SwaSan One Shot Tu Mera Humsafar By Goldie


Hello Guyz I have been Recieving Mny Requests frm Mny Ppl to Strt Season 02 of #Tu_Mera_Humsafar..So to Make U Happy n on Ur Spcl Demand Here I M wid An One Shot on #Tu_Mera_Humsafar .Its My First Attempt fr One Shot..So if any Mistake den Forgive Me :)..n I Hope I Reach to All ur Expectations n will Satisfy U by My First OS :).

~~~~Tu Mera Humsafar One Shot ~~~~

A Lifeless Girl was Shown Sitting in Middle of Hall wid White Sari wid Open n Messy Hairs as if Her Hair Line was Recently Rubbed…Her Eyes were Dried n Swelled Up due to Continous Crying…As She was Crying Few Ladies Present their Strtd Taunting Her Badly as Apshaguni n Bad Luck making No Effect on da Girl..

Lady 1 : Kitni Apshaguni hai yeh Ladki..Shaadi ko 2 Mahine bhi pure nhi hue aur Khaagayi apne Pati ko..Kaha tha na maine Sujata Behen iss Ladki ko apne Ghar ki Bahu mat banao..abb dekha She Ate ur Son.. ( Makes Faces )

Lady 2 : Haa Sujata Behen..aapne Bahut baadi ghalti ki hai iss Aanat ( Orphanage ) ko apne Ghar ki Bahu banake..She First Ate Her Parents n nw She Ate ur One n Only Son..abb iska kya hoga ? Kaun karega iss Manhus se Shaadi..aur woh bhi 1 Mahine ki Pregnant hai yeh..pata nhi kiska Paap lekar Phir rahi hai yeh Manhus…

As Ladies were Taunting the Widow Girl had No Effect on Her..She only kept on Weeping Silently keeping Her Head on da Dead Body of Her Husband n kept Cursing Her Fate fr Playing such a Cruel Game wid Her..


1 Week Later

Days Passed n da Girl kept on Listening da Taunts of da World widout Paying any Attention to them..One Fine Day She was seen in A Vegetables Market Shopping fe daily Household..As She was Buying The Ladies Present thr agn Strtd Taunting A Young Widow making Her Helpless n Weak wich was Hidden in Her Heart..

Lady 1 : Kaisi Ladki hai ?? Her Husband Passed 1 Week Ago n She is Shopping Here as if Nthing Happened..Chii..Srsly Pata nhi kya hogaya hai Zaamane ko..Kalyug hai Kalyug..

Lady 2 : Chodo na Behen..Wat we have to do wid this Manhus..Let Her do watever she wants..Lets Keep Away frm Her..warna pata chala ki She has done something Bad to Us or to Our Family..Leave Her..Lets do our own Shopping..

Lady 1 : Hmm Ryt..Come Lets Go..

Soon da Ladies Left After Taunting da Widow leaving Her Weak n Pale..As She was going Bak Home She Dashed A Handsome Young Man n was abt to Fall bt a Nick of Time 2 Strong Arms Held Her n Protected Her frm Falling Down..While Saving da Girl da Boy Witnessed da Girl wid Closed Eyes n was Mesmerized seeing Her Beauty n Innocence.As da Boy waw Staring da Girl,The Girl too Opened Her Eyes n was too Lost in His Eyes fr Long Time..Soon Both Composed Themselves n Went to their Own Way unknown abt the New Journey Waiting fr Them..


Maheshwari Mansion

Time Passed n da Girl Reached Maheshwari Mansion n Headed towards Kitchen wid da Bag of Vegetables n Strtd Preparing fr da Lunch..As She Strtd Preparing fr da Lunch A Strong n a Stern Voice Called Her Name Out making Her to Scare n Shiver in Pain..

Lady ( Sujata ) : SWARA !! ( Yes da Widow is other dan Our Swara ) Kaha margayi tum ?? Jaldi aa n Massage My Head Fast..pata nhi kaha kaha phirti rehti hai apana Manhus Chehra lekar..Mere Bete ko toh Khagayi abb atleast Leave others Son..Nw Come Fast Manhus. ( Hell Angry )

Hearing da Lady,Swara Immediately Stopped Her Wrk n Rushed towards Sujata n Strtd Massaging Her Head wid Full Dedication n Love..While Massaging Sujata Swara Heard another Rude Voice frm Bak making Sujata more Angry on Poor Widow Swara..

