Swasan OS by angle emma


If it is meant to happen it will happen

Introduction of characters Swara: Very bubbly girl ,very kind,she always thinks of others first.Her biggest wekness is that she trust people very easily.She has one sister that she loves a lot. Ragini:Sister of swara and Fiance of laksh.She is the opposite of swara.She thinks before trusting anyone and is very quiet person. Laksh:fiancé of ragini.He loves her a lot and is a fun guy lives life to the fullest.He loves swara a lot Sanskar:Kind heart guy but he always thinks he ruels the world and there no one better then him ,very handsome ,big flirt .He is laksh s cousin.

The best love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.It was a beautiful morning,everyone was so exited as it was ragini and laksh s wedding week. Ragini and laksh family and guest all stayed in same hotel as they didn’t have the wedding in their home town but out of station so they preferred if all were together.One by one everyone was reaching the hotel .Swara and ragini got their room and they went to rest. Ragini:swara wake up now,lets go out and greet everyone. Swara:common ragini,please don’t disturb me I am very tired.I know you just want to see laksh. Ragini:Swaraaaaaa!!!!! (blushes) please lets go.Oh by the way I heard that Laksh s cousin is also coming.I heard that he is very handsome.Common swara lets go maybe you might find your Mr perfect here. Swara: (irritated) Fine lets go.And just for your information I am only going to see my jiju and not to see some weirdo. AS they reach the the hall everyone was sitting.Ragini and laksh started their fun.All the youngster were one side and old people the other side.Some started singing and some were to busy on their phones,some were chatting and getting to know each other and there were two people who got impressed just by the first look. Sanskar:hey I am sanskar .Laksh s cousin.You must be swara right? Swara: not really interested but she replied calmy.Hey yes you are right and she was about to leave but….. Sanskar:wow you are very preety.do you want to go for a walk ? I need to go to the reception will you come with me ?? Before swara could replied two people replied for her. Laksh and ragini:Yes she will come.Go swara. Swara was so irritated but she went and she got even more irritated because sanskar spoke continuously. Sanskar:So what do you do? Swara: Well ,I m doing my final year in law and you? Sanskar :Wow Law huh ….pretty girl with brains you are a full pakage.(he couldn’t stop smiling looking at her and he was so confused why he felt that way )I am working in a company as a financial advisor. Their conversation carried for long and swara and slowly enjoying his company. In the evening when all returned back to their room.Ragini saw swara smiling. Ragini:My hitler sister is smiling?are you that happy that I will leave soon?? Swara:wanted to cry thinking again that ragini will leave her but she composed herself and said no idiot I was thinking about sanskar. Ragini:Sanskar??he impressed you in one day? just please sis be careful. Swara:offooooo don’t start you lecture .I wont trust easily don’t wory .I Have had my lesson in past. On the other side Sanskar:Laksh you sister in law is an amazing piece man.She can make any guy want her.She isn’t like the other girls who would flirt with guys. Laksh: common sanskar you talk about every girl same way.But I am warning you she is not a toy.She is like my sister .I know your game .Please sanskar don’t play with her.Your games one day will cost you a lot. Sanskar:ugh common dude.I know she is your sister in law.Dude we have one life and it is to enjoy.I don’t have time to commit I am to young.It nice to taste different flavour.

Laksh got very angry and said :Swara is not a flavour.Stop your game one day you will regret.You have hurt so many girls in past.One day you will fall for one and she will leave you then only you will realise and he leaves the room. Few days past like this everyone was busy in the preparations however two people were getting very close and weren’t leaving each other sides .Whether it was going out they would sit in same car or even sit next to each other to eat or not eat without each other. Ragini warned swara many times but she also was distracted many time because of the wedding stress. It was mehendi night. All were ready to go the hall and swara was waiting for sanskar but to her surprise she was told that he had left early with laksh.She was very sad inside because she was starting to have feeling for him.ragini noticed her sadness and said common my dear sis lets enjoy our last days together .Swara forgot all and started to enjoy because it was her sister s wedding and she had to make it special. All woman started putting mehendi and guys were chilling then someone suggested to start dancing then all the youngster started dancing and swara was waiting for sanskar to come dance with her but to her shocked he was to busy with other people he did not notice her.After the dance,all went to eat .Swara had enough and she went to sanskar. Swara: hey, to busy ? Sanskar:well it a function so obviously.why? Swara was so shoked because he didn’t speak like this before.Is everything ok?Why are you talking like this ?lets go eat together Sanskar:listen dude go eat .There is nothing I am just enjoyinh myself with new people and look how many hot girls man. Swara was sad but she left thinking Ragini was right I shouldn’t get to close but it was to late she had already started having feeling for him. There was one free day before the wedding day.So they all decided to go out and visit the city.Ragini couldn’t come as the bride had to stay so all youngster went and swara went to sit quikly next to sanskar and he also smiled and was acting so normal with her.They all ahd lots of fun.

