Swasan one shot – I love my secret admirer

Scene opens in a big bunglow in kolkata . (So guys comeon lets go inside it )
We see a beutiful room coloured with pink and a big photo of a beautiful girl on one of the wall . Hey guys, we know the girl . She is none other than our swara . But where is she ???? Lets search for her .
We can see our angel standing in the balcony and talking with someone .
Swara (excitedly)- Ragu … I am very excited …
Ragini – u say this everyday …
Swara (happily)- bcoz u know na how much I am exited to read that letter from MY SECRET ADMIRER .
Ragini – ok…. ok….
Swara – ragu …. Don’t be late like everyday .. we have to reach college asap …
Ragini – achha madam ji …. bcoz of u we two became the first two students who reaches college everyday before 1 hour .
Swara – plz ragu stop ur blabbering … and plz pack ur bag and reach to college . I am coming .
Ragini – phele phone toh rakho (first hang up the call ) .
Swara smiles and hangs up .


At college
Ragini had already reached there waiting for swara . Just then a White audi arrives . Swara comes out of her white audi . Swara goes to ragini .
Ragini (gives a sign of relief )- finally u came . I was just waiting for u .
Swara (impatiently )- letter aa gaya kya ?????
Ragini – wait … I’ll check .
Ragini goes to the post box outside the college and takes out a pink envelope from the box and gives it to swara . Swara immediately took the letter or we can say snatched the letter from ragini . She immediately opened the envelope and took out the letter .

************inside the letter **********

Hello angel how are you ???? Waise I know u are fine . Today u are looking like a princess . Waise u everyday look like a princess . BUT why have u tied ur hair I a side ponytail . U look good with open hair only . Waise I don’t judge person by their personality I judge prerson by their heart. Ur personality is awesome lets see how is ur heart . I will soon arrange OUR meeting .

Ur secret admirer


Swara jumps happily and hugs ragu .
Ragini (suprised by her sudden hug) – what happened swara ????
Swara – he is arranging our meeting . Yipeeee !!!!!!
Ragini breaks the hug .
Ragini – ok…. bas … bas …. after meeting that ”secret admirer” u will forget ur ragu …
Swara – never … how can I forget my bestie …
Ragini – really …
Swara nods yes and both share a bestie wala hug and goes inside the college .

Guys first take a small character sketch of characters .
Swara maheshwari – daughter of richest businessman in whole kolkata . Loves money . Doesn’t believe in ”love” . But she don’t know what destiny had written for her . Some ”secret admirer” regularly send her letter and post it in the post box outside the college . Swara unknowingly started loving that secret admirer .
Ragini bose – the best frnd of swara . She is having not much role in the story .

The character of secret admirer will be revealed later .


Inside the college campus .
Both swaragini were going inside their class. When swara bump into a boy . Swara was about to fall when boy holds her . Boy smiles seeing swara bit swara makes disgusting faces unnoticed by boy. Boy makes her stand and left from there .
Ragini (enquires swara ) – why u were making faces seeing him ???
Swara (again make faces ) – don’t take his name in front of me …. so called SANSKAR SHARMA …. what a disgusting surname … he is son of a farmer … chiiiii ….
Ragini eyes him angrily .
Ragini (little anger) – why u always talk about money ???? If ur secret admirer would be poor then … u will leave him …
Swara – firstly I don’t think so he would be poor …. but if he would be poor then I will DEFINITELY leave him ….
Swara leaves from there.
Ragini (looks upwards towards the sky )- plz god … make her understand that everthing is not money ….. A word called LOVE also excist in this world …
Ragini also leaves from there .


Character sketch
Sanskaar sharma – a son of farmer . Lives in hostel with his best frnd lakshay . Studying in this college bcoz of financial help of lakshya’s father .
Lakshya gadodiya – bestest frnd of sanskaar . Son a of a rich businesss .
Here In sanskaar’s side
Sanskaar was talking with lakshya .
Lakshya – why u loves HER so much yaar ????
Sanskaar (annoyed with lakshya queries) – why u everyday says this only ??
Lakshya – bcoz I can see in her eyes that how she hates u …
Sanskaar (angrily ) – just shut up lucky….. she hates me bcoz I am little stupid … but when I will tell her that I am her secrert admirer that she will definitely start loving me … (yes guys sanskaar is only swara’s secret admirer . )
Lakshya – no… bhai … she can’t love a POOR … a son of a farmer .. she only loves money … try to understand …
Sanskaar (angrily hold his collar ) – I can’t listen a word against my swara .
Saying this sanskaar angrily leaves from there .