Kavita : Arrey Ohh Kam Chor kahiki.Whr were U Since Morning ? Lunch is Ready or nt haa ? U knw na SANSKAAR BHAI is Coming today ?? So Did u Prepare da Lunch or nt ??

Swara : ( Scared ) Woh..Woh..Actually… ( Intreprupted )

Sujata : ( Angry ) Iska matlab..nhi banaya na ?? Heyy Bhagwaan..kya karu main iss Manhus ka ?? Pehle isne mere Ek Laute Bete ko Khagayi n nw She is Sitting on Our Head like a Useless Stone..Plzz Kuch karo is Manhus ka Bhagwaan..Haatao isse humare Sir pe se.. ( To Swara Angrily ) Nw Wat r u looking at Me like a Statue ?? Go b Make Prepare da Lunch Fast..My Sanskaar myt be Here anytime ( Makes Angry Faces )

Soon Swara rushed into Kitchen Crying n Strtd Preparing fr da Lunch wid Heavy n Sad Heart..As She was Preparing Lunch, There Outside A Young Same Market Handsome Boy Entered da MM n Strtd Calling Out Names Loudly making MM Ppl Happy n Sad at the Same Time..

Boy : Chachi…Chacha..Kavita..Kaha ho aap sab ?? See m Bak.. Come Fast Yaar.. ( Keeps His Bags on Sofa )

Hearing da Boy’s Voice Everyone Came in Hall Hurriedly Met da Boy Happily n Cried too thinking abt their Death Son n da Boy’s Bonding..

Sujata : ( Cries n Hugs da Boy ) SANSKAAR.. Haaye..My Son..U came ?? Good to see U after Long Time Beta
.See ur Best Frnd cum Cousin Sahil Left Us all Alone..hw cn he do like this wid Us Beta.. ( Cries Bitterly )

Guessed it Right ??..The Handsome Boy is None Other Than Our Sanskaar..Cousin of Sahil,Swara’s Late Husband.As Sujata was Crying while Hugging Sanskaar,He Heard Kavita Taunting a Girl making Him Curious..

Kavita : Arrey Aagayi Madam..Lunch is Ready or nt ?? Serve da Lunch in 15 Mins..Samjhi ??

As Kavita was Scolding Swara,Sanskaar was Shocked n Mesmerized to see Swara agn n was Even more Lost in Her Beauty dan in Market..He was Confused seeing Such a Young Girl in Widow Dress n was even more Confused seeing Kavita Scolding Swara fr No Reason..seeing Kavita Scolding Swara,Sujata too strtd Scolding Swara n Strtd Taunting Her Agn fr Sahil’s Death making Sanskaar Shocked n Surprised..

Sujata : ( Angry ) Sanskaar see this da Manhus Lady who Ate ur Best Frnd cum Cousin..She is Wife of Sahil..isse iss Ghar main aake 2 Mahine nhi hue n She Ate My Son Sanskaar..aur She is Carrying A Child in Her Womb too..pata nhi kiska Paap lekar Phir rahi hai.( Keeps On Taunting Swara )

While Sujata n Kavita kept on Taunting Swara,Sanskaar kept on Admiring n seeing Her Innocent Face,bt soon came in His Senses seeing A Lonely Tears Falling frm Her Eyes making Sanskaar Unknowingly Feel Sad n Upset seeing Swara in Such State..


Days Passed n Swara kept on Listening to all da Taunts n Scolding of Sujata n Kavita widout Uttering A Word agnst dem while Sanskaar’s Love fr Swara kept on Increasing seeing Swara’s Patience n Good Behaviour towards Sujata m da World even after getting much Taunts frm them..

Sanskaar : ( Lost in His Own Thots ) Wats Happening to Me ?? Y m i feeling soo Happy n Exicted wen i see Swara ?? Y Her Tears Effects Soo Much ?? Y cnt i see Her in Pain ( Irritated ) Ohh God…M going Mad..God Knws wen will i go bak to America ??

