SwaSan OS : Always With You, My Love..! (Part 3 )

Hello everyone. Thanks fr ur response. Here I cm with last part of my os..
keep tissues with u.. ??


All ppl n SwaSan were shocked. Swara was all numb while Sanskar was crying bitterly. He tried to jump in water bt ppl stopped him.. soon police reacged there with search team bt they found nothing.. n as shree was so small.. they declared her as DEAD! Sanskar was completely broken. Swara dint move an inch from her place.. She was still.. no emotions.. nothing.. Like whole world stopped fr her.. Sanskar went near her n hugged her tightly..

Sanky : ( cries ) Swaraaaa.. we lost.. our shree.. our princess.. ( broke hug n looked at her who wasn't reacting anything. He shaked her ) Swaraaa.. swaraaa.. are u listening? Our princess.. they r saying.. she.. she is.. Dead!! Swara spk smthng.. plz.. dont be quite. Swaraaa….

Bt swara said nothing..

Sanky : Swaraaaaa… hosh main aaoo.. say smthng dammit.. Swarshree is no more.. That thief jumped with her in water infront of us.. r u listening?  SWARAAAAA…( shakes her hard )

Swara looked at him n started blabbering n laughing like mad..

Swara : ( looked at him ) Shree died! ( sanky cries ) He killed my shree.. ( holds sanky's collar ) hai na? He killed my baby na?? ( suddenly started laughing.. ) Yesss… my baby died.. my shree.. my bachcha died.. ( laughed again loudly making sanky shocked )

Sanskar : ( hugged her tightly n cried out ) Swaraaa.. get a hold on urself.. dont do this.. cry swara cry.. as much as u wanted to..bt plz dont scare me.. swaraa.. plz.. control urself.  ( while swara struggling in his grip n kept on blabbering )

Swara : Sanskarrr.. our bachcha! Our shree! Died!!! Hahaha.. see.. she died.. hahaha.. she.. s..he.. di..e..d.. ( saying this she fainted in Sanky's arms.. )

Sanskar : ( panicked n pats her cheeks ) Swaraaaaaa…. swara.. open ur eyes.. swaraaaaa.. ( shouts )

He picked her up n rushed towards hospital while tears were continuously flowing from his eyes. Doctor was checking swara while sanky was sitting outside her ward all broken n lifeless.. soon doc cm out of room..

Doc : Mr. Maheshwari!

Sanskar : ( rushed to him ) yes.. yes doc? How's swara? Is she fine? Y was she behaving like that?

Doc : Mr. Maheshwari! Ur wife is not fine.. her condition is very critical. She couldn't digest the fact that her daughter died.. It was a sudden shock fr her.. She's mentally very very weak.. She lost her mental stability. Bt u hv to stay strong.. keep her happy.. try to do things as per her wish.. try to bring her back to reality bt slowly.. show her ur memories.. make her remember ur moments with ur daughter.. bt listen carefully..dont go against her.. she may harm herself. Ur love n care only can cure her..

Sanky : ( shocked to listen this bt composed himself ) yes.. doc..tor.. I'll. .take.. care.. of.. her.. thank you..

As soon as doc left from there sanky sat on near by bench with a thud and burst out in crying..

Sanky : ( cries miserably ) Why God Why? What we did to u? Why u gave us this big punishment?  You snatched my shree! N now u also want to snatch my swara from me? No.. I wont let swara go away frm me.. I'll make her fine.. nothing will happen to her. ARE U LISTENING GOD??? I'll stay ALWAYS WITH HER…

He saw swara outside of her room through window.. tear escaped from his eyes bt he wiped it.. Nurse called him to cmplt discharge formalities n he left.. soon he cm back n entered in Swara's room to take her home bt he gets shocked. Cz swara was nowhere to be seen.. He got panicked n started to shout her name..

Sanky : Swaraaaa… Swaraaa.. where r u? Swaraaa..

He ran out of room n started to search her madly.. suddenly he noticed sm1 sitting inside babies ward near 1 cradle n playing with baby.. He cm forward n shocked to see that its swara.. He cm near her n hug her..

Sanky : Swaraa.. thank god u r ok.. where u went leaving me? U can't even imagine how scared I was..

