SwaSan (One Shot) Jaana Na Dil Se Door By Goldie


Hii Guyz..Bak wid another One Shot..It was another Wish by @Piya_SwaSanian fr Winning da Last Segment..Tried My Level Best to Make it Entertaiing..Hope u all Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below at the End 🙂

#Jaana_Na_Dil_Se_Door ( One Shot )

Maheshwari Mansion

A Beautiful Yet A Simple Classy Mansion was seen whr A Couple were seen Making Live Passionately Moarning Eachother’s Name Pleasurely were da Girl was Engrossed Deeply in Her Own World Sensing His Touch while da Man was Bzy Pleasuring His n Hers Inner Desires making both of them Lost in their Own Beautiful World More Deeply n Passionately..

Girl : ( Moarning ) Aahh Ummm SANSKAAR Slowly Plzz..Its Hurting.. ( Blushes )

Sanskaar : ( Smirks Naughtily ) Naah SHONA…U were Away frm Me da Whole Day so Punishment toh milna chahiye na.. ( Kisses Her Nape )

Swara : ( Enjoys ) Umm Bt Plzz Sanskaar .Slowly..M Sorry..bt U jad only Send Me na to Maa’s House i was Denying only..toh main kya karti..( Moarns Agn )

( Sanskaar Maheshwari : A Young
.Handsome Business Man..Loves His Wife SWARA MAHESHWARI more dan anything in da World..n Still Misses His EX Girl Frnd KAVITA..bt Never Let His Past Effect His Future..A Honest n A Kind Hearted Man..

Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari : Lovely n Kind Hearted Girl..Loves Her Husband Sanskaar Deeply..Her World Strts n Ends wid Her Husband only..Sweet n Simple Housewife..)

As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Deeply Lost in their Own Beautiful World,Sanskaar’s Phone Rings Disturbing their Beautiful Moment making both Sanskaar n Swara Irritated n Blush Respectively..

Sanskaar : ( Irritated ) Huh..Who da Hell is this at this Time yaar.. ( Sees da Phone ) Arghh this Laksh na ( To Swara ) Ur this Jiju na wont let me Spend My Time wid My Wife..Kabab main Haddi ( Makes Faces )

Swara : ( Giggles ) Sanskaar ( Hits Sanskaar’s Bare Chest ) Dnt U Dare tell anything abt My Jiju..He is soo Sweet.. ( Smiles ) Di is V Lucky to get Him ( Fake Anger ) Ok ?

Sanskaar : ( Makes Faces ) Sweet ?? N Laksh ( Laughs n Wears His Dress ) Ur Jiju i.e Laksh? No Never…He is soo Cruel..Khud toh Kaake baitha hai apni Wife ke saath Holiday pe gaya hai Leaving Me to Handle this Stupid Meeting..n In These Time watever Free Time i get to Spend wid U ..Ur Swwet Jiju cum My Cruel Frnd Disturbs Us…Hw Bad ( Irritated n Combs His Hairs )

Swara : ( Feel Aww ) Aww My Cutey Husband ( Wraps Herself in A Sheet n Bak Hugs Sanskaar ) Dnt Worry..Wen U Come Bak frm Meeting na..I will Make Ur Day Good..Will Cook Ur Fav Dishes..Ok ?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ok.. ( Turns n Oecks Swara’s Forehead ) Nw Let Me Go..Meeting will Begin anytime..Bye ( Leaves )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Bye..

Soon Sanskaar Leaves fr His Meeting while Swara Gets Freshen Up n Gets Herself Bzy in Her Daily Routine..


2 Dayz Later

Days Passed n Love b/w SwaSan keeps Increasing n their Understanding too making both Swara n Sanskaar to Fall fr Eachother More n More..Like anyother Day Sanskaar was in His Office Working on Laptop wen all of a Sudden A Storm Entered His Life Shaking Their Life Upside n Down..

Girl : ( Knocks ) May I Come In Sir..

