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He moved his hand around swara’s slender waist which was exposed by her crop top… He tightened his grip and pulled her more towards her…. Swara blushed more now and looked like a freshly plucked Crimson tomato … She snaked her arms round his neck… Both closed their eyes and leaned towards each other.. Their lips met and lots of fire sparks generated in them…. He caressed her rosy ,soft lips with his hard , chapped lips and she did the same… She inhaled sharply his cologne scent and pressed her body more to his… He in return bit her lower lip… She moaned and let out a soft gasp… He couldn’t help but enter his tounge in her lavish mouth and taste her more and more… (None of them wanted to stop but probably they were humans only who couldn’t live without oxygen or breathing… Hehehe.. ???)

They broke out and sanskaar started kissing swara’s neck sensuously…

SANSKAAR- Swara… I want to make u mine now… Here…

Swara moved back… But another second, she expanded her arms wide with a smile, indicating him to make her , his…

He secured her in his arms ( in bridal style) and took her to bed… He lowered her on bed and hovered his face on her… Their lips again met … And they turned out to be more fevered and cherished… Sanskaar’s hand worked to remove her top while Swara’s to unbutton his shirt… Their eyes met and SANSKAAR kept on lingering sweet kisses all over her face while their apparels were removed… Their noses rub against each other, slightly brushing their lips… He grabbed her arms tight and presses his lips against her… And then gently, his hand moved to caress her shoulder blades,,, Swara tugged her body more to him when SANSKAAR nibbled her lips… She let out a gasp while he traced the splendor curves of her mouth,,, After long,he thrust into her, drowned in ecstasy of their union,.,

SANSKAAR woke up first and moved to the bathroom while Swara laid on the bed , smiling, reminiscing their time together…. Tired , she slept…
SANSKAAR came out first and looked at swara’s peaceful smile while she was asleep….

SANSKAAR ( to himself ) – SANSKAAR … What are u doing … Control yourself… U can’t fall for her … U can’t love her… U r here for a special reason… Control ur emotions..

Swara also got ready and came out… It was evening … She back hugged sanskaar and then brushed her lips on his cheek… SANSKAAR shifted and looked at her… She was looking damn beautiful… Her wet hairs were showering droplets on his face … Unknowingly, his face inched closeto her and she too reciprocated… Their lips were again locked … Soon they broke out by sound of the click on the door knob …

SANSKAAR ( in mind ) – what the hell are u doing SANSKAAR … U can’t love her… Keep control on ur self … Time to work on the final phase of the plan….

The door opened and in came aditya, all alone … Affrighted by aditya’s presence, Swara hid at the back of SANSKAAR … Swara froze but SANSKAAR went near aditya… Both stared at each other and then smiled and laughed…

SANSKAAR- hey man, how are u … Well work is done …


And then both hugged each other… Swara couldn’t understand what was happening…

SANSKAAR- aditya.. U stay out … I’ll be there in a minute..

SANSKAAR now shifted his gaze to Swara ….

Swara- sanskaar’s what’s all this.. U know aditya … We are going out…

SANSKAAR didn’t reply instead just handed over a phone to her…

She took the phone and a video was being played… The video showed SANSKAAR taking Swara to the bedroom in his arms , laying on her and it ended… In the whole video sanskaar’s face was blurred … She checked again and that video had been sent to her father… The phone fell from her hand… Tears built up in her eyes… She couldn’t analyse what was happening….

SANSKAAR – so u see… I don’t love u Swara … this kidnapping was done by me… It was all a part of revenge game plan … Aditya just did what I said… He is my bestie…

Swara holding his collar said…

Swara- what have I done … What was my mistake … Why did u do it me … What was my fault… How could u stoop so low… Tell me … Dammit…

SANSKAAR – what was ur mistake … listen to me carefully … Ok… Because of ur father , my mother is in coma … Ur father first married my mother’s sister , used her , dumped her and then married ur mother… My maasi couldn’t tolerate this and she commited suicide … My mother was heartbroken listening the news … She couldn’t digest it and fell in coma … Before going to coma, my mother vowed to avenge the death of my maasi, she couldn’t do it and being his son , I did it and may be now she comes out from coma … Your father, everyday he will be hurt seeing his daughter’s state.. Same way as my mother broke down , seeing my maasi … Now he will feel the pain which we have suffered from years , seeing u that is , his lovely daughter in pain …. Hmm… It was easy to fool u … But no problem…

Swara was taken aback… The whole world stopped for her… The man to whom she gave her everything , just used her ….

Swara- he won’t SANSKAAR … He won’t … Is ur revenge completed or there is something more… Are u contended now??