Swara : ( shushing him ) Shhhh.. Sanskar.. talk slowly.. look.. my bachcha is sleeping. How loudly u r talking ha? Let my shree sleep na..

Hearing her talks tears started to fall from his eyes.. He talks in between his sobs..

Sanky : Swara.. cm with me.. she's not our shree.. cm.. lets go to our home.. she's sm1 else..

Swara : ( angry ) Sanskarrrr.. m telling u na.. she's my shree.. m her mother.. how can't I recognise her? U r mistaken.. u go home.. I'll be with my bachcha. She's my shree only.. I knw.. she's my baby.. ( she kept on saying this)

Sanskar went outside of dat ward n tells doc smthng.. soon he returned to her n gave her milk to drink..

Sanky : Swaraa. Drink this.. this is good for you.. u hv to take medicines na..

Swara : Wat happened to me sanskar?  See m perfectly fine n playing with my bachcha. Even she dint ate anything till now.. I also dont want milk..

Sanky : Swaraa.. If u wont drink then how will u get energy? N if u wont get energy then u'll fall sick.. then who'll take care of shree? So plz take this.. ( controlling his emotions )

Swara : Haa.. u r ryt.. m taking this.. bt only fr my shree.. ( sanky nods n make her drink milk )

Swara : ( feels drowsy ) Sanskar. . M feeling sleepy.. can I sleep?

Sanky : ( sniffs ) ha swara.. sleep..

Swara : ( in drowsy state ) T..ak.e.. c..are.. of..m.y.. sh..re.e.. ( sleeps in his arms )

Sanskar pecked her forehead n carries her to his car.. He had mixed lil amount of sleeping pills in her milk after consulting with doc.. He drove to their mansion.

Soon they reached he took swara to their room n placed her carefully on their bed.. He too slept beside her hugging her tightly.

Next day –

Sanskar woke up due to sun rays bt dint find swara in room.. He gets tensed.. n calls her..

Sanskar : Swaraaa.. swaraaa..

Swara : Sanskar… m in shree's room.. cm here..

Sanskar rushed there n saw swara hugging n patting Shree's doll…

Sanky : Swaraaa.. wat r u doing???

Swara : offo sanskar.. can't you see? M calming shree.. u knw she was crying so much.. ( make doll turn to him ) look bachcha who cm to meet u.. Dad!! Ur Dad cm.. cmon give him good morning kissy.. aww baby.. ok..ok.. dont give.. bt plz stop crying.. u knw na.. mumma can't see u crying..

Sanskaar couldn't control anymore.. He snatched that doll from swara n shouted loudly…



Sanskar : ( sensed dat she's getting violent ) Swaraaa.. calm down.. see.. m sry.. ok.. plz calm down..

Swara : ( not ready to listen anything n started to move back ) NOOOOO… GOOO AWAY FROM HERE.. U ALL ARE CHEATING ME.. U ALL WILL TAKE MY SHREE AWAY FROM ME.. I SAID GOOO… ( Suddenly she saw knife which kept on table in fruit basket she took it ) GOOOO.. OR ELSE I'LL KILL MYSELF..

Sanskar gets shocked n tries to take knife from her..

Sanskar : Swaraaa.. leave that.. swaraa.. ok.. m going.. I wont take ur shree.. ok? Bt plz leave that knife.. plz.. ( he was crying )

Swara : ( gets exausted due to continuous shouting n crying ) Goooo… a..way… f..rom…he.re.. ( faints )

Sanskar rushed to her n pats her cheeks..

Sanskar : Swaraa… swaraa.. open ur eyes.. plz.. swaraa.. m sry plz. ( saw blood flowing from her hand cz she was holding knife tightly ) blo..od. blood.. swaraa..

He placed her on bed n called doc.. doc cm n bandaged her wound n checked her..

Doc : Mr. Maheshwari! I told u b4.. dont go against her.. she may harm herself.. n exactly same happened.

Sanky : ( in tears ) Now.. what doc? Is she ok?

Doc : I gave her injection. She'll sleep fr 5 to 6 hrs.. she's fine now.. bt plz.. take care.. dont stress her..

Sanky : Yes Doc. Thank you..

