Swasan one shot – Give your 7 DAYS to me ..


Sanskaar ‘s pov
Today is my marriage … my unwanted marriage …… I am marrying to the most rich businessman of kolkata SHEKHAR GADODIYA ‘S daughter SWARA GADODIYA … I am just marrying her for money bcoz my mumma needs money …… She is facing loss in her business … I can’t say her no bcoz from childhood she never said me no for anything … After my father’s death she alone took care of me .
I am just doing this marriage for those 1 CRORE that was offered by SHEKAHR GADODIYA in return of marrying his daughter .
Pov ends .
Swara’s pov
I am marrying my love … my SANSKAAR …. when I first time met him I felt for his simplicity and caring nature . First time when papa had gone to sanskaar’s house to talk about mine nad sanskaar marriage I was very happy . but when papa returned with dull n disappointed face I understood that SANSKAAR had said no . Days paseed on like this and one day sanskaar’s mom came to our house to talk something from papa. I don’t know what she talked with him but after sanskaar ‘s mom departure I got the news that I am getting marrued to sanskaar . I was on cloud nine .
Pov ends .
Shekhar ‘s pov {swara’s dad}
Today is my princess marriage . I am very happy . That day when Sanskaar’s mom came and told me about loss in her company and asked me for some help I got an idea . I offered her 1 CRORE rupees in return of swasan marriage . She told me that sanky love someone else but I don’t care . I always fullfilled all wishes of my princess and will always fullfill her all wishes .
Pov ends .
At marriage hall
Everyone had gathered there .to see swasan getting married . Sanskaar was sitting in mandap . Swara comes down beautifully dressed as a bride with her cousins and sat beside sanskaar . Pandit ji started chanting months . They took 6 pheres . Now the time of last phera when sanskaar stoped . Everyone was shocked.
Sanky – sorry but I can’t marry swara … I love someone else .
Swara was hell shocked .
Swa {angry n dissapointed }- So why u said yes for marriage .
Sanky – bcoz ur offered my mum 1 CRORE to marry u …
Swara – what ????
Sanky – yes … sorry ……
Saying this sanky oped the knot tied for pheres and left from there making swara disheartened . Suddenly swara became unconcious . Shekhar took her to her room .
Doc was called .
Doc – ur daughter is suffering from blood cancer …. she had only some days left .
Shekahr – what ???
Doc -yes …..
Doc left leaving a disheartened father behind .
Next morning
Nani {swara’s caretaker } told swara about her condition . Shekhar comes .
Shekhar – beta pack ur bags we are leaving for australia for ur treatment .
Swara – no papa …. I want to die. …… I can’t live withoit sanskaar …
Shekhar – no … princess come and pack ur bags ….
Swara – plz papa ….
Shekhar – I don’t want to listen anything …. be ready in 30 mins ….
Shekhar left followed by nani .
Here swara was ready .
Swara came down .
Swara – papa … I want to last time see kolkata …..
Shekhar – what do u mean by last time .. nothing will happen to u ….
Swara – plz papa ….. I want to go …
Shekahr nod yes n swara left …
Here swara reached a coffee where she ussually used to chill out with her friends. As soon as she entered she saw sanskaar talking with a girl . … sge goes and sit in a chair little distance from sanskaar so that she could hear their conversation .
Sanskaar – kavita …. I am very happy … now marriage had broken we can now marry …. but I am tensed about mumma’s business …
Kavita- don’t worry everything will be fine ….
Swara listened there conversation and an idea popped up in her mind.
She goes to kavsan .
Swara – hello sanskaar ….
Sanskaar was shocked to see her .
Sanskaar – u here … sorry I can’t marry u just for money sorry ….
Swara – ok … I want to talk to u in alone ….
Sanskaar – but….
Kavita – sanskaar … u talk to her I have na important work … I am leaving ..
Kavita left ..
Sanskaar – now say ….
Swara – sanskaar … I have blood cancer ….
Sanskaar – so … {he then realised wht she just said } what ????
Sanskaar felt a pain in his heart as someone had stabbed a knife .
Sanskaar – plz … don’t joke …..
Swara – I am not joking ….
Swara told everything to sanskaar what happen after marriage .
Sanskaar was hell shocked and was not uttering a single word . .
Swara – Now I should come to the main point …. I am here for asking u 7 DAYS in return of 1 CRORE …. PLZ GIVE UR 7 DAYS TO ME …..
Sanky – what ????
Swara nods in yes .
Swara – plz sanskaar …. I want to live last 7 days of my life with u ….. I know love cannot be sold or bought but here I am in the condition where I want u … only u … I don’t want to marry u … just spend these last days of my kife with u ….. plz …. make my last 7 days special for me ….
Sanskaar’s heart melted by swara’s words . Sanskaar said yes .
Sanskaar – but on one condition…. we will keep distance from each other …
Swara nods yes .

