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SwaSan One Shot : Rishte Bharose Ke By Goldie


Hii Guyz..Thnks fr the Such A Huge n Amzkng Response on My OS..It Means alot..Never thot of such an Amzing Response 😀😀. .Thnks alot..So nw seeing such an Amzing Response on OS thot to Write another OS on Previous Trck of Swaragini..I read this OS on One Page n thot to Write it in My Own Way wid My Ideas..Hope U Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below at the End of da Part :).

P.S : Read this OS on Some other SwaSan Page n I Liked it So Thot to Write it in My Style wid Some Big Changes..So No Issues Plzz..

••••••Rishte Bharose Ke••••••
••••••One Shot••••••

Its been 6 Month since SwaSan were Blamed fr Laksh’s Condition..Ragini Broke all Her Ties wid Swara n Shekhar Broke His Relationship wid Shomi n Blamed Jer fr Ayush’s Condition..As Time Passed Everyone were Bzy in their Own Life..Swara n Sanskaar along wid Ram,Sujata n Uttara Lived in Bose House wid Lifeless Sharmistha n His Son Ayush whjle Ragini Laksh n Shekhar Stayed in Gadodia House wid Dadi..Like anyother Day Swara was Bzy in Her House Work Like Preparing Brk Fast,Helping Sanskaar in getting Ready fr His Office n many other House Work inshort Swara was Perfect Bahu n A Daughter Yet Agn making Sujata n Ram Proud of Swara n Her Patience in Handling all the Situation Patiently n Smartly..

Swara : ( Calls Sanskaar fr Brk Fast ) Sanskaarr..Sanskaar ( Arranging Brk Fast on Table )

Sanskaar : ( Frm Room ) Aa Raha hu Swara..Wait..m getting Ready Only ( Murmurs ) Offo..Yeh Ladki na Sabar nhi hai usme..Bhagwaan hi bachaye mujhe iss Ladki se ( Chuckles )

Swara : ( Agn Calls ) Arrey Sabskaar jaldi aao..Come Fast na.Nashta Thnada horaha hai n moreover U r getting Late fr ur Office..Jaldi aao.. ( Bzy in Arranging Dining Table )

Sanskaar : ( Comes Out ) Arrey Aaraha hu Meri Maa..Coming.. ( Stands infront of Swara ) Lo..aagaya..Happy nw ??

Swara : ( Giggles ) Haa Happy..nw come have ur Brk Fast..U r alrdy Late ( Serves Brk Fast ) Aaj i made Ur Fav Brk Fast.. ( While Serving ) See Yr Fav Aalo Sabzi..U Love it na ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Excited ) Ohh Wow..Love U Swara.. ( Eats da First Bite ) Ahmm Wow..its soo Yummy..Love U .. ( Eats Happily)

Swara : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Sanskaar.. ( Serves Brk Fast in a Plate ) Accha U Eat Haa..Till then I will.Feed Maa n Come.. ( Teary Eyes ) pata nhi kab tak Maa will be like this..Jab se Baba chodke gaye hai Maa ko She has become Lifeless..Woh Jee toh rahi hai bt jst fr Ayush’s Sake..Na Hasti hai aur na Kisi se baath karti hai.. ( To Sanskaar ) Sanskaar M Worried fr Maa..Woh theek toh honjayegi na ?? ( Tensed )

Sanskaar : ( Stops Eating n Holds Swara’s Palms Assuringly ) Haa Swara..Theek hojayegi..U dnt take Stress..Have Trust on God..He will Sort all da MU soon..Ok ?? ( Consoles )

Swara : ( Composes Herself ) Haa..U r Right ( Wipes Her Tears ) Accha Ok..Leave all these..U Eat ut Brk Fast ( Takes Shomi’s Plate in Hand ) Main Maa ke Pass jaake aati hu ( Remembers Something ) Arrey Haa Sanskaar Mom Papa n Uttara Mandir gaye..They told Me to Inform U to Pick them Up n Drop them to Gupta Uncle’s House while U go to Ur Office..Inka Ghar Tumhre Office ke Raste main hi hai na isiliye..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ok Boss ..( Salutes n Chuckles )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Bas karo ( Hits Sanskaar’s Shoulder Playfully )..Eat nw.. Main Maa ko Khilalake aati hu ( Leaves )

Soon Swara Leaves fr Sharmishta’s Room wid Her Brk Fast while Sanskaar have His Brk Fast..As Swara Entered Sharmishta’s Room She saw Shomi Sleeping while Ayush Awake n Playing by Himself Laughing n Enjoying da Sun Rays Happily..Seeing Ayush Playing by Himself Swara Giggles n goes towards Ayush n Strts Playing wid Him making No Effect on Sleeping Sharmishta..

