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Sun rose … sparkling it’s tender Rays… Swara shifted in his sleep … She was agitated .. She smiled and tightly hugged her husband’s body which she thought was her pillow… She then realised what was she doing and quickly removed her hand… She acted as if she is in deep sleep when she saw movement in sanskaar’s body..

( SANSKAAR thinks that Swara is asleep) Here SANSKAAR woke up … Seeing swara’s graceful face, he gave a wide grin and steeped her more in his embrace … He placed a kiss on her forehead and continued..

SANSKAAR- Swara , I promise that I will protect u from all bad… I am really sorry… I thought by hurting u my revenge will complete … My inner self will get patience .. It will get satisfaction … I thought that by hurting u , I’ll show that shekhar the pain of betrayal but no, I hurted u … Only u .. That creature also hurted u… Every time I saw u in pain , I felt someone snatched my soul but I was so drowned in these revenge schemes that I couldn’t .. Just couldn’t make out what was right and what wrong… I know I am not worthy of forgiveness after what I did to you but I really love u .. I may act selfish but I need u … I want u to be always by my side till eternity and I would do anything possible to do so… I will again blossom the flower of trust in u… Doesn’t matter how much time it will take .. I will wait for u to accept me … To rejuvenate our love.. I will .. I love u so much Swara… Pls hold my hand again…

He started drooping , unknown of the fact that Swara had listened to all his words.. She knew the fact that she still loved sanskaar but wasn’t ready to accept it… She was hurt … Badly., she needed time to repair the scissure that had been created… Time to accept him.. She knew he was regretting for his deeds but as her thoughts spoke time was all she required for now..

She still laid on the bed to see what next sanskaar was going to do… She slightly opened her eyes and saw that after bathing, he had changed into a casual tee and jeans and was now approaching her.. She shut her eyes tight and sensed that sanskaar kept something on the side table … After he moved out , she moved her gaze to the table … There was a full bloomed pink rose which had a shade of white at the above… A genuine smile appeared on her face.. Beside the flower there was a chit … On the chit, it was written , ” KEEP SMILING. IT SUITS YOU.” Her smile brightened just like the glowing fireworks… She kept the rose and chit in a special box and hurried to get freshen up… Her bruises had healed a lot but the burns in her leg were still quite prominent ..


(Swara’s father in law- Durgaprasad Maheshwari … A very kind and sweet man.. Loves his wife Annapurna Maheshwari … Respects Swara as his own daughter… He signed a deal with swara’s father , shekhar and also got Swara married to sanskar so that their relation gets better… He was the one from whom SANSKAAR got to know as to how his mother fell in coma… But he had no idea about sanskaar’s revenge plan neither did he ever motivate or encourage him to do so… Even now he does not know about sanskaar’s deed and swara’s suffering)


Swara came downstairs and wished her father in law…

Swara- dad… Can I go to mom’s room … And talk to her.. I want to take her full responsibility .. I want to serve her .. Try to make her better…

Dp- of course beta… U do whatever u want … No restrictions…

Sanskaar heard it … His lips immediately formed a curve.. His eyes travelled where ever she went .. He thought himself as the most lucky man.. While she was going to serve her mother breakfast , he stopped her

Sanskaar- thank u Swara

Swara- for what SANSKAAR.,

SANSKAAR ( smilingly) – for everything.,

They had a short eyelock…

SANSKAAR – won’t u say bye to me… I am going to office..:

Swara doesn’t replies… She just follows the olden, dushman of everyone , silent treatment,,,

But our sanskaar is sanskaar… He grabbed her arms and gave her a tight kiss on cheeks and rushed out saying, ” I love you Swara. ”

Swara to herself- ” I love u too SANSKAAR ”

( guessed it right guys..)
Swara has forgiven sanskaar after the morning incident but she acts as if still angry with him so that the little crack which has been formed in their relationship , is filled with sanskaar’s love and their trust…



Swara woke up in the morning just to find sanskaar missing… Which means that he had already waken up. She stood up straight and was amazed to see another chit and a yellow rose for her.. The chit stated ,” Swara go and open my drawer in the cupboard.”
She did as told and found a shimmery red box in it … She opened it and found a beautiful pendant with s&s carved on it… It was elegantly studded with diamonds … She found another chit in the box…
Chit- ” Swara … I don’t know u will like this gift or not.. But if u do then pls accept it and always wear it. This is a Piece of my heart which will always stay close to u and ur heart..” Swara’s happiness had no bound reading it.. She wore it and adorned her husband’s choice in the mirror..


