SwaSan OS : Alone… ( by Swarmayi )

A girl was sitting on floor holding a photo in her hand & crying..

” Ragu… u r too bad.. I hate u.. I hate u so much.. u left me alone in this cruel world.. why? Why Ragu? Ur Shona needs u Ragu.. plz come back.. All left me.. He.. He also left me Ragu! He didn’t trust me.. He promised us na dat he’ll be always with us no matter what will be d situation.. bt he broke his promise Ragu.. He’s changed.. M missing u Ragu! Today m feeling as if there is no meaning of my life.. The most precious persons in my life, left me alone.. Hw could u Ragu? Hw could u left ur best frnd like this? I still remember our old days.. ”

***************** Flashback *********************

A huge mansion was shown.. 1 boy was running & 2 girls were chasing him..

Girl 1 : Shonaa.. Catch him.. dont leave him today.. Sankyyy!! STOP!!

Yes the boy who was running was our SANSKAR! ?

Girl 2 : Yes Ragu.. Dont worry! I wont leave him today! Hw dare he to play prank on us.. Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari! U r dead today..

Yes.. The girls were our cute, bubbly SWARAGINI!

Sanky : Haha.. Nice joke , miss swara! U can’t even kill 1 mosquito… & speaking of killing me!! Hahaha.. ur face..!!????? & Ragu.. u r too supporting her.. seems like u too lost it being with her always.. hehehe.. ???

Swara : ( while chasing him ) U Sanky.. Monkey.. Donkey! What do u mean ha?? M I mad?? ?

Sankyy : Omg! Shonaa!! How smart u r! U guessed correct bt see u urself called u mad I didnt.. hehehe.. ???

Ragu : ( angrily ) Sankyy!! Stop teasing my shonaa okay! & what u did in clg ha? U asked that stupid Raghav to do act as he loves her & propse her?? U knw hw he proposed her? Omg!! What was dat cheesy lines.. ” Swara, main aane wala har pal tumhare saath bitana chahta hoon.. Main har roz tumhare saath chocolate share karna chahta hoon.. main roz tumhare sath ghumna chahta hoon, tumhe red rose dena chahta hoon.. Main apne bachchon ko hamari pyaari si cute si love story sunana chahta hoon.. main tumhare saath buddha hona chahta hoon.. Main hamari suhagraat..” ( cuts her )

Sanky : ( laughing out loudly ) arre bas bas Ragu! I cant hear more.. hehehe.. ??? U knw I jst asked him to act bt he overacted.. & when shona rejected him.. haha! He threatened her to cut his wrist.. hahaha.. ??? Ur both’s faces were worst to watch.. ???

Swara : ( angry ) U monkey.. ( sits on couch with tears in her eyes ) u never cares for us na.. What if sm1 propose me in real? What if sm1 threat me in real? U’ll laugh at me dat time also na? If sm1 misbehaves wid me u’ll laugh at me dat time also na? ( cries )

RagSan stop running & got serious.. They cm near swara & sat beside her.. Sanky wipes her tears & holds his ears..

Sanky : sshh!! Shonaa! Stop crying na kiddo.. See m sorry.. It was jst prank.. I was joking.. & what u said b4 ha? Who will dare to tease my shona & Ragu?? I’ll break their bones.. I’ll kill them.. I’ll be always with u both shonaa! No matter what will be the situation.. I’ll be always with u guys..

Swaragini : ( cutely ) Promise ???

Sanky : ( pulls their cheeks ) Pinky Promise my cuties..

Ragu : Yes shona.. we will be always remain besties.. we’ll always stay together.. will support each other.. will never leave each other..

Swara : yes Ragu.. never ever..

Trio shared a group hug & smiles..

************* Flashback Ends ****************

But u both broke ur promises Ragu.. & the 1 who broke the promise 1st was.. You!! ( cries )

****************** Flashback ******************

It was midnight.. All people were gathered outside swara’s mansion.. Ragini also lives beside swara.. Swara heard noises of people , ambulance & woke up..

” What happened outside?? Why this much noises?? ( she peeped out through window ) Why all r gathered near Ragu’s house?? Ambulance??!! Wait! What happened there? ( she rushed out of her room )

She came out of her house along with her parents & went near Ragini’s house.. She went forward & saw the scenario infront of her which made her all numb..

Swara : ( whispered in shock ) Ragu!!!

