SwaSan OS : Always With You, My Love..! Part 1

Hellooo frnds.. today m back with my new os.. sry guys I'm unwell so unable to write my ffs.. It will take more 3,4 days to recover fully I guess.. So I thought to post my os which I had written already.. Enjoy n do cmnts..


Part 1 :

A girl was shown sitting in the garden.. It seems like she was waiting for sm1 from long time.. cz she was looking hell angry and murmuring smthng..

Girl : ( angry ) Huhh! Idiot kahi ka.. Here m waiting for him almost from 1 hr n look at him.. still not arrived. Huhh!! Let him cm.. I'll show him.. Sanky hanky donkey!

( Yup the boy is non other than our smart, handsome, dashing Greek God " SANSKAR MAHESHWARI " ?)

Sanky cm there running and seeing the Girl angry bites his tongue n prays to God!

Sanky : ( folds his hands n looked at sky ) God.. plzz.. save me.. today pakka she'll kill me.. shit man!!

He slowly went near her n kneel down infront of her holding his both ears.. Girl looked at him angrily n turned her face..

Sanky : ( puppy look n pleading ) Jaan.. Shonaa.. m sry na.. vo.. suddenly sm clients cm n I..

Swara : n u couldn't deny… ( glares ) Hai na?

Sanky : Sorry na jaan.. I promise. . Next time I won't repeat this.. plzzz.. maaf kardo..

Swara melts under his chocolate brown eyes.  N finally smiles..

Swara : Okay.. I frgv u.. bt only this time ha..

Sanky : ( smiles brightly ) Yes madam ( salutes her )

Swara : ( chuckles n hits his head ) Nautanki!

Sanky : Achcha madam.. tell me when we r going to do shopping of our wedding. Don't frgt only 10 days are remaining.

Swara : Sanky.. u knw na.. I don't like to shop unnecessary.. I mean I knw its our wedding bt its gonna be very simple.. so wats d need of this shopping n all.. I hv my maa's beautiful sarees. I'll wear 1 of them.. n abt u.. u can do shopping fr urself.. or lets do 1 thing.. lets go to buy smthng fr u.. of my choice.. ( smiles )

Sanky : ( glaring at her ) Ohh! So u think u won't buy anything fr u n I'll buy fr myself?? Never!

Swara : Sankyy.. arey m nt buying cz I already hv lot of sarees.. so why to waste time as well as money..? ( keeps her both hands around his neck n said lovingly ) bt my jaanu doesn't hv anything spcl to wear na.. so cm.. lets do shopping for him.. ( drags him ) cm naa..

Sanky : U'll never change na?? ( gave up )

Swara : ( chuckles ) Any doubt Mr.??

Sanky sighs while swara laughs loudly..

@ Shopping Mall-

Swara selected sherwani for sanky.. n both were abt to return.. suddenly Sanky turned to the counter man…

Sanky : Excuse me.. my parcel??

Counter man : Extremely sorry sir.. 1 min..

He asked 1 boy to bring sanky's parcel.. Swara was confused.

Swara : Sanky.. what's this? Ur sherwani is with me..

Sanky : ( smiles ) hmm.. this is my would be wifey's wedding saree.. which is selected by her would be hubby specially.. ( swara tried to resist ) And dare not to deny.. or else her would be will think that she doesn't love him..

Swara : ( sighs ) Huhh! U'll never change na?

Sanky : ( whispers ) Like wife like hubby.. ( winks )

Swara looked at him n later both burstout in laughing.

( Swara Mitra – 23 yrs old, matured n kind hearted girl.. loves sanky alot.. her parents died in 1 car accident when she was 15. Since then living alone in her flat.. Doing job in 1 school as a music teacher.. loves children alot..

Sanskar Khanna – 25 yrs old no.1 business tycoon in kolkata.. loves swara like anything.. an orphan.. Fun loving guy n kind hearted.. bt if it cms to his jaan then he bcms Angry Young Man. He can't bear if anything happens to swara. 