Sanskaar : ( Working on Laptop ) Yes Come In…

Girl : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Sir…

As soon as da Girl Entered da Room,Sanskaar who was Bzy in His Work was All Shocked Hearing da Voice n Immediately Looked at the Girl making both da Girl n Sanskaar Numb n Shocked wid Tears of Shockedness Flowing frm their Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) K.A.V.I.T.A

Kavita : ( Shocked too ) SANSKAAR!! ( Teary Eyes ) Ttuumm..( Blank )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes too ) Kavita? ( Hugs Immediately ) Kaha gayi thi tum? U knw hw Lifeless I was wen I Heard U r No More in this World after dat Incident.. ( Hugs More Tightly ) Thnk God U r Safe… ( Closes His Eyes Tightly )

Kavita : ( Hugs Bak ) M Sorry Sanskaar…bt i was Helpless..i was Forced to Marry Someone else..n to Separate Us My Parents Faked My Death Drama..n Got Me Married to someone else ( Release da Hug n Composes Herself ) n nw after 3 Yrs Of My Marriage Me n My Husband got Divorced.. ( Wipes Her Tears ) Anywyz U tell hw r u ? Shaadi ki ya nhi..( Hesitates )

Sanskaar : ( Realizes abt Swara n Fumbles ) Wwoohhh..Haa..M Married..My Dad’s Best Frnd ki Daughter Hai SWARA GADODIA..

Kavita : ( Sad ) Ohh..Congratulations..Hope U r Happy wid Ur Married Life.. ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Awkward ) Haa..Woh Actually ( Intrerupted )

Kavita : ( Smiles Sadly ) Its Ok Sanskaar. I understand..After all U also have A Life..kabtak U will Wait fr Me..Zindagi kisi ke liye nhi rukti..it goes On..n M Happy U r Happy in Ur Life.. ( Fake Smile )

Sanskaar : ( Diverts da Topic ) Thnks..Accha U tell Me wat r u doing here..any Wrk ?

Kavita : Haa woh Job ke liye aayi thi. Its My First Day Here as Ur PA..bt i never knew i wud be Appointed as Yr PA..

Sanskaar : Ohh..So its U who is Appointed as My PA..Its Ok..Np..Its Good to see U here after a Long Time.. ( Smiles )

Kavita : ( Smiles too ) Yaa..U r ryt..Accha Anyeyz..U tell Me My Wrk..I will Strt frm Today itself ..

Sanskaar : Haa Ok..Come..( Gets Bzy in Explaining Kavita Her Wrk )

Soon Sanskaar got Bzy in Explaining Kavita Her Wrk While Kavita was too Bzy in Her Wrk..Days Flew Agn n The Awkwardness b/w Kav-San Decreases n da Differences b/w SwaSan Increases making Swara feel Bad n Sad.

Swara : ( Smiles ) Sanskaar..

Sanskaar : ( Bzy in His Mobile ) Haa Swara…( Chking Mails )

Swara : Woh Sanskaar..its been Dyz We did nt Spend Time together..So i was thinking Lets Watch A Movie Tonight..Kal waise bhi Sunday hai.So We cn Spend some together Tonight Hai na?..( Excitedly )

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Ahmm Swara Actually nt Today Plzz..M Hell Tired..Jst wanna Sleep nw.Aaj na Office main bahut Kaam tha.So M really Tired..Some other Day we Plan..n Waise Kal I have an Important Meeting too..

Swara : ( Confused ) Sunday ko kaunsi Meeting Sanskaar? ( Pout )

Sanskaar : Sorry Yaar..bt Its an Important Meeting wich cnt be Denied..Sorry..Anywyz ( Lays Down on Bed ) Good Night Haa.. ( Covers Himself wid Blanket n Sleep )

Swara : ( Feels Bad ) Haa Ok..Good Night..( Teary Eyes n Lays Down Too )( Monologue ) U have Changed Sanskaar..U r nt My Sanskaar whom I Loved..n Who used to Love Me..Wat happened suddenly Sanskaar? Y r U Avoiding Me Suddenly? Its Hurting Sanskaar..Its Hurting Badly ( Closes Her Teary Eyes n Sleeps while Weeping )

As Sanskaar Slept making an Excuse,Swara too Sleeps wid Teary Eyes Feeling Lonely wid Tears of Sadness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously Yet Silently..

Saara Din Bit Jaaye, Saari Raat Jagaaye
Bas Khayal Tumhara, Lamha Lamha Tadpaaye
Yeh Tadap Keh Rahi Hai Mit Jaaye Faasle
Yeh Tere Mere Darmeyaan Hai Jo Saare

Ik Dooje Se Hue Judaa Jab Ik Dooje Ke Liye Bane
Teri Meri Baaton Ka Har Lamha Sab Se Anjaana
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye
Har Ehsaas Mein Tu Hai Har Ik Yaad Mein Tera Afsaana
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye
Teri Meri, Meri Teri Prem Kahani Hai Mushkil
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye..


