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Swasan one shot(part 2) by vanisha


Read with patience lil long… I’ve given a lil summary of previous in the between so in case you forgot
6 months back,
Sanskar monologue
She left me…no …she’s just angry on me for saying that I’ll break our relation… I’ll go and get her back…then we’ll together find Laksh….everything will be alright…yeah
Thinking this he went Badi.
Swara monologue
I should have given chance to Sanskar for explaining himself rather than blaming him for Laksh’s disappearance…but that time only two things were going on in my mind that time Sanskar saying our relation is broken and laksh disappearance after their fight… I wasn’t understanding anything and did what i felt right… I don’t know whether this was the right decision or not but I have hurt Sanskar a lot…
Suddenly, she heard a scream
Swara: its maa’s scream….maa(she shouted and went to see and found Shomi in ragini’s room ….ragini was lying on floor…blood dripping from her wrist)
After sometime,
“What happened doctor…my sister is fine right?” Asked Swara to the doctor who came outside checking Ragini
Doctor: yeah she is fine now…but you have to take extra care of her…she’s in shock due to her husband’s disappearance
Swara: thank you doctor…we’ll take care of her
Doctor: okay..I’ll take my leave
[Doctor exits]
Swara pov:

“Swara ” i heard Sanskar’s voice from back… I don’t know how to react …. I turned to him … I saw his eyes which were showing how hurt he is … I just wanted to hug him tightly…but i controlled myself …
” i want to talk to you ” he continued
I nodded to him and went with him in my room.
Sanskar: I know Swara you’re angry on me…but please come back… I’ll …
Cutting him in between i said “no sanskar i can’t leave my sister… I’ll come back only after laksh is back ”
Sanskar: why aren’t you understanding Swara…(calming himself down) see Swara…laksh will be found …and about Ragini we’ll together take care of her
Swara: you only said that our relation is over right…then why are you forcing me to come with you
Sanskar: I wasn’t in my senses that time… I was angry that you joined hands with Ragini i to unite the family going against me …. But i realized my mistake..and I’m sorry for that
Swara: Its all because of your anger Sanskar…. Anger never does good to anyone it destroys everything … You broke our relation in your anger… You fought with your brother in anger… You were going to throw that stone on Laksh in your anger… My sister’s husband is missing since a week…she’s broken and need me beside her and you want me to leave her alone in this condition… Today she…
Sankar grabbed her shoulders…

Sanskar: you can see your sister needs you but what about me Swara…am i nothing to you …even i need you beside me…
Swara: bring laksh… I’ll come back
Sanskar: is this your final decision
Swara: yes
Sanskar(leaving her): fine… If this is your decision then okay…i won’t ask you to come back… My only motive would be finding laksh nothing else …the day he’ll be back I’ll tell my decision and you have to accept it.
Swara: i promise you whatever will be your decision.. I’ll accept it
There was a painful eye lock between them. Swasan turned their faces to the either sides….Sanskar went from there.

Sanskar was going to sit in his car…when he glanced towards the window of Swara’s room…Swara saw towards him… Their eyes conveying lots of emotions… Swara wanted to stop him but her love for her sister stopped her from doing so….She turned her face the other side… Sanskar sighed and sat in his car and drove off. Listening the car sound, she saw outside the window and automatically tears started flowing from her eyes…which she was trying to control from so much time… She took their marriage pic in her hand and sat there on the floor
Swara: I’m sorry Sanskar… I don’t know whether you’ll ever forgive me or not… If i would have came with you today then may be you won’t be that much passionate to find Laksh ….I know i have hurt you a lot with my decision…and I’ll always be guilty for that…
She drifted into sleep in the sitting position, hugging the photo tightly , due to excess of crying.
Location: Maheshwari Mansion
In a room
Sanskar is seen sleeping on the floor laying his head on the sofa…holding Swara’s pic near his chest
(Sorry not giving his pov)

Time was passing very quickly for everyone… But for Swasan it was like ages being away from each other… Swara opened marriage bureau along with Ragini distracting her from Laksh … Even herself also busy with the work…it wasn’t easy for her to stay from her Sanskar…. And about Sanskar he kept himself busy with office work as well as finding laksh…he use to come to Swara’s house to see her… Seeing her use to free him from all stress…it was like getting a new strength for the next day…his family members supported him…he was happy for that…but at the same time guilty when he use to see his bade maa and bade papa as he wasn’t able to track Laksh until now.

It was Uttara’s engagement ….when Swasan met each other…. They didn’t said anything but their eyes conveyed all their feelings…. As a matter of circumstances, swara had to dance in place of the dancer who got injured while her dance…. When Sanskar saw this, anger rose to the peak…. He immediately went and stopped it …. He can’t see his wife getting insulted… As an ideal husband he supported her…proving her his love can never change for her…. Engagement was broken ….and Sujata blamed Swara for it…but here also Sanskar supported her…laksh came back …. Bringing happiness in the maheshwari family…. Swara left from there following her,Sanskar too left behind her…. He took her to the same temple where there misunderstanding was cleared ….where they confessed how much they love each other…. May be this temple again becomes the witness of their reunion…their love again win over the misunderstanding between them.