Doctor leaves.. Sanskar sat beside swara n caresses her hairs.

Sanky : Swaraa.. plz get well soon.. m very tired swara.. I need u.. plz dont do this to me.. I can't live without u. ( weeps )

Like this days were passing bt Swara's condition was same.. Sanky was trying his best to make her realise that shree is dead bt no use.. She was in her imaginary world only.. Her health was deteriorating. She bcm too weak than b4.. sanky was hell worried fr her..

One day..

Sanky and doc made plan to make her remember that incident again.. and as per their plan sanky started showing her their vdos.. of naming ceremony,  her lori.. their happy moments with shree.. Swara bcm teary eyes.. Slowly sanky took swara to that bridge.. There 1 boy was standing holding a doll same like shree.. flashes started to cm in Swara's mind… suddenly that boy jumped in water.. n swara shouted loudly..

Swara : SHREEEEEEEEEEEEEE ( n faints )

Sanskar catched her b4 she falls n hugs her..

After 1 hr at Sanskar house –

Swara opened her eyes slowly n looked here and there.. She saw Sanskar sitting beside her with teary eyes. She hugged him tightly n cried out..


Sanskar : ( hugged her tightly n cries too ) SWARAA.. WE CAN'T GET OUR SHREE BACK.. SHE'S NO MORE.

Both cries miserably hugging each other for smtym.. after dat he made swara sleep.. Suddenly there door bell rings.. Sanskar went n opened the door.. police were standing outside.

Sanky : Inspector, you? Here?

Inspector : yEs Mr. Maheshwari! Actually we cm here to give u smthng..

Sanky : ( confused ) what?

Inspector : ( smiles n called constable ) Sharma..

Sharma cm inside holding baby in his hand.. Sanky gets shocked.. His eyes got filled with tears.

Sanskar : ( whispered ) SHREE!!!

Inspector : Yes Mr. Maheshwari! She's ur daughter only.. actually dat day that thief dint die nor ur baby.. He just jumped in water n hurriedly went frm dat place to another.. Shree was safe with him bt had slight fever.. today when we went near area where he started to live.. we saw him n get a hold of him n found shree with him all sound and safe.. we arrested him n cm here to handover shree to u..

Sanskar : ( takes shree from them n kissed her ) Thank you sooooooo much Inspector.. You did gr8 favour on us..

Inspector : Its our duty Mr. Maheshwari!

They leaves..

Sanky : ( smiled with tears n started talking to shree who was looking at him ) My baby.. how much u troubled us.. ha.. u knw.. mumma was sooo ill.. wanna go to mumma? ( she made baby sound rplying yes.. sanky laughs ) cm mumma's girl.

Swara was sleeping there.. Sanky placed shree on bed n shree started to move slowly towards swara.. Sanky was seeing this having tears in his eyes.. bt this time happy tears.. Shree reached near swara n started patting on her hand with her small hands telling her to wake up.. n make baby sounds..

Swara feeling touch wake up n saw beside her n got shocked.. tear started to flow from her eyes. She picks shree immediately n started kissing all over her face.. n hugged her.. Sanky too joined them..

Swara asked sanky abt this n sanky told her wat all inspector told him..

Swara : ( talked to shree ) Bachcha. .. u.. left.. mumma? Haa?? U knw hw much mumma missed u? Mumma can't live without u bachcha. Mumma can't! ( cries hugging her )

Sanky : Shhh.. swara.. calm down.. now everything is fine. We got our shree back.. cmon now make her sleep.. look she's sleepy..

Swara : ( wiped her tears n smiled ) Haa.. cm baby.. sleep.. ( pats her n made her sleep n put her in cradle )

Sanky : Finally swara.. Everything got fine.. now no more sadness..

Swara : Haa sanky. And this all bcz of u.. u were always with me.. if u weren't with me then I wasn't standing here alive..

Sanky : ( placed his palm on her mouth ) Sshhh.. now no more this talks..

Swara : Yeah.. u jst be with me.. always..

Sanskar : ( smiles n kissed her forehead ) I'm ALWAYS WITH YOU, MY LOVE..!


I hope u guys liked it.. actually many of u dint want to kill shree so I brushed out dat thought.. hehe.. bye.

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