himself? He rarely talks to you.” My mind opposed my heart.

“But it’s unintentional! He loves you more than his life!!” My heart yelled.

This was a daily argument between my heart and brain. My heart supports him, while my mind contradicts!! There never seems to be a winner between the heart and brain. Heart thinks emotionally, while brain thinks logically! Both are right at their place, but none is the winner.

We are married! In fact, I should say, we are happily married. Yes, Happily, because it was a love marriage, and we never had any problems in our marriage. Its been two years of marriage, and we were in a relationship, four years before our marriage.

It started as a college love story. Ours was not a unique story, but he is the most unique person. He is the epitome of perfection. He is a beautifully carved piece of God. A Greek God, for whom girls are crazy. All that they crave for, is one look from this Greek God!! But SANSKAAR being Sanskaar, never gives a damn to girls. And that is what I love about him. He is not like the other guys, who never leave a chance to flirt with girls.

Wait wait wait!!! If you are thinking that, I too had fallen for him at the very first sight, then you are mistaken. Yes, I agree, He is handsome, and good looking. But IT WAS NOT LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT for me, neither for him. Rather, I should say, IT WAS WAR AT FIRST SIGHT!!! Or let me put it this way, IT WAS WAR AT EVERY SIGHT for a few days in the beginning, before we turned out to be friends.

He was two years my senior. The cool Handsome dude in the college. He was really a cool guy, but don’t what happens to his cool nature, when it came to me. We hated each other to the core. But, all thanks to my bestie, Ragini, who is in love with Laksh. Laksh was Sanskaar’s best friend, and more like a brother to him. Ragini and Laksh’s love was the basis of our friendship!! All thanks to the duo, I and Sanskaar had to end up together, whenever, they wanted to spend time together.

We were like the Tom and Jerry of our college in the beginning, but we never imagined ourselves to be the lovey-dovey couple of the college. Every couple in the college wished to be us. Every girl in the college looked at me with envy, the day Sanskaar confessed his feelings for me. He confessed his feelings for me in front of the entire college. And then started our journey from ‘SWARA AND SANSKAAR TO SWASAN’.

Being my senior, he graduated before me. And I was afraid of that, I was afraid our days together would end. I expected him to get busy, once he joins his father’s business. I was afraid, he would not be able to take out time for me. I was afraid, we would not be able to spend time together, like in college days.

But no, he proved me wrong. He came to my college everyday, just to meet me. He used to take out time, for me, no matter, how much busy, he might be. We spent long hours on phone calls. It was like, he was never away from me. It was not much different from our college days.

I considered myself, the luckiest girl on the earth. What had I ever done, to get myself so lucky? He used to send me messages, every two hours, conveying his love for me, if not lengthy messages and cheesy cheesy lines, he would send at least an ‘I LOVE YOU’. We went together on long rides, dinner dates, and his surprises just wouldn’t come to an end. He might be busy at work, but he never let me know it.

Finally, he proposed me for marriage. It’s been six months since I graduated, and I started working. I was always interested in the fashion industry, so I joined as an intern in one of the reputed companies. Sanskaar always supported me in my dreams, in fact he was the one who encouraged me to follow my dreams.

He proposed me for marriage, after being in a relationship for nearly four years. Any sweet and sensible, would propose his love, but Sanskaar is unique. After all, which guy seeks permission from the parents of his love, before proposing her?

Yes, Sanskaar has asked for my hand, in marriage, from my parents. He asked for my parents permission, even before proposing me. Which guy does that? He knows how much I love my parents, especially my Dad, afterall I’m a Daddy’s girl. So, he went to my Dad, assured him, gained his confidence, that he would always be with me through thick and thin. Only, after that, he proposed me. He’s such a sweetheart!!

Every girl dreams about her life partner. Every girl has her list of qualities, which she wants to see in her future husband. But, every girl wishes to see a replica of her father in her husband, she wants her husband to care for her, to love her, and to protect her, just like her father does. And Sanskaar!! I don’t need to say anything about him. He loves and pampers me like a father, cares for me like a mother, protects me like a brother, comforts me like a sister, and supports me like a best friend. I find the replica of my entire family in him, not just my father. And what more does a girl wish for?

And then we were married. Happily married, with the consent of our parents. They happily agreed to our relation, seeing our love for each other. Our days started with each other, waking up in each other’s arms, and ended with each other, sleeping in each other’s embrace.