Ragini was lying there lifelessly in pool of
blood.. She attempted suicide.. She jumped from terrace.. Swara was terrified.. She rushes to her..

Swara : ( patts her cheeks ) Ra.. Ragini.. what.. what ..is.. this..?? Utho.. I.. knw.. u.. u..r acting na.. u.. u.. r playing.. prank..on..me..like.. sanky na.. Hey.. Ragu.. Bas.. bahut hogaya.. get.. get up nw.. ( shakes her vigorously )

No response.. hw will she wake up? As she was left world long back..

Sharmishtha : ( cries ) Shonaa.. beta.. She’s not playing any prank.. she’s no more beta.. she’s.. She’s.. DEAD!!!

Swara sat there with a thud! Emotionless.. She was not at all crying.. She was only holding Ragini’s hand tightly.. She didnt react anything.. Shekhar came forward..

Shekhar : ( caresses her hairs ) Shonaa.. Accept the fact beta.. Cry.. Cry ur heart out.. our Ragini.. Ur Ragu is no more.. Cry shona cry.. Dont be silent..

Bt she didnt react a bit.. She was like a statue.. Suddenly Ragini’s small sister Pari cm there running & hugs swara tightly & cries..

Pari : Shonaa dii!! See na!! Dii is nt waking.. u tell her na.. she’ll listen to u?? Y r u quiet? Speak na shona dii.. tell dii to get up na.. All r saying she left us.. They r lying na?? Say na shona dii?? Dii will be fine na?? Speak na.. ( cries loudly )

Swara came in senses hearing pari’s talks.. She couldnt control anymore.. She bursted out in crying..

Swara : ( hugs pari tightly ) No pari.. ur dii wont get up nw.. she left us pari.. She’s soo selfish.. She broke her promise.. she left us alone.. I wont frgive her ever.. I hate her.. I hate her.. R U LISTENING RAGINI?? I HATE YOU. I HATE U SOOOO MUCH.. ( cries miserably )

*************** Flashback Ends ****************

” That was the worst day of my life.. U left me.. Bt I got ur letter which u kept fr me.. Pari gave it to me.


Dear Shonaa,

I knw when u read this letter I would hv left this world.. U must be angry on me.. plz dont be! U knw I beared all torture 15 years.. bt I dont hv guts to bear it anymore.. Dats y m ending my life..
Though I was adopted daughter of my parents, I always consider them as my own parents.. bt they didnt.. B4 Pari’s birth they used to pamper me alot.. bt when she was born, they started to ignore me.. to hate me.. Pari!! My little angel! Only she was d one who loved me to the core.. She used to take care of me.. She used to wipe my tears when I cried.. Little soul! Dont knw this cruel world! U knw my dreams shonaa.. I wanted to be a doctor! A cardiologist! Bt they refused fr my further education & started to find alliances fr me.. They fixed my marriage with a rich man who is 10 yrs bigger than me.. I cant marry him swara! He’s a womaniser.. I dont wanted to go to hell.. Its better to end my life here itself! Sanky is not here.. Say him sorry & good bye frm my side.. Take care of my little angel, my Pari! Whenever she needs u plz help her.. Take care of urself.. Though m nt with u bt m in ur heart.. we r soulmates.. My wishes will be always with u..

Yours Lovingly

” I hugged the letter tightly & cried out loudly.. My Ragu beared so much pain.. She was a pious soul.. bt God didnt show any mercy on her.. He was enjoying her situation..”

After Ragini’s demise Swara used to be alone.. all her bubbliness was vanished.. She used to lock herself in her room.. she talks very less.. Sanky came to knw abt ragu’s demise & he rushed to swara.. Both breaks down.. Sanky tries his best to make swara normal.. like b4.. bt it was nt dat easy.. After lot of efforts Swara started to cm out frm her trauma.. After 5 whole months.. Now she’s behaving normal bt still her bubbliness her smile which she had was missing.. Meanwhile Sanky fell in love with a girl named Kavita! She was a cheap girl.. She only after a money of sanky. She used to hate swara bcz of Sanky’s extra care towards her..

Swara’s POV :

U knw Ragu, after u left me.. Sanky gave me strength. He supported me alot. He tookcare of me. Bt everything got changed by 1 incident.. He distrust me Ragu.. He.. He didnt believed me.. ???

*************** Flashback **********************

Swara was going towards library.. There she saw Kavita flirting & romancing wid another boy.. She got angry.. She went near her & slapped kavita hard!