SANSKAAR- what ???

Swara ( shouting ) – is ur revenge completed or still u intent to do something more…

SANSKAAR- no !!!

Swara- then drop me home now….

SANSKAAR merged in dilemma… He had done such a foul play still Swara was so calm and was asking her to drop her home.. He couldn’t digest the fact that the girl who was betrayed so badly still wasn’t shattered and ordered him…

( navi.. U were right dear… Didn’t expect that someone would get it .. But koi nahi I got to know That there are many junior Holmes.. ☺️☺️ )


swara reached home… A driver dropped her… She rushed to her bedroom and locked it … She fell with a thud on the floor and cried miserably… Soon her father, shekhar came and demanded to open the door … In a fit of rage, he entered the room and held Swara by her hairs and dragged her out..
( there was no one at home … No servants .. All had been sent out..)

He took her to the main hall and slapped her tight across her cheeks..

Shekhar- Swara .. What’s all this ( showing his phone).. Huh .. from ur birth u r a curse to me… Because of u now my reputation is at stake … What If it reaches media … I have told u na… Now u will get the punishment …

Swara- no dad.. Plz.. Dad … It pains … Dad… Plz … No…

He brought a stick and beated her hard with it …

Shekhar- get up … Get up fast…

He again held her hair and made her walk on the floor covered with hot burning coal… Swara cried loud but of no use, the beast was the beast… He took her to a room and locked her in it and told that she wouldn’t get any food today…

( yes.. Guys … The real villain of the story is shekhar Gadodia … He is a ruthless father who acts good with Swara infront of public but inside he tortures her very much)

This whole scenario was seen by ragini , swara’s best friend … It was not the first time , she happened to see Swara suffering … Her heart ached every time seeing her friend being tortured like this.. But she was helpless , she belonged to a poor family and couldn’t help her with such situations.. She knew that swara’s father won’t allow her to meet Swara so she silently entered her room through the back door…

She was shocked seeing swara’s condition… Her eyes were all red due to crying… She hugged her and reprimanded her … tried to find any ointment to ail her wound but nothing she found … She was very angry at SANSKAAR … Knowing the fact , that he hurted Swara so that he could take revenge from his father came as a big shock for her.. She took Swara to bed , made her sleep and then moved to confront SANSKAAR..


At sanskaar’s home,

SANSKAAR was boxing with an angry mood… He kept on punching and punching taking out all his agony on that thing …

SANSKAAR- how could I …. How could I and why… I played with her dignity… Yes… Yes … I love her but can’t express… I have to hurt her … Why…. God why did u make my life so complicated… Everyone I love , I have to leave them … Hurt them..

… He stopped when he listened furious voice of a girl…. It was ragini…

SANSKAAR- who are u ??? What are u doing here??

Ragini- what am I doing here… Huh… I am ragini, swara’s sis cum friend .( in a sarcastic tone ) .. Why do u think I have come here… Huh … U idiot … U … How could u … U stooped so low to take revenge that u spoiled a girl’s life… What do u think ?? By doing all this swara’s father.. That shekhar Gadodia would be hurt… He will feel pain… No … Never … He must be in some bar … Dancing and drinking with other mistresses…

Sanskaar flinched…

SANSKAAR- what are u saying??? What do u mean ( ragini didn’t reply)… Speak up … Pls …

Ragini- what did u think SANSKAAR?? That u will hurt Swara and That shekhar Gadodia will sit in a corner and cry… Arehh… He toh never loved her… He kept her in his house for namesake .. Just because shekhar Gadodia needed the property and shares which was in her mother’s name and after her death , it came in swara’s name … U know how much Swara has suffered in her life … No na… How would u know … From childhood, he has been treating her as a servant… He beats her mercilessly.. And now also he did it … He made her walk on coal tar.. Because of u… Because if that video is leaked , his reputation would be at stake … He took out all his vent on her… Sometimes only , when she use to go to farmhouse , she used to get peace but now that also…. Agh

SANSKAAR landed on her foot…

SANSKAAR- pls take me to her ragini… Pls …

Ragini didn’t agree first but she knew that SANSKAAR could help her to take out Swara from that he’ll and so she agreed… On the way , she took some medicines for Swara… They reached there..

Ragini- go from there… There’s a back door … And don’t u dare try to hurt her… I won’t leave u …

SANSKAAR just nodded … He was about to open the door but stopped … There was a window beside the door… He peeped in… Shekhar was holding tight her hair.. She screamed in pain but he didn’t pay heed … Anger started rising in sanskaar’s body … He just wanted to beat the hell out of this man… But he stopped..