Swara : ( Giggles ) Awww My Chotu.. ( Goes towards Ayush ) Aap Playing karrahe ho Akele Akele ( Keeps da Food Tray on Table n Sits besides Ayush ) n dat too widout ur Didi Haa.. ( Tickles Slightly ) Thats nt Fair haa ( Pout Face ) Dekho na ( To Sleeping Sharmishta ) Maa Ayush is Playing widout Me..tell Him Something ( Shakes Shomi Normally ) Utho na Maa..Tell Ur Ladla something ( Pout n Shakes Shomi )

As Swara was Shaking Sharmistha Causually fr sometime Swara became Nervous n Bit Shocked seeing Shomi nt Replying to Her Making Swara More Scared n Worried..

Swara : ( Shakes 3 Times ) Maa..Utho..See yr Ladla.. ( Shakes Agn ) Maaa Utho naa.. ( Confused ) Maa ( Shakes Agn ) Maaa ( Worried n Goes to Shomi’s Side n Shakes Vigorously ) Maaa..Maaa Untho..Maaa.Kya hogaya aapko..Plzz Get Up..Maaa ( Cries ) Maaa ( Calls Sanskaar while Crying ) Sanskaarrr..Sanskaarr.. ( Shakes Shomi More ) Maaa Utho ( Cries Bitterly )

While Sanskaar was Eating His Brk Fast,He Hears Swara’s Scream frm Shomi’s Room n Heating Her Voice Sanskaar Immediately Left His Brk Fast n Ran towards da Room all Tensed n Worried..Soon He Reached da Room n was Shocked n Numb seeing Swara Crying Bitterly n Shaking Shomi Vigorously making Him Blank n Numb..

Sanskaar : ( Runs Towards Swara ) Kya hua Swara ? Y r u Crying ?? Aur Maa ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Crying ) Sanskaar dekho na Maa uth nhi rahi..She is Nt Responding to Me ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Uth nhi rahi matlab ? Bt Y ?

Swara : ( Still Crying ) Woh Sanskaar jab main Maa ke liye Brk Fast laayj toh ( Explains Everything ) n tabse M Shaking Her bt Maa is nt Responding ( Hugs Sanskaar Tightly n Cries ) Sanskaar..Plzz kuch karo..Plzz I dnt wanna Loose Maa..Plzzz ( Cries Bitterly )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked bt Composes ) Sshh..its Ok..Kuch nhi hoga Maa ko..Calm Down..Main abhi Ambulance bulata hu..U Sit wid Ayush Ha ( Consoles )

Soon Ambulance Comes n Takes Unconscious Sharmistha to da Hospital while Sanskaar Supports Lifeless Swara n Carries Ayush in His Arms n Heads towards His Small Car Making Ragini n Shekhar Shocked n Numb seeing Sharmistha n Swara in this State n B4 they cud React or Stop SwaSan,Ambulance along wid SwaSan Both Left the Badi Leaving Shekhar,Ragini n others Shocked n Numb..


2 Yrs Later

Bose Mansion

A Big Mansion Filled wid Laughter n Joy of A Small Yet A Cute Kid wid An Old Old Lady Running Behind da Kid Carrying A Glass of Milk in Her Hand All Tired n Pkeading da Boy to Drink da Milk in A Tiring State making da Kid n An Old Man Laugh n Enjoy the State of da Old Lady making Her Angry n Frustrated..

Old Lady : ( Fake Anger ) AYUSH.
…Stop it..Bahut hogaya apne Dadi ko satana..Nw Widout Wastjng any Time come Here warna U knw Wat i will do ( Smirks Winningly )

Kid : ( Innocently ) Ohh No..No No Dadi..Plzz dnt do that.. Ok ( Takes da Milk ) I will Drink da Milk nw ( Drinks da Milk ) See i Drank..Nw dnt tell Mumma Plzz.. ( Pout Face )

Old Lady : ( Pulls da Kid’s Cheeks ) Ok.Nw I won’t telll..Good Boy..nw Go n Play wid Ur Dadu ( Sees da Old Man Angrily )

Old Man : ( Innocently ) Ohh Come On SUJATA…Dnt Stare Me like that..Maine kya kiya ??