Ragini n Laksh Gadodia – SwaSan's best friends.. both are married )

Finally the day of marriage has cm.. RagLak made swasan ready respectively. Sanky was sitting in mandap waiting fr swara.. Laksh was teasing Sanky.. meanwhile Ragini cm there along with swara.. sanky get mesmerised seeing his love.. Swara sat beside Sanky n marriage rituals started.. Priest ask Sanky to fill swara's maang n make her wear mangalsutra around her neck. Sanky does so..
Swasan looked at each other lovingly n smiled.. They took 7 pheras n priest announced that marriage has cmpleted. RagLak congratulated SwaSan n both couples left fr their home..

@ Sanky's house –

SwaSan reached there n Sanky picked up swara in bridal style n headed towards their bedroom.

Swara : Sankyy.. wat r u doing? Leave me.. aah.. put me down na..

Sanky : ( naughtily ) Not today Jaan.. How can I leave u today.. I'll make today's night spcl.. ( winks )?

Swara : ( blushes n hits on his shoulder ) Shameless!

Sanky : Only for u.. my sweet heart! ?

SwaSan entered in bedroom n sanky put swara down.. Swara turned quickly n abt to run bt Sanky hold her wrist n pulled her towards him such dat she landed on his chest.. They had an short eyelock. Swara broke it n looked down out of shyness.

Suno na suno na
Kahe kya
Suno na suno na
Dil mera
Suno na suno na
Sunlo zara

Teri bahon mein
mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri bahon mein
Hogi subah

Sanskar cups her face n made her looked at him.. She shivered feeling his touch. Both were so close to each other.. swara's heart was beating faster as she could feel sanky's hot breaths.. She closed her eyes.. Taking this as a positive sign Sanky placed his rough lips on her soft rosey lips.. It was a soft n lovely kiss.. both were enjoying it..

Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan

Dekha karon
Sari umar
Sari umar

Tere nishaan
Be intehaan
Koi kasar na rahe
Meri khabar na rahe
Choole mujhe iss kadar
Be intehaan..

bt soon it turned into a long , wild n passionate kiss.. Both were kissing each other with equal passion n love.. Sanky bitted swara's lower lip n swara moaned.. taking this opportunity Sanky entered into her mouth n sucked. Finally after 15 mins they broke kiss due to lack of oxygen.

Jab saanson mein teri
Saasein ghuli toh
Phir sulaghne lagey
Ehsaas mere mujhse
Kehne lagey
Haan bahon mein teri
Aake jahan do
Yu simatne lagey
Sailaab jaise koi
Behne lagey

Both were breathing heavily. Sanky was looking at swara with desirefull eyes.. while swara was too shy to look at him.. He hugged her frm back n started too caresses her bare waist.. Swara was loosing herself under his touch.. he started kissing her back sensuously while rubbing his one hand over her bare waist.. She was moaning his name with pleasure making him go more crazy..

Swara : Aahh.. Sansss..kk..aar..rrrr….

He removed her jewellery one by one while kissing her.. He nuzzled his head in her neck n started to kiss n bite there.. Swara moaned loudly..

Swara : Sanskaarrrr…

Sanky sucked the bitten area to soothe her pain n to calm her.. He kissed her beauty bone. While she was pulling him more into her neck.. Slowly he removed her saree n took her in his arms n placed her on bed.. He too removed his clothes. N cm top of her.. He again placed his lips on her n both again get lost in each other.. kissing deeply.. madly..

Khoya hoon mein
Aagosh mein
Tu bhi kahan ab
hosh mein
Makhmali raat ki
Ho na subah
Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan

Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm

Sanky was caressing her belly button. Swara was clutching bedsheet tightly. He started kissing there.. n slowly he cm upwards near her chest n nuzzles his head there while kissing n biting continuously. Swara was caressing his back.. n digged her nails in his back to control her moans.. both were rolling over each other showering love..

