Swasan : You Are The Ocean Of Love , And I’m Thirsty Of Your One Drop (character sketch )by Asha ho


Helloooo guysssss I’m Asha and again I came back with FF based on swasan …..
first of all I’m tell you that I’m not new in this TU you know me, my previous FF is Kahani hmari ” Dil Dosti Diwangi ki “…if you like my OS plzzzzz plzzz comments … your comments make me energetic .. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ B-)

Main Cast of my fiction :
1.β†’ Sanskar Kapoor as a orphan child

2.β†’ Swara Malik as a Orphan child

3.β†’ Durga prasad (DP) as a terrorist

4.β†’ Annapurna as a maid servant

5.β†’ Shekhar (shekhu) Malik as a forgery

6.β†’ Sharmishta (sumi)Malik as a Queen

7.β†’ Ram Kapoor as a father of Sanskar

8.β†’ Sujata Kapoor as a wife of Ram

9.β†’ Adarsh Singh as a lawyer

10.β†’Laksh Malhotra as a friend of Adarsh


Sanskar : He is a orphan child adopted by Ram kapoor .

Swara : She is a orphan child adopted by sumi .

DP : Durga prasad as a terrorist who ran away from police station .

Annapurna : She is a maid servant of Sharmishta house .

Shekhu Malik : He is a forgery . he is a companion of DP .

Sharmishta : she is a psycho Queen of Rewa .

Ram Kapoor : He adopted to Sanskar .

Bye bye guyzz ….

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  6. Omg dp is a villain

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  15. Awesome Prologue.

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  25. o m g yarr d.p is damn terrorist and shekhar is also campanion with d.p .. I like your story yarr i m waiting for next epi

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