swasan os {actually a vahe os} by sanju

Hii guys this my 1st os … actually this not written by me but a tashan -e – ishq writer …. each n every word is of her not mine I have just edited it …. so plz read it …. its very good ….
Be aware this is a long one!

So here the jorney begins!

***BOY’s POV***
The door bell was continuously ringing and no one was opening the door, I yelled for my servants but they didn’t appear, God knows where they were! Left with no other option I proceeded towards the door and opened it! There was courier for me! Oh god! Why am I a celebrity, so many gifts and love by my fans, but they mean a lot to me as my fans are the one who made me stand, and made me make my identity as varun kapoor ! Yes I am varun kapoor a random person, but the world knows me as an actor, or you can say sanskaar! Now you will be guessing “sanskaar” Yeah actually I am doing a project right now, starring in a drama swaragini ! Although the promos are out now but my fans are waiting to get it on air but the problem is the CVs are not getting an appropriate heroine for the character playing opposite me, Swara!
“Sir you are Varun kapoor right?”
“Yes indeed I am”
“Sir I am your big fan, can I click a selfie with you?”
And the courier man takes a selfie with Sid.
“Sir your courier!”
“Thank you”
And I closed the door!
“Let’s see what is in this”
And I opened the envelope; I guess it will be a letter! And I am right it is a letter, let’s read what does it says
“Dear varun,
Hi I am your fan!
Of course you don’t know me, but I know you! Indeed everyone knows you! You know I am a crazy fan of yours! But why does it matter to you! So many people are your fan! But I am a special one ! You know it took me months to find your address! Well leave it! You know I am waiting for your serial “swagini” Sorry…Sorry “swaragini” Now you must be thinking, first I said that I am your crazy wali big fan then I don’t remember your serial’s name! Actually I am expert in doing pranks! And yeah I just need to ask something from you, don’t mind huh! Who do you want as your opposite female lead? Krystal d’ souza, Jennifer Winget, Sukriti Kandpal, Sriti Jha, bla bla bla! Well whoever you want I wish you get it! Best of luck for your future! Stay blessed! Stay happy! Keep smiling! AND KEEP ACTING!!
Last but not the least if you get time to reply me (Definitely you won’t as you are celebrity but still!) If you get time please do reply, and here is my address!
Plot no. XYZ, kolkata, India!
Take care!
Unknown fan!”
A smiled appeared on my face after reading her letter, such a sweet fan of mine! Should I reply? I was busy fighting with my thoughts when my phone rang, I picked it up, and it was none other than my director sir! Oh god, it is 7:30! I had to reach @ 7 this silly letter! Oh God how I can forget telling you that I read this letter 7 times since it arrived at 6:49 am! Well now I have to rush as my director is ready to scold me! Bye!
***POV ends***

A girl is shown playing with birds, her sweet smile lightens the atmosphere around her, her eyes tells how pure she is just then a voice is heard, “helly”
The girl makes the bird fly and turns, the voice was revealed to be of a boy!
***Girl’s POV***
Oho this namish! Yeah, yeah namish he is my childhood friend, only a friend by name, he is my enemy! Since childhood he has always troubled me, and when he knows that I hate to be disturbed when I am playing with birds, but this boy he never listens! He knows that helly shah never likes a single thing against her will! But this idiot boy!
“helly! What are you doing”
“Playing cricket”
“You are joking !”
“When you know then why are you irritating me!”
“Okay so I am irritating you! Don’t come to me when your varun dies in his serial”
“Ooyyeee namish k bache don’t u dare talk about varun like that!”
“Why has he won Oscar?”
“Nahi, but jeet le ga! After all he is the best actor!”
“Huh Best actor! My foot! One day I will also become an actor! Girls will be mad for me! Then you will think my friend namish he is way too better than varun I should have cared for him!”
“Hmmm…Everyone has a right to dream!”
“I will make sure that this dream will be fulfilled!”
“Let’s see!” But right now leave me alone I am in a good mood and don’t want to spoil it!
“Why have you passed in Maths?”
“Shut up! I send a letter to varun!”
“Huh! And you are thinking that he will reply back! Woh toh mein hoon jo tujhe lift karata hoon warna!”
“Warna kya!”
“ Look helly he is a celebrity why will he reply to you?”
“Because I am mad for him! Now before I pick up my slipper and beat you with it! LEAVE!!”
“Jaa raha hoon!”
And my stupid friend left! Now I was all alone with the nature! Busy in the thoughts of my varun!
There varun was done with his shooting, and after pack-up he left for his home, upon arriving his home he noticed the same envelope which he received in morning (Letter by helly but for him his unknown fan) He yelled for his servants!
Servant: Yes sir!
Varun: Who threw this envelope?!
Servant: Woh…
Servant (scared) : S..s..ir…sir…me!
Varun: From whose permission?
Servant: I thought…
Varun: You thought that it is trash! I receive lot of things one will be thrown what matters to me? So my fans mean a lot for me! Next time don’t repeat this mistake! Understood! ]
Servant: Yes!
Varun: Leave!
The servant leaves!
Varun reads the letter once again and smiles! He goes to his room and relaxes, tired from the whole day’s exhaustion he sat on the chair and opened the study lamp, he took out a paper and pen and started writing…….Next morning Varun woke up at 6:30 got dressed for the sets, he gave an envelope to the servant and said go to the post office and post it to “XYZ” address and he left, the servant did the same as he was instructed!
Helly was sitting in her room, thinking something just then namish entered!
namish: Jas there is a letter for you!
Helly: Who will send a letter for me?
namish (teasing tone) : Have you made a boyfriend without my knowledge?
Helly: Shut up!
Helly opens the letter and jumps in excitement and hugs namish(Excitement wala hug tha don’t take it wrong )
Namish: What happened?
Helly: He replied!
Namish: Who he?
Helly: Sid! He replied me!
Namish: Jhoot!
Helly: Then have a look!