When they returned back everyone went back to their room.Swara asked sanskar to stau back she wanted to give him something. Swara:Sanskar please stay back I need to give you something. Sanskar:you wanna kiss me?? Lol kidding what is it. Swara:she gives a small paket and he find the bracelet he had like in the shop. Sanskar:wooooow that is the one I liked.he hugs her. From all the present girls gave me to impress me this is the best. Swara felt so bad by this and had tears but didn’t show . Swara:It not to impress you it was just from one friend to another and she left. Sanskar was shoked but he didn’t care as he doesn’t have any feeling for her. The next day was the wedding and swara was so busy with ragini so she hardly saw sanskar.She was missing him but he didn’t care.She messged him but he didn’t replied.The wedding moment came and all were surrounding the couple and throwing flower and sanskar came and stood next to swara she felt so happy. After everything was over the couple took blessing from everyone and swara was crying badly and sanskar couldn’t see tears so he hugged her and she felt so good.They quikly came back to reality and parted. After that hug,swara didn’t thinkin of the circumstances and she went outside where sanskar was and she hugged .he was shoked. Sanskar:Swara,what happen ?dont worry Ragini will be happy with laksh and she isn’t going that far. Swara:shhhhhh please just hold me.I am not crying for her.Sanskar it is the first time I have flet like this for a guy.I have started to like you.I dunno if its right I don’t know much about love but if this is love then I love this feeling. Sanskar stops hugging her and says:LOOOOOVE??? Swara what are you sayin?? Swara:I know sanskar we don’t know each other but I love you .When I was looking at Ragini and laksh I could picture us .I wanna spend my life with you. Sanskar:Life?love? swara are you crazy ? Swar was shoked.

Swara:Sanskar I have seen love in ur eyes to .I know you cant commit but we can try I will try adjust. Sanskar: SWara stop it.I should have known you are like other girls man .you think I love you?No swara I was just enjoyinh your company.I don’t believe in love ,for me it was fun and nothing else and your are talking about marriage ,listen dude I m leaving in two days we will never meet again and please now lets stop this topic here . He leave swara heart broken.she felt betrayed .She felt she should have listened to raginin and she wanted to run to ragini but then she taught no she cant disturb ragini anymore and everyone had warned about not trusting so easily but she just fell in the trap again .she just made herself strong and went back inside the hotel to get ready for the reception.she didn’t tell anyone anything she had a dull face but everyone taught that it was because ragini was leaving her and she left everyone believing that.She ignored sanskar that evening and tried to enjoy herself. The next day was a busy day as some people were already leaving back to their respective home.Ragini and laksh went for their honeymoon and swara was going back to .so it was goodbye time. Laksh and ragini hugged swara : bye swara see you soon we love you.all three had tears. Sanskar came hug swara but she moved back and said bye with handshake Sanskar:common swara why you behaving like this. Swara:I m not behaving like anything.It was nice meeting you sanskar.Have a good life .I hope you get lots of success and thank you for the good time.Thanks for also reminding me not to trust people. Sanskar for the first time felt bad after listening to those words.He taught to himself:I have hurt many girls but this one why does it hurt me .She isn’t even fighting but been normal.Oh well whatever . They both leave.

After 6 months. Swara was to busy in her study.She missed sanskar but she always removed all the taught as she knew he was never for her .She always tried been happy.she didn’t speak to sanskar after that day.Laksh and Ragini were very happy in their life.laksh received a call that day which shoked him. Laksh:oh wow looke who taugh of me today !!! how are you my bro? Sanskar:laksh do you remember that day you told me one day a girl will leave yu then only you will realise the pain? Laks was shoked:yes I remember are you in love dude? Lol I m sure it just a infactuation . Sankar:I don’t know if this is love but it is a very different feeling.I miss the girl,I cannot concentrate,I wanna talk to her but I cant because I have hurt her.i want her but I know she wont take me back .I Am a bad boy I have been suffering but I don’t know who to tlk to .please help me . Ragini heard that also and said don’t wory brother in law I will help you because I can feel you love her and everyone makes mistake but you have realise so that is the biggest thing.Tell me the girls name first and where is she ? Sanskar was so shoked that ragini heard the conversation .He was quiet for a second then said: ragini!!! I cant tel you the name because then you wont help me Ragini: why who is she ? Laksh understood and asked :sanskar please don’t tell me it my shona . Sanskar:sadly says yes it her.I m sory guys and tell them everything.please help me I wont hurt her again I really love her since I came back I miss her a lot I realised my mistake and I have taken holiday from work and I need you r help so I can go see her and ask for forgiveness and now I don’t want her as my gf but as my wife.You were right laksh life is amazing when you share it with someone and I want that person to be swara.I want to also come home to someone I cannot believe myself but I want her .please guys.