As Sanskaar was Lost in His Own Thots He Heard A Weeping n A Some Strange Voice Passing by His Room..Listening to da Weeping Sound,Sanskaar Followed da Voice n Reached a Corner Room n was Shocked seeing Swara Staying in A Really Small Room wid No Window,No Bed..Nthing…She was Sleeping on Cold Floor wid One Single Bedsheet Covering Herself frm Cold wich was too Short nt Covering Her Her Body too..Seeing da Scn infront of His Eyes Sanskaar was Really Shocked n Surprised thinking hw cn Ppl be so Cruel n Ruthless n cn Behave Soo Badly wid A Pregnant Lady..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Ohh Man..Wat the Hell !! Hw cn these ppl be soo Cruel towards a Pregnant Lady ?? Is da World still so Bakward ? Srsly Man..Nonsense..Wats da Fault of this Poor Girl if Destiny had Played a Really Bad Game wid Her..Hw cn Ppl.Blame Her Character ?? Srsly Disgusting Ppl.. ( Hell Disappointed )

While Sanskaar was Lost in His Thots,He Heard Swara Crying n Weeping Badly Talking to Sahil’s Photo n Letting Her Heart Out Making Sanskaar Feel Bad n Angry on His Family n World fr Treating Swara Badly..

Swara : ( Crying n Holding Sahil’s Photo ) Sahil..Y did u Leave Me Alone in dis World ?? U knw i cnt Live widout U ?? ( Touches Her Belly ) agr yeh Humara Baccha nhi hota na Mere Paet ( Womb ) main toh main Pakka tumhare pass hoti..bt nw i cnt..coz i have Ur Last Memory wid Me..n i cnt Harm Ur Last Memory.. ( Hugs da Photo while Crying ) Plzz Come Bak Sahil..See ur Princess is nt at all A Princess nw..She is Lonely nw..No One is wid Her nw..Plzz Come Bak..i cnt Tolerate all these Taunts n Scolding anymore nw.They keep on Accusing Our Child as Illegitimate Child. Bt U knw Our Child is nt any illegitimate One. ..Plzz Come Bak Sahil..Plzz..nt fr Me bt fr Our Child Plzz.. ( Cries Bitterly n Dozes Off Soon )

Hearing Swara,Sanskaar was Emotional n Felt Bad seeing Her Like this..He was Determined to get Swara Out of this Hell at any cost no matter wat..He was Strong n Determined Enough to Protect His Unknown Love frm Entire Cruel World jst Like An HUMSAFAR does fr His Love..


Soon After seeing Swara in Such A Worst Condition,Sanskaar Strtd Talking wid Swara n Being Frndly n Good wid Her n Strtd Protecting Her frm the Taunts of da World too.Swara too Felt Good n Comfortable wid Sanskaar n Strtd Talking wid Him widout any Hesitation..Firstly She was Hesitating in Talking wid Sanskaar bt seeing His Caring Nature Swara too Strtd Falling fr Him n An Unknown Feeling Rised in Her Heart..Days Passed n Both Swara n Sanskaar became Good Frnds n Shared Eachother’s Talks wid One Another..Sanskaar took Good Care of Swara n Her Pregnancy too..Like Every other Day it was Lunch Time in MM n Swara being Treated as A Servant Served da Food to Everyone Present thr..Seeing Swara Serving Food Continously widout taking Her Meals,Sanskaar gets Worried fr Her Health n He Immediately Makes Swara Sit on da Dining Table making Swara n others Shocked n Surprised.

Swara : ( Shocked ) Sanskaar..Yeh Kya karrahe ho ?? Y u made Me Sit on this Chair ?? U knw na ki i cnt.. ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Haa Haa..i knw u cnt Sit wid All of Us Here..n u cnt Eat wid Us too..bt Today fr a Change u r going to Sit wid Me n u r gonna Eat this Food Only.. ( Shows Swara Her Health ) Did u see urself ?? Hw Weak n Pale u have Become..Jst Keep Quite n Eat this Food..u knw na u r nt Alone nw..U have another Life Growing inside U..U shud be Careful n Responsible fr ur Health nw..Every Time i wont be thr fr u to Take Care of U..nw Come Sit Here wid Me n Eat ur Meal asap den go to Sleep after having ue Medicines.warna ur Health will be Effected..Samjhi ??

Swara : ( Shocked ) Bbtt..hw.. ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Maine kaha na..No Means No..Bas nw Come n Have ur Lunch My Besty ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Smiles at His Caring ) Ok Boss.. ( Laughs )

Seeing SwaSan Really Close to eachother both Sujata n Kavita were Irked by seeing it…They did nt Like Sanskaar Taking Care of Swara n Hence As Soon as SwaSan Left fr their Rooms both Sujata n Kavita Decided to Plan something Big n Dangerous to Harm Swara in order to Keep Sanskaar Away frm Swara..