1 Week Later

Dayz Passed n it was Karwa Chauth Day n As Usual Swara like Every Yr Kept Fast this Yr too fr Sanskaar n was Admring Her Husband having His Brk Fast wid Love n Affection making Sanskaar feel Strange n Awkward..

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Swara.wat r u looking at? Haven’t U seen Me b4 or wat.. ( Avoiding Swara ) Have ur Brk Fast na Silently.. ( Makes Faces )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Mm Sorry..Woh Actually Today is My Fast fr U..Karwa Chauth hai na Isiliye cnt Eat Anything b4 seeing Moon Tonight..

Sanskaar : ( Causually ) Ohkk..( Wiping His Face ) Anywyz..M Done wid My Brk Fast..M Leaving fr Office..Bye. ( Abt to Leave bt Stopped )

Swara : Sanskaar Ek Min.. ( Sanskaar Turns Bak n Asks Wat ) Woh Actually Come Soon at Evening..U need to Brk My Fast na..Isiliye..( Fake Smile ).

Sanskaar : ( While Leaving ) Ok..Wjll Try..Cnt Promise coz aaj bhu Important Meeting Hai Office main..So if M Late U Brk Ur Fast..Dnt Wait fr Me..Ok ? Chalo nw Bye..Gtg ( Leaves Hurriedly )

As Sanskaar Left,Swara who felt Bad on Sanskaar’s Cold Behaviour n Ignorance Felt Pain in Her Heart n Bursted Out Crying Letting Out All Her Pain n Tears frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Ik Dooje Se Hue Judaa, Jab Ik Dooje Ke Liye Bane
Teri Meri, Meri Teri Prem Kahani Hai Mushkil
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye

Teri Meri Baaton Ka Har Lamha Sab Se Rangjaana
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye
Har Ehsaas Mein Tu Hai, Har Ik Yaad Mein Tera Afsaana
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye…


Night 9pm

Its 9 in da Night n Swara had already m Composed Herself frm Morning Incident n was Waiting fr Sanskaar to Brk Her Fast since Last 1 Hour..As Swara was Waiting fr Sanskaar Restlessly,She Kept on Dialing His Number Continously bt on nt getting any Reply Swara was Scared n Restless wid Negative Thots Roaming in Her Head Continously n Non Stop..

Swara : ( Restlese ) Y is Sanskaar nt Picking Up His Phone ? ( Dials Agn Bt No Response ) Since Last 1 Hour m Trying His Phone bt He is nt Answering.. ( Worried ) Hope Everything is Fine.. ( Prays ) Bhageaan Ji plzz Mere Sanskaar ki Rakhsha karna..M Feeling Very Restless Today..dnt kne Y.. ( Hell Restless )

While Swara was Restlessly Dialing Sanskaar’s Number Continously,His Phone was Picked Up making Swara Relieved bt b4 She cud Speak or Answer something Her Whole World Turned Blank n Numb Hearing da Conversation of Other Side wid Tears of Shockedness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously..

Kavita : ( Moarning ) Aaoow Sandkaar Slowly Yaar..Ur Kissing Me Hardly..See My LIPS r Bleeding..Coz of U.. ( Blushes )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Haa toh Itne Yrs U were Away frm Me do uska Revenge leraha hu main..After all U r My FIRST LOVE.. ( Kisses Agn )

Kavita : ( Kisses Bak ) Waise Sanskaar..Today is Karwa Chauth I guess..n As U r Martied Ur Wife myt have kept Fast fr U na..So i guess U shud Go to Her..She myt be Waiting fr U.. ( Feels Bad )

Sanskaar : ( Makes Faces ) No Kavita..I dnt wanna Go..Wen U r Here..Hw cn I Leave U n Go..n rahi Baath Meri Wife ki toh I told Her I have an Important Meeting Today too.so wont be Able to come..n U cn Brk Ur Fast..n abhi tak usne todliya bhi hoga Fast..