It’s been two years now. Everything has changed. Well, at least not everything, but few things have definitely changed. Sanskaar got busy in his office work, and I was busy in my job. Sanskaar never stopped me from working, he gave me my space.

Sanskaar started handling the entire business, all by himself. The entire time, he got busy with his meetings. He started working up to late nights, and would leave for work early in the morning. We hardly got time for each other, at dinner and breakfast. Our phone conversations too were cut short, as he was always busy with his meetings.

I was so badly missing our outings together. Let alone outings, we hardly get time to talk to each other. Our love has lost its charm. We hardly spend time together. The same Sanskaar, who once upon a time sent me texts saying, ‘I LOVE YOU’ once in every two hours, was now caught up so much in his work, that he didn’t have time for me. I don’t even remember the last time, when we expressed our love for each other. Did he really stop loving me? No!! He still loves me. He still cares for me. But he just stopped expressing it.

Somewhere down the lane, our love has faded, or may be it is just not what it used to be. We still love each other, but we just don’t have time for each other. And I don’t blame him, for this. Its his workload, he had to take care of work too. It’s not that he never tried to take out his time for me. He tried to, but just failed to do so.

I just wanted time with him. It’s been days, since we last went together somewhere. Even if we go together, all he would talk about is business. I only want a few minutes from his busy schedule. But, I can’t complain, he would feel guilty, that he couldn’t take out time for me. He was already stressed with his work, and I can’t stress him out more, by complaining about his lack of time for me. I can’t be selfish.

I turned to have a look at my husband, who was sleeping peacefully. This was the only time he was calm, and without anything to worry about. It was a cold winter morning, and the sun rays entering the room, brightened the entire room, providing a gentle warmth, and a sense of tranquility to the surroundings.

Sanskaar looks really cute, and he is adorable, especially, when he is sleeping. I love him for years now, yet, I don’t get tired of watching him, the way, I’m doing at present. I was staring him, lost in my thoughts about ‘us’.

“I know I’m handsome, but staring is rude, Mrs. Maheshwari!!” Sanskaar said with his eyes closed, startling me. I could sense the heat rising up to my cheeks, at getting caught. What the hell? He was awake, the whole time, and observing my actions.

Sanskaar opened his eyes, and turned towards me, supporting himself on his elbow, with a smirk on his face. That naughty smirk of his, Oh God!! He looks devilishly handsome.

“I know Mr. Maheshwari, but staring is not rude, if it’s your husband.” I said, trying hard not to blush. But, I’m sure I turned red already, as red as a tomato. Sanskaar laughed listening to my words.

“Not bad, wifey! I love it when you blush.” Sanskaar said, getting up from the bed, taking out his clothes from the cupboard.

“Sanskaar, where are you going? It’s just seven in the morning.” I said, though I had an idea of where he was going. Frankly speaking, I was disappointed, at having our beautiful moment getting disturbed.

“I know Swara! But, I need to go to the office early. I have an important meeting at nine. And I need to check out the files related to the meeting.” Sanskaar said, before going into the washroom, to freshen up.

I knew it! Again work, and meetings. I was craving for this little time from him, but you see, as always, work!!! It’s okay, if I don’t get to spend time with him, but I’m hell worried about his health now. He doesn’t take his meals on time. He forgets about his vitamins, sleep, everything!!!

I was so lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice when Sanskaar walked back into our room.

“What are you thinking about Swara?” Sanskaar asked me, while drying his dripping wet hair. Gosh!! He is so hot!!! With that wet hair, and perfectly toned biceps.

“Huh!! Nothing Sanskaar. I was just wondering, if you are free in the afternoon?” I said, mentally slapping myself, for practically checking him out. Thank God he didn’t notice it!

“I think so. Why? Anything important?” Sanskaar asked, confused.
‘Yes, very important’ I thought. So, finally, he is free in the afternoon.

“Well, nothing important, it’s just that I wanted to have lunch with you. Its been a few days, we didn’t get time together.” I said, looking up at him. He was surprised. He nodded in agreement. I could sense what he would be thinking right now.

“If that’s what you want. I’m all okay with it. I will come and pick you up at twelve at your office.” Sanskaar said smiling, as he held me, by my shoulders. Wow!!! Finally, I get to spend time with him. I feel like dancing right now. He too must have felt the same thing, that we didn’t get time together.