Kavita : ( Angry ) Mom..Y is Bhai is taking Care of Swara soo Much as if He is Her Husband ?? This is nt going Good Mom ..Do something b4 this Widow Snatches My Another Brother too frm Me ..

Sujata : ( Smirks Evilly ) Dnt Worry Beta..wont let anything happen like that..b4 this Manhus Snatches Our Another Son frm Us i will Snatch Her Child Only frm Her..n Once Her Child is Gone She will have No Other Option bt to Leave this House as according to the World She was . Carrying da Child of this House..n nw wen da Child of this House is only nt thr in Her Womb She will nt have any Right to Stay in this House n hence she have to Leave this House Forcefully ( Smiles Evilly )

Hearing Sujata Kavita at First was Shocked n Surprised seeing Her Mother Planning such a Evil Plan bt Later She too Joined Hands wid Sujata n was Happy to Throw Swara Out of the House.As Both Sujata n Kavita were Planning Agnst Swara n Her Baby,Sanskaar Listens to their Planning Feels Disgusted on their Planning n Decided to take a Huge n Strong Step Agnst them to Protect His Love frm the Evil Plan of Sujata n Kavita..


15 Dayz Later

15 Dyz Passed bt still Sujata n Kavita cud nt Harm Even A Single Scratch on Swara n Her Baby as per Sanskaar’s Promise to Himself He kept a Strict Eye on Both Sujata n Kavita’s Each Step n Plan n Protected Swara frm their Evil Plan making Sujata n Kavita Irritated n Frustrated..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Winningly ) ( Monogue ) Swara dnt worry No One will be Able to Harm U n Ur Baby till M thr..I Promised Myself to Protect U frm every Evil Eyes n M Happy m able to do it..I Love U Swara..i dnt knw wat u feel abt Me..n i dnt wanna Force U fr this. n i will Wait fr U till My Last Breath..Bt I Will be alwyz wid u to Protect U frm all da Evil Eyes of this World..

Soon Sanskaar came out of His World n was Shocked Hearing Loud Noises of da Ppl Out of MM..Hearing da Noises Sanskaar Immediately Rushed Outside n was Shocked to see Swara Tied to a Rope in Middle of The MM in Hot Sun all Pale n Weak n Ppl Taunting Swara Badly..

Man 1 : ( Angry ) Aeeyy..Ladki..dnt u have Shame..First U Ate One Son of Maheshwari Family n nw Planning to Eat Another One too..Dnt U knw being A Widow u dnt have Right to Talk to any Stranger..den Hw Dare U Talk to Sanskaar..He is Son of Maheshwari Family too bt is a Cousin of Sahil..so Maintain some Distance frm Him..warna da Consequence of this will be Worst..Shamless Woman..Disgusting.. ( Angry )

Lady : Arrey Bhai Sahab..Y r u Taunting da Girl..Taunt the Parents of this Girl who gave Birth to Such a Shameless n Manhus Girl..She Ate Her Parents at the Time of Her Birth..She is really Manhus fr Our Society..Pata nhi kiska Ganda Khoon hoga iske Paet main..Better to Kill Her n Her Baby b4 it’s too Late..

