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Hey everyone I am the one who write ff swaragini : swasan raglak a unique love story to all my ff readers I will post next episode tomorrow hers a os for you on swasan I will make a ragalak os too tomorrow ok
Everyone write os and they write it superb just got an idea and I thought to share it with youll this is my first os so please do read it calmly and do leave your comments below
Everyone has their own love story some gets their love and some don’t get but our swasan has a hatke story so lets see

In Kolkata at gadodia place
Swara was getting ready as she was now leaving to Mumbai at her friends place ragini to study there and she was very much exited to live with her bestie but she was sad that she was leaving her parents alone in Kolkata
Sharmishta came to her room
Sharmishta : swara beta have you packed everything na and you have taken your flights tickets too
Swara : maa calm down I have taken everything you be calm
Sharmishta : ok come have breakfast then I and your papa will drop you to the airport neither you wil miss your flight
Swara : ok
Swara shekhar and sharmishta sits at the dining table and had their breakfast after sometime they finishes it
Shekhar : come swara lets go I will bring your stuffs down ok
Swara : ok papa
They all reaches the airport shekhar and sharmishta were having tears in their eyes
Swara : maa papa if you both will cry like this how will I go its just the matter of 2 years and I will come here in my vacations and after 2 years I will be with you both ok now please don’t be sad
Sharmishta : ok we are fine but you go safely and be safe there
Shekhar : swara be careful it’s a new city for you ok go bye
Swara : bye
Swara hugged their mom and dad and left from there shekhar and sharmishta too left sadly she boarded to the flight and after 3 hours she reached Mumbai ragini came there to receive her both sees eachother
Ragini : hey swara how was your flight
Swara : it was good but I am tired yr
Ragini : come will go to house
They both moved to raginis house there raginis parents anupurna and durga Prasad welcome her

Anupurna : welcome beta how was your journey
Swara : it was nice aunty
Durga Prasad : I think you should rest swara ragini take her to the room
Ragini : yes papa
Swara was sad ragini noticed it
Ragini : swara you are missing your parents na don’t worry its ok now don’t be sad I am like your sister na so imagine us like you are too are the member of this family don’t be sad
Swara : yes ragini you are like my sister and when I have you I am not sad ok
Ragini : that’s like a good girl come

Both went to the room swara now finally set her there she was now started going to her institute for which she came there anupurna and durga Prasad were taking good care of her like their daughter swara now started loving them too much one day she returned from her institute ragini bought some chocolates but she was not giving to swara she was teasing her
Swara : aunty see na she is not giving me chocolates
Anupurna : ragini don’t tease her give her
Ragini : no maa I will not give her this she already ate 2 cadbury silks but now she wants this too
Swara : so what I love it yaar ok don’t give me I will not talk to you
And she sits with anupurna making sad face anupurna noticed it and she remembers of something and tears start rolling from her eyes swara and ragini sees this
Ragini : maa what happened
Swara : yes aunty what happened
Anupurna : I remembered of my son sanskaar he was too like this he also used to fight with ragini or me for this chocolates and when we dnt give him he used to say this that he will not talk with us
Swara was shocked as she don’t know that ragini is having a brother too
Ragini : yes bhai used to fight with me daily being older than me he was so childish (she too becomes sad)
Swara : oh I was not knowing ragini that you have brother too where is he now
Anupurna : he is dead now
Swara got a shock again : what
Ragini : yes three years before only when he was coming from his college it was his last day he completed his graduation and he was so happy we were too happy we all were waiting from him but he went missing he didn’t came only and after one month some police officers came and told us that they got the news that somebody has hitted sanskaar badly and he was dead on the spot but we didn’t got his body yet but the fact is he is dead
Anupurna : you know swara he loved his family a lot he can go to any extent to keep his family happy he was so nice guy all used to love him but don’t know who hated him so much that they killed him

Ragini consoles anupurna swara goes in her room shockingly
Swara in her mind : yr that sanskaar was like me but how he died who hitted him these all are questions and they didn’t ot his body too maybe he is alive or not oh god why am I thinking of him
All questions were running through her mind somedays went she gots to know more about sanskaar how he was how he behaved swara used to be very happy when she listened about sanskaar she was unknowingly falling for him his all cute behaviours were attracting her one day she saw sanskaar pic she was shocked to see him he was so much handsome and good looking swara just use to stare his pics daily and she started talking to that pic alone
Swara to sanskaars pic : sanskaar yr you are so cute if you was alive na then I would marry you only because aunty told me you are too similar like me and you look so dashing like prince I wish I could marry you
Unknowingly she was talking with his pic daily whatever is in her heart she used to share with his pic she was so childish maybe she was also not knowing why she is doing so
One day all were gathered in home suddenly door beel rings durga Prasad opens the door he was hell shocked to see sanskaar anupurna and ragini saw sanskaar from behind and was shocked to see sanskaar swara came down to take something she saw everybody standing at the door she too went she was in ultimate shock that with whose pic she used to talk daily is in front of her eyes
Sanskaar : papa (saying he hugged him)
Durga Prasad couldn’t believe it he too hugs him : sanskaar
Anupurna cames there and started to hug him and kissed his forehead : sanskaar you are my sanskaar sanskaar you are alive how are you oh my god I cant belive my sanskaar is standing infront of my eyes
Sanskaar : maa its me your sanskaar yes I am alive
Anupurna : first come in then will talk
Sanskaar comes in to his house then he start to narrate the story that he got kidnapped by some goons who wants money from his dad but sanskaar was shouting and was trying to escape from them then one of then unwantedly hits him badly on his head blood was flowing continuosly one of them took him to hospital then they got to know that he has lost his memory now he remembers nothing all were shocked now they will not get their money and they left him in the hospital one of them was feeling bad for him so he quietly took him to his village and he was treating him like small brother police cathed all the goons and they all told them that sanskaar is dead so police informed his family that he is dead 3 years went sanskaar didn’t remembers anything he was walking at the road when someone hitted him with his car he falls unconsiuess and after sometime he gains consiuessness and remembers everything about his family and he somehow came to Mumbai
All wer socked to hear all this