Namish reads the letter and is shocked!
The letter said,
“To my sweet unknown fan,
Hi it’s me Varun! Kunj bhi chale ga ! Thanks for the love and support you have given! And you said I am a celebrity, I won’t have time for my fans so dear my time is only for my fans! If you think that the 12-15 hrs I spend in shooting is for myself, so you are mistaken I do it for my fans, yeah I am paid for it but the money finishes one day but the love of my fans never come to an end! You guys have made me Varun kapoor! And you also asked a question, and why would I mind if you are asking so…Actually I don’t want any of them what were the names yes Krystal, Sukriti, Jennifer, Sriti, all are amazing actresses but the search for the girl who fits perfect to Swara is a bubbly, chirpy, patakha kind of a girl and the one who fits for the character, is the perfect actress for me!
Well I really want to know your name but if you don’t want to disclose your identity then it’s okay! I respect your privacy!
Best regards,
varun kapoor.”
Both Helly and Namish are shocked!

Namish: I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Varun kapoor replying to a random girl! OMG!
Helly: Look he is such a sweet soul and you say so much bad about him!
Namish: Zyada meetha zeher ban jata hai (Too much sweet becomes poisonous)
Helly: What do you mean?
Namish: He is acting to increase his fans!
Helly: Always negative!
Namish: Whatever! And yeah don’t forget tomorrow is your competition! Always dreaming about that SID!

And he leaves from there!

***helly’s POV***
OMG!!! Varun kapoor replied to me! WOW! I myself never thought that a star will reply me! So sweet! And he is such a down-to-earth personality! I like it!
***POV Ends***
Next day…at helly’s college! It was the last day of college and a special farewell function was organized! There were many activities organized!
A girl came and sits beside helly (think her as ragini aka tejaswi): helly are you participating in the fashion show?
Helly: Of course! And just wait till the judges declare me as the winner!
Teju : Arey helly do you know varun kapoor is the chief guest of today’s event! And he is going to judge the fashion show as well!
Helly (excited) : Really! You know I am a diehard fan of varun! And I am dying to watch his upcoming serial but you know I feel jealous when he romances any other girl!
Teju: Luv shuv! You know there are rumors that Shrimita mukharjee will be playing Swara!
Helly (Sounds a bit sad) : Ohhh…
Teju: Fashion show will be starting go and get dressed! Hurry up!
Helly: Yeah!
And she leaves for the changing room!
Fashion show hall!
Varun enters the hall, people; especially girls rush to take selfies and autographs! Just then a girl walks over the ramp; she is wearing a scrap-less, red gown till her knees with red lipstick and a light touch of make-up, her diamond ear-rings went perfect with her look, the girl was looking perfect head-to-toe and she was none other than our Helly(Many of you guessed it right )
Varun’s eyes were stuck on her, not only his everyone was impressed by her boldness!
Helly left from the stage after the cat-walk!
At the backstage
Teju: Wow Jas you were FAB!
Helly: Thank you!
teju: Now I am sure of your win! 
Helly: Tell me honestly was I looking confident! Don’t know did varun like me? (she says tensed)
teju: You know what you were looking perfect!! And varun he was awestruck by you!
Helly : Really! (With a huge smile)
She holds up an envelope and smiles viciously!
Judges discuss about the results..
Judge 1: The results will be announced exactly after 5 minutes…Till then there is a break!
All the judges leave from their seats…helly tip-toes to the judges seat and drops the envelope on a chair, tagged “Varun kapoor”
After a while(5 mins are not over yet!) Varun comes back and notices an envelope on his chair he looks here and there to see who has dropped but doesn’t gets a clue so he opens it!

