hii this is me with an os
boy1: she is inside
boy2: thanxx mr. sahil
sahil: mr. mehra please pay me the amount
mr mehra gives rs 12,000
then mr. mehra goes inside .there he saw a beautiful girl sitting with teary eyes
mr mehra : miss swara don’t cry after our doings you would be happy ( yes the girl is swara ) .he goes near her …..
swara: please ! dn’t come near me
mr.mehra doesn’t listens to her and opens her cloths ..swara was begging for her freedom but mr. mehra was not listening anything .swar was feeing pain and he was totally wild .swara was crying whole night mr. mehra harassed her.

next day
in early morning a new man came
man: mrs swara are you kk
swara’s eyes were down but she found the voice to be known by her
swar looked up
swara: sanskaaar
sanskaar: yes me. what the hell you are doing here and doing this type of work
swar: sanskaar it was my life’s biggest mistake that i married that cheap sahil sen gupta
he sold me to many men for some intervals …i think i should die ..they touch my body and grabs me and i casn’t even free my self ..i am in pieces…i was mad i chose sahil instead of you

10 years ago
it was swara’s birthday she was very happy .she was very rich .she has 2 best friends
sanskaar maheshwari
sahil sen gupta
it was the day when 2 of them proposed swara ..she accepted sahil
and they married
on the first night of marriage
sahilv slaaped her,kicked her ,punched her and raped her and from the next day onwards costumors started coming to rape swara
and sanskaar left india and swifted to london
after a month sahil gave divorce to swar and her parents refused to keep swara with them
and from 10 years swara is suffring for chosing sahil instead of sanskaar ..she tred many times to run away but sahil set uped the security

swara was crying and said i love you to sanskaar and sanskaaar asked to pack her bags

sanskaar opened the door there were two gaurds sitting sanskaaar beats them and in fight sanskaar’s hand was injured ..swara torn her dupaatta and tied on sanskaar’s hand
they first gone to temple asnd married there
sanskaar: happy marriage mrs. swara sanskaar maheshwari
swara; you too mr usband maheshwari

they kissed it was lng passsionate kiss
then the flight reaches london
all family members were happy to see swara
and then swasan were sent to their room

sanskaar came close to swara and leanes towards her ips ..he putted his rough and chapped lips on her rosy pink lips
and kissed
whole night they were in eachother’s embrance

dsays paased swara became pregnant
but one day sahil came and shooted at sanskaar
sanskaar was taken to hospital anddoctors said if sanskaar doesn’t gets consious then he is in coma swara rushed to his room

swara: sanskaar get up ..your baby and wife is saying
sanskaar moved his hand and slowly opened his eyes ..hesaw swara and swara was happy
after 2 days sanskaar was discharged

after 6 months
sanskaar came to hospital and founds a baby cry
sanskaar was in tears
a baby boy …congrats……
sanskaar moved in there he saw swara with baby boy they trio shared a hug


hope you like it

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    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanxx swasan

  1. That was amazing

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanxx neha…

  2. toooooo short and old concept sry if i hurt u………………………………..

    1. you r right swaragini bad os

    2. bilkul theek u should stop writing …………………………….lol os and ur ff is yack…………………….hahahaha

    3. Janviiivyas

      People learn from there mistakes…

      1. Hey Janvi! Well, honestly what I feel, you are a great writer. What you need to do is to proof read ur work, and to give some more time to it before posting, and doing no jaldibaazi. And as for these ppl, this old concept comment was still okay
        But this Nisha’s comment wasn’t right. You should never stop writing. Neither of ur os’s or ff’s are yuck…see…she doesn’t even know the spelling of yuck and is pointing you out. So, don’t feel low. Just keep writing, and keep improving, and I loved your spirit! People learn from their mistakes. Keep up the good job.

  3. Swasanian ❤


  4. Sanjanaagrawal

    Nice …. ??

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      Thanxx sanjana

  5. RUPA


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      Thanksss rupa

  6. Short and nice.

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      Ladoo thanks for the comment as you are great writer and I felt happy when I saw your comment

  7. Diva


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      Diva thank xxx for comment

      1. Diva

        My pleasure dear??

  8. Marvelous megha

    Awesome os
    Love swasan
    Hey janvi
    I m also from jodhpur a craZy fan of swasan

    1. Janviiivyas

      Great may I know your full name

  9. Small but nice one ❤️ Plz Write it a littl bil clearer i didnt want to Hurt you it was a tipp❤️❤️

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanxxx I will improve

  10. Jigaysa

    It was a very touching story

  11. Rekha

    Short and sweet…

  12. Anu_M

    Nice dear.. Don’t take me in wrong way but what I feel is you need to work still.. You have loads of potential but you Rush away with the track. Try to more elaborate your scenes and definitely a perfect outcome will come out.. ??

  13. Vyshu10

    nice OS kiddo….

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