swasan…one shot ( a fulfilled promise)


The story starts with swara meeting her future in laws….and suddenly shanthi tai(swara’s maid ……swara lives independently as she wants to face life’ challenges alone) comes running to her begging her to save his sons life who has met with an accident.
Swara without wasting a second went to the hospital as he treated vinod(shanthi tai son) as his own brother

. She completed all the formalities and he was in the ICU and doctors were doing their best to save him
vinod was repeatedly calling swaras names so the doctors called her inside and she went inside and was literally begging him to fight for his life and promised him if that if he recovers she will fulfil his wish that is getting married
after hearing all this vinod did fight for his life and recovered. The conversation was heard by another person that is dr.Sanskar

. He was amused by the way she was and fell in love with her……
he was vinods consultant and slowly swasan became friends …….
. One day sanskar came to swaras house and was looking tensed and swara asked what happened
He told that its time to fulfill a promise and sat on his knees asking if u will marry me? Swara was awestruck and that’s when she heard someone clapping it was vinod
……..swara liked sanskar and really wanted to fulfill her promise so she agreed
. they got married and their life was full of love;friendship and ofcourse lots of promises that are always kept

Credit to: asheeyana

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  1. Nice…

    1. Thank u

  2. Asheeyana.. M sorry to say I didn’t quite like it .. It could have been more better.. I mean to say there is not practicality that a person is on death bed and a sister that also not of blood relations is claiming that she would marry and the person gets recovered.. Sounds little odd .. Also the person dying is calling his so called sister instead of his mother .. If u had depicted some lines about their relation then we may have some other perspective.. Try again and come up with another os soon

    1. Thank u ……I felt really good

  3. That was very short but cute story..??

    1. Thank you so much…….. This meant a lot to me

  4. Nce but short

    1. Thank you next time I will make it longer

  5. It’s too short naa..make it long one next time….keep writing…

    1. Thank u

  6. Asheeyana..i dont want to dishearten or disappoint u..but i dint quite like the story..it cud have been better..moreover..the boy who is in deathbed cant just recover by hearing his regarded sister promises to marry someone..its a os..but u cud hv described in more details..i mean there were many loose strings in ur plot..u cudnt tie all of them together properly..i dont look down upon ur skills and hope that ur next story will b a much better one..but one thong is commendable..the subject chosen was vey good..

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