Next day sanskaar decided to take a snall house on rent . Here swara told shekhar about 7 DAYS DEAL …. Shekhar 1st denied then finally after lot argument he had said yes with a heavy heart . Swara knows that she can’t be treated in some days so it is better for her to live her these 7 DAYS with the love of his life . Sanskaar told kavita about this and thinking about swara’s condition she agreed {in my os kavita is playing a positive role .}
Sanskaar took swara to a house which he took on rent . It was niether a big nor a small house . It was perfect for a couple . Swasan goes in .
It was a small house with all the facilities for swara.
Sanskaar – swara …. I know swara u want ur house to be big but i am really sorry …. I can’t afford more than this .
Swara – no worry …. I always want to live in a small house ….. see it is good …. by this we can live close to each other ……
Sanskaar happily nods yes .
3 days passed …
Sanskaar was trying his best to make swara feel like a PRINCESS . And sanskaar started falling for swara . Her simplicity her chidish behaviour her smile .
One day ….
Swara – lets go to orphanage sanky … bcoz I love to play with kids .
Sanky – but swara ….
Swara – plz …
Sanky – ok ….
Swasan left for orphanage .
Here swasan reached orphanage .
Swara – wow …. soooo many cute cute kids are there …
Sanskaar smiles seeing swara happy …
Swara goes to small girl kid of around 5 years .
Swara bends to meet her height .
Swara – hello mera baccha. …. what is ur name ????
Kid – my name is shona ….
Swara – shona .. wow …. so cute name….
Swara took shona with her and played with her .

Now it was evening …
Swara is till now playing with that girl .
Sanky – chalo ghar chale….
Swara – noooooo ….
Sanky – if u want to play with this child take her to home ….
Swara – achhha idea hai let adopt this child …
Sanky – are u mad … I was just joking … leave her and come …
Swa {disappointed }- I think u r right .
Sanky felt bad seeing swara disheartened .
Sanky – ok ….. lets adopt her …
Swa – but who will take care of her after me …
Sanky – me ….
Swa – but …
Sanky – don’t worry she will become sign of our FRIENDSHIP …
Swa – but what about kavita ?????
Sanky – how many question u ask …. just close ur mouth …..
3 days passed on …. and swasan adopted shona and completed all formalities and papaer work … And now only the last day is left for the 7 DAYS DEAL … and probably the last day of swara’s life …. In these days sanskaar realized that his love for swara was only a attraction and nothing more than that . He realized that how much he love swara and can’t live without her . So he he decided to propose her .

Last day ….
Sanskaar – wear this dress I want u take somewhere …
Swara – where ….
Sanskaar – u r really a QUESTION GIRL … get ready n come outside I am waiting for u …

After half hour . Swara came out with the dress given by sanskaar . {The dress which she wore on IGT competition in real swaragini . } She was not feeling well but she can’t say no to sanky . She goes to sanky and suddenly felt unconcious . Sanskaar goes and pick her up . She was sweating heavily . Sanky took her to hospital .
Doc admitted her in I.C.U …
After an hour ..
Doc comes out of I.C.U .
Doc – as u know she is suffering from blood cancer … she now having some hours . There is no way to save her . she should jave taken treatment before only . Now everthing is dependent on god . I don’t know whether we can save her or not . But we are trying .
Sanskaar sat on chair with a thud . Doc left .
Sanskaar – I should have not said yes for 7 DAYS DEAL . If I would have said no then u would have went to australia for treatment . U would have been fine now.. all becoz of me …..

A leap of 2 months ….
A man was standing talking to photo of a lady . The face of man is revealed he is sanskaar .
Sanskaar – hey swara …… how are u angel … {yes the photo is none other than of sanky . }
Suddenly a lady came and hugged her from behind .
Lady – why are u talking from my photo ????? I am here only na … {the lady who hugged sanky was none other than swara … yes guys she is alive …. }
Sanskaar turns towards swara .
Sanky – when u were in admitted in hospital I used to talk to ur photo only ….
flashback …..
The 7th day …
Shekhar came to hospital and arranged for the best doctor of australia . Next day evening doc came and examined swara . Swara was treated and was admitted in hospital for one month … .
After that she became all fine . Doctor precribed her some medicines to take it daily and discharged her . Sanskaar told kavita about his feeling for swara and kavita agreed at once . Sanky proposed swara and Swasan married and shona became witnessed of their love.
Fb ends.
Sanskaar kisses swara’s forehead and took her into his embrance . Just then a cute girl come and started coughing . Swasan departed. She is none other than shona .
Shona – mule bhool gaye bery bad . {U forgot me very bad .. }
Trio share a cute hug and screen freezes on their happy faces .
******************************sorry to bore u but plz read and comment . And about the treatment of blood cancer of swara. I don’t know the process of curing blood cancer . I just wanted swasan to be together at last . Plz read and comment .

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