Swasan: a new start ss (short story)


Part 5
Hey guys labdhi here with the next part of swasan: a new start……guys I am in Udaipur right now and before was in kumbhalgarh so could not post……here is the last part……so let’s continue,
Swara went home and then decided to tell aarav and Varun about her past…..she told them complete past of hers which shocked aarav and Varun to the core knowing swara is married
Varun: so that sanskar is ur hubby
Swara: yup

Swara is a bit sad thinking about sanskar and both boys notice it
Aarav: it’s quite late now let’s go for sleeping
Varun: ya let’s leave
They all go to their respective rooms……aarav and Varun go to Swara’s room where they listen swara talking something to sanskar photo…..she doesn’t notice them……varun records everything in his mobile and they leave
Leap of 7 years
A huge mansion is shown named ‘Friends’ where we see two beautiful ladies talking to each other…..one is wearing a white coloured knee length dress and other orange coloured knee length dress

Lady 1: ya Mart m so happy that even aarav got married
Martina(lady 2): true Sammie
Yes the lady 1 is swara and lady 2 is Martina
They see a lady coming towards them
Lady: good morning Sammie and Mart
Swara and Martina: good morning adi
Swara: guys let’s go and wake up all the three idiots
Aditi: ya
They go in different directions
Swara enters a room and sees a man sleeping
Swara: now get up please
Man: no Sammie let me sleep and u also sleep with me
Swara: no sanskar get up
She pulls him and sends him inside the bathroom
Sanskar’s pov

That day aarav and Varun told me everything……sammie was blackmailed by Pari Bhabhi after aadarsh bhai went to jail…..she was telling Sammie that laksh was with her and if they want him free then release aadarsh….. Sammie did accordingly but then from her sources found out laksh in coma in hospital and then sent him to London……she did not tell me anything because she did not want to give false hopes to anyone…aadarsh and Pari both r in jail again….. they also told me that she is really guilty for that day and they requested me to forgive Sammie…..after knowing all this I immediately apologized to Sammie….she was shocked that I knew everything…..but then I told her that aarav and Varun told me everything…..I again proposed her that time and we again got married…. Today me, Sammie, aarav, aditi (aaravs wife), Varun and Martina (Varun’s wife) r staying in a mansion together …we left mm and are living alone…..now avs has come on the top due to the hard work of these three buddies…..now m not jealous of them as they r married now
Pov ends

Swara: swarnil, swayam, swaransh come down fast
Three boys of 5 yrs come down along with a baby girl of 2.5yrs old
Swara: thank u for getting Sanskriti kids…..now please call vihaan and Manav down….. Martina is calling them
Two boys come down…..they are Manav and vihaan
Swarnil, swayam, swaransh : triplets of swasan…..5 yrs old
Sanskriti: daughter of swasan…..2.5 yrs old
Manav and vihaan: sons of vartina (Varun, Martina)
They are total 12 members in the family including 6 kids…..they have breakfast and leave for going to Paris……they r going to roam the place and just have fun and enjoy…..they all don’t have any tension of the future coz they all r together…..at the end they all click a selfie

Uff…. finally completed the last part…..guys its 2:15 at night right now and m feeling sleepy so the last part will be a bit boring….i decided to end today only coz tomorrow m leaving for Mumbai and then my school has already started and m missing 2 days of school so extra work along with my hectic schedule so it’s impossible to write
Guys I will miss u all….. please don’t forget to write ur comments and reviews…..guys who all see splitsvilla season 9 please don’t kill me for using vartina but can’t help it coz they r my favorite
Bye guys….hope to write again soon…..will miss u all very much as I won’t get time to read ffs
The end

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  1. I m sooo happy to see u labdhi.. plzz year do me a favour tell tooba n everyone that adi will be back soon… I m having some problems right now… I can’t activate my fb account… please tell her…
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    3. Labdhi0507

      *it’s good to see u again….. Jyoti Di told that all r waiting for u

      1. I will be back but don’t know when… what tooba said…

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