Shekhar- I have fixed ur relation with one of my partner …. Ur marriage is tonight and u have to follow my decision…

Swara – dad … Pls …. I can’t do this … I have already given my body and soul to someone …, I can’t marry anyone else,,,

Hearing this , shekhar slapped her hard….

Shekhar – listen to me …, otherwise u better know what will happen to u … The more fast u get married … The more fast I will get the shares and u will be out of the home…

Sanskaar’s eyes welled up with tears… He was drowned in guilt … He had hurted a girl who was already suffering so much from childhood.., his heart ached more to see her state… Blood was dripping from the corner of her lips… She had marks of finger on her cheeks… Her eyes were swelled … Her hands were filled of bruises and her foot burned… The news of her marriage made her choke… And her statement made his heart numb… What big sin he had commited… Something unforgivable… Breaking his chain of thoughts , he entered her room…

Swara- what are u doing here.. SANSKAAR … Get out now from here..

SANSKAAR didn’t say anything … He just came close to her … Touched the finger marks … She hissed in pain and he quickly removed his hand and leaned to kiss her cheeks but Swara moved ..

Swara- no… Don’t u dare… Stay away from me … I have had enough of ur nuisance…

SANSKAAR held her palm…

SANSKAAR- Swara … I am really sorry … Plz forgive me … I didn’t know any of ur pain.., I was so much engrossed in revenge that I couldn’t see ur love… My love.,, I really love u… Pls don’t go away from me… We will go away from this beast’s land… We will build a paradise … Just u, me , my mom and dad…

Swara- no SANSKAAR.. That’s not possible… I am getting married tonight ….. Go away from here…

SANSKAAR- but Swara … U love me na … There will be no problem Swara … We will live happily Swara… Pls don’t marry anyone else .. I’ll die ..

Swara- and why should I trust u mr. SANSKAAR.. I trusted u once with my whole heart but what u did.. Throwed it on the bin… U have lost my trust and building it back.., I am not sure if it is possible so pls go…

She moved her face for him and cried hiding her face … SANSKAAR was heartbroken… His love was getting married… He hurted her … Now what.. He lose… He lost himself in the struggle of life… It was solely his mistake … He had lost his love just because of his foolishness … He went away but asked ragini to apply medicine to Swara…


It was night …. Swara was getting ready along with ragini.., both had tears in her eyes.., Swara knew she was going to slaughter her future now… She had devoted her full self to SANSKAAR and could not think of any other man than him but she was marrying some one else…. Because her so called father told her… She considered herself as an unlucky gem and did not want to curse SANSKAAR by her fate… The heavy fabric of her blouse rubbed her hand and her bruises pained but it was nothing infront of the trauma she was suffering in her inner self… She limped and moved… She didn’t even raise her head to see the bridegroom just followed the rituals as said… They were married … The priest said happily … Were they really….

Swara was sitting in the mid of the bed … Till now he hadn’t see her husband’s face.. She just met her father in law who seemed very sweet to her.. While her mother in law was in coma… She was shivering badly…
Someone called out her name and she became numb listening to the voice… She gently raised her head and was shocked to see SANSKAAR in wedding attire … They were married … She was married to SANSKAAR… Destiny is so cruel … Playing foul games…

SANSKAAR- Swara … Go and change ur dress…

She quietly nodded , went and changed into a sleeveless pink long top and white plazzo….

He placed her hands in her and continued…

SANSKAAR- Swara… Will u forgive me???

Swara- I need time sanskaar

SANSKAAR- it’s okay Swara… U take ur time …

He gently stroked her head and gave a feathery kiss on her forehead… He then departed and brought some ointments … SANSKAAR applied ointment in her burnt legs and gently kissed them … He then salved a cream on the bruises at her arms and buffed her lips over their too… Swara didn’t stop him… He removed her hairs and sided it and applied his share of ointment there too… He took her in his arms, laid her on bed and made her sleep… ( guys nothing else.. They just slept.. Don’t drive ur brain too much)

Precap for last chapter- for this , I need all of urs help… Sanskaar KO Swara ko manana hai.. Wapas SE trust banana hai… Uske liye romantic setup karna hai .. Guys thoda idea tum log ko dena hai… So next chapter will be full of swasan but I need u all to give suggestions as to how SANSKAAR should convince Swara… I have an idea in mind according to that u have to tell me a romantic idea for convincing .. Jaldi batana I am waiting … Tabhi to likhungi next chapter…

Credit to: Anu


    • Anu

      Yup Sanky married Shona… An mai jaldi se Kuch karti hoo jisse they become married happily ever after… ???