Lady 2 : Haa Kamla is Ryt Bhai Sahab..Kill Her b4 She Kills someone else’s Son..abb isse koi Shaadi toh karega nhi..So Better Kill Her n Her Baby .. ( Angry )

As Ppl were Taunting Swara Badly,Swara Felt Dizzy n Weak due to Hot Sun n was abt to Loose Her Senses wen She Felt a Drop of Blood Falling Frm Her Head to Her Nose Tip Making Her n Others Present their Shocked n Surprised..As the Blood Fell on Her Nose Tip,Swara Looked Up n saw da Man n was Shocked Seeing Sanskaar Standing Near Her wid His One Finger Bleeding..As Few Minutes of Shock Swara Understood wat Happened n Felt Her Mang Filled..Feeling da Mang wid Filled Sanskaar’s Blood Swara Fell Unconscious due to Shock n Stress n Seeing Swara in Such State Sanskaar Fumes in Anger.He Immediately Called A Doctor n Send Swara to A Room wid Some Servants n Strtd Scolding da Ppl Present their making all of them Shocked n Surprised..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Wat The Hell was going on Here ?? Dnt u Guyz have any Humanity inside u ?? Do U Treat A Weak n a Pregnant Lady like this ? U All Taunt Her fr Sahil’s Death ? Srsly..R u Guyz Uneducated ?? being Educated Ppl u still Believe in such Cheap things..Chii..Tell Me wats da Fault of the Poor Girl if Her Husband Met an Accident n Died..is it the Fault of dat Girl or da Fault of da Careless Driver who was Driving da Car Carelessly n Hitted Sahil’s Car ?? U guyz wont Blame da Driver as He is a Boy.. bt will Blame da Poor Girl as She is A Girl..Shame on U Ppl..Dont Widows have Right to Enjoy their Life ? Dnt they have Heart ? Y r they Treated as A Slave or Worst than Slave? Srsly Disgusting U Ppl r..Chii..U ppl wanted to Kill Her as No One will Marry Her Right..So see Nw Infornt of U all in have Filled Swara’s Maang wid My Blood.n I Announce Swara Sahil Maheshwari Widow of Sahil Maheshwari as My Legal Wife..She is No More Swara Sahil Maheshwari nor a WIDOW of Sahil Maheshwari bt frm Nw She is Wife of Sanskaar Maheshwari..SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI n The Child in Her Womb is My Child nw..Child of Sanskaar Maheshwari.. Understood ? N frm Nw onwards if anyone Dares to Harm Her or My Child den I Swear They will be Finished by My Hands..Ok ?? Nw Get Lost U all..i will be Leaving fr America in this Week wid My Wife n My Child..Hope No One has Prblm wid it ( Angry n Leaves )

After Scolding Ppl Sanskaar Leaves fr His Room in Anger leaving Sujata n Other Ppl in Utter Shock n Surprised..Soon Sanskaar Reached His Room in Anger bt as He Entered His Room All His Anger n Frustration was Vanished seeing Swara Sleeping wid A Smile on Her Face..He Entered His Room n Bolt His Room n Sat Beside Swara n Strtd Caressing Her Hairs Lovingly wid Full Care n Love in His Eyes..As He was Caressing Her Hairs,Swara Gains Her Senses n saw Sanskaar Sitting Beside Her..Seeing Sanskaar Beside Her,Swara Immediately Takes A Step Bak n Strts Cursing Herself n Cries Bitterly n As Swara was Cursing Herself Sanskaar Hugged n Consoled Her wid All Love n Affection making Swara Feel Comfortable n Relaxed in His Hug..

Swara : ( Opens Her Eyes n Sees Sanskaar n Jerks Herself ) Sssanskaarr Stay Away..M Manhus..My Presence myt Harm U.Plzz Go Away frm Me..Plzz Sanskaar..u r My Good Frnd n i dnt wanna Harm U..so Plzz Go..Jst Go ( Cries Bitterly )

Sanskaar : ( Immediately Hugs n Consoles Swara ) Ssh.Swara..dnt Cry.Who said u r Manhus..u r u r nt Manhus Samjhi.No One in da World is Manhus or Lucky Charm..its jst Ppl’s Thinking..m thr na wid U Nw..No One will Taunt or Harm U..Jst Relax n Take Rest nw..No need to be Afraid nw..u r Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari nw…U r My Wife Nw..Dnt Worry..Ok..No one will Dare to Harm Wife n Child of Sanskaar Maheshwar..If He Does so den He will havw to Bear a Big Consequence fr it..Relax Ok.

Swara : ( Pushes Sanskaar n Moves Away frm Him ) Noo Plzz Sanskaar Suno Meri Baath..I m really Unlucky fr All..First coz of Me My Parents Died..den Sahil..n nw.i dnt wanna L9ose u..Plzz Go away Sanskaar ..Plzz.. ( Sees A Knife on A Table n Takes it n Blackmails to Cut Her Wrist ) See Sanskaar..If u dnt go away frm me..den i Swear i Will Harm myself..its Better to Harm Myself b4 I see U Getting Hurt coz Of Me..So plzz go Away Sanskaar frm me..Plzz (.Cries Bitterly )

Seeing Swara in such State Sanskaar gets Shocked n Tears Rolled frm HisEyes Continously making Swara Weak..Bt seeing Swara’s State,Sanskaar somehow Composed Himself n Strts Diverting Her Mind n Moves Closer to Her n As He Moved Towards Her,Sanskaar Immediately Snatched da Knife frm Her Hands n Hugged Her Tightly in A Bone Crushing Hug making Swara Realize His Love fr Him..Soon She t9i Hugs Bak n Thnks Sanskaar fr His Arrival in Her Black n Dark Filled Life n Fr Making Her Dull Life into a Colour Full One..