“It’s okay Sanskaar. I’ll come to the restaurant directly.” I said, holding his hands.

“Okay! I’ll wait for you.” Sanskaar said, and kissed my forehead. “But, I need to leave now. It’s very important, you know?” Sanskaar said, before grabbing his things and leaving the room.

“But Sanskaar! Have your breakfast and go. Wait for ten minutes, and I’ll prepare it.” I said, running after him, trying to stop him. But, he is too fast, he already reached the front door.

“No Swara. I’m getting late. I’ll have something in the office. Bye!!” Sanskaar said. Before I could say something else, he left. Again, without eating his breakfast. This has become his daily routine.

I went inside sighing. At least, I’m happy, we could have our lunch together. I went to our room, to get ready, for work.
Afternoon @ 1p.m.
I was waiting in the restaurant, near to his office, for about half an hour now. I didn’t want to take much of his time, just in case, he was busy. But, he didn’t show up. It’s been half an hour since I arrived. And I tried calling him, but he is not attending.

I was damn hungry. I skipped my breakfast, I didn’t feel like eating alone, moreover, Sanskaar left without eating. I know he told he’d have something in his office, but I’m sure he didn’t. but, where the hell is he right now?

I was still in my thoughts, when Sanskaar entered through the glass doors. He was practically huffing. I could sense, he was running, just before he entered.

“I’m so sorry, Swara. I’m really sorry, i had to meet one of my clients.” Sanskaar apologized. He took my hands into his, and he was sincerely apologizing, how could I be angry at him. Moreover, it’s not his fault, I can’t blame him. But who else should I blame for this?

“It’s okay Sanskaar. I can understand. Let’s order something.” I said, trying to put on a smile. I think, he understood, that it’s not okay. Who was I kidding? He could read me very well!! I’m just an open book to him.

“Swara, I’m sorry na! See, I’m finally here. Let’s eat something. I’m really hungry!! Do you want to keep me starving?” Sanskaar said with his puppy dog face, which he knows, I can never resist.

“Now, stop making that face!! It’s okay! I forgave you!!” I said, giving up. Sanskaar gave his victorious smile. He sure knows, how to convince me. But, anyways, what is the use of this lunch, if we keep on fighting like this. It’s better we compromise, and have a peaceful meal together.

The waiter came over, and Sanskaar placed our order. I and Sanskaar had finally, got some together time.

“Sanskaar, don’t you think it’s been a few days, since we had time like this?” I asked him, softly, looking down at nothing in particular.

“I agree.” Sanskaar said taking my hand in his, and kissing the back of it. Aww! Sanskaar. See, he still loves me. His little gestures always make me smile.

As we both were talking, our talks were interrupted by the ring of his phone. He grabbed his phone, and attended it. He was listening intently, glancing at me, in between. I’m getting worried now.

What now? Don’t say that he is gonna leave in the middle of all this. Not again! I could see his expressions changing every minute. Neither Sanskaar was speaking anything, nor could I hear the speaker on the otherside. Sanskaar was just listening everything silently.

My fears came true, when Sanskaar stood up from his chair, “Swara, I need to go. I have a very important meeting to attend. I’m really really sorry Sweetheart.” This is not done! My eyes welled up, and I look like, I’d cry at any moment now.

I didn’t speak anything, when Sanskaar said, “I’m really sorry Swara. If I could I’d avoid this meeting, but my presence is necessary there, and it can’t be postponed. We could have lunch together some other day. Please don’t get upset.” Sanskaar said, cupping my face in his hands. I could see the guilt in his eyes, for leaving in the middle.

“It’s okay!! We’ll go some other day.” I nodded in agreement. I managed to smile.

“Please don’t be upset. You know, I can’t see you like this.” Sanskaar said.

“I know! And I’m fine. But eat something, and leave. Just a little. You didn’t have your breakfast too.” I tried convincing him. But he is always in a hurry.

“No, I’m getting late. I’ll eat in the office. But, you don’t leave without eating. I gotta go.” Sanskaar said, turning to leave.

“But Sanskaar…” I started to say. “Bye Swara.” He left, before I could say something. Now, what? I looked at the food in front of me. I don’t feel like eating now. What is the point of eating alone, when he left? I got up to leave. I paid the bill, and left the place, with a heavy heart. I should be happy, I got atleast 15 minutes of his time. I tried o comfort myself with this thought.