Kavita : Bt Sanskaar phir bhi..She is ur Wife n being Ur Wife She Expects something frm U..n Especially Today wen its such A Spcl Day fr all Married Women..So i think U shud ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Kisses Kavita’s Lips Agn ) Offok Kavita..Plzz Stop Talking abt Swara yaar..Here i wanna Spend My Time wid U n U r talking abt Her..Leave Her..She is too Boring nw dyz..Pata nhi Mera Dil nhi lagta uske saath..So Let Her be in Home..n Enjoy Her Lonliness n Let Us ( Smirks Naughtily ) ENJOY HERE by Spending OUR Spcl Moments Together ( Giggles )

Kavita : ( Blushes ) Sanskaar..bas karo..Hw Shameless U R..thr Ur Wife is Waiting fr U n Here U r ( Laughs ) Enjoying wid Me..Naughty Boy ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Chuckles ) Abb kya kare Madam wen Bahar wali is soo S*x* toh Ghar wali ko kaun yaad rakhega ( Pulls Kavita More Closer ) Come na Jaan Lets Enjoy..m Carving fr U ( Kisses Agn )..

Kavita : ( Huskily ) Come na..Who is Waiting fr U ( Blushes n Kisses Bak )

As Kav-San were Enjoying their Spcl Moments Together Unaware of da Fact Swara Listeningto them Engrossed in their Spcl Moments Deeply Moarning Eachother’s Name Pleasurely,Swara on the Other Hand was Really Shattered n Broken on Hearing Her Husband Cheating on Her..She immediately Composes Herself n Ran towards His Office nt Believing Her Ears..Soon Swara Reached Sanskaar’s Office n was Shocked Seeing Kav-San in an Intimate Position Kissing Eachother Brking All Her Beautiful Dreams into Pieces Leading Her to Faint on da Spot making A Loud Noise nthing Kav-San into Senses n Shocked..

Kav-San : ( Shocked ) SWARA..

Kavita : ( Scared ) Sanskaar..wat is Swara doing here? ( Guys Kavita saw Swara’s Photo in Sanskaar’s Mobile thats Y She knws its Swara )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked too ) Ii dnt knw Kavita..Swara Here..Ohh God..It means She saw Us ( Sweats )

Kavita : ( Scared ) Ssanskaar..First Lets see Her..She Fainted…Leave All these n Call Doctor Fast..

Sanskaar : Haa..Kavita U do one thing..U Call Doctor n i will take Swara Home..U bring Doctor thr only..Ok ?

Kavita : Haa Ok..U Go..

Soon Kavita Leaves fr Calling Doctor while Sanskaar Carried Swara to His Car n Headed towards their Home wid Full Guilt n was Ashamed of Himself seeing Swara in this State..As Sanskaar was Driving da Car He Reminisces His Spcl Moments wid Swara..their Love Making Scns…Swara’s Blushness..Her Care..Her Concern..Everything Flashed in His Mind making Him Feel More Guilty n Ashamed of Himself..

Sanskaar : ( Guilty ) Ohh God Sanskaar..wat have U Done? U were Cheating Swara? Who Left Her Everything fr U..Who Left Her Parents n came to U..hw cn U Cheat Her like this..Damn..She Loved U like anything n in Return U were going to Cheat Her..She ( Sees Unconscious Swara ) kept Fast fr U Today n U ( Feels Ashamed of Himself ) Hw Cheap n Shameless U r Sanskaar..Shame on U ( Feels Disgusted on Himself )

While Sanskaar was Lost in His Own Thots,They Reached their Home n Sanskaar Immediately Carried Swara in His Arms n Headed towards their Room n made Her Lye on Bed Properly wid Full Love n Care wid Tears of Guilt Flowing frm His Eyes Non Stop..Soon Kavita brought Doctor n made Swara Chkd,While Both Sanskaar n Kavita Stood Outside da Room wid Full Guilt n FeltAshamed of themselves..As Both Kav-San were Lost in their Guilt,Doctor came Out wid A Strange Expressions on His Face making Kavita especially Sanskaar More Scared n Restless..

Sanskaar : ( Restless ) Doctor..Hw is Swara ? Is She Fine ? Koi Khabranj ki baath toh nhi hai na? She is Fine ryt..Boliye Doctor ( Scared )

Doctor : ( Smiles ) Relax Mr Maheshwari..Thr is nthing to Worry..bt Infact thr is a News fr getting Happy..

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Wat do u mean Doctor ? Plzz tell Me Clearly..M soo Scared ( Scared )

Doctor : Oh No No Mr Maheshwari No need to get Scared..coz Mrs Maheshwari is Perfectly Fine..bt She is ( Intrerupted )

Kavita : ( Scared too ) Swara is wat Doctor? Plzz tell Fast ( Teary Eyes )

Doctor : Ohh Come on Both of Plzz Stop Panicking..N Listen Me First..then U cn Speak watever U want..