At class
Swasanraglak are in same class .
Professor – tomorrow is a party on the occasion of our college completing 25 years . So I hope u all will attend It .
All – yes sir ….
Bell rings and college is over. Swaragini also and sanlak leave from there .

At sanlak’s side
Sanskaar – yippee .. Tomorrow I will propose her …
Lakshya – but u know know na she hates u …
Sanskaar – but she love secret admirer ….
Lakshya – try to understand… s…
Sanskaar angrily keeps a finger on lakshay’s lips and says – not a word against my angel …
Sanskaar angrily left from .
Next day at college …
As usual swara got the letter and opened started reading it .
*********inside the letter *********************
Hey angel…. how are u …. u know what today is party in ur college I mean in our college …. i know u are suprised but its true that I studies in ur college on only . And I will propose u today .

Ur secret admirer


Swara becomes exited .

Sanskaar was seeing all this from a distance and smiles seeing her .

Sanskaar’s pov …
My angel … u know what I love u from day1 when I saw in the college …. but I brushed my thoughts becoz my first priority is my studies …. but when I was neither able to control my feeling nor able to propose u then I started writing u these letters . Seeing ur good response I satrted writing these letters everyday . Now finally I will propose u .
Pov ends .

In the party
Sanskaar is impatiently waiting for her angel to arrive .
swara arrives there in a blue and cream party gown with diamond earings and her hair left open bcoz his prince charming likes her in open hairs . Her beautiful big eyes were searching for her secret admirer .
Swara (keeps hand on her forehead) – swara … why are u searching for ur prince charming u doesn’t know him ???? And where is this ragini … I know she would be somewhere cahtting with her frnds …. (fakely cries) I am none to her na .. .
Sanskaar smiles seeing her antics .
Sson the party got over .(I don’t want to drag the party bcoz much more is there in the story .) Swara till now is not able to search for her peince charming . But suddenly lights goes off. Everyone becomes shock . A spot light falls on swara . Another spot light falls on a boy wearing a blue suit who is comong down the stairs which is little diatance from swara . Swara tries to figure out who is the boy . Slowly slowly his face vecame clear and he is none other than our sanky. He goes near swara and bends on his knees making swara shock and confused .
Sanskaar – Today my wait is over . I am finally going to propose u swara. From the first day I saw u I gave my heart to you . I became urs forever . And I want u to be mine forever . Are u ready to be mine forever ???? Are u ready to become SWARA SANSKAAR SHARMA ???
As soon as she heard the surname ”sharma ” only one word came from his that is ”yuk ” .
She shouted on the top of her voice – yuk…. what u said SWARA SANSKAAR SHARMA … iuu … how can u think that I can a marry a boy like u … poor sanskaar sharma … yak … keep ur sanskaar with u and be in ur m limits … u go and do ”kheti” (work in fields) like ur father … dumbo !!!!!
Swara left from there leaving a disheartened sanskaar . She doesn’t gave a chance to sanky to tell her that he is only the ” secrert adnirer ” . This whole act is seen by two pairs of eyes who knows that sanskaar is only swara’s secret admirer . And they are raglak . Yes guys ragini knows that sanskaar is swara’s secrert admirer. Actually rags and lucky are lovers . And lakshya told ragini about this so ragini knows from day 1 that sanskaar is swara’s secret admirer . Ragini is the one who told lakshya that swara gives importance to money more than love. Ragini is the frnd of swara from childhood . In childhood , swara was not all like this but shekhar made her daughter like HIM .
Raglak goes to console lakshya .
Leap of 1 week
Swaragini’s frndship broke bcoz ragini supported sanskaar . Broken sanskaar stop writing letter to swara . Now swara is all alone in this world without her bestie and secrert admirer .
One day …
In hostel
Sanskaar – lakshya I am going back to my village….. as ”angel ” said I have to go and do ”kheti ” in my fields .
Lakshya is hell shocked bcoz after so much insult also sanskaar is adressibg swara as angel .
Lakshya – are u sure u are going back???? Means u want to be a cardiologist .
Sanskaar – no…. I am going back….
Saying this sanskaar left from there to talk to the principle .

