SwaSan OS: Agar tum swath ho

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SwaSan’s room

Swara was standing in front of the window, having fresh air. The cool breeze was touching her face making her happy. She was having a contagious smile on her lips. Sanskar came from the washroom and saw her standing. He smiles seeing his beautiful, cute wife. He went towards her and hugged her from behind. Swara smiles and keeps her head on his chest.

Swara: Finally Sanskar, everything is alright. Kavya is in jail. Ragini and laksh are married. I am so happy.

Sanskar: Yes.

Swara closes her eyes as her body and mind were tired of all the happenings.

Sanskar smiles naughtily and blows near her ear and cheeks. Swara moves her head a little. Sanskar got little worried as she wasn’t reacting as she normally does. He turned around and swara opened her eyes.

Sanskar (worriedly): Swara, what happened? Are you okay?

Swara (smiles at his concern): Nothing much sanskar, I am just little tired.

Sanskar (raises his one eyebrow): Just little tired.

Swara (sighs): Ok fine, I am very tired.

Sanskar: tch, swara why don’t you take care of yourself? Come let’s sleep.

Saying this sanskar took Swara in his arms.

Swara (surprised): Sanskar!

Sanskar: What? you are tired so you should have complete rest okay.

Swara sighs and keeps her head on his chest and closes her eyes. Sanskar put her on the bed and turned off the lights. He then laid down beside her, taking her in his arms. He stroked her hair and kept staring at her.

Sanskar (monologue): Any person will be tired after so many happenings. First, her going to jail due to kavita, then our separation, then kavya drama and then preparing for raglak’s marriage. After so many days she is sleeping peacefully.

He kissed her forehead and slept hugging her tightly.

NEXT MORNING in swasan’s room.

Sanskar was sleeping peacefully on his bed. As the sun rays hit his face, he scrunched his eyebrows and pulled the comforter on his face. Swara came from with tea, all wrapped in blue saree.

 Swara came from with tea, all wrapped in blue saree

She looked at the time and then at sleeping Sanskar. She shook her head in disbelief.

Swara: Sanskar! Wake up. You have to go to an important meeting.

Sanskar (stretching his limbs lazily): You woke up… how are you feeling now?”

Swara (smiling at his concern): I am feeling good Sanskar… now come on… wake up.

Sanskar forwarding his hand lazily, “wake me up.”

Swara kept the tray on the table. She took held his hands and started pulling him. But he was more strong than her, therefore, she was struggling to pull him. He, in return, pulled her… making her dash with his well-built chest.

Swara (gasping): Sanskar! What are you doing?

Swara (gasping): Sanskar! What are you doing?

He opened his eyes and looked into her beautiful big doe eyes.

Sanskar: Don’t you know? I am romancing with my wife.

Swara (struggling to get out of his grip): Sanskar, leave me. I have so much work and you are also having an important meeting.

Sanskar tightened his grip on her body, “What problem you have in coming close to me… hmmm… have you seen ragini laksh and pari bhabhi-adarsh bhaiya… do you even love me?

Swara narrowed her eyes and asked, “achaji, now you think that I don’t love you.”

Sanskar (gazing romantically): of course…. and if you love me then kiss me and prove me wrong.

Swara looked at him with shocking expression. She then eventually surrendered herself to him when he was leaning towards her rosy soft lips. Swara closed her eyes while controlling her heavy breath.

 Swara closed her eyes while controlling her heavy breath

Their lips were about to meet, but unexpectedly… sujata called swara from downstairs… making them jerk away from each other.. But sanskar was in full mood, therefore, he wasn’t letting go off swara.

Swara (struggling): Sanskar, let me go…

Sanskar (naughtily): Don’t worry shona… mom will not scold you.

Swara (pleading): Sanskar please, I have to go and make breakfast.

Sanskar melted seeing her cute expressions. He finally left her.

Sanskar: Fine… but don’t think that I will leave you…no… (comes closer to her) I will definitely not leave you tonight.

