Swasan One Shot…..A story which remained unfinished!


HEY GUYS! As promised I am here with a Swasan OS! This is the continuation of the real track of the serial! And guys don’t worry I will soon write a Ragsan ff! I wanted to write on Ragsan but majority was of swasan!
Before starting let us summarize what is love?
Does love mean to be together forever?
Does love mean to share each others happiness?
Does love mean a cup of coffee shared together?
Does love mean a night of intimacy?

Defining love is beyond words. Love is always unconditional. Love is imported from heart. We never niether get up in love nor rise in love,we always fall in love. Love is when we feel sickly without them but we let them go for their happiness. Love is when we value them more than us. Love is not only always to be together,but sometimes to be away from each other for the shake of each other. Love is not only to share each other’s happiness but also to share sadness.
The story starts when Swasan married again and Laksh married Kavya. Being furious Shekhar decided to take back both her daughters to baadi.
But what had Sanskar done? He loved Swara deeply. He never cheated on her. His love was pure. Was he responsible for what happened to Ragini? Why was his Swara snatched away from him?
It is rightly said-Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love. Some are born just to experience the abbrevation of it. Let us see what had destiny planned for this couple.

Shekhar: Swear on me swara,that you will never cross the threshold of this house.
Swara had a blank expression on her face. She looks at Sanskar shockingly who was too looking at her. She expected him to say something for them.
Swara: Baba….. I love…..
Sanskar: You! Swara loves you more than anything in this whole world. She swears on you that she will never cross the threshold of this house.
Gadodia house:
Swara was sitting near the window and was looking at the moon.
Swara’s POV:
Why Sanskar? Why you did not let me speak anything for us? Why? I know I would had convinced baba. Life without you is miserable now. Why always me? Why always I have to sacrifice my love? Sanskar I nees you! You are my strength.
sanskar’s POV:

I know Swara you must be wondering why did I let you go. Why I had not stopped you. I know if I would have insisted you to not go,you would have never gone which would had made baba angry. He might had broken alk the ties with you. And I know after how many years you got back your baba. When we were together to expose Ragini, I had seen how badly you missed your father. I know your baba is your first love. Afterall ai dont want you, I want your happiness.
Next day:
The early sunrise brought with it a new ray of hope in their lives and gave them the strength they needed to overcome the past and move on.
Ragini: I am sorry Swara because of me again you lost your love.
Swara: No Ragini,its not you. It was the cirumstances. Atleast now I have a sister with whim I can share my life.
Ragini: But at the cot of lossing Sanskar. I wished yesterday had never came. Now I am suffering because of my deeds. With me you are also suffering.
Swara: I just want to smile again for sanskar. He always wanted me to smile. Even if I feel like breaking I cannot.
Ragini: Let us go in out in the fresh air.
They go out and reach a park. Ragini goes to bring chips while Swara seats on a bench. After sometime,someone comes and sits beside her. Swara turns and sees that he is none other than her Sanskar.She almost in verge of crying hugs him tight.
Swara: Why did you let me go Sanskar? Was the value of my love so little?
Sanskar: No because I know the value of your baba in your life.
Swara: But what about us?
Sanskar: When first I loved you, I knew it was impossible for you to love me back. I waited for your love. Like that we have to now wait.
Swara: Till when?

Sanskar: until baba changes his decision.
Swara: Which is impossible!
Sanskar: No Swara the day will soon come when we will unite.
Swara: Till then?
Sanskar: Till then we have to be away from each other.
Swara: I know you are doing all these for my happiness. But what about your happiness?
Sanskar: Your happiness is a part of mine.
Swara cries and hugs Sanskar. Her love for him had increased by his this step. Ragini comes there and gets happy seeing both of them. She was smiling while she got her father’s call who asked both of them to come ass soon as possible.
Ragini: Chalo Swara. Papa had called now. He is calling us back home. We have to go soon. Bye Sanskar.

Sanskar: Bye Ragini. Take care of my wife.
Ragini: She is my first.
Swara: No I am my maa’s Shona first.
All of them laugh. Swaragini comes back home.
Everyone needs love. Some starve for it while others get it for free. Swasan had been striving for it long. One of the hardest thing in the world is keeping your mouth shut when you want to say something. Swasan were trying to move on in their life but the fragments of the past confronted them.
Sanskar’ room:

The memories of her flah by in his mind. He wants to relive the moment again. He looks outside the window as he can see the faint light of dawn. It is today which is so different from yesterday. He comes out to his balcony. He see a small plant there which she had once planted there. Memories yet again begins to play hide and seek in his mind. His eyes get moist. He tries to hold back his tears. He runs his hand through the plant and notices that the flowers have started to bloosom. He realises that he is touching a life that once Swara had planted. He feels like he is touching his Swara,as if he is holding her fingers. The tiny branches slipa inside the gaps of his fingers in the same way she entwines her fingers into his. His tears make his vision unclear. He then waters the plant. He feels relaxed. He smiles.
Sanskar: Our love story had not yet finished Swara. We have to yet cover a milestone before reaching our destination. I know that we will unite for sure.
They both are bound by their stars to leave alone. They wanted to spend their day in darkness. They wanted to avoid romance but they found it more. Sometimes their heart bleeds. They always searched for something which can erase their memory. Even if they sleep,they wake up screaming at the nightmares. Life appeared worse than death.

Is this the end? Nah! Its just the beginning of life. Dont let life pass by you because any moment can be that moment which can change the rest of our life. Love is silent,unwritten,unbreakable by distance,unchangeable with time. We never define love. Love mean different to different peoples.
One definition of love which is universal is-“Love is an unifying power and it can bring people closer.”
As in every relation,their relation was also put to a test. They had an unfinished love story which gave them a purpose in life.

Hope you all like this story! I will soon try to upload the next part of my ff. And yes! Thanks Kritika, for uploading it on my behalf.

Credit to: JYOTII

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