( Yes da Lady is Sujata Who Treats Ayush as His Son Grandson n Loves Him da Most too )

Sujata : ( While going to Kitchen ) Haa Haa..Aapne toh kuch kiya hi nhi..U did nt Spoil ut Grand Child na by ur Over Pampering it Me na who Alwyz Behaves Strict wid da Kid..Hai na ?. ( Angrily )

Ram : ( Giggles ) Accha Baba..Sorry..Maaf kardo..Ok nw Go n see Aaaj ke Shaam ki Preparations hui ya nhi..U knw na aaj ki Party is really Imp fr Us..n Especially fr THEM ( Teary Eyes )

Sujata : ( Teary Eyes too ) Haa Ji..Its really Important..Badi Mehnat ki hai dono ne aaj ke liye..Hope We get We want frm those MAHESHWARIS n GADODIAS..Bahut Apmaan Sehliya humne n Bahu kuch Gawa bhi diya nw its PAYBAK TIME ( Determined )

Ram : ( Determined too ) U r Right Sujata ( Sighs n Diverts da Topic ) Khair Leave all these..Go n Chk da Preparations..jab tak I will take Ayush Out wid Me so that U cn Chk all da Arrangements Properly..

Sujata : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Ji..

Ram : ( Laughs ) Ur Welcome Ji ( Leaves )

Soon Ram Left along wid Ayush while Sujata got Bzy in Preparations n Other Arrangements of the Party Fully Engrossed n Bzy in da Work Peacefully Yet Hurriedly..


Maheshwari Mansion

Time Passed n Everything in Maheshwari Mansion Changed..The Mansion wich Used to be Filled wid Happiness n Laugjter of its Members is nw Dull n Gloomy..The Ppl too Present in da Mansion were Silent n had Lost all its Charm n Glow..Durga Prasad Maheshwari whose Head alwyz used to be Up in Proud was nw Down wid Guilt n Eyes wich Used to Shine wid Pride Filled wid Tears of Guilt n Shamefullness..Annapurna Maheshwari who Used to Handle da Whole Mansion Happily n Pridely was nw all Dull n Guilt inside Her..Ragini n Laksh were Filled wid Pool of Guit Carving fr One Firgiveness frm their Loved Ones..Shekhar on the Other Hands was Like a Lifeless Body widout His Wife n Childern ( Swara n Ayush ) n Dadi On the other Hand was too Guitly n Ashamed of themselves..Everything got Changed in these 2 Yrs..Gadodias Shifted to MM due to Auction of Badi by An Newly Formed Famous Business Organisation..As all were Filled wid Guilt n Ashamed of themselves in One or da Other Way,Laksh Recieved A Call frm His PA informing them abt An Party Invitation making Laksh Confused n Shocked..

Laksh : ( Shocked ) What ?? Bt hw is this Possible ? Hw cn they ?? OK Fine..Accept the Invitation n Msg Me da Venue n Time..We will Reach da Venue on Time.. ( Cuts da Call )

DP : ( Confused ) Kya hua Laksh ?? Y r u soo Shocked ?? N kiska Invitation? ?

Laksh : ( Still Shocked ) Woh Papa..its Our PA Called who Called n Told ki Bose Family r Calling Us fr their Function..

Dadi : ( Shocked ) Bose Family ?? I mean those Who Snatched My Home fr Me ?? Woh Newly Rised Business Firm ? ( Confused )

Laksh : ( Nodes Yes ) Haa Dadi..They r da Same..

Dadi : ( Angrily ) Hw Dare they Call Us after Taking Our Shelter ?? Wat do they think of themselves Haa ??

Ragini : ( Calms Dadi ) Dadi Relax..Jo hogaya so hogaya..Maybe jo hua Sahi hu humare saath ( Teary Eyes )

Dadi : ( Shocked ) Laddoo ?? Y r u Saying like this ??

Ragini : ( Guilt ) Haa Dadi..Jo hua humare saath was Justified.. Coz humne jo bhi kiya tha 2 Saal Pehle Swara aur Sanskaar ke saath uske baad We Deserved this..

Shekhar : ( Teary Eyes ) Haa Maa..Watever i did wid Mishti was Wrong n maybe God has Punished Us fr that..Humne isdi Tarrah Mishti ko Ghar se nikala tha Yaad hai aapko ( astares Dadi wid Teary Eyes )

Dadi : ( Blank ) Shayad Shekhar U r Right..God has Punished Us fr Our Deeds Only..

Ragini : ( Composes Herself n Diverts da Topic ) Anywyz hona tha woh Hihaya fr nw We have to Decide ki r we going to Bose Function or nt ??

Laksh : Haa We r Going Ragini..I alrdy said Yes..Coz According to PA these Bose r Offering A Deal to Us..So Professionally We have to Attend..