Sanskaar : ( Throws da Knife frm Her Hand n Holds Swara’s Shoulder Concernly n Angrily ) Swara..jst Shut Up..wat were u going to do ?? R u Mad ?? I said na u r nt Manhus..toh samajh nhi aati kya baath..Nw Listen to Me Carefully..Frm Today U r My Wife Ritually..n Soon we will get Married Legally too n Will Leave fr Americam.thr u i mean We cn Strt A New Life..Wid No Past of Yours..Nw Relax n Take Rest.I will be bak after Completing da Formalities of Ur Visa n other Procedures..Ok ?? ( Hugs n Kisses Swara’s Forehead ) Come Sleep nw..

Swara: ( Release da Hug ) Thnk U Sanskaar..U r Really A True HUMSAFAR fr Me..U Protected Me Every Time wen i needed u..u had No Relationship wid Me that Time bt still U Protected Me..n Today u Saved My Child too ..Thnks alot..M Really Lucky to get a Humsafar Like U..TU MERA HUMSAFAR.. ( Hugs Agn Happily ) I LOVE U..I LOVE U SANSKAAR..I Really Love U.. ( Blushes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak Agn ) I LOVE U TOO My Princess.. ( Kisses Her Forehead )

Soon Both Broke the Hug n Confessed Eachother’s Love fr Eachother n Slept in Eachother’s Embrace Cuddling Eachother Lovingly n Peacefully Forgetting abt the Cruel World n its Taunts in their New n Peacefull n Wonderful World of Happiness n Only Happiness..


2 Yr Later

Time Flew n Both Swara n Sanskaar were in America Living as Legally Married Husband n Wife..Swara had Delivered Her n Sahil’s Child n Sanskaar had Accepted Him Whole Heartedly n Gave His Name to SwaHil’s Child.Both Lived Happily n Finally After Long Wait n Patience SwaSan were Ready to Take their Relationship Ahead wid A New Mark n a Beginning of their Relationship..Like any other Day Swara was in their Room cleaning da Mess of da Room n was Waiting fr Sanskaar wen Suddenly Swara Felt A Wet Kiss on Her Nape n AStrong Arms Around Her Bare Waist Caressing it Sensuously frm Inside Her Sari making Swara to Breath Heavily..

Swara : ( Blushes ) Sanskaar kya karrahw ho ?? Plzz Leave..

Sanskaar : ( While Kissing Her Nape Sensuously n in Husky Voice ) Ssshh..Let Me Spend some time wid u..Kabse wait karraha tha iss Time ka..( Kisses Her Earlobe Sensuously )

Hearing Sanskaar,Swara Turned Crimson Red n Hugged Him Tightly n hide Her Herself in His Chest making Sanskaar to Smile at Her Blushness..Seeing Swara Blushing Sanskaar Released da Hug n Carried Swara in His Arms while Swara Wrapped Her Hands around His Neck..Soon They Reached Near da Bed n Layed on da Bed..Sanskaar Took of His Clothes n Came on Top of Swara n Started Kissing Her Neck Sensuously making Swara to Moarn in Pleasure..Sanskaar Slowly While Kissing Her Neck Moved His Hands towards Her Zip n Unzipped it n Soon UnDressed Her Completely n Entered into Her Completely making Swara to Scream n Moarn in Pleasure…Tears of Happiness Started to Flow frm Her Eyes Making Her Feel Complete..Soon Both Reached to their Climax of Love Making n were seen inside a Blanket All Naked Sleeping Peacefully in Eachother’s Embrace Cuddling n Holding Eachother Tightly Yet Affectionately Leading to A New Beginning of their Life..Nw their Incomplete Souls were Complete after 2 Long Yrs making both of them Happy n Glad fr their New Beginning of their Life..


9 Months Later

Time Passed Fast after the Most Memorable Night of SwaSan..Swara Conceived Once agn bt this Time She was Expecting wid A Child of Her True HUMSAFAR,Her Life Sanskaar..As Time Flew Swara’s Delivery Date Arrived n She was Admitted in Hospital Making Sanskaar Scared j Nervous..Soon Swara Gave Birth to Two Cute Lil Baby Girls Named Swati Sanskaar Maheshwari Shanaya Sanskaar Maheshwari. Hearing da Crying Noises of da Babies Sanskaar Immediately Rushed inside The OT n Stared His Life,His Lovely Wife Swara wid Teary Eyes Playing wid Their Daughters Happily..Seeing Swara Playing wid Their Daughters,Sanskaar too Joins n Strts Playing n Loving His Kids along wid Swara….As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Loving Their New Born Babies..A Two Yr Baby Boy comes n Hugs Both SwaSan Tightly..Seeing da Boy Hugging them,Sanskaar took da Boy in His Lap Happily n Strtd Playing n Introducing Sahil to His 2 Lil.Cute Sisters making Swara Happy n Overwhelmed..