***Varun’s POV***
Oh so this letter is dropped by my unknown fan! WOW! That means she is somewhere here! I again looked here and there but no sign so I just thought of opening it! Let’s see what it says! 

“Hello Mr.varun kapoor!
Yeah I am back! Your crazy wali big fan is back 
So you must be thinking I am here somewhere! So indeed I am! You have seen me as well! But still I won’t reveal you my identity! If destiny wants we will meet one day ! By the way for your confusion, I am a girl By the way I heard that an actress what was her name…Ummm…yeah Shritima Mukherjee has been finalized for the role of swara, is it so? If yes then congrats, you find your swara! Well look at the clock, time of the result is near! Be ready! My Salman Khan 
Unknown fan”

Seriously, this girl is driving me crazy! Where are you?? Ughhh…Well let’s concentrate on the result varun!
***POV ENDS***
Host: So 5 minutes are over! I would now request the judges to announce the result!
Judge (Assume RT of TEI) : So the winner is….Any guesses…Ms.helly shah
Helly jumped in excitement and hugged namish and teju in happiness, she is on cloud 100th no on cloud 1000! Varun noticed her and smiled!
Host: I would like to request Mr.varun kapoor, the well known teen sensation, to come on stage and give this award to Ms.shah!

Kunj came on the stage, and Twinkle also moved towards the stage!

***Twinkle’s POV***
My heart was pumping fast, the world around me was stopping, I can’t believe it that I am going to be awarded by my varun! Crush or Love whatever you say, he is my varuuu!! I stepped on the stage, I was almost sweating, my feet were trembling, I was set off in fear and trepidation, I am going to face the great VARUN KAPOOR!! My agitation increased as we were face to face, he handed over the award to me, my hands were shaking but I controlled over myself! I received the award from my dream guy  He gave me a killer smile, I felt as I have gained victory over everything! (But yet long way is my victory)
“Congratulations Ms.shah”
I was over-whelmed with emotions, I wished that we both forget this world and I hug him tightly!
“Th…Thanks sir”
“You are always welcome”
And he left the stage and again my world was the same! Namish and teju approached me! And congratulated me! I excused myself and left for the changing room! I came out of the room in a cream colored sleeve-less top with black tights, and was fixing my hair when he approached me! Yes varun was coming towards me! My nervousness increased! I tried my best to control me!
Yes he took my name! WOW! I turned and tried to act normal!

“Hi I am Varun! Maybe you know me?”

“Of course! The whole city knows you..or you can say the whole India knows you!”

“Well! I..I..I want your phone number!” (Don’t take varun like such person You will soon come to know the reason behind it! )
He asked my phone number! WOW! Butterflies are fluttering in my stomach! But I have to act normal!
“But why sir?”

“Actually! I may sound weird but just…You will come to know soon! Phone number 
OMG!! His killer smile made me melt!

“Sure! Note it!”
And I told him my phone number!

“Thank you! And take care! By the way you looked nice in that dress! Bye!” {varun left}
He complimented me! Wow! Such a big star! Just…I am out of words! I just love him!
***POV ENDS***

Next day helly was playing table tennis {She plays Table tennis as well!} Namish came! She gets a call, and after ending up the call, she jumped in gay!
Namish: Jas! Your varun has again sent you a letter!
Helly: Really! Show me!
He hands over the letter!
Namish: Till when will he write these fake letters?
Helly: Just shut up! Idiot!
Namish: Yeah I am idiot who is tolerating you!

He leaves from there in frustration!

Helly opens the letter, it said;
Got your letter! Well you don’t want to reveal your identity! So no worries! So can I call you “My unknown fan?” Well yeah you heard it right at the 1st place that Shritima is playing swara , but now the director’s and my view changed and we found a new girl, and more better one! Her name is helly! I actually judged a fashion show at a college and there a girl named helly participated and won! She was so hot! For the first time my eyes fall for such a beautiful girl! Well I asked her cell number and got it! I showed her fashion show pics to my director and producers as well and they also like her for swara! We have called her for the audition tomorrow! Well I gotta go! Bye and TC!
Can we be friends?
Jasmin clenched her fist in excitement! Yeah she was called for the audition! That is why varun took his no. 
Helly went for the audition and was selected for the role of swara! She and varun share a beautiful chemistry off-screen and on-screen! They received a huge fandom! They grew very good friends, but still helly used to write the letters as unknown fan for varun, and he was unaware of the fact that helly is his unknown fan only! A year flew, like that, helly’s feelings for varun grew as well but she never confessed! Finally the day came when it was the final shoot of SWARAGINI , with a HAPPY ENDING!! All were sad and bid adieu to each other! After the pack up helly went to varun’s room and knocked the door!
Varun: Yes!