  1. vyshu

    Amazing….Swara should not forgive sanskar so easily. Show sanskar pouring love on her, dat she couldn’t get before from her family, while she is taking time to forgive him.

    • Anu

      Hmm… Ya Swara shouldn’t forgive SANSKAAR easily… But what to do have to sum up it in a single chappy na … Kya kya add kare aur SANSKAAR ka cute puppy face dekh kar to hum sab bahut jaldi melt ho jate hai… Bad… ???

      • vyshu

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    • Anu

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    I’m Ashi from Kerala.I’m graduating and reaching 20.
    I’m not a type for literature stuff….i can’t give you any idea…
    Can you make it hatred-love-fun track…it’s just a suggestion…
    You have to write by your own thoughts..then only it’ll be completed

    • Anu

      Hello ashi … Can I call u ashi di because I am younger to u … I am 18 years old and my place Delhi… I am also graduating .. First year completed… Second year semester is soon going to start

  4. Reethi

    Superb but how did they got married.
    If we see in swara’s POV it’s difficult for her to again to trust him.it takes TIME to heal her pain.
    I think sanskar should show his love by taking care of her,n when finally she shows some improvement then he should propose her in a romantic way like by arranging candle light dinner.

    • Anu

      Reethi… I mentioned that shekhar fixed swara’s marriage with his business partner .. In last chappy , I told they were partners and in the video sanskaar’s face was blur … And he got them married… I forgot to mention actually that point ki he had a talk with sanskaar’s father for his marriage etc etc in flashback.. Koi nahi…

      U r rite dear that she shouldn’t forgive her easily … I also have the same pov but I am aren’t getting that in one chapter what should I do that it looks that SANSKAAR struggle for get her trust that’s why I asked u all… But I’ll try my best

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      Chocolates… Darling I love chocolates like hell… Chocolates will surely give it a try but how do I imagine somethingb complete chocolate house… An hansel and gretle to hum dono hai nahi toh kya kiya jaaye… Phew… Well can I be friends with u … Pls… U r extra cute .. I don’t wanna miss a friend like u.. ???

  6. Nikita

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    • Anu

      Romantic date… Surely think about it aur sorry speech.. Baba sanky kitne sorry speeches bolega… My poor sanky… Koi nahi Galat kaam kiya hai toh punishment to milegy hi

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      Angel goldie.. Yaar tumhi Kuch baat do … U wrote tu mera humsafar na … I read it on indiaforums… Romance queen … Give some suggestions pls

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      Geethu… Everyone has creativity stored in them … And u have said a beautiful thought then why do u think u aren’t creative… U are and yes use melt hona hi padega warna Mai kis kaam ke liye hu… Swara ko lady hitler nahi banne doongi… So no tension

    • Anu

      Thank u arati… Sweet wishes from my side but I didn’t get one thing .. U said ” u guys ” … I didn’t get what u meant by it

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    • Anu

      Will surely focus on that part deary… And thank uuiuuu… Indeed I am very cute and sweet… Lol.. ???

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      Omg… Is my story really so good… Chalo but there are so many writers … I’ll wreck up my brain… Hewww… Hmm I came to know about anu because many of them misunderstood her as me in my first os… And thank u so much… If u all are there with me then my journey will surely be untiringly beautiful

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      Love u too sweetu… Divya me too feeling bad for Swara… And I will try my level best to make the chapter emotional as well as romantic… Hey Bhagwan Ji !!! Is pyari ladki pe thoda daya kariye… Kyu chahte hai KI uske dimag ka bharta ban jaaye… Jaldi jaldi acche acche ideas dimag me feed kar dijiye

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    • Anu

      Nope jiya… I am not the one… Hmmm … Swara will be ideal in all the fields… But here I am making SANSKAAR a lil mature… Swara asked for time na… So he won’t touch her till she asks.. Well thank u for suggestion

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      Thank u jwala… I c … I wrote an os previous also… But long ff’s are not cup of my tea … I too want to make it a short story but can’t do… I have really important work from day after tomorrow… So need to sum it up in one epi… And finish… But pucca I’ll be back soon

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      Naina and shalini… Both are undoubtedly really pretty names… Thank u very much for ur suggestion cutie … I’ll think about ur suggestion for sure.. ???

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      Thank u Ansa and arey my sweet lil sis… Nobody would get hurt … Everyone here is very free and casual … Ha of course everyone has their own basic limits … But no prob na… And well I have planned a full on romantic side of our sanky dude … Just hope I’ll be able to write as I and you all have expected.. Just that I’ll be too busy tomorrow … Will surely try to post asap

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      Thank u dear… It was really such a sweet piece of comment… Aha Delhi wali but du’s admission have already started right … All the best for ur future

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