swasan one soul two heart (episode 1)

This is ff iam writing because of the new disgusting asnd laging story of swaragini. May be emotional.but they reunite today it self.contd of real track aftr the entry of kavitha

Scene :1
daadi kept a pooja for the well being of raglak . They were now going to start a new life which is not made of lies .
@baadi . Mm reach there. Ragini and pari in saree .kavitha and uttara in salwar. Daadi welcome them. They saw shekar and sumi near pandit. Swara is no where. Sanskaar feels gulity to face her.
Rag; maa where is swara.?????
Sumi: she is in her room getting ready .
swara enter there wearing a beautiful peacock blue lehanga which perfectly match sanskaar blazer. Evryone mesmerized by the vision of swara.
Pandit ask ragini laksh to sat down. And ask swara to sing a bhajan. Her sound strike the heart of sanskaar heart. After that daadi ask swara to give juice to everyone while giving she aviod eye contact with eveyone.she totally ignore sanskaar. He feels pain in heart for breaking her heart. Later
swara(loudly): maa , i got admission in banglore i will leave tomrrow it self.
Rag; u will be alone.
Swar: don’t worry i’m always alone. So u think urself and ur future.
Kavitha: before leving here can we have some entertainment.
Daadi(hestainly) ; oh sure.
Kavitha said swara can we have jugal bandi in dance.
Swar: classivcal / modern.
Kavit: both in mix
kavitha dance on the song drama queen then gannayaka
swara dance on tere bin nahi laga jiya and diya jaale na jaale. She dance by placing a diya it hurt her but she contd.
Sansk: shona leave that from ur hand pls .
Everyone is surprised , kavitha is shocked by concern.
Dp: next week its sanskaar marriage . Pls come sorry for hurting her.
Sw: no papa ,
uttar: thank u bhabi for helping us.
Swa: not bhabhi, ur di.
Sanskaar is totally hurt.
Ap: in jugal bandi swara win without any doubt congratz.
Suia: yeh kavitha look meri bahu ek aachi chori hai. Aur ek acchi bahu bhi hai.
Kavitha: ya, (in mind) i will kil sanky today itself other wise it will be so late for me to escape.
Kavitha mix some thing in a juice. Then she take it give give it to sanskaar. Swara saw everthing rush to him and ask him to not drink this.
San: i believe her she can’t hurt me. But iam huirting her sry
swara: no i will show u by telling this she take the juice and ask kavitha to drink.
Kavitha accept her sin. Then kaveri come and place a riffle in the neck of sanskaar.
Swar: no don’t if u want to see him alive then drinlk tat poison.
Swara began to drink sanskaar rush to her but he is late.
Kaver: i wish to harm dp . Now its over by killing ur DIL.
SANS;. Swara open ur eyes ur my better half i may die for u but not alow one to harm u.

@in hospital
doc ; swara in critic she need ui sanskaar.
Sanskaar sat near her. And get her into consious. Everyone is happy ,he fill her maang and said in her ear 2 heart per ek jaan so don’t leave me.
@ ends.
I think ure happy.

Credit to: devanandhini

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