Heat rushed till swara’s cheeks after hearing her husband’s romantic talks. She lowered her eyes and ran away making sanskar chuckle.

Sanskar (chuckling): I never knew that my bengali tigress can blush also.

Soon he got ready and went to the office with other maheshwari men. Whereas swara got busy with the household chores. Sanskar came back at the time when swara was busy preparing dinner with parineeta and ragini.

Sanskar was totally exhausted, he entered the mansion and sat on the couch with a thud. A hand forwards a glass of water towards him.

Sanskar (lazily): Thank you swara

The person replied, “Not swara… your mom.”

Sanskar opened his eyes with a jerk and looked at sujata.

Sujata: Your wife is cooking dinner.

Sanskar: Oh, but mom… I could have taken the water by myself…

Sujata: I am already resting since morning due to your wife. She does not let me do anything. Now at least let me do this…. otherwise I will become lazy.

Sanskar smiles and takes the glass of water and drinks.

Sanskar (monologue): I am so proud of my shona…. being modern and bengali… she has adapted marwari customs…. changed her dressing style and does all the household chores like an ideal DIL. I am so lucky to have her as my wife but… she does not have time for me.

Sanskar stands up and goes away to his room to get fresh. He then, sat on the bed waiting for swara but she didn’t come. He thought that swara will come to their room but she didn’t. He took a sigh and got busy with his office work. Someone knocked the door and sanskar immediately looked towards the door but his face dropped when he saw that it was uttara.

Sanskar: Arrey Uttara, why are you knocking… just come in.

Uttara: Bhai, dinner is ready.

Sanskar (putting his file on the table, “Ok, let’s go.”

Sanskar went down with Uttara and sat on the dining table to have his dinner. He was looking around for swara but she was in the kitchen making parathas whereas ragini and pari were serving. Sanskar had his dinner and went to the study room with adarsh and laksh. Whereas swara ate dinner with ragini and pari and then cleaned the kitchen.

Swara (while going to her room): Finally, I and sanskar can spend some time alone. I know he must be eagerly waiting for it.

Saying this she entered her room but didn’t find sanskar.

Swara: He might be in the study room. It’s okay… I will wait for him.

Swara changed into her nightdress and sat on the bed… waiting for sanskar. She started reading magazines and fiddling on her phone. 1 hour passed but sanskar was still in the study room. Her eyes started getting heavy and she drifted into sleep. After about half an hour, sanskar came entered into the room and saw swara sleeping in sitting position. Sanskar shakes his head.

He went towards her and made her lay on the bed properly. Then be laid down on the bed beside her… taking her in his embrace.

Like this, days passed. Swara was getting busy in the household chores and sanskar in his office work. But sanskar tried his best to take out some time for both of them but swara was always busy in some work or other. Swara didn’t realize that how eager sanskar was to spend quality time with her.

One day… Swara was going to her room… was passing parish’s room. She saw them spending quality time with each other. She smiled and went to her room.

Swara: even after so many years of their marriage, they spend time with each other every day (just then she realizes something making her smile vanish) but I and sanskar have not spent quality time with each other… even though we are newly married. Sanskar always tries to take out time for us but I am the one who is always busy with my chores. Hmmm… I should compensate all of that today. (crosses her arms across her chest) be ready Mr Sansakr maheshwari…. as you are going to see the romantic side of me today.

Saying this swara ordered some things and started decorating terrace with lots of love nad according to sanskar’s choice. After about one hour, she completed the decoration. It was decorated beautifully with lights, red and white roses. There was a table in the middle with two chairs. It was the perfect setting for a romantic candlelight dinner.

Swara: Hmm… not bad… sanskar will be shocked and surprised seeing this. Now I should get ready.

Swara hurriedly went to her room and took out sanskar’s favorite colored saree. She was wrapped in a red coloured saree with white pearl work on it. She curled her hair, wore white earrings with red bangled adorning her wrist. A little white bindi gave a perfect finish to her.

Someone whispers huskily in her ear, “You are looking gorgeous princess.”