Evening @5p.m.
I was busy, working in the office, when my phone buzzed. It was Sanskaar. I was surprised, because Sanskaar never called me, in the middle of work. Why is he calling me at this hour? Is everything fine? Frankly speaking, nothing was fine with me. I was upset, the entire afternoon, with the abrupt departure.

Coming to the phone call, I still wondered why he was calling. Was he calling to apologize for this afternoon? He never called, unless there’s something important. I kept my thoughts aside and attended his call.

“Hello Sanskaar…” I said.

“Hey Swara! Are you at the office?” Sanskaar asked. What was he asking? Obviously, I will be in the office at this hour. Okay, this is not the time to argue.

“Yeah… Why? Something important?” I asked him.

“Hmm… actually, there’s a party in the evening. A business party, more like a get together of all the associates, and we should attend it.” Sanskaar said, from the other side. Huhhh… Business party? I should have seen something like this coming. Otherwise, why would he call at the time of work. I’m a fool to think that he called for apologizing. Not that I want him to apologize, but some part of me expected that.

He continued, “So, get ready by seven. I’ll come and pick you up. Wear something special. You know, I want my wife to be the most beautiful woman tonight.” Sanskaar said naughtily.

Great! He wants me to wear something special, because he wants me to look the most beautiful woman tonight. If this was my old Sanskaar, he would have just said, you will be the most beautiful, no matter what you wear. He has changed. Uggghhh!! I think I’m complaining too much. Why am I behaving like this?

Pushing all my thoughts aside and before I could say something wrong, “Okay, Sanskaar. Anything else?” I asked him.

“Nope. Bye Sweetheart!” Sanskaar said. “Bye.” I replied and he hung up.

Atleast we are going together. I’m fine with that. But, business party means, he’d get busy with his associates. Whatever, I need to go home, and get ready. Sanskaar said he’d be there by seven.

@6.30 p.m.
I was almost ready. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and was satisfied by my appearance. I know it’s a business party, but I chose an off white and baby pink saree, with a thin silver border, and left my hair open, with light curls at the end. Sanskaar always likes it when I wear saree, and that is the sole reason behind me choosing a saree for such an occasion.

I went to the cupboard, and took out the diamond necklace, which Sanskaar gifted me on our first wedding anniversary. It was a simple, yet elegant, not too heavy, or eye catchy, but perfect for such an occasion. This set reminded me of all our sweet moments together.

I was still thinking, about our memories, when my phone buzzed. Sanskaar was calling. Where was he now? And why hadn’t he come home yet? I took his call, wondering, why he was calling now, instead of coming home.

“Where are you Sanskaar?” I asked him.

“Huh… Swara, are you ready?” Sanskaar asked.

That’s not the answer to my question, but still I answered him, “Yes I’m am, but where are you? When are you coming home?” I asked again.

“Good. I’m sending the car with the driver, and he’ll bring you to the venue. I’ll come there directly.” Sanskaar said.

Not again!! Why is this happening? Can’t he come home, and both of us can go together!

“Sanskaar, you told you’d come home, and we’ll go together.” I said with a little disappointment.

“Sorry Swara, but I can’t come now. Besides, I’ll be there at the venue, before you come. Don’t worry.” Sanskaar replied

“You always do this!” I complained. Why is he behaving like this now? He never left my side, once upon a time, and now, he wants me to come to the party alone!!!

“Please Swara, try to understand.” He pleaded. Fine!! What can I do now? I can’t keep on arguing with him, about this.

“Okay. But you should be there, by the time I reach.” I said, giving up.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be there.” Sanskaar said, and hung up, before I could say something else.

I took a look at myself, one last time, to check if I’m missing on anything. As I looked at the mirror, I realized I’m forgetting something. What was that? Oh ya, I forgot to smile. Well, I’m a little upset!! I tried to smile, but it was a fake one!! Whatever, I’m getting late!!

I reached the hotel, where the party was supposed to be held. Sanskaar said he’d wait for me at the entrance, so that we can go together, but I can’t find him. I tried calling him, but his phone was switched off. I didn’t now what to do. I waited for a good ten minutes, and on finding that he was not going to come, I went to the front desk, to enquire about where the party was being held.