It had been 3 weeks to their marriage.. Swara had fallen in love with sanskaar all over again.. Sanskaar’s sweet gestures had melted swara’s heart completely but she continued with the silent treatment … Day by day SANSKAAR was becoming more restless but he never allowed to express in front of her or through any of his actions.. Today was an important day for them … Swara had finally decided to announce to SANSKAAR that she had forgiven him and loved him from the depth of her soul..

It was morning now and she was standing infront of the mirror getting ready .. Her father in law had asked SANSKAAR to introduce her to the office people and for that purpose she was doing the preps.. She moved to her closet to select a saree for herself.. She checked each and every dress to select the best from them.. Her eyes landed on a blue saree and instantly, she was reminded of one of sanskaar’s chit where he mentioned that blue colour increased her glow.. Without any second thought, she enclothed her with that dress.. She decorated her ears with light danglers and her neck with the pendant gifted by SANSKAAR.. She applied deep black eyeliner and smoky shades on her eyes and embellished her lips with tangy red lipstick .. She was looking extremely stunning.. At last she took a small box and applied vermillion on her head.. The touch of the vermillion on forehead gave her extreme bliss and a lone tear escaped from her eye ..

At that time, SANSKAAR busy in his phone came inside..

SANSKAAR ( still seeing his phone) – Swara are u ready…

Swara- yea.. Let’s go..

It was then that he kept his cell aside and met the eyes of her lady love.. She was looking awfully beautiful and he was more happy to see her dressed in her choice… He had always considered her more beautiful than the Greek goddesses but today it seemed to him that even God would be jealous to see her as his possession …

He was staring at her intensely and was slowly moving towards her… He kissed her near the earlobe and said, ” u r looking gorgeous dear..” This simple line was enough for Swara to make her cheeks all red.. His sight then struck on her lips and his face inched close to her … Her eyes half- closed too leaned towards him…

Oops! There’s a knock on door and they depart from each other.. It was a servant who came to remind them that the car was ready,,


Swara and sanskaar were coming back from office but luckily or unluckily their car broke down.. Their house was just a little far away so they decided to walk and go.. They were really silent and to break the silence SANSKAAR spoke…” Swara did u forgive me.” Like always she didn’t reply .. Sanskaar was upset but then a plan striked in his mind.. He went in the middle of road and spoke, ” Swara until u forgive me .. I’ll keep doing sit-ups here.” And yes, in the middle of road, in front of all the people , sanskar was doing sit-ups .. Swara’s eye welled up .. she wanted to go and give him a bone crushing hug .. She moved to do so but from nowhere she saw a truck approaching towards him from back.. She shouted his name and ran .. Pushed both of their bodies and they came rolling down towards the ground with Swara on top of sanskaar.. Up on him she started beating him vigorously …

Swara- what was all that.. U idiot .. what would I do if something happens to u … U wait ( and she kept on beating him )

Sanskaar ( holding her hands)- arey baba… First u stand up then we will talk.. U r very heavy..

Swara ( angered)- what!! ( she tried to beat him but he had held her hands)

Both of them stood up..

Sanskaar- so Swara , u forgive me na..

Swara- no!!

Sanskaar- no!! Why ???

Swara ( teasingly)- what why!! U have to do something special from me.. Something unique … Then only I will melt .. I should feel that I am mrs. Swara sanskaar maheshwari ..

Sanskaar made a puppy face – ohkk … Mission wifey patao starts..

Swara giggles..

Sanskaar- but I have an other idea to make u feel as mrs. Sanskaar maheshwari …

Saying this he spins her round and is about to kiss her but Swara pushes him and runs…

Swara ( from far )- first wifey ko manao fir koi bhi gift le jaao..

Sanskaar- thik hai wifey… Then be ready at sharp 8 pm.. Driver will take u and ha don’t change ur dress … U look absolutely stunning ..

Swara blushed and soon reached the home… She got freshen up and again gave a beautiful decor to her face just like before as sanskaar said.. She was strolling round the garden impatiently .. Every minute she checked the clock but time seemed to halt for today..

