Swasan: a new start ss (short story) Part 3

Hey guys labdhi here with the next part of swasan:a new start…..so let’s continue
Recap: laksh back at mm
Laksh: I will tell u everything properly.

Laksh’s pov
That day when I was coming home……I had a major accident…..I went in coma…..my condition was very critical…..only 5 days before I woke up and I got to know I was in London’s hospital…..swara told me about everything through phone…..her friends aarav and Varun only took care of me in these months

Ragini: so swara u knew where laksh was but still did not tell me….why?
Swara: ragini wait I will tell u…..when laksh went in coma….nobody knew who was he….he was in hospital….. luckily few days later I went in the same hospital to meet my friend….i saw him and talked with docs….they told that his situation is very critical…..I did not tell u guys because I did not want u to get false hope….i talked with doctors and then shifted him to London’s hospital…..coz aarav and Varun stay in London so they can take care of laksh and go to see him everyday…..I even went to see him before 1 month.
Ragini: but last month u went to Mumbai to meet ur friend right
Swara: ya but actually I went to London
Ragini: thank you so much swara…..and also aarav and Varun
Sanskar: but swara the bill of London hospital and then flight tickets…..I mean its cost

Swara: have u heard the name of avs industries
Sanskar: ya this company ranks 2nd in the world
Varun: avs means-aarav, Varun and swara
Laksh: that means u guys r the owners…..u even did not tell me
Ragini: but swara when did u start this company
Swara: we three started this company before 6 years…..but it was only between three of us…..the owner of the company was unknown to everyone except few employees
Aarav: but before 5 years we had to go to London due to dad…..so we even expanded our company there…..and now we r the second in the world and we r very happy
Sanskar: swara u never told me about all this
Varun: but why should she say all this to u…..who r u to her ( guys he is unknown to the fact that she is married and that too to sanskar)

Sanskar is burning with anger and jealousy
Swara: actually Varun listen…….
But Sanskar cut her in between

Sanskar: ya actually why would she tell me
Aarav: now if everything is over should we continue our work
Swara: ya….ragini u go with laksh….i will handle everything with aarav and Varun’s help
Ap: I don’t have words to thank u that u bought my son back safe but also took so much care of him
Dp: ya thank u so much dear
Swara: it was my duty

Varun: Sammie my work is done….what about u both
Aarav: done
Swara: same here guys
Aarav: so let’s leave now
Swara: ohkk but let me inform ragini
She tells ragini and they leave as laksh would drop ragini

Precap: don’t know
Guys I m stopping here as my eyes and hands are paining…..guys if u don’t like it then also please tell me through comments so I get to know about my mistakes…..hope u will like today’s part
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