DP : Haa Laksh..Waise bhi Humara Business is Facing Huge Loss since SANSKAAR Left Our Comp.n Today We have to Depend on Other’s Prohect fr Our Profit…. ( Teary Eyes ) Kash hum uss Waqt itna Majboor na hote toh aaj humara Pura Parivaar Ek Saath hota ( Guilty )

AP : ( Teary Eyes ) Pachtane ka koi Faida nhi hai..God knws Kiss Haal main hoge humare Bacche n Sharmistha Ji ko kya hua uss Waqt ? After that Incident They all r Vanished n phir aajtak No News abt that . Hope they r Fine.. ( Worried )

As AP was Telling abt SwaSan n Shomi,Shekhar n RagLak who were Listening it was More Shattered n Went to their Own Respective Rooms wid Teary Eyes making Dadi More Guilty n Ashamed on Herself seeing Her Kids in Pain wid Tears of Guilt Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop..


Bose Mansion

Night 9pm

Time Passed n its Night Guests Strtd Arriving in da Party..The Party fr wich all da Business Rivals n Partners were Waiting fr..Its da Most Imp n Most Awaited Party in da Business World even though its A Family Function..Soon Maheshwaris too Enters da Party wid Dadi n Shekhar making them all Awstruck n Shocked seeing da Decorations n da Arrangements..As all the Guests Arrived Parry Startd Ram n Sujata along wid Ayush Entered da Party wid Pride making Maheshwaris More Shocked n Numb..

AP : ( Shocked ) SUJATA !! ( To DP wid Teary Eyes ) Ji Dekhiye..Sujata n Dever Ji bt ( Confused ) Who is dat Kid wid them ?

Laksh : ( Confused ) Pata nhi Maa..Come Lets Meet Chacha n Chachi ( Teary Eyes ) I have Behaved V.Badly wid Them ( Guilt )

AP : ( Teary Eyes too ) Haa Laksh..

Soon All of them Headed towards Sujata n Ram n as all were Moving towards Them Ayush who was Coming wid RamTa Ram frm them to His Frnds making both Ram n Sujata to Laugh n Enjoy His Childhood..

Sujata : ( Calls Ayush ) Arrey AYUSH Beta..Sambhalke..Be Carefull.. ( Laughs ) Yeh Ayush bhi na Bahut Naughty hogaya hai ( Shakes Her Head Unbelievably )

Ram : ( Laughs ) Obiviously apne Baap pe jo gaya hai ( Chuckles )

Sujata : Haa..Right.. ( Giggles ) Come Lets Go ..Guests r Waiting fr Us..

Ram : Haa Come..Lets Go..

As Soon as RamTa Left frm thr Unnoticing Both Maheshwari n Gadodia Families,Both the Families Especially Shekhar was Shocked n Surprised seeing Ayush in front of Him wid Teary Eyes bt at da same Confused Hearing abt Ayush’s Father making Him Scared n Rising mny Questions in His Mind making Him Somewhere Shattered n Broken..

Shekhar : ( Shocked ) Maa..Woh Mera AYUSH hai ( Teary Eyes ) It mwans Mera aur Mishti ka Beettaa..Maa..He is My Ayush ( Shocked ) Bbt ( Intrerupted )

Dadi : ( Scared too ) i knw Shekhar wat u r thinking..Zaada mat soccho..Sharmistha aisa nhi karegi..She Loves U da Most She wont Forget U..Zarur kuch baath hogi.. ( Consoles )

Ragini : ( Consoles too ) Haa Baba..U dnt take Tension..Maa na aapko kabhi nhi bhulegi..Have Patience.. ( Worried too )

Soon all Consoled Shekhar n Entered in da Party n Stood n Attended da Party wid other Guests while RamTa were Bzy in Attending the Guests Happily.

Mr Verna : ( Smiles n Shakes Hands ) Hello Mr Ram BOSE..hw r u ??

Ram : ( Smiles n Shakes Hands too ) Hello Mr Verma..M Fine..Hw abt U ??

Mr Verma : Well Fine too..M Glad Finally its da Day U all were Waiting fr..I mean Finally ur its Ur DAUGHTER IN LAW’S BABY SHOWER..

Mrs Verma : Haa Mrs Bose..Congratulations..Iss din ka U were all waiting frm V Long Time ryt ? M Glad Finally Ayush is going to get His Lil Sibling Soon..

Sujata : ( Teary Eyes ) Thnks Mrs Verma..n Yes We were waiting fr this Day since da Day we Heard abt SWARA’S Pregnancy..n Y nt its da Second Child of Nxt Generation BOSE Family after Ayush..So its Obivious We all will be Excited.. ( Happy )

Mr Verma : Bt Mr Bose jaha tak i knw U were MAHESHWARI First na..den wat happenes suddenly ki U all Changed ur Surname frm Maheshwari to BOSE ?? N dat too its ur DIL’s Surname b4 Marriage..Didnt U feel Awkward fr Adopting Ur DIL’s Surname?