They were standing in the temple facing each other… They wanted to say so many things to each but couldn’t…words weren’t coming from their mouths ..
Sanskar at last broke the silence between them.
Sanskar: what was that? How could you dance like that in front of them? Answer me Swara …he said loudly
Swara: Dancer knew about laksh and that’s why i send ragini with her… She was just looking down not meeting his eyes
Sanskar: You came there as Uttara’s wedding planner not as a dancer…not for being humiliated in front of all those guests… May be you forgetting …let me remind you’re still my wife …. I can’t see my wife getting insulted
Swara: I’m sorry…i didn’t had other option…gayatri ji would have broken the relation
Sanskar: there could be another way as well but you had to chose dancing yourself …
Swara: i didn’t knew what to do…time was very less and gayatri ji was continuously asking for dancer
Sanskar: you have answer for every question of mine… I can’t win from you….( he said with a sad smile on his face)…actually it was my fault if i was there then i wouldn’t have let you do this
Swara: no Sanskar… There was no fault of yours…
Sanskar: 6 month back also it was my fault only…i wouldn’t have been angry on you when you were trying to unite me with my family …. You did all that for me only and in return i told you I’ll break our relation…. I should have handled laksh calmly…i was his elder brother ….. I would have stopped all this from happening …. I’m sorry ( he fell on his knees…crying)
Swara bent down : it wasn’t your fault Sanskar… It was all my fault… I didn’t gave you chance to speak…just left you blaming you for laksh’s disappearance….you came that day to take me with you … I should have talked with you calmly but instead i talked rudely with you….again accusing you for everything…. I am sorry Sanskar… I know it won’t be easy for you to forgive me but still i would say forgive, if you can… If you want I’ll go away from your life…. You can live your life as you want…..
She got up and turned …. Before she could step further… Sanskar held her hand…
Sanskar: you want to leave me again?

He pulled her towards himself as a result she dashed with his chest …holding her arms ,telling her to look towards him… he asked her again “do you really want to leave me Swara?”
She didn’t said anything and just hugged him tightly not wanting to leave him….”no Sanskar i don’t want to leave you… I can’t live without you … These six months were like 6 years without you…. There was no day when i didn’t wished to come back to you again….”
Sanskar hugged her back ” i can’t live without you Swara…please never leave me again….I’ll die Swara…. I’ll d ”
Swara palming his mouth ” don’t even talk about death”
They were hugging each other tightly wanting the time to stop there… be in each other’s arms forever.
After at least 15 minutes they broke their hug.
Swara: I’m sorry
Sanskar: I’m sorry
Both said at the same time.
Sanskar: Swara you are again forgetting something….we are best friends first then husband wife…. Friendship rule dosti mein Swara: no sorry no thank you
After ages their smile wasn’t fake … It was real….
Sanskar: Swara 6 month back i said I’ll tell my decision after laksh’s comeback …..and you have to accept it ( he said with serious face)
Swara: ( her smile vanished from her face) yeah Sanskar… What’s your decision?
Sanskar: marry me again (with a cute smile)
Swara:okay( gloomy face but realizing what he said,she was shocked) what?you scared me Sanskar ( folding her hands across her chest…pouting)
Sanskar: (sitting on his knees… Forwarded his hand ) will you marry me again ?
Swara: yes (holding his hand)
Sanskar: i love you Swara..
Swara: i love you too Sanskar
Swasan married again in that temple…took those seven vows again again….Sanskar adorned her hairline with the holy vermilion… They again became one
They both promised each other…. They will correct each other when wrong …will always support each other….won’t let any misunderstanding come between their relation….never leave each other no matter what…
They came back to MM and told them that their misunderstandings are sort out…. It was indeed a happy day for maheshwari family ….. Their son who was away from them since months was back…. Their dil’s were back …. All were happy….
After 2 years , Swasan were blessed with a baby girl whom they named Samarth Maheshwari
Raglak were blessed with a baby girl whom they named Riya Maheshwari
The end.!!!
I don’t know what i have written….. Not proof read….There would be many mistakes and still you beard it thank you so much
I’m ending it here…. I know you are ready with your footwears as first i updated soooooo late and then with a very boring update.
Sorry ….. Sorry ….. Sorry….. Sorry
Before you start throwing let me Run away…
Happy birthday Manisha ……my nbw/ba….i gave you so many names naaπŸ˜…πŸ˜……….
Sorry ….tumhe bore kar diya maine….beating my shadow😀
But posting on your bday is a coincidence…. I didn’t knew I’ll post today……sorry….*holding my innocent ears* meri galti ki saza mere kaano ko mil rahi hai😭
Leave it ….. You enjoy your b’day….my best wishes are with you…. Love you loads.!!

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