SWASAN! One shot! To the everlasting power of love!



When we realize we want to spend the rest of our life with someone we want the rest of our life to start soon.
The episode starts when Swara realizes that she is in love with Sanskar and she returns MM for her love.
Swara returns MM and tells Ragini that she returned as the daughter-in-law of the house. Sanskar who was standing on the stairs was happy that she had came back. But when he heard Swara saying that she returned as the daughter-in-law of the house he gets disappointed and the dream house which he had built a few seconds ago was scattered. Tears were fighting within his eyes to fall down. And finally a tear fall down making his eyelashes wet. He runs to his room.
“You again broke my heart Swara”, he says while throwing a vase in anger.
While down, Swara says I came back as wife of Sanskar. Her eyes are constantly searching for Sanskar, as she want him to listen this. She want to hint him that she loves him. Her realization of love brought along with it a storm of unidentified emotions.
Ragini: Don’t be stupid Swara.

Swara: Ragini you are stupid who don’t ever know the meaning of love. I am in love with both the sides of Sanskar.
Fellings were budding at the romantic front. Saying so without waiting for her response she rushed to Sanskar’s room. He was standing at the window pane. The cold moon was peeking through the clouds floating. He smiled thinking their moments. Suddenly Swara came and back hugged him. Sanskar jerked.
Sanskar: Swara why you came back? I don’t need your help for my family.
Swara: This is my family also.
Sanskar: No! This is not your family.
Swara: I camr back because….
Sanskar: What because?
Swara: Because I love you Sanskar.
Sanskar: Do you have any idea how childish you sound?
Swara: I am serious. I love you.
Sanskar: That girl who have been brushing off my feelings saying that she anymore don’t believe in love is now out of blue?

Swara: I really love you Sanskar and I intend to make you fall in love with me too.
Sanskar: But I don’t love you anymore. My heart is not a toy to play with.
Swara: My feelings are getting more and more jumbled with every passing second. Just say once that you don’t want me back in your life and I will stop hoping for you to fall in love with me. I promise I will not let a single drop escape my eyes.
Sanskar: No! I don’t believe you anymore.
Swara started to cry. Sanskar turned his face as he was unable to see her cry.
Swara: Won’t you wipe my tears today?
Sanskar immediately dived his hands into his pocket and suddenly stopped.
Both of them are remembering all their moments when he wiped his tears.
Sanskar: NO! You have lost your rights that day when you doubted me.
Swara gets up and started to wals towards the door and closed it and turned back to sanskar.
Swara:Sanskar! What should I do to make you believe my love.
Sanskar: No you don’t need to do anything.
Swara: But I really love you.
Sanskar: No you don’t love me.
Swara: Do you know my feelings better than me?
Sanskar: Yes! What is love?
Swara: Love is a feeling when you are reason for the person’s happiness but not a part of their happiness.

Sanskar: Swara, you please go.
Wiping her tears Swara goes from the room.
Swara(thinking): Did I loose you forever? Just this thought is enough to stop my heart from beating.
Later in the night,
Swara was continuously tossing and turning on the bed. So was Sanskar. Both of them were thinking about each other.
Swara: I know Sanskar one day you will accept my love.
Sanskar: I am sorry swara. But we can never be together.
Swara gets up from the bed and walk towards Sanskar’s room. She saw Sanskar standing near the couch lost in his thoughts. She hugged him.
Swara: Sanskar I can’t live a single moment without you.
Sanskar: Swara please go.
Swara: Sanskar I am incomplete without you.
Sanskar: When you see the person you love move away from you what do you do?
Swara: I keep loving and hoping that things will be better one day.
Sanskar: Not everyone have the fate to cherish the full form of love.
Swara: But we will…………

Saying so she walked closer to him held his collar and kissed him. Sanskar kissed her back and warapped her in his arms pulling her closer to him. Their faces were close to each other,slightly tilted at opposite angles,their warms breathes falling on each other’s lips. His lips touched hers.He kissed her and he kissed her again. Their love was sealed with a kiss. She smiled looking at him and gave him another small kiss. They both were staring each other. Sanskar closes his eyes and their lips meet. There is an explosion of senses as Sanskar goes deeper and sucks her lower lip as if trying to extract all his share of love from her. He pulls her closer to him. Sanskar lifts Swara to the bed and says I love you too Swara and she tightens his arms around him. She kisses him back with equal passion. The cold, the darkness,the world around them ceases to matter. All they feel is each other’s wetness between their lips. Sanskar drapes a blanket over them and switches off the light and says that this night is of the everlasting power of love……..

Guys actually itoday i meet with accident and my right hand is fractured so it is very difficult to type with left hand and i lost my phone too! i will post the next updaye of my ff next month!
thank you!

Credit to: JYOTII

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