“Excuse me? Could you tell me, if there is any party being held here? And if there is one, could you give me the exact location.” She asked a middle aged man, at the front desk, who looked like he was the manager.

“Your name, ma’am?” he asked.

“Mrs. Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari.” I replied.

“Mrs. Maheshwari, just a second.” He said, checking some of the details in the computer. “Yes ma’am. You can go to the penthouse, on the top floor, where the party is going on.” He said, giving me a smile.

Penthouse? Top floor? Strange! “Okay, Thank you.” I replied and left the place.

I went towards the elevator, and pressed the button to the top floor, the 55th floor. It feels so weird to go alone, to a party where you most probably don’t know anyone. Where the hell is Sanskaar now? I was so lost thinking about where Sanskaar would be, that I didn’t notice when I reached the top floor.

The elevator door opened, and there was a guard, who guided me to the penthouse. He left me in front of the door, and left from there. I knocked the door, but there was no response. I knocked again, but no one opened it.

I was standing there confused, when there was no response. Should I open the door and go inside directly? Or should I wait here? I was debating, whether to enter or not, when I received a message from Sanskaar. I opened the notification, and read it. ‘Swara, I’m already inside the venue, with some of my friends. Don’t worry, I asked the manager to accompany you, and he’ll show you the place. So, please come inside.’

Sanskaar!!!! Ugghhh! With friends? Are they more important to you than me? I composed myself and finally decided to go inside. I’d talk to him later about this.

I pushed open the door, and entered inside, only to find it completely dark. Now, this confused me more. There is no party atmosphere here, but why did the guard guide me here then?

“Sanskaar!” I called out, walking inside. I didn’t get any response. There was nothing but silence around me.

“Sanskaar. Where are you?” I called out again. On meeting with silence again, I decided to go back, and ask the manager again. Just as I was about to turn back, the lights turned on.

I was startled. And when I noticed the sight in front of me, to say that I was shocked would be a understatement. I was surprised, shocked, happy. Words just wouldn’t come out of my mouth. My eyes welled up, seeing the room. I immediately knew who would do this. Who else other than my Sanskaar?

The walls of the room were filled with photo frames. Photos of me, with my dear ones. The wall directly infront of me, is filled with photo frames of me with my parents and other family members, but most of all, with Sanskaar. Every special moment of ours was captured in these pictures. I felt like I’m re-living every moment again.

The other two walls, on either side, were completely filled with my photos. Of course, some of them were Sanskaar and me together, but most of the frames hanged up there, were my photos. From my childhood, to the present, every phase of my life, was present here. Sanskaar loved to surprise me, but this was one of his best surprises.

It’s not just this, the entire room was filled with red and white balloons, some hanging from the ceiling, and others on the floor. Red and White!! Everywhere. I don’t know, why I didn’t notice these balloons on the floor before, in the darkness, I should’ve felt them, while I entered inside. But, may be I was not really expecting this, and was busy searching for Sanskaar. Also, there were roses and tulips everywhere, of all colours. I loved flowers, especially roses and tulips.

I was still looking at everything, surprised, I didn’t notice his presence behind me.

“So, did you like it Princess?” Sanskaar’s voice brought me back to my senses.

I turned back to find my cute and handsome husband, standing near the entrance, leaning against the door. He was handsome as hell, in his black tuxedo, with white shirt and black pant. He was staring at me intensely, with a slight smile on his lips. He was the same Sanskaar! The same old Sanskaar, who loved me to bits.

I could see the same love in his eyes. He was coming to me, his eyes never leaving mine. I couldn’t stop myself. I just ran to him and hugged him tight, my arms encircling his neck, and tears flowing down my cheeks. He gently slid his hands on my waist, and held me, with his one hand caressing my head.

“I love you sanskaar. Thank you so much for this lovely surprise.” I said, in between my sobs.

“I love you too Princess. Please stop crying. You know, I can’t see tears in your eyes.” Sanskaar said, still holding me in his embrace. I felt so peaceful, so comfortable, so loved and wanted, and protected in his arms.

“I have something else to show you. Come with me.” Sanskaar said, breaking the hug, and held my hand. I followed him. He gently led me to another room, and as soon as he opened the door, I was surprised. Again. There, the three magical words were written. With rose petals and diyas, on the floor, was written I LOVE YOU

I looked up to him, to find him already looking at me. This is the best feeling indeed! You look at your love, and find that he is already looking at you with the same amount of love!!!