Kav/San : Sorry..( Teary Eyes )

Doctor : Its alryt..So I was telling Mrs Maheshwari is Perfectly Fine n this Unconscious is Common in this State..nthing to Worry.Both Mrs Maheshwari n da BABY both r FINE..Nthing to Worry at all..bas She needs Extra.Care nw..thats jt.. ( Smiles ).

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Wat? BABY? Whose Baby ? ( Confused )

Doctor : Ur Baby..Ur n Mrs Maheshwari’s Baby..Mrs Maheshwari is 2 Months Pregnant ( Confused ) Didnt She tell U anything Mr Maheshwari? Strange..She told Me Today after Brking Her Fast She will tell U this News..bt kamaal hai She did nt tell U.. ( Shrugs Her Thots ) Anywyz..M Leaving nw..Take Care of Mrs Maheshwari..n if U need anything then Do Inform Me..Ok ?

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Yes Sure Doctor..Thnk U.. ( Overwhelmed )

Doctor : ( Smiles ) Its Ok..Ok den I will Leave nw..Bye ( Leaves )

Kav/San : Bye.. ( Guilty )

As Doctor Left frm thr,both Kav-San were Drowned in Guilt fr Cheating Swara n was Blaming themselves fr Swara’s State..As they were Drowned in their Pool of Guit n were Ashamed of themselves wid Tears of Guilt Flowing frm their Eyes Continously n Non Stop making their Eyes Red n Swollen..

Sanskaar : ( Guilty ) Kavita..M Sorry..bt I cnt Cheat Swara..I cnt Take Our Relationship ahead..U r My Past bt SWARA IS MY PRESENT..n I cnt Cheat My Present Kavita..Aaj Swara is in this State coz of Me.She alwyz Cared fr Me..Loved Me Blindly..Trusted Me more dan anyone n Today I Paid fr Her Love in such A Worse Way..( Cries Bitterly )..Plzz Go Frm Here..Frm My Life Plzz ( Pleads )

Kavita: ( Teary Eyes ) Its Ok Sanskaar..I Understand ..Being a Girl I Understand.N I also Understand hw it feels wen someone who Loves U Goes Away frm U ( Sad ).U dnt need to be Sorry..its nt ur Fault at all..infact I shud be Sorry fr Coming in b/w U n Swara..U both were Living Happily together bt da Day I Enteted in Ur Life Ur Married Life is in Mess ( Folds Her Hands ) Plzz Maaf kardo mujhe..( Cries n Leaves )

Soon Kavita Leaves frm thr Cryingly while Sanskaar Entered His Room wid Teary Eyes n Stared Unconscious Swara wid Full of Guilt n Shamefullness in His Eyes Making Him Feel More Guilty n Ashamed of Himself wid Tears Rolling frm His Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Teri Meri, Meri Teri Prem Kahani Hai Mushkil
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye
Ik Ladka, Ik Ladki Ki Yeh Kahani Hai Nayi
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye

Teri Meri, Meri Teri Prem Kahani Hai Mushkil
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye
Ik Dooje Se Hue Judaa, Jab Ik Dooje Ke Liye Bane
Teri Meri, Meri Teri Prem Kahani Hai Mushkil
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye
Aa ….

Tumse Dil Jo Lagaya, Toh Jahaan Maine Paaya
Kabhi Socha Na Tha Yun, Meelon Door Hoga Saaya
Kyun Khuda Tune Mujhe Aisa Khwaab Dikhaya
Jab Haqeeqat Mein Usse Todna Tha…


7 Months Later

Time Passed n its been 7 Months since Sanskaar Felt Ashamed of Himself..Everything was Sorted Out b/w SwaSan Agn n Everything jst Soo Perfect. Swara was in Her 7th Month n was looking Damn Cute n More Beautiful in Her Big Fat Baby Bump..As Time Passed Sanskaar Took Care of Swara like His Own Child n was Enoying His Life wid Swara n His Child Happily..

Sanskaar : ( Happy ) Ohh God Swara.M soo Happy..cnt Believe jst 2 Months more fr Our Baby to come in this World..m soo Excited to take HER in My Arms.n Dekhna it will be GIRL only jst like ( Pinches Swara Nose Teasingly ) U..Soo Cute n Pinky ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) No Sanskaar it will be a Boy..jst Handsome n Dashing like U..I want a Baby Boy toh Boy hi hoga dekh lena..

Sanskaar : No Swara..Girl hogi..dekhlena….