Swara widened her eyes and immediately turned around, dashing with his hardcore chest.

Swara: Sanskar! you came early today.

Sanskar (wrapping his hands around her waist): I got to know that my beautiful wife has organized a surprise for me.

Swara: Hawww! how did you know?

Sanskar: Uttara told me.

Swara: Ohh!

Swara told uttara about it as took little help from her.

Sanskar: By the way (leaned towards her ear) you are looking extra beautiful and cute today. So beautiful that my eyes will be only on you

Swara smiles shyly. Sanskar started leaning towards her lips. Swara immediately turned around with a shy smile. She slowly raised her eyes and looked into the mirror. She was shocked as sanskar was no more behind her. Swara turned around and couldn’t find him.

Swara: Uff! swara, it was your dream. But (blushes) a good dream… Now I have to inform mom, ragini, badima and pari bhabhi.

Swara hurriedly went downstairs, to the hall where she saw sanskar’s p.a standing and talking with other ladies.

Sujata: Swara, you came on correct time. I was going to call you.

Swara: What happened mom (looked at sanskar’s pa) and aman… you here… is everything alright.

Aman: Yes mam, I actually came to inform that sanskar sir has asked you to pack his clothes in a bag.

Swara (confused): Packing his bag…. why?

Aman: Actually mam, he has to go to shimla was urgent meeting for two weeks.

Swara got totally shocked.

Swara: What! Shimla!

Aman: Yes mam… please give me his bag as his flight is in one hour.

Swara nods and goes away to the room, gulping her tears.

Swara (monologue): Sanskar is going to shimla for two weeks and he didn’t tell me. I thought that we will spend some time together today but….

Just then, she gets a call from sanskar.

Swara (choking): Hello sanskar.

Sanskar: Swara, I have sent aman to get my clothes.

Swara: Hmm… I am packing your clothes…. but you didn’t tell me that you have to go to shimla.

Sanskar (takes a sigh): I called you two hours before but your phone was on silent.

Swara closed her eyes and a tear rolled down her chubby cheeks. Yes, she did put the phone on silent so that no one disturbs her.. she was busy in decorating the terrace.

Swara: Sorry…woh!

Sanskar (smiling faintly): It’s okay swara, I understand that you must be busy with household chores. Can you please pack my clothes.

Swara: hmm…bye….and take care

Sanskar: You too…

Swara cuts the call and packed sanskar’s clothes with a pale face. She went down with the bag and gave it to aman. She then went to the terrace which was decorated. She turned off the lights and took out all the decoration with a pale face. Swara was really upset as sanskar will be far from her for whole two weeks. Even sanskar’s condition was not less. He was also really sad for leaving swara. When he reached shimla, he went to the meeting straight after his flight landed. Till the time his meeting was finished, it was 11.30pm.

He went to the hotel, got fresh and laid down on the bed. He looked at his phone where there was no message or call from swara. He was going to call swara but stopped in the middle.

Sanskar (monologue): She must have slept…. I should not disturb her.

Saying this he put the phone on the drawer and slept thinking about swara. Whereas swara was waiting for sanskar’s call.

Swara: Sanskar didn’t call me. I should call him. (she was going to call but stopped in between) no.. no.. what if he slept. I should not disturb him.

Swara also slept. Like this… hours turned into days and 2 days passed. Neither Sanskar called Swara nor… Swara called him. It’s not like they were ignoring each other. Sanskar was busy in his meetings and whenever he wanted to call… he stopped in midway thinking that Swara would be busy with household chores or would be sleeping… therefore should not disturb her. He thought that whenever she will be free, will call him.

But he didn’t know that Swara was also not calling him, thinking that he might be busy in his meetings or could be taking rest. She thought that whenever he will be free from work, will definitely call her. Both of them were missing each other each second. They were craving for each other. They wanted to call each other but didn’t want to disturb each other.

One night… Swara was sitting on her bed with sanskar’s photo in her hand. She took the phone in her hand… was going to call him but stopped in midway and put it on the bed. She started sobbing and talking with his picture.