Helly entered the room!
Varun: helly! You and here?
Helly: varun…actually!
Varun: Yeah!
Helly: As you know that it is the last day so…
Varun: So?
helly: I wanted to say that…
Varun: Acha you think that our friendship will break no yaar! We will hangout! We will do parties and all! Just chill!

Varun was hell shocked!!
Varun: WHAT??
Helly: I love you Sid!
Varun(Laughs) : You are joking right? You and me…Love? I know our last scene was a confession one but the shoot is over! How can I forget that you are senti! Aray chill! We are best friends and will remain besties! (And he comes to hug her, but Jas pushes him)
Helly: Sid it is not a joke yaar! I seriously love you! Not from today since we never met! I was crazy for you! And now when you are in front of me I want to confess my feelings for you! I love you!
Varun is hell shocked!
Varun: I am sorry helly but I don’t love you! I am sorry! We were best friends! We are and we will be best friends! I love someone else! I am sorry!
And he leaves from there leaving helly teary-eyed! She leaves from there furious! She sits in her car and grabs a bottle of wine and gulps it in a go! She re-minces all the romantic time/scene with Varun and helly as swara and sanskaar, there drama wedding, confession scene, consummation scene and cries badly, while driving! She drives rashly! Suddenly, she hits a tree and faces an accident!
Varun is in his room, also re-mincing his good time spend with helly, the T.V was on!

Reporter: The popular actress and model helly shah who is well-known for the role she played recently in the drama serial, swaragini , has faced an accident!


Reporter: Doctors also say that she was heavily drunk at the time of the accident, and is undergoing trauma! The doctors are hope less! Let’s pray for the gorgeous actress!

Varun is all the way shocked and leaves hurriedly!

Varun reaches the hospital where helly is admitted! Namish and Teju are present there!
Varun claps: Wow Varun kapoor! You proved me right and helly wrong! I always use to say to her that you are fake but her love and trust on you was so strong that she always dismissed me! And the girl who is fighting with her death has loved you! She is an orphan, and so are I and teju too! We were brought up together! And the day she saw you she was flattened! Since then varun kapoor was his life! Her only dream! You smashed her dream into smithereens! Thank you so much! And yeah you love someone else but I am damn sure that no one can love you more than helly!
Varun: You are taking me wrong…
Namish: We were taking you wrong! My views regarding you changed during this year but you proved you only know to break trust!
Varun: ENOUGH!! You said enough Mr namish! Now listen I love a girl whom I never met! I never listened to her voice even! You know that girl daily write letters to me! Tons of letters are there safe with me! Each and every letter is the reason of my life! Understood! Bl**dy idiot!! And till it is for helly we are very good friends and I care for her! And yeah I never played with her emotions because there was nothing between us we were only friends! And helly is a very nice girl and deserve someone better than me! And maybe I would fall in love with her as well but those letters, those words, make me live!
Namish: And you know Mr. Varun kapoor the girl who writes the letters to you is none other than HELLY!!

Varun is shocked!!

Varun: Those letters those words are the feelings of helly!

varun is in utter shock! Just then the doctor comes!

Doctor: The patient is stable, but there is no guarantee that she will gain conscious!
varun: May I meet her!
Doctor: Sure
he enters the room; his eyes are filled up with tears! He sits near helly! He holds her hand!

varu: I am sorry Jas! I hurt you a lot! Intentionally and unintentionally! I am really sorry! I LOVE YOU!!!
His tears fell upon helly’s hand! She slowly opens her eyes and notices varun!
helly: varun!
varun happily looks at helly!
Varun: You are okay! Oh My God! Helly !
helly: What did you just said?
Varun: I LOVE YOU!
They hug each other tightly!

The end .

Guys I have edited it but if I missed anything then sry …

Real credit goes to zuha …

Credit to: sanjana (daddy's little princess)


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    OMG! U actually recreated my OS! It is an honour for me! Thankssssssss a ton dear! This means a lot to me! And u recreated it well! Thanks once again!
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