“Sanskaar…” words failed to come out of my mouth. All my feelings, just came out from eyes.

“Princess! I’m sorry. I really am!! I know, I couldn’t give you my time, I know, I was always busy with my work and business. I know its been days since we had a little time together, even if we had, I was always discussing about work. I stopped calling you, stopped sending you texts like I did before, stopped giving you little surprises. I didn’t realize it, until today, until you asked me for having lunch together. I realized I had been ignoring you, may be unknowingly, but still I ignored you. I’m sorry for that!! I feel so guilty, for not giving you my time… ”

“Shhh Sanskaar!! Stop saying that! It’s not your fault. I can understand, you are busy. And see, you have still given me such a wonderful surprise. What could be more special than this?” I said, calming him down. He was guilty. Really guilty. I could see the guilt in his eyes. He was blaming himself. What kind of a person is he? He did so much for me, and yet, he was apologizing!! And I was blaming him. For not, giving me his time.

I’m so stupid. I blamed him. I even doubted, if he still loved me the same way. Of course, he does! May be more than before.

“Swara! I’m really sorry. Please forgive me! You are really sweet and understanding! Thank you so much for understanding me Princess!!” Sanskaar said, pulling me into a hug.

I was guilty now! I couldn’t understand him well. I doubted him. I remembered my heart saying that I’ll regret one day for doubting on his love, and yes I’m, now!!

“No Sanskaar!! I’m not. I’m not at all understanding! I’m sorry!! I don’t deserve your love.” I said, looking down.

“What do you mean?” Sanskaar asked confused.

“I’m sorry I doubted your love. I thought your love for me has faded. Over the years, it has reduced. That is why, u forgot me, u stopped texting me. I know you are busy, and I thought your work has become your first priority. I’m sorry. I really am!! I couldn’t understand you.” I said, looking at him, through my blurred eyes, due to the tears in my eyes.

“Swara!! Don’t be sorry. Its okay! I can understand what you were feeling. You still know that I love you, even when you think that I don’t , and that is the reason, you never complained about this! Listen, you were, are and will always be my first priority. Just say to me, anything you want, and I’d move the heaven and earth to fulfil it!” He said holding my face in his hands.

Why does he have to be so sweet? I know, I didn’t need to say anything, he would fulfil every wish of mine, without me even telling him.

“Princess, I’ve something else for you!!” Sanskaar said.

Now what else? I’ve had enough of surprises for today. He has another one? “Something else? What’s that?”

“Come.” He said, closing my eyes with his hands, and guided me. I followed him quietly. He didn’t let me ask any more questions.

After a while, he stopped and removed his hand, “Open your eyes.”

I slowly opened my eyes, and I was amazed. We were in the balcony of the penthouse. There was a dinner table perfectly set for two, with candle lights, and roses in the centre. Candle light dinner, with him, with the beautiful city view from the balcony. What could be more romantic than this?

“Seeing the sparkle in your eyes, I guess, you like it!” Sanskaar said, from a little behind.

“Like? I love it!!! Perfect!” I said excited.

“Shall we have our dinner then? I’m so damn hungry!!” Sanskaar said with his puppy dog face.

“Aww!! So cute hubby! Let’s have our dinner.” I said, pulling his cheeks.

He pulled out a chair for me, and made me sit, like a perfect gentleman. He sat on his chair across me. I looked at the food on our table. Again! Italian food! I love it!!

“Italian?” I asked.
“Hmm. You love it, I know.” He said.

We started eating. I was savouring the delicacies. “Sanskaar, what about the party?” I asked, as I remembered about it.

“Do you still think there was a party?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. What? There was no party?

“You mean?” I trailed off, as I registered that this was his plan.

“Of course, I felt bad, when I had to leave you in the afternoon. I thought I should compensate for that. I thought we should go for dinner. But then, I thought it’s been long, since I last gave you a surprise. So, why not today? I wanted to see the happiness in your eyes, when you see this.” Sanskaar said.

Could he be anymore perfect? I think my life is a fairytale, and I still wonder, what if I wake up one day, only to find everything is a dream.

“Swara, I think I didn’t tell you yet, but you are breathtakingly beautiful.” I blushed, at his words. “My wife is the most beautiful woman ever.” He said, with a smile on his lips.