Swara: Why are you not calling me sanskar? Are you that busy? But you could at least leave a message. You know, I am really worried about you. I don’t even know your schedule… so I don’t call you… thinking that you might be office or in a meeting. I am missing you sanskar…I missing you so much. Are you angry with me as I was not giving time for us? You should be… as I was always busy with household chores. You were the one, who always took out time for us and me… I ignored. But there was a reason behind it. I wanted to be perfect for the society and tell the ladies from the neighborhood that sujata maheshwari’s DIL is a perfect DIL for her. You know, one-day society ladies came into our house. They started questioning mom that why did she choose a modern, bengali girl who has no idea about the marwadi customs. They were taunting mom for choosing a non-marwadi girl. That day I decided that I will show them that our mom’s choice can never be wrong. Therefore I started to do more household chores to show that a bengali, modern girl can adapt the marwadi customs and do all the chores like a traditional DIL does. But I didn’t know that in this process, I was ignoring you. I am really sorry sanskar… I know… I am very bad. I promise that once you come back from Shimla, I will not ignore you and will spend time with you every day.

Swara burst out her every emotion, unaware of the fact that a pair of an ear was listening to her confession.

Another day passed where Swara was missing Sanskar like hell. She was waiting for his call but he didn’t call her. Now she had enough. She wants to talk to him, listen to his voice. She dialed his number and called him but his phone was switched off

Swara: he might be in a meeting. I will call him after an hour.

Swara sat on the bed and was lost in her dreamland. Ragini entered the room with tea on a tray.

Ragini: Swara

Swara came out of her thoughts and looked ragini

Ragini: woh! You didn’t come downstairs to have tea so I brought it in your room.

Swara (taking tea): thank you

Ragini: by the way swara, I am noticing you… you always look lost somewhere and sad. What happened?

Swara (smiles faintly): Nothing ragini.

Ragini: Hmmm… missing sanskar.

Swara nods sadly.

Ragini smiles at her cute antics. She started talking with swara. Suddenly, swara started feeling her eyes getting heavy. She tried her best to not to sleep but she couldn’t do it.

Swara: Ragini, my head is hurting.

Ragini: Swara! are you okay. I think you need rest. You take rest… then your headache will be gone.

Swara nods and lays down on the bed. As soon as her head touches the pillow, she drifts into a deep sleep. Ragini covered swara with the comforter. She took out the suitcase and packed swara’s clothes. After completing the packing, she looked at sleeping swara with a smile and went away to her room.

After about an hour, a man entered swasan’s room without making any sound. His eyes landed on sleeping swara who was looking no less than a kid.

His lips curled into a smile. He took steady steps towards her and gave an intense kiss on her forehead. A smile spread on swara’s lips as she felt the touch of her man. Yes, it was her man… her husband cum best friend, sanskar who was staring swara’s face.

Laksh entered their room. He saw sanskar lost in swara’s.

Laksh: Sanskar, you have whole two weeks to stare as much as you want. You need to go now as it is time for your flight.

Sanskar came in senses and looked at laksh while making faces. Laksh took swara’s suitcase and out in the car. Sanskar picked swara in his arms and sat in the car behind. Laksh drove the car off to the airport. The maheshwaris had their own private plane, therefore laksh came in to put the suitcase. He bid bye to sanskar and went away. The plane took off to a destination where swara and sanskar will be alone, getting privacy from their family… a destination where they will be creating new memories. Swara is totally unaware of all the planning around her. Indeed it is going to be a shocking surprise for her, once she wakes up.


Swara nuzzled her face into his well-built chest as she feels a little cold. She slowly opens her eyes and first thing she saw was sleeping sanskar. Swara widened her eyes and closed them again.

Swara: How can sanskar be here? He is in Shimla.

Saying this she opened her one eye but she could still see sanskar in front of her. She closed it.

Swara: Hey durga ma! looks like I am thinking about sanskar a lot that’s why I am imagining him again and again.