Ram : ( Teary Eyes ) Well Mr Verma its a Long Story n nt Important too Leave all these naa n ( Intrerupted )

As Ram was abt to Divert the Topic abt the Surnames,Sujata was wid too Teary Eyes Notices Maheshwari Family wid Anger n all da Past Insults n Incident Flashed in Her Mind making Her to Reveal da Truth naking Maheshwari Family Shocked n More Guilty n Ashamed wid Tears of Guilt Flowing frm their Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Sujata : ( Sees Maheshwari Family n Intreprupts Ram Confidently ) Well Bhaisahab..( Teary Eyes ) Sometimes Life Makes or Force Us to take Such Decisions..n wid Us also it happened da Same..Jab ( Sees Maheshwari Family ) AAPNE hi saath chodete hai n Parai apne bante hai na toh We r made to take such Decisions by Destiny..U knw wat Mr Verma We too had A Big n Happy Family bt One Day ( Sees Dadi Angrily ) Kisi ki Buri Nazer lagayi humare Family ko n Everything got Destroyed..Apne Log jisse ( Sees Maheshwari Family Agn wid Teary Eyes ) hum apne kehte the they did nt Trust Us..They Blamed Us fr wich were nt at Fault Only..n dat Day Our DIL’s Mother gave Us Support..So frm that Day itself We Adopted BOSE Surname..n Y wud We feel Awkward in it ?? After all Bahu ke Maike wale bhi APNE hote hai ( Proudly ) n M Glad ki We got SHARMISTHA Ji as Our Relative ( Teary Eyes )

Mrs Verma : Ohh We r really Sorry Mrs Bose..We did nt mean to Hurt was jst ki ( Intrerupted )

Sujata : Arrey No need to be Sorry or Feel Guilty Mrs Verma..I Understand Ur Doubts..Its Alryt.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Anywyz Lets Leave all these U Enjoy da Party..SWARA aur SANSKAAR aate hi hoge ..

Mrs Verma : ( Smiles ) Yes..Sure..

Soon RamTa Left frm their wid Teary Eyes by Ignored both da Maheshwari n Gadodia Family in Anger n Headed towards others Guests Leaving both Maheshwari n Gadodia Families More Guilty n Ashamed of themselves..Soon da Main Party Strtd n Lights went Dim n as Light went Dim A Magical Couple Holding Eachother’s Hands wid da Man Supporting n Holding His Wife Protectively n Securely Decended Down Happily making RamTa n Ayush Happy while Both Gadodia n Maheshwari Famiies were Overwhelmed n Happy seeing their Pride Coming Down Happily..

Ragini : ( Happy wid Teary Eyes ) SWARA… ( To Laksh ) Dekhiye na Laksh..Swara..Humari Swara kitni Pyaari lagrahi hai..m going to be MAASI..My Sister is going to become Mother..M soo Haply..i wqnna Hug Her n Cry My Heart Out Laksh..I wanna Apologise Her.. ( Teary Eyes )

Laksh : ( Teary Eyes ) Mee too Ragini.. ( Sees Happy Sanskaar ) I too wanna Hug My Bhai..n Apologise to Him fr all My Stupidity n Foolishness bt ( Intrerupted )

Ragini : ( Confused ) Bt Wat Laksh ??

Laksh : ( Teary Eyes ) Bt Ragini We cnt do all these nw ( Sees da Guest ) zaara dekho iss Party ko..Swara n Sanskaar nt any Normal Ppl nw..they The NO 1 BUSINESS TYCOONS in KOLKATA nw..If We do anything nw They wont Reply Us due to Media n Rivals..Its Better We talk to them after da Party ( Sees Ragini’s SadFace n Cupped Her Face ) I Knw Ragini U r Feeling Sad n Helpless Ragini Try to Understand..Agr abb hum kuch bhi Tamasha Create karege toj it will Effect Our Family only..Our Swara n Sanskaar will be in Prblm.. R u getting wat m telling ?

Ragini: ( Understands ) Haa Laksh..M getting ur Point ( Wipes Her Tears ) Dnt Worry Hum aise kuch nhi karege jisse Swara ko Taqleef ho.. ( Assures ) bt atleast cn I try to ( Sees Ayush ) Meet My Lil Brother ( Teary Eyes ) its been 2 YRS I Met My Brother..see na Kitna Bada hogaya hai woh ( Overwhelmed ) Plzz ( Pleading Eyes )

Laksh : ( Sighs ) Ok Remember dnt Create any Prblm fr Swara n Sanskaar..Ok ??