“You don’t know how I felt the whole day, you didn’t have lunch, you didn’t come to pick me up, you didn’t meet me at the gate, I was upset. But you don’t even know, what I’m feeling right now. How happy I’m.” I said.

“I’m sorry Swara, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I thought…” He started to say, but then I cut him off, “C’mon Sanskaar, you are saying sorry, even after doing all this. I said I’m happy now!! So, stop feeling guilty.” I said, taking his hand in mine, and placing a gentle kiss on the back of his hand. Sanskaar smiled at my gesture.

“By the way Sanskaar, Don’t you think you are forgetting something?” I asked him remembering something.

“What? I don’t remember anything!” Sanskaar said confused.

Don’t tell me he forgot. After all what he has done, I don’t expect he’ll forget it. “Really? You don’t remember?” I asked disappointed.

“Oh my Princess!! Don’t get upset. How could you think I’d forget something you love? I still remember, just a minute.” He said and went inside. Oh God! He didn’t forget!!

I followed him inside, while Sanskaar came back with his guitar. The same guitar, which I gifted him during our college days. The same guitar, which he used to play and sing for me on our every date. Did I tell you that Sanskaar is a very good singer? He is!! He loves singing, and in fact music is his life. After me, of course!! I couldn’t help, but admire how well he played the guitar, and how well he sang.

He used to sing for me, on every date, on every special occasion, or whenever I asked him to. He used to dedicate his songs to me.

“Sanskaar, u didn’t forget?” I asked him. “I can’t, Swara! Besides, I love singing for you!!” He said. He adjusted the strings of the guitar, and sat on a stool.

“Swara, this is for you!!” He said, and started playing. He was perfect in everything. He played the tune perfectly, looking straight into my eyes. His gaze was fixed on me, and his eyes filled with love. He started singing, and I forgot everything around me. It’s just me and him!

Tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara.
O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai.

His eyes never left mine, and his each word was directed to me. He poured out all his feelings for me, in this song.

O tere sang yaara…
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara

Kahin kisi bhi gali mein jaaun main
Teri khushboo se takraaun main
Har raat jo aata hai mujhe
Woh khwaab tu…
Tera mera milna dastoor hai
Tere hone se mujhme noor hai
Main hoon soona sa ek aasmaan
Mehtaab tu…

His song was captivating me, I could feel the tears brimming my eyes. This is what he usually does, he expresses everything through his song. They come straight from his heart. I went to him, while he was still singing. I went behind him, and placed my arms around his neck, from behind.

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe maine jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara.
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tere bin ab toh
Na jeena ganwara.

Maine chhode hain baaki saare raste
Bas aaya hoon tere paas re
Meri aankhon mein tera naam hai
Pehchaan le…
Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai
Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Ye jaan le

I was still holding from behind. He took my hand in his, and kissed my knuckles, and pulled me to the front, and I was facing him again. He locked his eyes with mine, and continued singing.

O karam Khudaya hai
Tera pyar jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai.
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara.
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main behta musafir
Tu thehra kinara.

He hummed at the end, and finally stopped singing, but his eyes were still locked with mine. He pulled me by my waist and we were close, very close to each other.

“I mean each and every word I just sang, Swara.” He said, and kissed my forehead, with so much of love. His one kiss on my forehead, showed his care, love and respect for me.

“I know Sanskaar. I know, you never sing, unless you really mean it!” I said, hugging him.

i love it when, he holds me in his arms. i love it, when he embraces me. i love it when he looks at me, like i mean the world to him. i love it when he shows his concern for me, his love for me. he is of course my mr. perfect. i’m blessed to have him in my life. blessed to have him as the love of my life, as my husband, beside me forever. i’m blessed with him!!!

I know, I live too much in fantasy world. I love and always believe in happy endings. I know happy endings are not always possible in real life. But this is just fiction, and anything is possible in fiction. So, why not find happy endings in fictions?
Cmg to the story, what do you think? This is the case in most of the marriages. Every couple faces ups and downs, there are times when they feel that they are being avoided, minor issues may lead to major fights. But you need to act with maturity. Okay, enough of my philosophy.
I really don’t know how this os turned out be? And I don’t know, if it reached your expectations. Sorry, if you are disappointed!! I’m really confused about your reactions. Pls pls do comment and give your reviews. Doesn’t matter good or bad, but pls do give ur views.

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