Swasan: You Are The Ocean Of Love , And I’m Thirsty Of Your One Drop


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Epi – 1

The story start with a small child of seven year nemed Sanskar . He is very innocent , kind hearted and cute boy .He is a orphan boy adopted by Ram kapoor and Sujata kapoor .Mr.and Mrs.Kapoor lived in the marsh country near the river . And there was a churchyard near of his house . He belong to very poor family . Mr . Kapoor is blacksmith …


One afternoon sanskar was standing in the churchyard , near his house he thinks that his original parents are here and he starts crying then sudden a fearful man appeared in front of him .
Seeing this man he has badly scared and try to ran away . But he (man) gave him a threat to cut his throat if he make any noise . Listening this fearful word he so much fear . It seemed that he was laming due to long walking . He had a heavy iron leg . He ordered to sanskar that bring some food from his house and a file(aari/cutter) from the forge . He added that he should return with those things early in the next morning and he should meet him on the rock which was he pointed to Sanskar .Without saying any word Sanskar returned his home .Stranger threat to sanskar that If you told any one about it , then he would killed and eat his heart and liver . He thought of taking the food and the file for that man, Sanskar felt very restless whole night .

Sanskar’s parents love him like motherly affeection .
Sanskar was so much afraid of him (strenger), so he was very nervous how he should steal food for that man whom he had met in the churchyard .
Soon the guns started firing at some distance and Mr.Kapoor told to sanskar that another convict had escaped . Sanskar asked to his father who was a convict and why the firing was being made . His mother told him don’t asked more questions . But his father told him that some time convicts ran from the prison – ships .
Sanskar could not sleep that night he think about stranger and he stole bread , cheese , meat , and some brandy from his house and as well as a file from the tools of his father . In the early hours of the morning sanskar ran fast towards marshes .
He wants to gave some food for him because that man was so hungry .

@Churchyard ..

Soon sanskar reached in churchyard for to hand over the food to the stranger . But there was no any man . He search him here and there then ,he met another man who looks like first man , he was different only in the features of his face he was also looks like fearful man , he was soooo dirty. Seeing to sanskar that man ran away soon . Sanskar search again the previous man . Soon he found the right man who was waiting for the food and file . He is waiting for food because he is very hungry. So he swallowed the food and drunk the liquor. The stranger hoped that sanskar wouldn’t have told any man about his meeting . Then he started to cuting the leg – iron with the file , when stranger was busy to cuting then , sanskar secretly returned his home ..

Mr.Kapoor arrenged dinner party ..

Some guests came in his house for dinner because Mr . Kapoor invited his friends neighbors ..
They enjoy with their friends and sanskar sit alone in his room in deep tention …
Then suddenly a man started coughing when he drank wine from that bottle from which sanskar had stolen some part and filled it with water . His theft was going to be detected when some sholdiers with their Sergeant arrived there .

The soldiers and their sergeant said that they had come for the repair of the hand cuffs .the soldiers told to mrs . Kapoor and others that they were in search of two escaped convicts . He(soldiers) told them the he will sure to arrest them soon .
When Mr . Kapoor repair the hand – cuffs the soldiers went away from there .
After sometimes they returned . They take their hand – cuffs from Ram . Mr Kapoor and Sanskar went with the soldiers out of curiosity to see how they carried out their operations to cach the convicts . They are very excited to see his appearance ….
After a short time the sergeant and the soldiers heard a sound coming out of a ditch . To listening this noise sanskar starts to fear . His father also fear from that voice .
Soldiers – If you are fear from listening this voice then how would you see them .
Mr . Kapoor – no.. no ..no … I can see then ..
Soldiers – Ok fine .
Slowly slowly slowly they go ahead , as they reached near them the voice are so loud ..they again slowly slowly slowly go near dich , for knowing what happened there they found the two convicts were fighting with each other ..
After seeing both convicts sanskar shocked !!!
He surprised – omg !!!!! What is this ???
They were the same two man whome sanskar met them before soldiers.
Sanskar again fear to see him .
The sanskar’s convict had caught hold of the other convict to hand him over to the soldiers . The first(sanskar’s ) convict told the segeant that he had stolen the food from the house of the blacksmith without saying anything about Sanskar . The first man want to safe sanskar .the soft corner for sanskar in his heart . So he had taken the blame of the theft to the food upon himself…… He know that the boy is innocent …

Sanskar (fumbles )- why he tell a lie ??
The first man took the blame of stealing the food from the house of blacksmith upon his shoulders, so sanskar feels so much tension free …
Though in the beginning sanskar had a strong urge to tell his father about theft yet he didn’t inform him because he was very much fear from that man .
But that man already accepted his crime which he didn’t .

Mr . Kapoor and sanskar returned his home , and think about that convicts . They told to others that one convict had admitted stealing the food from his house ……

Bye bye bye …..

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    Hope?? Where’s ur ss?? Where… Swasan were childhood friends!!??..???
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    And yes this was awesome indeed!!

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      U r rong yaar … I’m not writing any ss dear

  2. Interesting de ar ..

  3. Wo . Nice yar .sanskar is small boy

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  4. Awesome waiting next

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  6. Wo . Nice yar .sanskar is small boy. Waiting next

  7. Be Continues dear .nice

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  9. G.Chandu

    I have read this story in my 6th class english supplementary book…!! It’s a story related to a boy named ‘PIP’…!! I read it with title ‘great expectations’…!! Is it the same story???!!

    What you wrote is good…!! But I just want to know whether you are changing plot or writing the same story…!! Because like me… most of them might have read it already…!! After all this story is read by me in academic text book… and a it’s a famous novel written by charles dickens too…!!

    1. AshaHope

      Thnx anu dear

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