She opened them again. She blinked few times. Her hand slowly made its way towards his cheek. She touched it and caressed it. Sanskar opened his eyes as he felt a familiar soft touch on his cheek.

Sanskar: Swara…

Swara: You are really here.

Sanskar nods.

Swara (cutely): You are not my hallucination.

Sanskar smiles and nods in no.

Swara smiles widely and hugs him tightly.

Swara: Sanskar! I missed you! I missed you so much!

Sanskar: I missed you too shona.

Swara (breaking the hug): But sanskar. You were going to come after one week then how come you came early.

Sanskar: Madam, we are not in Kolkata… we are in shimla.

Swara: What!

She looks around the room which was nowhere like their room. It was painted in white colour. She immediately got up from the bed and went towards the window. She slid the curtain and she was the roads and trees covered with snow.

Swara (blinks her eyes few times and whispers): Shimla

Swara (turning around): But sanskar, how come I am in shimla… I was in Kolkata and drinking tea with ragini then… I felt sleepy and I slept.

Sanskar (wrapping his hands around her shoulders): Before that, you need to answer my question…. since when you started getting influenced by the society.

Swara (confused): Huh!

Sanskar: I mean… just because of few society ladies you started doing extra household chores to prove them that mom didn’t do mistake in choosing you as her DIL.

Swara looks down, “Woh…main…”

Sanskar: Swara, when our whole family does not have any problem with you being bengali and modern then why are you focusing on what the society thinks. When mom didn’t mind what the ladies were saying then why are you minding it so much? (slightly hitting her head) paglu! mom herself beats drum around that you are the perfect marwadi DIL. She says that even though you are modern but have all the qualities that a DIL should have.

Swara (low voice): Sorry.

Sanskar: Promise me that you will not come in talks of the society and make your self tired in extra work.

Swara (pinching her throat): Pakka promise… I will not. But (narrows her eyes) how did you know all that.

Sanskar: That night you called me… I think by mistake and I listened to your confession.

Swara: ohh! and one more question… how did I come shimla.

Sanskar: Hmm… that same night I thought that I really need to make my innocent kiddo wife understand. Then I decided… why not to bring you to shimla. So I called ragini and told her everything. Then she talked with the elder and asked permission if you could come. All of them happily agreed. Then today morning, I thought…. why not give surprise to you. So I asked ragini to make you eat sleeping pills, which she did by mixing it in tea. When you drifted into sleep, she packed your bags. After about one hour I came and brought you here.

Swara was looking at sanskar with ‘o’.

Swara: So much planning. I must say, you have become intelligent living with me.

Sanskar (raises his one eyebrow): Acha Ji

Swara nods with a teasing smile. She pushed sanskar and runs away as she knows that sanskar is not going to leave her for teasing him. Sanskar started running behind her. Swara ran out of the room while giggling. She reached the hall, she took cushions and started hitting sanskar with it. Sanskar was catching the cushions before it could touch his face.

Sanskar: Swara, you will definitely get punishment for this.

Swara: We will see.

Swara ran out of the hall and into the white garden. The garden was white due to the snow. There was little snowfall from the sky. Swara didn’t care about the freezing temperature outside. Sanskar increased his pace and caught swara’s elbow. He turned her around and pinned to the nearby tree. Both of them were panting heavily due to running.

Sanskar (huskily in her ear): Now where will you go Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari.

Saying this he bit her earlobe sending thousand of shivers down her body. Sanskar looked at her and then at her shivering lips which were curled into a shy smile. Swara closed her eyes, giving a positive sign to Sanskar. The next second, Sanskar smashed his lips on hers and started kissing her passionately. Swara held his collar tightly as Sanskar started kissing her upper lip. Swara kissed him back with equal passion. He bit her lower lip and then started sucking, soothing the pain. He kept pressing his body on hers to deepen the kiss. After few minutes, sanskar broke the kiss and started gazing at her. Swara’s cheeks were blood red and was panting heavily.