Anupurna : sanskaar leave all this I am happy that you are safe and god has returned me my son I am so happy to have you
Durga Prasad : and now sanskaar don’t worry we all are with you we missed you so much now we will not let you go anywhere
Ragini hugged him
Ragini : bhai I missed you so much the fights with you all I missed it so much but know you have came I will fight with you daily and will keep you in this house so that you can never go
Sanskaar : I missed you too my small sis now come stop crying now your bro has came na don’t be sad
Ragini : kk
Sanskaar eyes finally wents to swara who was standing there and listening to all
Sanskaar : maa who is she
Anupurna : sanskaar she is raginis friend she came here to stay for two years for study she is so good
Swara forwards her hand : hii sanskaar
Sanskaar to forwards his hand : hii swara
Swara : nice to see you I am happy that you returned home
Sanskaar : thanks
Durga Prasad : come sanskar we want to talk to you
Sanskaar went from there swara was so nervous that she always used to talk to his pic but now he his in front of her eyes its been days that sanskaar returned home swara who was liking him but now startec to love him his small antics swara used to love sanskaar became a good friend of swara he was sharing a great chemistry with him one day in sanskaar room he was reading some books suddenly he started coughing swara was passing by she saw him coughing she goes to her and makes him drinks the water and pats his back sanskaar was feeling something new something different he loved the way she cares for him days passed sanskaar was too feeling for swara but was unaware of his feelings swara now was in love totally but was fearing of telling him
One day swara got a call from his parents that they have chosen a guy for her marriage and both are coming to take her for somedays to make her see the guy swara was sad as she dont want to marry anybody she goes and tells this news to everyone everyone was happy beside sanskaar he was shocked he goes to swaras room and saw that she was sad
Sanskaar ; swara why are you sad it was a happy news fo you na that you re getting marry
Swara : yes it is but I am not happy how can I marry anybody and I know I love somebody else
Sanskaar : who swara (surprisingly)
Swara : woo let it be he doesn’t love me but still I don’t wanna be someone else so that’s why I don’t wanna marry
Sanskaar : but swara how can you love someone like this you know he doesent love you still then
Swara : maybe this is true love
After sometime swaras parents came to take her sanskaar was thinking what to do as he cant let her go so finally he makes a decision
Sanskaar ; maa papa I love swara and I want to marry her
All were shocked to hear his statement swaras parents his parents and most of all swara

Anupurna : bets are you serious
Sanskaar : yes maa I love her to the core of my heart after I returned home her care and affection made me love her she is so nice and she is perfect for me yes uncle aunty plz don’t take swara anywhere
Swaras parents was in shock but were happy towards his statement
Sharmishata : so shekhar cancel the tickets we will go from here after swara and sanskaar marriage
Anupurna : I am so happy that I got a daughter in law like you swara
All were happy swara was so happy as sanskaars confession after sometime sanskaar took swara to her room
Sanskaar : swara listen tell me whom do you love I will make your marriage with him
Swara : what
Sanskaar : yes swara tell me whom do you love so that I can contact him
Swara : so you don’t love mehe was silent
Swara : answer me dam it
Sanskaar : yes I love you but whats the need you love someone else and I am not gonna force you your parents were doing your marriage with somebody else so I thought that I will make you marry whom do you love and I will be happy if you will be happy
Swara was shock to hear this his love towards her so much
Swara : you want me to be happy and you think if I will go away from you I will be happy
Sanskaar : what
Swara : yes sanskaar I love you you are the person I love when you were not there I was liking you but when you came I started loving you but I was having a confusion that you loves me or not but I know you love me more than me I love you sanskaar
Sanskaar was so happy : I love you swara
Both hug eachother suddenly ragini came and tease them
After somedays swasan marriage preparation starts all were happy after somedays they got finally married at wedding night swara told him when he was not there he use to talk to his pic about everything
Sanskaar : swara you are too childish but maybe your love only have give me efforts to came back
Swara : and I will never let you go anywhere now we will live together promise
Sanskaar : promise

Both consummate their marriage and swara started working in the institute and sanskaar worked in his das company which is now his all lived happily

Credit to: kaynat khan

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