Ragini : ( Teary Eyes ) Pakka..

Laksh : Ok den Go..

As Ragini was abt to Head towards Ayush,Ayush who saw Swara n Sanskaar Ran towards dem Happily n Hugged in Happiness,Seeing Ayush Hugging dem Happily SwaSan to Hugged Him n Called Him as THEIR SON making Shekhar Dadi n Ragini Shocked n Confused..

Ayush : ( Runs Happily ) MUMMAM…PAPA ( Hugs SwaSan Happily ) Whr were U both Haa ?? I Missed U Both ( Pout Face )

Sanskaar : ( Bends Down ) Aww Mera ( Hugs Ayush Happily ) Champ We Missed U too ( Kisses Ayush’s Forehead Lovingly )

Swara : ( While Holding Her Baby Bump ) N Sorry Beta..Woh Actually Mumma Papa na were Bzy in Office Work..Sorry ( Holds Her Ears Cutely wid a Pout )

Ayush : ( Giggles ) Mumma Plzz if U dnt knw hw to Pout then Plzz dnt do it..More than Pout it looks like U r Making Faces in Fun ( Laughs )

Swara : ( Pout Agn ) Haaww.. ( To Sanskaar ) Sanskaar dekha apne Champ ko hw is He talking wid His Mumma ? ( Hits Sanskaar’s Shoulder Playfully ) All coz of U..Ur Over Pampering has made Him Badtammeez..V.Bad..

Sanskaar : ( Chuckles ) Ohh Come On Swara its nt Over Pampering its called My Love fr MY SON..n U cnt Stop Me frm Loving My Son ( Hi Fi Ayush ) Kyoun Hai na Champ ??

Ayush : ( Giggles ) Yes Papa ( Hi Fi Bak Sanskaar )

As both Swara n Sanskaar were Having some Cute Moments wid Ayush Happily RamTa were Admiringly them Happily while both da Maheshwari n Gadodia Families were in Full Shock n were Fully Blank n Confused seeing SwaSan’s n Ayush’s Bonding like a Child n Parents makint them More Confused n Shocked..Soon da Baby Shower Strtd n Swara n da Baby were Blessed by Everyone Present thr n Everyone Headed towards their Dinner n As Everyone Headed towards Dinner Ragini Finally Shooted all Her Questions n Soubts on SwaSan makinfmg both Swara n Sanskaar Shocked at First bt Later Fumed in Anger Remembering their Past..

Ragini : SWARA… ( Goes towards Swara ) Wats all these Swara ?? N Kaha thi tum itne Saalo tak ? Have U any Idea Hum sabki kya haalat thi ??

Laksh : Haa Bhai..We r really Sorry jo bhi hua 2 Saal Pehle..Aapke jaane ke baad We all came to knw da Entire Truth ki kaise Dadi,Adharsh Bhaiyyia n Pari Bhabhi ne Plan kiya tha sab agnst U n Swara..Plzz Maaf kardo..Trust Us Bhai wen We came to knw da Truth na We all were Ashamed n Guity on Our Acts..We all Missed U all..Plzz Maaf kardo Plzz ( Pleads )

AP : ( Teary Eyes ) Haa Beta Plzz i knw Maine aur tumhre Bade Papa ne jo kiya tha woh Sahi nhi tha bt Beta were Helpless that Time..Hum chahke bhi kuch nhi karsakte the..Plzx Maaf kardo Plzz ( Pleads too )

As Everyone were Pleading fr Firgiveness n Crying Bitterly Shekhar’s Teary Eyes were Seaching fr Sharmistha making Swara More Angry n Frustrated..

Swara : ( Angry ) Mr Gadodia..aap jisse Dhoond rahe hai na She wont be ( Teary Eyes n Holds Sanskaar’s Hands fr Support ) SEEN nw..She has GONE FOREVER Leaving all of US .. ( Hugs Sanskaar n Cries )

Shekhar : ( Stumbles ) Wwhaatt do u mean Shona ? Nhi Dhikhegi matlab ?? ( Scared )

Swara: ( Release da Hug ) Matlab yeh hain ( Sees Shekhar Angrily ) Mr Gadodia ki MAA IS NO MORE IN THIS WORLD..She LEFT MEE..AYUSH n Everyone in this World ( Cries Bitterly n Hugs Sanskaar Agn )

Shekhar : ( Shocked ) What r u telling Shona ?? R u in ur Senses ?? Jisske baare main u r talking this Nonsense is ur Maa..Hw cn u Speak such Rubbish abt Her Haa ?? (Angry )