Here in swara’s mansion
Swara’s pov
Why I am feeling very restless today ??? Why I am feeling as if someone very imp person in my life is going far away from me ??? But now no one is left in my life neither my bestie nor my secrert admirer . I understood that how much I LOVE MY SECRET ADMIRER . I know the word ”love ” is not in my dictionary . But I can’t ingnore the fact that I am in love with my secret admirer . ( suddenly Something struck in her mind ) That secret admirer was also going to come in that party . But why he doesn’t came on that day . I have to find out . I think so he left seeing SANSKAAR proposing me . (Again something stricked I her mind ) kahin sanskaar … KAHIN SANSKAAR HI TOH MERA SECRERT ADMIRER NAHI (If sanskaar is only my secret admirer )
Pov ends .
She immediately ran from there to the hostel . As swara is shekhar’s daughter she got entry in the hostel . She goes to sanlak room but she was late . Sanskaar already left from there and lakshya was gone to Railway Station to bid her bye . Swara immediately ran to railway startion .

At railway station …..
Swara was serching for sanskaar in the train which goes to his village. SHe sees lakshya stnading at the platform . She immediately goes to him . Lakshya was shocked to see swara there .
Lakshya (shocked ) – swara … u here .. what are u doing here …. (angrily ) jao aur ash karo apne banglow main … jao aur ghoome apni badi badi gadiyon main (go and enjoy in ur bunglow … go and enjoy in ur big-big cars ) niw ur secrert admirer had gone far away from u…. he will never return …
Swara was shocked to listen about her secrert admirer .
Swara – what do u mean ????
Lakshya – sanskaar is going away from u … ur SECRERT ADMIRER is going away from u ….
Swara was hell shocked . Her whole world became upside down . She had insulted her love and her secrert admirer . The person who taught him the meaning of love.
Swara (folds her hand ) – lakshya … plz tell me … plz …. where is he ???? I love him …. I LOVE MY SECRET ADMIRER …
Lakshya was shocked.
Lakshya (cries ) – he got in the train in that boogie (poiting towards a boogie ) go and stop him swara …. only u can stop him …. go …..
Swara immediately goes and got into the train . She searches for sanskaar . Finally she got him . He was keeping his luggae on the top corner of the train . Swara goes and hugs him from behind. Sanskaar get shocked an turns to see the person .
Sanskaar (shocked ) – swara …..
Swara – yes me …..
Swara slaps sanskaar . Sanskaar became more shocked . But swara hugs him again .
Swara (cries hugging sanskaar ) – u are very bad sanskaar …. after I insulted u … u can come and slap me … but no… tumhe toh accha banne ki aadat hain na … (sanskaar slighly smiles ) u can come and tell me that u are only my secret admirer but no…. u are very bad …. u know what sanskaar I never believed in love … I only believed in money …. but u I mean secret admirer taught me the meaning of love …. and without taking credit u were going ….
sanskaar (still in the hugging position)- so what is my credit ????
Swara – I HATE U …
Again sanskaar became shocked. (Swara bechare ko kitna shock karogi heart attack aa gayega bechare ko ???)
Swara continues – BUT I LOVE MY SECRET ADMIRER …..
Sanskaar gave a sign a relief . Suddenly the train starts . Sanskaar is shocked .
Sanskaar – u should go now ….
Swara – no …. I will also come with u …
Sanskaar – but how can u live in village ???
Swara – I can live anywhere but on one condition I should be with u ……
Sanskaar – ok … so chalo mere saath … I will make u SWARA SANSKAAR SHA..

Sanskaar was about to say his Surname when he gulped in fear bcoz he remembered his proposal .
Swara completes sanskaar’s sentence – SWARA SANSKAAR SHARMA ….
Both laughs and screen freezes on their laughing face .



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