Finally the clock striked 8… The driver made her reach a place but it was completely surrounded with darkness.. He gave her a packet and instructed her to go to an inhouse … Unlike the outside surroundings, The house was brightly lightened and she noticed a paper stuck on the packet..

” Swara.. These chits have been my best friend .. These have build my way to ur heart .. And this is the last chit I am going to give u… There’s a dress in the packet … Wear it and as u go out of this house.. Come straight. With love -: SANSKAAR ”

Swara opened the packet and took out the dress … It was a white long tube gown ( a dress which is till the ankles, is strapless and is tube shaped in the upper portion and frock styled in the lower portion ) .. She wore and opened her long straight hairs … As told , she moved out and then straight… Immediately flower petals started to fall on her… The darkened passage was lighted by fragarenced candles.. She now recognized the place .. The same place from where the whole story had started… Her mother’s home in Badi..

( note: naina suggested me to clear their misunderstandings at Badi.. Thank u naina.)

She moved in and was astounded to see the decorations .. The whole house was lit up with tiny, shiny light and candles.. The walls were curtained with lavender flowers and in mid there was a table .. Her eyes searched for SANSKAAR and there he was standing with a bouquet in his hands as he came closer to her , she could see how charming her man was looking in a complete white tuxedo and pants , highlighting more of the incredible decor.. SANSKAAR handed over her the bouquet and her face sprinkled joy seeing it … The whole bouquet was made up of chocolates.. Every inch of it was chocolate .. Well chocolates are her first love…
( asmitha.. Thank u for chocolates…)

She hugged tight sanskaar as if her whole world depended on him.. And happy tears poured from her eyes..

SANSKAAR- Swara.. U r crying .. Don’t pls..

Swara- u know na these are happy tears sanskaar..

SANSKAAR- Swara .. Can u hear some voices .. ( Swara nodded no).. Arey see my stomach is growling so hard and u can’t hear them bad.. ( Swara flashed a smile).. And u know who has made the food.. ( Swara signed no).. The great chef SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI … Now come and sit..

They both sat on the chair and had food.

SANSKAAR- now time for next surprise .. Common stand up..

Swara- where?? Batao na pls.

Sanskaar- wait Swara.. We are going there only..

He took her out from the back door (ab guys yeh mat poochna back door kaha se aaya.. Bas aa Gaya ) and swara’s eye widened looking at the scene .. It was a wide dome it was completely covered with water,, in between a passage was made and a boat was settled.. On the other sides, numerous pairs of swan were floating in the water… SANSKAAR went inside the boat an offered his hand to Swara.. Swara happily sat on the boat… Sanskaar drived the boat and then they entered into a heaven on earth… The whole setup made them feel as if they were standing between the clouds. They moved out and the land was soft like cotton…

Swara- SANSKAAR .. This is beautiful.. It’s .. It’s so good ..

SANSKAAR- so u liked it .. Matlab wifey maan gayi.. ( Swara nodded in a yes)… Now time for gift wifey..

He slanted his face and captured her lips .. He moved his lips slowly on her while his arms explored her naked shoulders… Her hand firmly clutched the collar of his shirt.. Their bodies mingled alonged with their lips .. He chewed her lower lips and then sucked it hard.. She reciprocated with equal passion.. They broke out..


Note:- the passage down or I may say the upcoming passage is not my original composition.. It is extracted from a book.. I actually forgot it’s name otherwise I would have mentioned it too.. It’s written really nicely … I have just made some changes in it to work on it with my story..

Swara was blushing hard.. She knew where they were heading to and she was ready … Sanskaar bent down, his lips against her cheek, brushing it lightly—and still that light touch sent shivers through her nerves, shivers that made her whole body tremble. “If you want me to stop, tell me now,” he whispered. When she still said nothing, he brushed his mouth against the hollow of her temple. “Or now.” He traced the line of her cheekbone. “Or now.” His lips were against hers.


But she had reached up and pulled him down to her, and the rest of his words were lost against her mouth. He kissed her gently, carefully, but it wasn’t gentleness she wanted, not now, not after all this time, and she knotted her fists in his shirt, pulling him harder against her. He groaned softly, low in his throat, and then his arms circled her, gathering her against him, and they rolled over on the ground, tangled together, still kissing. ( and after that u all know.. ?? )



Guys I am really sorry I know I am really late in posting but truly I was very busy… Don’t forget to drop your comments.. ☺️☺️

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