Swara : No..Boy.. ( Stares Angrily n Keeps Her Hands on Her Baby Bump )

Sanskaar : ( Stares Angrily too ) Nhi..( Keeps Too His Hands on Baby Bump ) kaha na Girl..matlab Girl.. ( Adamant )

As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Figbting abt the Gender of da Baby,Swara wbo was bzy Staring Sanskaar Feels a Sudden Pain in Her Baby Bump making both Swara n Sanskaar Shocked n Surprised..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Swara..did u feel wat i felt jst nw ( Surprised )

Swara : ( Surprised too ) Haa Sanskaar..Our Babby Kicked fr da First Time ( Teary Eyes ) wich means ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Overwhelmed ) Wich means He is Understanding n Replying to Our Conversation..He cn Feel Us..Wow..Amzing ( Kisses Swara’s Baby Bump ) Aww Mera Baccha..come soon na..Ur Papa n Mumma r Missing U soo much. Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Overwhelmed too ) Haa My Baby..Plzz come soon ( Keeps Her Palms on Sanskaar’s Palms ) We r Carving to Carry U in Our Arms ( Teary Eyes )

Like this Dyz Passed SwaSan kept on Waiting fr their Baby Happily wen all of a Sudden after 2 Months of Baby’s First Kick, Swara who was sleeping wid Her Big n 9th Months Baby Bump Felt Sanskaar’s Side Empty n Woke Up n was Shocked seeing Sanskaar No Whr..She Searched da Entire Mansion Worriedly bt did nt Find Sanskaar anywhr making Her Scared n Restless Yet Agn wich She Felt 9 Months Ago wid Tears of Restlessness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop. .

Swara : ( Restlese ) Yeh Sanskaar kaha gaya hoga? Its ( Sees Time in Her Mohile ) 3am n Whr cn He Go at this Time.. ( Scared ) Kahin woh phir se Kaavv ( Shrugs Her Thots ) No..Nhi..This He cnt do..He Promised Me..He wont Leave Me..He Sweared His Child..den Hw cn He ( Laughs Blankly ) No..He cnt ( Worried )

While Swara was Worried fr Sanskaar,She moves towards Her Room n As She Entered Her Room She saw A Letter on da Side Table of Sanskaar..Seeing da Letter She went towards it n Read it making Her Shocked n Numb wid Tears of Shockedness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Dear Swara….

M Sorry..I knw I Promised to be wid u alwyz..n Sweared on Our Baby too bt M REALLY SORRY i cnt Keep My Promise..I m Leaving wid KAVITA Today fr Mumbai n have Decided to Strt My Life wid Her..I knw I told In wont Cheat U agn bt Swara I Literally Swear I Tried My Level Best to Forget Kavita n Our Moments..bt i m bt able to Forget Her..Today after 9 Months wen I saw Kavita agn I felt I really LOVE HER n Cnt Live widout Her..My TRUE LOVE is Kavita Nt U..Towards U it was Jst My Attraction n Guilt fr Cheating U nthing Else..M Really Sorry Swara..I cnt Live wid U..n Rahi baath My Responsibilities towards U n My Baby..Dnt Worry abt it..U will get Ur Monthly Expenses n Other Necessary Items every month frm My New PA of Kolkata..She will Take all Ur Expenses on My Behalf..So Stay Happy n Blessed..n Hosake toh Mujhe Maaf kardena..



As Swara Read da Letter Left by Sanskaar,She felt agn Cheated n Her Dreams wich She saw Agn was Broken into Pieces Yet Agn Leading Her to Brk Down Bitterly n go into Labour Pain..While Swara went into Her Labour Pain,She felt Immense Pain in Her Baby Bump n kept on Screaming Only Sanskaar’s Name making Her to Feel More Pain..While Swara was Suffering frm A Very Severe Labour Pain,RagLak who came to Meet SwaSan were Shocked seeing Swara Lying Unconscious on Grouns Holdings Her Baby Bump wid One Hand n A Letter frm Sanskaar in da Other..Soon Swara was Admitted in da Hospital by RagLak n As Time Passed RagLak came to knw abt Sanskaar’s Cheating on Swara making them to Hate n Feel Disgusted on Sanskaar..As Both were Waiting Outside OT fr Swara’s News,They Saw Kavita Standing Outside other OT making dem Confused n Irritated..

Ragini : ( Confused ) Laksh..Yeh Kavita yaha kya karrahi hai..She was Supposed to be wid Sanskaar na? Den wat is She doing Here?