Ragini : ( Angry too ) Haa Swara..Maa Hai woh hum Teeno ki woh so Hw cn U Talk Such Disgusting thing abt Her Haa ?? Didnt U feel Hurt while saying this ?? ( Stares Angrily )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Shut Up Ragini..Swara is nt Like too Act Normal even after trying to Kill someone ..She is Pure Hearted n Right nw Jitna Pain She is Sufferings na No One Here cn Feel it while saying abt Her Own MOTHER’S DEATH NEWS ( Sees Ragini’s n Shekhar’s Shocked Expressions ) Yes Ragini..Swara is Right..Sharmistha Naa Left US all 2 YRS Bak.. ( Teary Eyes )

Ragini/Shekhar : ( Shocked n Stumbles Bak ) WHAT!!

Ragini : ( Goes towards Swara Holds Her Shoulder ) Swara..Say this is Wrong..U r jst Pranking on Us na ?? Maa ne kaha hoga na to say all these coz She is Angry on Us..Hai na ? Bolo Na ( Shakes Swara n Swara Feels Pain ).

Sujata : ( Angry ) RAGINI ( Goes towards Ragini n Jerks Her Hands ) Stop it ( Angrily ) Cnt U see Swara is in Her Last Few Months..den Hw cn U Behave Like this wid Her. Haa ?

Ragini : ( Realized ) Mm ssoo Soorryy Chachi.. ( To Swara ) M Sorry Swara..Maaf kardo..Main toh bas ( Intrerupted )

Sujata : Main toh Bas kya Ragini ?? Do U think Swara is Shameless like U to Tell Lies in such Serious Matters ? No Ragini..She is nt Lying..She is Telling Truth..Sharmistha Ji is Really No More..She has LEFT Us 2 YRS Bak.. ( Cries )

Shekhar : ( Stumbles n Falls Down ) Bt Hw ?? Kaise ? ( Shocked )

Sujata : Jab Aapne Unhe Chodiya tha Sharmistha Ji was totally Lifeless..woh Na Hasti aur Na kisi se Baath karti thi..All She used to do this Do all Responsibilities towards Ayush n Swara..Alwyz used to Keep Herself Locked in Her Room. Swara ne bahut koshish ki to Bring Sharmistha Ji Bak bt She Failed..n Issi Depression ne Unke Dimag pe assar kardiya n She Passed Away ( Cries Bitterly )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Jiss Din Maa Ko Ambulance main lejaya gaya tha Ussi Din She Passed Away….

Hearing all these Both Maheshwari n Gadodia Families were Hell Shocked n Tears of Guilt Flowed frm their Eyes Continously making dem Feel More Ashamed n Guity on themselves..

Dadi : ( Guilt ) Swara..Its all coz of Me..I was soo Blind in My Anger n My Revenge ki I Destroyed Everyone’s Life..Plzz Maaf kardo Mujhe Beta..Plzz Come Bak.. ( Sees Ayush wid Teary Eyes ) Ayush ke baare main Socho..He needs A Father’s Supoort..I knw Sharmistha is nt in This World bt Father is thr na..Plzz Beta wapas aajao..Plzz ( Cries Bitterly )

Shekhar : Haa Beta.Plzz I wqnna Rectify My Mistake by Taking Care of Ayush n My Upcoming Grand Child Plzz Come Bak..Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Angry ) No..Nhi..Maine nhi aaugi..I cnt Live wid those Ppl who r da Reasons of My Mother’s Death..No way..( Cries Bitterly )

Ragini : Toh Kya karungi tum ?? Ayush ka kya hoga ? Uske baare main socha hai kabhi ?? Do U think after Ur Child is Born U cn take care of Ayush ?? Will U be able to Give Equal Love to both of them ? Its nt Easy Swara..yeh sab kehne ki baath hai..Real main its nt Possible..Think Wisely n Come ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Angry ) Accha U think I cnt give Love to Ayush n Mu Child na ? Ok Fine then Answer Me One thing..Did Maa ever Discriminate b/w U n Me ?? Tell Me ? Did She ever Love Me more n Loved U Less..Tum toh Janki Maa ki Beti thi na toh Yeh sab jante hue bhi did She Show any Partility ?? Tell Me ?, ..

Ragini Nodes No n Feels Guilty. .