Sanskar smirks and hugs her, kissing her hair. Swara hid her face in his chest shyly… trying to calm her breaths which were uneven, due to sharing her first kiss with her husband.

Swara (whispers): Sanskar

Sanskar: Hmmm

Swara: I am feeling cold.

The realization hits sanskar, that they are outside in between the snow. He broke the hug and said, “ok let’s go.”

Sanskar: Swara, we will go for dinner outside.

Swara: Okay, then I will get ready.

Saying this swara rushed into the room while sanskar smiled seeing her cute childish behavior. He also went to the room to get ready.

Soon she to the hall. Her eyes widened as she saw sanskar as he was looking damn hot in that attire.

 Her eyes widened as she saw sanskar as he was looking damn hot in that attire

Swara (monologue): I knew that my husband is cute, handsome, dashing and hot. But this hot… swara be careful, you have to protect your husband from other girls.

Swara came back to her world when she felt a hot breath near her ear.

Sanskar (huskily): I know I am looking hot… you can stare me as much as you want but for now I think we should go.

Swara (embarrassed): Ummm…main…woh…I wasn’t…actually…

Sanskar (wrapped his arms around her waist): By the way… you are looking cute.

Saying this he started leaning towards her but swara interrupted, "I think we should go for dinner"

Saying this he started leaning towards her but swara interrupted, “I think we should go for dinner”

Sanskar (moving back with a naughty smile): Yep… let’s go.

SwaSan went to a five-star hotel for the dinner. There sanskar organized a candlelight dinner for them making swara surprised. Both of them happily fed each other. After an hour, they came back to the house. As they entered the room, swara was gasped in surprise seeing the room decorated with beautiful scented flowers and candles with dim light. She looked at sanskar who was already gazing at her.

Sanskar held her both hands and asked softly, “May have the permission to love my princess tonight.”

Swara looked down shyly and nods. Sanskar went towards the wardrobe and took out a packet.

Sanskar: Will you wear this for me, please?

Swara took the packet in her hand and went to the washroom to get changed. After few minutes of waiting, sanskar turned around as he heard the door click sound of the doorknob. His heart skipped a beat as he saw swara coming out of washroom in a plain red silk nightie, up to her knees. She was looking down and fidgeting with her fingers. It’s not like she is uncomfortable in it. She has worn this few times before marriage. She was wearing it for the first time after their marriage… that too on the night of their union. Sanskar walked around her and stood behind her.

He traced his cold fingers on her bare milky back moving her hair on one shoulder and making swara’s breath uneven. He slipped his hand into his pocket and took out a platinum ‘ss’ pendant. He adorned her neck with it. As swara felt some chillness on her neck, she looked down and saw ‘ss’ carved in a heart. Her lips curled into a smile and immediately turned around to face sanskar.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, they were drowned in them, sharing a romantic eyelock. Sanskar raised his hand and caressed her soft cheek with his knuckles making swara clutch her nighties in her fist. He traced his knuckles down to her shoulder, putting her hair on the back. He leaned down and kissed the pendant. Swara closed her eyes as his rough lips touched her neck.

Swara shyly pushes sanskar and tries to go but he holds her hand and back hugs her by wrapping his hand around her waist. He kissed her cheek. His lips traced from her jawline, down to her neck. He slowly slid down the strap of her nightie and gave a bite on her bare shoulder making swara moan in pleasure. Within no time, he picked her in his arms and went towards the bed. He softly put her on the bed and removed his shirt. Swara turned her face as she saw him shirtless… that too first time.

He came upon her and dug his face into the crook of her neck and started kissing her with full of love and passion. And the two souls became one that night.

In these two weeks, they did loads of fun together, they teased each other like best friends and loved each other like lovers. Sanskar was getting romantic day by day which always made swara blush like a red tomato. As the two weeks passed, they went back to Kolkata where they were teased by all the youngsters.

Since then, swara never came talks of the ladies as she knows that she is perfect for her family. Everyday SwaSan spent quality time with each other… where they talked and shared everything.


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