Laksh : Pata nhi Ragini..Come Lets go n ask .Hw Dare She n Sanskaar Play wid Swara’s Feelings..Coz of dem Swara is in this State. ( Angry )

Ragini : ( Angry too ) Jaa Laksh..aaj Meri Behen sirf in dono ke wajeh se iss Halaat main hai..they need to Answer Us..( Cries Bitterly )

Soon RagLak Went Towards Kavita Angrily n were abt to Confront Her wen They saw Sahil,A Famous Neurosurgeon coming Out of OT n Talking n Announcing something to Kavita Sadly making dem too Shocked n Numb..

Kavita : ( Crying ) Sahil..Hw was da Operation? SANSKAAR theek toh hai na? He ie Fine ryt? ( Worried )

Sahil : ( Teary Eyes ) Nhi Kavita..Sanskaar is nt Fine..He is NO MORE Kavita..He LEFT US ( Brks Down ) M Sorry m nt able to Save Him..He is GONE Forever.. ( Sits in a Thud )

Kavita : ( Shocked ) What? This cnt Happen Sahil? ( Blank ) U knw na Sahil..He has mny things to see in Life..He has to See HIS BABY..He has to Keep SWARA Happy..Swara is Waiting fr Him..Hw cn He LEAVE HER n Go.. ( Brks Down ) He Cnt Sahil..He Cnt ( Cries Bitterly )

While Kav Hil were Shattered Thinking abt Sanskaar’s Death;RagLak who Heard them were Shocked n Numb n Tears of Shockedness Flowed frm their Eyes Continously making dem to Confront KavHil wid Utter Shock n Blankness..

RagLak : ( Shocked ) WHAT?

Laksh : ( Angry ) Hw dare u both talk abt Sanskaar like this ? R u both Out of Ur Mind ?

Ragini : Have some Shame Kavita..First U Destroyed My Sister’s House. U knew Sanskaar is Married bt still U Kept Ur Relationship wid Him..Did nt even think abt Sanskaar’s Family? Ek toh Dhokha deti Ho n n Uper se U r Talking such Nonsense abt Sanskaar..Hw Cheap U r..Chii ( Feels Disgusted )

Laksh : What kind of Woman U r Kavita? U cud nt Save Ur Marrige it doesnt mean U Brk Others Marriage..Mana Sanskaar was Ur First Love bt He was MARRIED Damn it..He was Living Happily wid Swara..Wen U had Left Sanskaar 9 Months ago den Y did U Return Bak in His Life Haa..Y did U Snatch Our Swara’s Happiness Haa? M Sure iske peeche Bhi U have any Hidden Intentions Ryt? U Wanted Sanskaar’s Money ryt..Chi..Hw Cheap U r..M Sure Ur Husband myt have Left U coz of Ur this Cheap Thinking only..Hai na ? ( Keeps on Taunting Kavita )

Sahil : ( Angry wid Teary Eyes ) Shut Up..Jst Shut Up both of U..Kavita is nt at Fault. Usne jo kiya its was fr Sanskaar’s HEALTH..Kavita is SANSKAAR’S DOCTOR..

Laksh : Wat Rubbish? Sanskaar ko Doctor ki kya zarurat thi ? He was Fine Perfectly..den usse Doctor ki aisi kya Zaroorat padi..M sure its all Ur Plan to Separate SwaSan..I knw ( Intrerupted )

Kavita : ( Sighs Heavily ) SANSKAAR KO BRAIN TUMOUR Tha.. ( Sees RagLak’s Shocked Expressions ) Yes Ragini..Laksh..Sanskaar was Suffering frm Brai Tunour n dat too He was in His LAST STAGE..n I was His Doctor. Main koi Sanskaar ki PA nhi hu..m His Doctor….

Ragini : ( Blank ) bt if U r nt His PA bt a Doctor den tumhe uski PA banne ki kya Zaruat thi? U cud have gone as His Doctor only na Directly? ( Confused )

Sahil : thats coz Sanskaar wanted to Hide abt His Tunour frm Others..n Especially frm Swara..

Kavita : Haa..Sanskaar only told Me to Hide abt His Tunour frm all..n main waha Sanskaar ki PA banke isiliye gayi coz Sanskaar needed A Medication 24×7..n since He wanted to Hide abt His Tumour so i went as His PA coz Doctor banke i cudnt be wid Him as He wanted..

Sahil : Isiliye Kavita went thr as His PA n used to Give Him Medicines on Time..