Swara : how dare u?? Hw dare u to cheat my Sanky.. He loves u like a mad & u.. chii.. Wait I’ll inform this to sanky 1st.

Kavita : ( angry bt suddenly changes her expressions seeing smthng & acts ) Swara! Y u slapped me? What I did to u?? I knw u r sanky’s frnd bt u were badmouthing abt him.. & I luv him alot.. Dats y I got angry & tried to stop u.. bt u.. ( cries fakely )

Sanskar who was listening all this frm behind gets shocked.. He came frward..

Sanky : Swara! What was kavita saying? U slapped her?

Swara : Sanky.. listen to me she’s acting.. dhe’s lieing I..

Sanky : ( cuts her ) Yes or No??

Swara : Yes sanky bt I slapped her bcz ( b4 she could cmplt she felt burning sensation on her cheek.. Sanky slapped her hard.. leaving her shocked & broken )

Sanky : How could u swara?hw can u slap her? I always considered u as my bestest frnd bt u.. u proved me wrong.. What I did swara? y were u badmouthing abt me?? ( shakes her angrily ) answer me damn it!! ???

Swara : ( shattered ) Sankyy!! U… sl..a.pp..ed .. me..?? Ur.. Shonaa??? ( cries )???

Sanky : stop it swara.. U r no more my shona.. u r no one to me.. Frm this moment everything is finished btwn us.. EVERYTHING!!

Saying this he left with kavita leaving swara alone.. She was Heartbroken.. She was so numb.. She didnt knw hw to react.. after smtym she reached home & locked herself in room & cried..

************** Flashback Ends *****************

He… slapped me Ragu.. He killed me infront of whole clg.. I never felt so vulnerable.. I still cant blv.. U remember hw once he beaten up a boy black n blue bcz he laughed at me when I fall down.. Is this a same sanky?? No!! He’s not.. Everything is finished now Ragu.. He finished it! I knw he’ll cm to knw truth 1 day bt I wont frgv him.. never!

Pov ends..

She holds their pics near her chest & sleeps on floor weeping..

10 days later…..

Swara was giving water to plants in her garden.. suddenly sm1 cms & taps her shoulder..

Sanky : Shonaa!!

Swara was shocked hearing his voice & shona word frm his mouth.. tears started to roll down frm her eyes.. she turned.. Sanky was looking at her with so much guilt..

Sanky : ( guilty & teary eyes ) Shonaa!! M sorry.. I did a mistake.. I should hv believed u.. She cheated me shona! & I accused u fr no reason.. m sry.. plz frgive me.. ( holds her hand )

Swara : ( jerked his hand ) Who Shonaa?? Who r u?? Shonaa is dead! & I dont knw u.. u may leave..

Sanky : ( pleads ) Shonaa.. plz dont say like this.. M sry.. I knw I committed a big mistake bt plz give me 1 chance.. plz..

Swara : ( cries ) Y sanky?? Y u did that? Was our frndship dat much weak dat u blvd her so easily?? Answer me sanky.. ( she broke down in his arms )

Sanky : ( too cries ) M sry Shona.. I wont ever repeat it.. I’ll always trust u.. I promise.. Will u plz frgv me??

Swara smiles & nods..

Both hugs each other tightly…

Days were passing.. with each passing day swasan were cmng close to each other.. They fall in love with each other.. soon Sanky proposed swara.. She happily said yes.. both gets married.. After 1 yr swasan were blessed with a baby daughter.. They named her RAGINI!

Swara : sanky, she’s same like our Ragu na??

Sanky : haan swara, She’s our Ragu only! Look at her face.. ekdam zerox copy!

Both laughs..???

Swara : Sanky.. Thanks fr being with me always.. if u were nt be with me, I would be all alone..

Sanky : Sshh!! I should thank u, shonaa! U only filled colours in my life.. Thank u so much.. I love u..

Swara : I love you too.. ???

Happy ending..


Hussh! Finally cmpleted!
Hw was it guys..
Plz cmnt!
Bye bye.. love u all..

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  1. Awesome dear.. Loved it. ?

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    Simple, adorable, sweet, cute,heart touching love story….. Loved it. Keep writing like this…?

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    1. Swarmayi

      So sry kiddo.. fr making u cry!
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  14. it was so amazing i was crying i thought it was going to be a sad ending but u surprised me

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    Amazing yaar…I was crying reading swara’s pov

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