swasan a new story( introduction)

swara shekhar godabia ex-super model,shakhar godabia & sumi’s daughter, shona’s maternal half-sister, sanskar’s wife, ap’s daughter-in-law and ragini’s Sister In Law*. sanskar maheshwari (ap’s son, swara’s husband, shona’s brother-in-law, ragini’s brother, sahil & kaviya’spaternal cousins and dp & shamista’s nephew)*. Sumi (swara & shona’s mother, shakhar’s ex-wife, sunil’s(any one ) ex-lover and sanskar’s mother-in-law)*. shakher (Dead) (swara’ father, Sumi’s ex-husband, sunil’s friend and sanskar’s father-in-law)*.laksh (swara’s maternal half-brother, sumi’s Son and sanskar’s brother-in-law)*. sunil( abhi’s father and ex-lover of Sumi and shakher’s friend)*. Shona(swara’s maternal hail-sister, Sumi’s daughter and sanskar’s sister-in-law)*.ragini maheshwari (sanskar’s sister, swara’s sister-in-law, sahil’s ex-fiancé, ap’s daughter, kaviys & sahil’s paternal cousin and dp ‘s niece)*.- ap(sanskar& ragini’s mother, swara’s mother-in-law,dp’s sister-in-law and sahil & kaviya’s paternal aunt)*.dp(sanskar & ragini’s paternal uncle, sahil& kaviya’s father and ap’s brother-in-law)*. Shamishta (dp’s Wife, sahilAnd kaviya Mother)*.abhi (sunil’s Son)*.kaviya ( dp andShamishta’s Daughter, sahil’s Younger Sister, sanskar And ragni’s Cousin)
plzz comment
shall I continue or not

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  1. Adishu

    sorry but it was confusing :p
    post first part soon…


    Super confusion…. write more clearly

  3. Confused…please check spelling mistakes and also pls give some gaps b/w Every sentence

  4. AbrahamEzra

    It’s a bit confusing but good

  5. Nice….but confusing

  6. Simi


  7. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Confused ???

  8. Nice but little bit confusing..give gaps between sentences and write in little separate paragraphs as it will be easy for the readers..continue soon..

  9. All confused….. Give appropriate spaces between the lines

  10. Soujanya

    Its confusing…I couldn’t understood it…sorry

  11. SammieR

    It’s too confusing….

  12. Mars

    Amazing dear. I just want to suggest you that concentrate on lead character then it won’t be confusing.
    Continue soon……waiting
    Take care

  13. Don

    Thank u all

  14. Vyshu10

    nyc..plz write in separate lines

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