Kavita : n Laksh.. ( Teary Eyes ) I knw Me n Sanskaar Used to Love Eachorher in Past bt jabse Meri Shaadi Zabardasti SAHIL se hui hai I never Thot of Sanskaar.I Accepted Sahil as My Everything n totally Forgot Sabskaar n was Happy wid Sahil n My Job n My Small Family..I never wanted to come bak in Sanskaar’s Life agn n Fr Brking His Marriage toh NEVER..bt it seems Destiny had other Plans Stored fr Me.( Cries )

Sahil : Haa Laksh ( Holds Kavita by Her Shoulder Protectively ) Kavita is MY WIFE..n We have a Small 2 Yrs Kid too wid Our Marriage..We Met Sanskaar 1 Yr Bak in A Medical Camp jaha We Conducted A Complete Medical Chk fr all High Class Society whr Sanskaar n Swara too came fr thr Chk Up..n wen They did their Chk Up..Swara ke Reports were Fine bt Sanskaar ke nhi..n thats wen We came to knw abt His Tunour n Sanskaar took Promise frm Us ki We shud nt Disclose to others especially to Swara..

Kavita : n jabse m His Doctor..I used to Chk Him Regularly n He was Somewat Fine too bt since Past 9 Months His Condition was getting Worse jiske wajeh se i needed to be wid Him 24×7..Isiliye i came to His Office as His PA to keep An Eye on His Health.

Eagini : then wat abt those Affair Matter…this ( Shows Sanskaar’s Letter ) Letter by Sanskaar n of dat Karwa Chauth Scn..was that all ( Intrerupted )

Kavita : ( Teary Eyes ) Yes All dat was Jst A DRAMA to Manipulate Swara agst Sanskaar..n ifact all these Drama was Planned by Sanskaar itself..coz He was Sure He wont be able to Survive n He doesnt wanted to Spoil SWARA’S LIFE bak Of Him..He wanted to Let Swara Free so that Wen He Actually Dies She wont feel Much Pain fr Him. He wanted Swara to Hate Him..bt ussi din Wen Swara saw Us as per Our Plan ( Intrerupted )

Sahil : Sanskaar came to knw Swara is Pregnant wid His Child n Swara’s Health is also nt Good much b4 Swara came to knw abt Her Pregnancy so to Avoid Giving Swara much Stress He Dropped His Plan n Strtd Living wid Swara agn Happily like b4..bt these 9 Months were soo Horrible fr Him..He Suffered many Attacks n Pains wen He was at Office..n nw Finally after 9 Months Yesterday He felt His Last Day has Come so to Make Swara Hate Him He Left ( Points towards da Letter ) this Fake Letter.. ( Cries ) fr Swara..

Kavita : n Nw HE LEFT US FOREVER..Ragini..I cnt say hw much Sanskaar LOVED SWARA..He Loved Her like any Mad Guy n fr Her Happiness only He Decided to Show Himself as A Betrayal..so that Swara cn Hate Him Live Happily.. ( Hugs Sahil n Cries Bitterly ) He never Cheated Her Ragini..nor We..We jst did wat Sanskaar told Us to do as His Doctors n Frnds ( Teary Eyes )

Hearing da Entire Story of Sanskaar n His Tumour,RagLak who Heard it all Silently were Shocked n Stood their Lifeless widout any Emotions wid Only Tears of Guilt of Misunderstanding Sanskaar n of Shockedness Flowed frm their Eyes Continously making dem Feel more Emotional n Guity..As all were Crying fr Sanskaar,They Recieved another Shock of their Life by Hearing SWARA’S n BABY’S DEATH due to Extreme Stress n Pain making dem Even more shocked n Shattered..Soon All The Last Rituals of da Trio were Done wid Heavy Hearts by RagLak n KavHil Leading The Pious Souls of The Both SWARA n SANSKAAR Vanish in da Air HAND in HAND wid The Soul of their BABY in their Arms Leaving their Loved ones Behind to Cry fr them FOREVER n EVER!!!

Teri Meri, Meri Teri Prem Kahani Hai Mushkil
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye
Ik Ladka, Ik Ladki Ki Yeh Kahani Hai Nayi
Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye…


Phew!! Finally…Done wid Sad OS fr the First Time…Hope m able to Justify da Sad Ending n Hoping U all Liked it..If Any Mistakes or U did nt Like the Ending den Sorry in Advance bt since it was A Wish so had to Write it..Hope U all Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked My First Attempt on Sad Ending :).


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