Ragini was in tears but she says sanskar I had warned swara about you but now I m actually happy that whatever happen because you realised that girls aren’t toys and it brought you to the right parth.I will help you and I m so happy swara loves you.Now listen swara has her final exam tomor from 11 to 3 .You be by her college tomorrow and talk to her .swara forgives easily and I know she loves you because you were first guy she loved. Sanskar did what ragini told him and was waiting for swara outside the gate.and at 3:15 he saw the love of his life walking towards the gate and smiling so he undertood she is a good mood. Sanskar:swara he shouted Swara:sanskar ?????? What r you doing here? Sanskar :I came to see you? Swara: why me? She was happy inside but she was hurt to because she tried so hard to forget him and now he is infront of her. Sanskar: yes swara .I came to see my friend. Swara:you came all the way here to see a friend.It been 6 month we didn’t speak and now you think of me lol common so what is the real reason. Sanskar:you are right .there is a reason.Swara I understand how you felt that day because now I am in love .so I came to apologise for that day. Swara was so shoked .she wanted to cry because now he is inlove so that means the 1% hope she had is gone. Swara:congrats sanskar I am so happy for you.she tried acting normal.So why did u have to come to tl me this till here you could’ve message. Anyways don’t worry I forgive you and all the best now I gotta go. She was about to leave but sanskar holds her hand Sanskar:wont you ask me who she is? Swara trying to hide her tears , no because what is the point I wont know her . Sanskar: you do know her. Someone you know Swara taugh it might be girls from wedding and she started naming them and he kept on saying no and she got upset. Swara:I don’t care who she is . Go enjoy your life sanskar .I regret to have met you that day.I have loved you from that day and tried so much to forget you but I had 1% hope because I knew it was true love I taught you will come to me but now I know true love doesn’t exist as now you never coming to me.I m sure that girl is s*xier and preetier and she was blabbering so many things and then she said who will love a girl like me anyways and she was about to go when she was shoked with next thing that happen.Sanskar pulled her and kissed her.she pushed him but he was to strong and she also enjoyed and kissed him.They both were crying and kissing.They then stoped and looked at each other.

Swara:shoked and happy sanskar what did you do .You said you love the girl then how can you do this .you are breaking her trust.Why are you breaking me like this. Sanskar:swara ,this is the irst time in my life I eel I did the right thing. Swara was confused and sanskar hugged her and again looked at her. Sanskar: swara ,thank you for coming in my life.Thank you for leaving me that day because it made me realise your worth.It made want to change and be serious and want partner in life and everytime I would think of partner I would think of you.but Ididnt have the guts to message you or come to see you .I know you might not trust me now but swara please forgive I have come here to tell you I love you and I asked for forgiveness to your bro and sister also please swara give me one chance please. Swara was so shoked she wanted to hug him but… Swara: how can I trust you again Sanskar: I know it will be difficult but I promise you this time I wont let your trust break swara I have flirted with many but love is only you.I don’t want to date I wanna marry you and I want to fight with you and get to know you and come home to you. Swara was so shoked but she couldn’t speak Sanskar: swar say something Swara didn’t say anything and she just kissed him hugged him. Swara:my first kiss with my mr perfect I love you sanskar and I trust you .I m not forgiving you so easily because I am kind but because I know you just not bad person but you needed guidance I m so happy today you know sanskar out of nowhere, you came into my life and made me realize that true love is possible. Your face is all I think about. I mean seriously, your everything is cute. I love you and just want to be able to freely express that every day and talk to you everyday I love you lets go home now . Sanskar :please can I kiss you again please I missed you . They kissed again and hugged and went home. Always remember never force anything. give it your best shot,and then let it be.If its meant to be it will be.

Credit to: angel emma

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