SWARA was Pacing to and fro in the room.. She had planned a big surprise for sanskaar.. Since Swara and SANSKAAR married, sanskaar didn’t even touch her.. Why? Because he wanted to give swara her time.. A strength to build her comfort zone.. Even after their love confession, sanskaar never came close to her.. But the sand jar has to break one day.. And today was the day swara planned to move their relationship to a higher level, which would coerced them to stay together till eternity… Her chain of thought broke at the click of the door knob indicating that sanskaar has come .. She took a deep breath and cursorily moved inside the washroom..


Sanskaar’s POV

It was 9 at night, my usual time to come home.. I rushed because I knew swara would be waiting me… She said that she has a surprise stored for me.. Damn! This curiosity… The whole day I couldn’t concentrate on work.. My whole assiduity was diverted to SWARA’S surprise.. I opened the door and was shocked, surprised, astounded, appalled, so many emotions just by seeing the view of room… I removed my coat, locked the door and again turned to fancy the room.. The room was pleasantly decorated with small , glittery lights and the bed with strands of rose petals… As far as I could guess, scented candles were lighted which mildly spread the odour of vanilla, rose and Swara’s favourite jasmine scent… It was giving a perfect amorous atmosphere to the room.. Was swara ready to??? I quickly removed the thought.. No!! No!! I can’t predict situations on my own .. May be she wants to have with me candle light dinner or something like that… Phiuu…. These jitters are so pesky..

All my dubiety were absolved when I saw swara coming from the washroom.. My mouth knacked down seeing her.. She was wearing a black sleeveless night dress merely till her knees.. I proceeded towards her and I could see her body slightly shivering and quaking… I immediately stopped .. I could sense that she was still not very comfortable.. I never forced myself on her nor will I do it .. No matter how badly i craved for her..

By keeping a hand on her shoulder, I said , ” swara !! No need to do all this.. U first be comfortable then only we will take a next step in our relationship… And for two married copulates, their soul should be together not their bodies”

Swara didn’t reply me.. She just hugged me tight… Soon my shirt and thorax was becoming wet… She was murmuring sorry to me….. I detached her from myself and drew up her face… My heart cringed to see her crying miserably… She spoke between her sobs, ” I am sorry sanskaar.. I made you wait so much… We are married .. U have full rights on me but you never touched me nor forced me .. I don’t know why God made me so fortunate to marry a man like you… But sanskaar now I want to be yours completely … Pls make me feel my muliebrity.. Pls give me the martial bliss.. Pls make me yours sanskaar..

Before she could say more, I placed my lips on her and departed soon after.. I didn’t know what led me do that , her words or my eagerness to feel her as mine..


Third person’s POV

Sanskaar- swara .. These tears are pearls which are unpriceable… And you have no rights to waste them..

Swara’s face flushed crimson red after the kiss and she looked into sanskaar’s eyes as if the whole macrocosm reckoned upon this one aced moment..

Sanskaar ran his hand through swara’s hair, leaned and kissed it .. He traced the lines on her temples and brushed his lips their.. Thousands of frisson spread over swara’s body.. He then cupped her face and bussed her cheeks… He closed his eyes and leaned more… Swara was being intoxicated by his senses.. Seeing sanskaar leaning towards her, she also forwarded .. Their lips met and they kissed as if the rain was kissing the blossoms… Swara’s hand roamed all around sanskaar’s back while sanskaar also did the same.. she pressed him more towards her , deepening the kiss more…. The soft kiss was slowly becoming more cacoethes and passionate… Sanskaar nibbled Swara’s lip and in prevision, swara entwined her tongue with hers, trying to taste her essence in his mouth…

They broke apart and swara didn’t move her gaze from the ground.. She felt extremely shy and diffident infront of him.. She never knew that his touch, this feeling, will be so escastic and cheerily.. She could feel his warm gaze on him and that made her knees go jelly… Such was the effect of him on hers…

Sanskaar’s growing avidity was increasing.. His heart sank seeing swara’s beautiful face and the blush which increased her beauty more and more… His hands travelled to secure her in her arms ..

They had a deep eye lock..

Swara could see lots of love for her in his eyes with a slight hint of luxuria also.. She smiled seeing him..

Sanskaar took her to bed and carefully placed her … He discarded his shirt and swara couldn’t help but stare at his naked torso…

Sanskaar- staring is rude, wifey..!!!

Swara- accha.. So what are you doing from so long…

Both Swasan giggled at her comment..

Swara wide opened her arm inviting sanskaar.. In a flinch, he moulded his face in the crook of her neck.. He bited her soft skin making her wince in pain.. Immediately he kissed the area to sooth her ail.. He removed the thin shoulder lash from her skin and kissed her.. From shoulder to cleavage area, he kept on lingering wet kisses from her body…. Swara moved her face to side not able to meet the intensity in sanskaar’s eyes..

Sanskaar grinned… He cupped her face and smashed his lips on her.. This kiss was more dotty , rampant and savaged than the previous one.. Sanskaar sucked hard her lips and swara responded with equal passion and vigour…. Sanskaar was shocked .. He never new that his Swara could be so bold yet so graceful.. He let out a moan in between the kiss and swara smiled sheepishly … Seeing him just in his boxers, Swara admired the physiques of his handsome husband’s body…

He osculated every inch of her body and then reached again to her fevered face.. Swara’s breath hobbled …

In no time , his mouth was again planted firmly to hers.. Invading every part of her luscious, scrumptious mouth.. When they broke out, sanskaar looked into swara’s eyes and said, ” it would pain a little swara.. Are u sure that we should continue?? ” after coming so far, when sanskaar asked this question to swara, she was shocked as well as proud to see her man.. She confidently said, ” No sanskaar, u can’t .. Don’t make feel incomplete.. Pls Sanskaar.. I don’t know it would hurt or not .. I just know , I need you .. Pls.” Tears brimmed at the corner of her eyes … Sanskaar skimped and kissed each and every droplet of tears from her eyes and entered into her … She let out a scream but sanskaar captured her lips.. Soon after she also drowned in the pleasure of their union.. Few moments later both lay wrapped in a bedsheet while cuddling each other.

Sanskaar- swara.. Thank u .. Thank u for coming in my life

Swara- no sanskaar.. Thank uuuu … .. Thank u for understanding me.. Thank u for always being there for me.. Thank u for everything.. I love u

Sanskaar- I love u too princess..



How was it guys?? This was my first ever writing in .. Pls pls comment and tell me .. How was it.. Criticisms are also warmly welcomed.. Thank you for reading.. Lots of love..
#Anu Modi

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