Sanskaar : ( Happy n Takes Boy on His Lap ) Hii Champ..hw r u ??

Sahil : ( Happy n in Kiddish Tone ) Paapa..M Fine..Hw r U n Mumma ?? N did My Cute Lil Sisters Came ??

Sanskaar : ( Happy ) Yes Champ..they came..Wanna Meet them ?? ( Sees Sahil’s Yes Expressions ) Ok den Come Champ..Meet this ur First Sister Swati Maheshwari n this ur Second Sister Shanaya Maheshwari..Happy nw ??

Boy : ( Happy ) Yeeyy.Papa..Love U.. ( To Swara ) Love U too Mumma..Thnk U fr My 2 Cute Sisters..Love U Both..( Childishly n Innocently ) Bt Pappa..wen did u Decide the Names of My Sisters ?? I told na i will keep their Names ( Childish Anger ) Goo..Katti wid U Papa ( Childish Pout )

Seeing da Boy’s Cute Antics Swara Laughed n Hugged da Boy Lovingly n Consoled Him Calmly n Lovingly making da Boy Melt n Happy..

Swara : ( Laughs n Hugs da Boy ) Awww..Mera Baccha..So Papa’s Champ is Angry wid Papa Haa ?? ( Kisses His Head )

Boy : ( Angry Childishly ) Yes Mumma..SAHIL SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI is Angry wid His Papa..He Cheated Me.. ( Cries ) He told Me I cn keep da Names of My Sisters.bt see Papa ne Names alrdy Decide kardiya n He Kept too.. ( Cries Innocently )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles at His Antics ) Aww..Sorry Champ..Papa Forgot..Plzz Maaf Kardo..Plzz ( Holds His Ears ) see i have Holded My Ears too..abb toh Maaf kardo Plzz Champ..u knw na Papa cnt See His Champ Angry n Sad..So Plzz Maaf kardo..Accha ok..Agr Champ ne Maaf kardiya toh Papa n Mumma Promises to Give a Ice Cream Treat to Our Lovely Son..Ok na ?? ( Smiles Naughtily )

Hearing Ice Cream’s Name,Sahil immediately Smiled Excitedly b Hugged SwaSan Tightly n Happily Forgetting abt His Anger..Seeing Sahil Hugging them Happily SwaSan too Hugged Him Bak Happily wid Tears of Happiness in their Eyes.

Sahil : ( Happy n Hugs SwaSan Tightly ) Yeeyyy..Ice Cream Treat..Wiwow..Awsum Papa..Awsum Mumma..Love U Too ( Kisses their Cheeks Happily ) Muuwwaahh..

SwaSan : ( Happy ) ( Unison ) Love U Too Beta..

Seeing Sahil Happy both Swara n Sanskaar were too Happy n Blessed n Kissed their 3 Kids Happily n Lead A Peacefull n Happy Life Ahead Leaving all their Past n Bad Moments Far Away..

~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~

So Guyz..Here is da One Shot on #Tu_Mera_Humsafar on all ur Request..Hope U all will Like it..I knw u all Requested fr Season 02 of #Tu_Mera_Humsafar bt its nt Really Possible to Write Season 02 fr Me as m Bzy wid On Going FF #MyDestinyHisLove..N Beside dat m In India n Writings 2 FFs in One Time is nt Easy Here..So to Full Fill ur Request I Wrote An One Shot..Hope u will Like it :)..Do Leave ur Special Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked My First Attempt of OS :)..


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    as usual ur writing was awwsommeeeee..
    Tu mera humsafar also i read n i loved tht too..
    ur ff’s really gives happiness n plzz do keep writing;dn’t stop..its a grt talent of urss!!!! 🙂 😀

    1. SwaSanFan

      Thnks alot..sure will continue writing..infact i have a FF wich is going on both FB n TU Names “My Destiny His Love” 🙂

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  17. Awsum story. The way u took it was simply superb.

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