Gustakhiyaan kuch tum karo
Kuch hum karein
Is tarah
Sharmake do
Saaye hai jo
Mooh pher le
Humse yahan
Haan choo to liya hai
Yeh jism tune
Rooh bhi choom le
Anfaaz bheege bheege
Kyun hai mere

Haan yun choor hoke
Majboor hoke
Qatra qatra kahe
Ehsaas bheege bheege
Kyun hai mere

Do bekhabar
Bheege badan
Ho besabar
Bheege badan
Le rahe raat bhar angraaiyan

Be intehaan
Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan..

Soon both made love to each other n slept peacefully cuddling each other under 1 sheet covering their naked bodies..

Next day morning –

Sun rays fell on our lovely couple.. Sanky woke up 1st n saw his love sleeping in his embrace peacefully having angelic smile on  her face.. Sanky smiled looking at her n cuddled her more kissing her forehead.. bcz of movemoment swara woke up n looked at Sanky.

Sanky : ( pecking her lips ) Good morning wifey..

Swara : Good morning patidev.. ( smiles )

Sanky : Jaan.. I dint knw u r soo good at romance.. seriously! U rocked yesterday! (Winks ) ?

Swara : ( hits his chest ) hawww.. chii.. Sankyy.. shamesless.. huhh!! Now get up. Look at the time.. Its 11 am.. cmon..

Sanky : areyyy wait na jaan.. yesterday only we got married. Lets spend sm time together  more.. ( hugged her )

Swara : ( smiles looking at her cute hubby ) Okay..

Sanky : Achcha jaan.. tell me.. wat do u want frm me as our wedding gift? I knw u dont like gifts bt still I want to give u smthng.. smthng very spcl.. plz tell na..plzz for me.. ( gives puppy look )

Swara : ( thinks ) Ok fine.. ( sanky got happy ) You knw me Sanky.. I dint hv any interest in jewellery, money ,dresses n all.. n I still dont hv.. bt if u wanna give me smthng very spcl then promise me.. promise me sanky.. that watever will be the situation,  U'll be always with me.. in every happy or sad situation.. u'll always give me ur shoulder to cry.. ur lap to sleep.. will you give me this ? ( asked swara looking at him teary eyes )

Sanky : ( wipes her tears ) I'll Jaan.. I'll. .. I promise.. I'll stay ALWAYS WITH YOU, MY LOVE! no matter what.. I love you..

Swara : love you too..

Like this days were passing n our swasan were taking good care of each other. They were all settled in their small world.. Living a happy and normal life.

One day,

Sanky cm to pick up swara from school.. Swara cm outside of gate n showed her hand to sanky.. Sanky smiled at her n gestured her to cm there.. when she started to walk suddenly her head started to spin.. She couldn't see anymore n hold her head.. Sanky saw this n got worried.. B4 he could call her She collapsed on the ground. Unconscious. Sanky gets shocked.. He shouted her name loudly..

Sanky : SWARAA..

He rushed to her n took her head in his lap.. He patted her cheeks n tried to wake her up.. bt no use.. He picked her in bridal style n left fr hospital..

@ hospital –

Sanky was pacing here n there outside of doc cabin in tension.. Tears were brimmed in his eyes.. Soon doc cm out of room with tensed face.. Sanky rushed to him..

Sanky : Doc.. how.. how is my swara? Ha? Wat happened to her? She's fine na? Spk up dammit..

Screen freezes on tensed face of doc n panicked sanky..

Precap : Tensions.. Happiness.. Tragedy.. Unexpected and Break down…


Here I cmpltd 1st part of my os..
I really donno abt this part . It may be boring..
If so then m really sorry.. bt trust me next parts are gonna interesting.
Scary precap, isn't it?
Haha.. stay tunned. N shower ur valuable cmnts..

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