Swara : then Hw cn U tell Me ki I will Discriminate b/w My Child n MY BROTHER..Tum toh Step thi Maa ke liye phir bhi She Loved U More dan Me na toh Hw cn I Be Partial b/w MY CHILD n MY OWN BROTHER..Tell Me ?? ( Angry ) Ayush is My SON..n Will Alwyz be n uske liye Me n ( Holds Sanskaar’s Hands ) Sanskaar Enough..After Maa Sabskaar Himself Took His Responsibility n M Proud of Him..Uske liye Me n Sanskaar Enough..He needs No One..Samjhe ?? ..We have No Relationship wid U all..We all r Happy together in Our Own World..We dnt need anyone else..Jao yaha se..Plzz Chalejao.Go AWAY…Jaao ( Screams )

As Swara was screaming Loudly Her Baby Bump Suddenly Felt A Miserable Pain n Clichéd Her Baby Bump in Pain making Everyone Shocked n Numb….

Swara : ( Feels Pain ) Aahhh ..Sanskaarr..Maa..Aahh ( Sweats )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) SWARA!!! ( Holds Swara b4 She Falls ) Swara..Unto..Swara.. ( To Ram ) Papa..Papa..Jaldi se Car nikal liye..Lagta.. ( Cries )

Ram : Haa Sanskaar..wait..( Leaves)

Ragini : ( Shocked ) SWARA!! ( Abt to Touch Her bt Stopped )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) RAGINI..Dnt U Dare Touch Her..Yeh sab aap sab ke Wajeh se hua..Pehle aapsab ne hum sabko bahut Taeef aur nhi..Agr aaj kuch bhi hua Meri Swara ko toh I Wont Spare U all..Yaad rakhiye aapsab ( Hell Angry )

Dadi : Sanskaar..Mind Ur Language..We all r Ur Family n We Elders to U..Hw cn U talk like this to Us Haa ?

Sanskaar : Aap toh cbup hi rahiye Dadi..Dnt U talk abt Relationships n its Value..wen U Urself did nt Respect Ur Son’s n His Wife’s Relationship den U dnt have Right to talk abt My Relationships wid Others..My All Ties wid U all were Broken dat Day itself we U all Blamed Me n Swara fr the Thing in wich We were nt in Fault only..Myn Laksh’s Relationship was Broken the Day He Bad Mouthed My Mother..He Accused My Mom’z Ip Bringing..That Day itself I Broke all My Ties wid Him n Swara too Broke all Her Ties wid U all wen Maa Died coz of U all..Sammjhe aapsab ? U ALL R NO ONE TO ME..NOR TO SWARA NOR TO ANYONE OF US.Plzz Go..Plzz JAO YAHA SE ( Angry )( To Sujata ) Maa U Plzz Bring Ayush in other Car wid U main Swara ko Papa ke Car main lejata hu..Ok ? ( Carries Swara in His Arm )

Sujata : Haa Beta..Go..Dnt Worry abt Ayush..He is wid Me only.. ( Consoles )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Thnks Mom.. ( Leaves )

Soon Ram Left n Sanskaar Carried Swara in His Arms n Headed towards da Hospital in da Car while Sujata along wid Ayush too Headed towards da Hospital in another Car Leaving Both Maheshwari n Gadodia Families Shattered n Broken wid Tears of Guilt.As Sanskaar n Everyone Left fr da Hospital both Gadodia n Maheshwari Famiies too Left fr da Hospital n as Soon as they Reached Hospital after 1 Hour all of them Heard A Cute Crying Voice of a Baby making Everyone Especially Sanskaar Soo Happy n Excited..Soon Doctor came Out wid a Baby Girl in Her Hand n Handed Her to Sanskaar making Sanskaar feel Immense Happiness n Overwhelmed..As Time Passed Swara was Fit n Fine n was Discharged frm Hospital n was going Home bt Yet Agn Ragini Laksh along wid DP,AP n Shekhar m Dadi came n Asked Forgiveness bt SwaSan n RamTa being Hurted Badly cud nt Forgive them n Left fr their Home wid Ayush n their New Born Baby Wid Teary Eyes n Stayed Happily Ever after Leaving Both Gadodia n Maheshwari Famiies Cry in Guit wid Tears of Shamefullness n Guilt Rolling frm their Eyes Continously n Non Stop…

“Lots Of Things Can Be Fixed.But Many Times, Relationships Between People Cannot Be Fixed, Because They Should Not Be Fixed . Because Fixing Them Myt Decrease The Differences But The Memories Still Stays Fresh In Mind Which Can’t Be Forgiven And As A Result It Destructs The Relationships More”…

Everytime A Happy Ending Is Nt Necessary..Sometimes Circumstances Leads to A Sad Ending too 🙁


The End

Hayyee..Finally Done wid Another OS…Hope u all Liked it..I knw da Concept is on Old Trck bt cud nt Stop Myself on Writing on this Trck after Reading One OS on other Page wid My Ideas..So Hopefully I have Justified da Trck *FingersCrossed*..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz OS :)..


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